2015 Ford F-150 Appearance Guide Offers Many Choices

Appearance Guide II

The new standard of the day in the half-ton pickup truck segment is to offer as many options as possible to allow customers to order the truck they want. And no one seems to understand this better than Ford, especially when it comes to all the different ordering configurations buyers have when designing how they want their pickup to look.

So along with four engine choices, three cab configurations and three bed lengths, 2015 Ford F-150 buyers will be able to order their vehicle in 13 different visual flavors.

Ford is offering the new pickup in five trim levels: XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum. While that may sound simple, the first three trims (XL, XLT, Lariat) can all be ordered in standard and Sport dress, and the Chrome Package is available on the first four (XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch) — each with a different grille, bumper and overall design look to allow owners to create a fairly unique look. With the King Ranch offering a unique Monochromatic Exterior Package and no SVT Raptor for 2015 (it likely will return in 2016 with an EcoBoost engine), that means the new F-150 essentially will be offering at least 13 unique-looking pickups; previously only 10 were offered. The FX4 off-road package is basically available across the entire lineup. Additionally, Ford also added four new colors, bringing the total to 13, and 14 different wheel choices.

To download the 2015 Ford F-150 Appearance Guide, click here.

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Well it looks like they will have a lot to choose from.

Nice selection. I do like the new xl sport package . That would work nicely on my farm. I was looking at a new chevy work truck package . I think I will wait and see if I might get a bargain .
Nice work ford .

So, what happened to the Raptor?

Nice, that is a lot of choices.

I keep hearing that the Raptor will be back in 2015 with the 3.5EB. I know die hard V8 truck purist won't like it, but it makes me wish the Raptor was within my payload and towing requirements.

They'll have more on Raptor later, which I guess probably means it will show up at one of the auto shows, maybe the Detroit Auto Show in January.

The name of this site should be changed to FordTrucks.com




Finally, the black billet grill option gives you an alternative to looking like you're driving a giant toaster. First F150 in years that wouldn't be an embarrassment to be seen driving.

really like the new trucks, look good, lots of options,



looks too much like the current truck

but more like a toaster

2015 f-150

the best looking xl grille in f150 ever! i have an image of one in silver crew xl eco boost and it makes me drool. ik like the plain jane look with steel wheels and silver hides the scratches!

I like the Grey one on the bottom right the best of coarse that is the most expensive.

They nose looks just like the new Tundra!


Looks like PUTC went over to the dark side.

This has become a site that bashes all other trucks except Ram diesels and ANYTHING with a blue oval on the front.

Personally, the 2014 Lariat had a great looking kisser. These 2015s look a little desperate though. It looks like they were trying too hard.

One word, gimmicks, to hide the fact that under all those choices, in my opinion, still lies cheaply built junk. Remember Ford gave us the Escort, Pinto, Explorer, Aspire, Bronco II, Taurus (remember the oval designs) to name a few. They wow uninformed people by changing the freaking grilles every year (just look at the Mustang). There's a reason why most fleet vehicles are Ford's and it's not because they build quality cars. I drive a company Fusion and the thing rattles, leaks and brakes down all the time.

"The new standard of the day in the half-ton pickup truck segment is to offer as many options as possible to allow customers to order the truck they want. And no one seems to understand this better than Ford"

Unless you want a big V-8

I wonder how this thing will ride, it didn't have the best ride before you lighten it up especially over the rear and its really going to be bouncy bouncy and probably even more bed bounce with super light aluminum.

The 700 lb weight loss will improve ride as well as the shortening of the springs by 6" and the staggered shocks. The 2015 will be more nimble on its feet.

The looks of these new 2015 F150's are growing on me, and I am starting to like it. I wish Ram would offer this many choices.

Also new frame with use 70,000 psi steel steel will help ride and handling.

Tried too hard? That's a new one. Yes, Ford could have not tried and played it safe like GM, but Ford decided to go for it, starting with the frame and working through the entire truck.

Cooper, you're clueless if you think all they changed was the grille on this truck.

The grille on this truck looks *nothing* like the grille on the Tudnra Paul, and the headlights aren't even close. They angle in different directions and this one doesn't have that god-awful plastic strip at the very top. Anyway, I don't hear you whining about how the inside of that new Tundra looks way more like the interior of the current F150 than the nose of the new F150 looks like that of the Tundra.

This truck changes everything. If you need further proof, just look at the fact that GM has moved their next truck up by 9 months, said they'll use aluminum, and turbocharging. Yeah. It's a big deal.

You are not going to be seeing the third and fourth year incentives being offered in this truck's first year like you are seeing with another brand's first-year trucks. Heck, even the current F150 is selling with higher ATPs and lower incentives than some newer trucks.

The bottom line is that this is a great time to be a truck buyer. Regardless of who your favorite brand is, they all make pretty decent offerings.

LMFAO the CRAPTOR went off to take a YEAR LONG SH!T for 2015

I still think you will see the bed bounce, the newer trucks do it more then the older ones because the way the thinner steel reacts to the stiffer frames and this box will be much lighter.

LMFAO the RAPTOR went off to take a YEAR LONG SH!T on EVERYTHING GM makes for 2015.

I Fixed that for you Bob.

Car and Driver has the 2015 Order Guide available on their web page. It is 34 pages long and has the complete price listing - MSRP and invoice price with dealer hold backs. Very informative and demonstrates that the 2015 F150 is VERY cost competitive both when compared to last year's model and when compared to the competition.

Congratulations to RAM , still best looking truck, with HEMI option Ford doesn't have.

@2015er - I mention the same thing and a parade of clowns appear to admonish my criticism of PUTC.

@Mark Williams and PUTC,

Good job! Keep the news coming!

I'm sorry for that last comment guys. I really am trying to move past my old Ramtard ways and speak the truth that I really like Ford's and am jealous that I don't have one. It's just that I have been drinking kool aide for so long that it is just hard on me to admit. I..... I think I need a hug. Someone.......anyone?

I am sure this site will have things on GM just as soon as GM has something worth publishing. You can only brag about quietest cab, in the bed leds and a complete redesign thats little more than being the last haft ton full size to bring rear disc brakes, a new line of NON DOHC/NON Turbo engines and a body refresh. The new auto tranny (co developed with Ford) thats coming should get a few articles. Ford has always and Ram in the last 20 years or so have been displaying leadership in bringing innovations to this market. GM has been lagging in such a role over the last 20 and it shows. Dont look for this to change in the next 10 years or so. Not that it cant just that i looks very unlikely as GM is already behind Ford and or Ram on Turbos, V6s, rear suspensions, DOHC, LD Diesel, and now Aluminum. Their next fullsize will almost have to be TOO radical to make up for the failure of this one. Hopefully they will get it right as i dont want any more of my tax money going to them.

But they will have the lead in the pretend pick up market... Unless/Until Toy and or Nissan throw a few bucks into their neglected ancient platforms to compete in a declining and now more crowded market.

I personally like the front of the new F150. Ive been happy with F150 styling since 2004/5 when they left that horrible 98-2004ish design. I do see some of the Tundra influence/look in the last 2 designs (especially #4) with the indents in the horizontal members. I am however VERY confident that there will be more than enough other styling cues/features to easily differentiate the F150 from everything else including the Tundra.

I'll take a Lariat Sport package. One of the best looking trucks ever.

Those chrome bumpers are thin sheet metal!
The grill is plastic chrome!
When you don't keep that chrome clean and shinny all the time it looks bad!
Dirty chrome shows up makes the rest of the truck look bad!
Black is the worst outside color, but the best interior color.
White hides the orange peel paint the best.
Brown or beige color is for old people that drive slow and hold up traffic.
Red is the best color for any pickup.
The F-150 should have outside decals showing what size engine it has.
What about the door glass? Is it tempered or laminated?
Do the side air bags installed inside the doors or still in the seat?
What about heating and cooling the truck made from aluminum ?
Does aluminum hold or releases heat and cold more or better than steel? Does it retain the heat or cold longer?
What about sound deadening? Will it be more quiet from road and tire noise, or will it be noisy like a Honda?
Does Ford have accessories available such as step bars, bug shields, mud flaps and bed liners for the 2015?
Or will the same accessories from the 2014 fit?

Meeh. Everybody knows that zviera is never sorry.

I am not sure what you meant by starting with the frame because didn't GM move to the rolled steel fully boxed frame before Ford did since it is on the GM 14's and 15 F150 that is not out yet.

I know everybody loves their favorite brand but doesn't a new drivetrain, chassis, exterior and interior count as a new truck? That is what Ford is giving you on the F150, what GM gave you on the new GMT's and what it appears Nissan is doing. Toyota is the only one who isn't. Even if you don't like anything your competitors do doesn't mean they haven't done anything.

Where is that 10 speed Fortards where dreaming 2 years ago?
Not ready for 2015 yet?
Congratulations to RAM, best looking truck and only truck with HEMI and 8 speed transmission.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so with that said this thing needs a hood raise on the curved slope part and get rid of the part around the grill surround that leads into the headlights.

Fantastic product selection marketing.
The rest of the field will never be able to offer the same. But, the problem is...will the dealer buyers offer even half the choices.
Ford is putting it all on the line for this launch. Now it's up to the dealers.

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It says a lot about you.

Dang, there I go again. Sorry guys I am really trying to get over my Ramtardism, honest. I think I got Ram Tourette's syndrome. I just can't help it. I think it's going to take more than just one hug. Come on guys, let's get a group hug going. Come in for the real thing fellas.

@Hemi, The only thing missing is the motor trend calipers in the bed while i am taking the victory lap.

Don't take long to bring out those spam retards or turds Jealous of these new FORD TRUCKS is all I can say. FORD has it going on and has for almost 40yrs now. Coil springs and a dial to shift the broken tranny is all they have. Oh yeah a motor with the name of Hemi. Most of these spam returds wouldn't know a real Hemi if they seen one. This current motor is nothing like a real Hemi, just by name only. What a sad excuse fiat spam is for a pickup truck! Coil springs belong on a car. A dial shifter is the biggest joke since the Pontiac Aztec. Stupid truck for STUPID people.

@Clint GM was the first half ton truck to offer disk brakes back in 1999 - 2007 then they when back to drum which I think are better for truck duty to start with. GM as far I know was the first to offer rear steering to trucks. GM was first to offer a auto 4WD system. GM was first to offer hydroformed truck frames. Clint you said GM hasn't shown leader ship in 20 years? Well the above has been done by GM with in the last 10 years and the newest being under rail bed lights on 2014s.

Yeah all remember those rear steer gm trucks and auto 4x4. All failed so what have they brought to the table anyways??

Why doesn't Ford take a page from the GM book and expand into 5 different brands...

If GM can change grills and interior gauge lighting and call the GMC a different truck for a different customer, why can't Ford?

johnny doe

you brought up a good point I never thought about is the Auto 4X4 feature that Chevy had for a long time that Ford and Ram never had.
Chevy was much more advanced with 4x4 when Ford and Ram was using a world war 2 technology gear shift that stuck out of the floorboard that wouldn't work or freeze up when you really needed it, or you had to stop in the middle of the road and walk thru deep snow to lock the hubs in, then how many times did you move the floor shift in and forget to lock the hubs?
The F-150 4x4 system uses a plastic tennis ball operated by vacuum to engage the 4x4 when its below freezing moisture freezes up the plastic tennis ball and it doesn't go in.
I kind of wonder if the 2015 F-150 changed their 4x4 and maybe offer auto 4x4?
nobody knows?

@HEMI V8, Are you ready to kick some a$$? The HEMI ARMY is back!



Auto 4x4 has been offered in F-150 Lariat and up trims since 2012.

can we all be grown ups? I know we all have our favorite brand and all but some of the stuff here really ruins the site.

Can we at least like our brand and respect others choices?

My young son loves to read about trucks and I'd love for him to have a chance to see what truck enthusiast have to offer but unfortunately some stuff said on here is pretty bad.

Sure would be nice if we all could moderate ourselves and respect opinions.... this could really be a great site.

I know I'll get flamed to death now and called every thing under the sun but please think about it.

We all love our trucks and doesn't mean we have to hate on the other guy who has different choices? just saying.

Real 4x4's have manual transfer cases. Just like my 03 Hemi 4x4. 2005 to 2015 Power Wagon.
Dodge Trucks were the first to offer a shift in cab 4x4 without locking the hubs. Getting out in the mud,snow etc.. back in the

"Dodge had established its successful four wheel drive combination in 1934."


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