Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: June 2014

Fords Pair 2013 II

Sales seem to be flattening across the board, with Ram Truck and the Nissan Frontier the lone exceptions. Some analysts have adjusted their end-of-the-year auto sales predictions to fall on the more conservative side of 16.5 million units, with an overall leveling out of sales growth defining the second half the year. Whether that happens or not, late summer and fall is when dealerships will get a jolt of excitement with a few new trucks — namely the 2015 Ford F-150, GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado — that are likely to generate some significant incentives on the hoods of existing models.

Overall, GMC, Ram, Tundra and Frontier pickups are having a good year when compared to 2013. The rest are flat or struggling. It's our guess that with all the attention focused on GM and others as the auto industry sets new recall records each month, consumer buying may be slowing down and commercial fleet purchases may be on the rise. Ultimately, what happens with pickup sales is likely to be decided by what happens with interest rates. In the meantime, truckmakers that keep sitting on their hands will suffer a worse fate down the road as new trucks and more aggressive redesigns are headed our way.

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Ford sales are going to slide big time while they retool the factory for the upcoming models just as what happened the last time in 2008. Just as was said in Wards Auto.

"The company has pulled back incentives on the large pickup in order to manage inventory in anticipation of extended production downtime later this year associated with the company's changeover to the next generation F-Series."

I expect to keep seeing a down slide over the next few months until the new F150 comes out and is in full production.

Ram is UP 20%
Ford is DOWN 11%

Ford is down because they have a new model coming out, but GM better wake up, the Chevy is a brand new model and it should be doing at least double digit increases.

"It's our guess that with all the attention focused on GM and others as the auto industry sets new recall records each month, consumer buying may be slowing down....."

Or could it be the setting sun on Obama's econonmic "recovery", the worst since the 1930's and $4.10 gas... Gas was $1.89 when Obama took office.

Focusing on micro-data about recalls may fill a news cycle, but it hide the larger picture of the crappy economy.

Ram is up 12% (with bigger incentives)

Ford down 11% (with with the lowest incentives and the highest average transaction prices, and a preparation for retooling)

Chevy up .6% (holding steady despite the crappy economy and the year end clearance last year, should be up 20% in a good economy, lower incentives than Ram and higher transaction prices)

again wow, GM twins all new and are in red or barley making anything green, Ford down and still spanked the twins, and ram is quietly running down the girl twin Silverado, I remember when ram was barely ahead of the sierra in sales, now its over double in both month and year

Biggest reason Chevy is down is because of its looks, their just plan ugly and the better looking Sierra is doing a bit better.

Ram has a nice little bubble to ride till the new F150 hits the street in December. These numbers must be scaring GM.

Keep in mind GM had a huge clearance last year on the 2013's.
And the Silvy is still up 0.6%. The Sierra is down 7%. This leads credence to those who say drop the Sierra name and make one great Sily with all of the trim levels.

Chevy could easily make up the 15k Sierra sales and more with a properly trimmed Silverado to compete with the F-150, but they won't unless people start complaining more.

@DeverMike/Paul/Tom Lemon/Greg Baird/TRX4Tom/Dave/Hemi V8/Tom Terrific/sandman 4x4/lautenslager/zveria/Bob/US Truck Driver/Glenn/Jason/Hemi Rampage/smartest truck guy/Maxx/SuperDuty37/Ken/Ron/johnny doe/jim/ALL1/Frank/Idahoe Joe/The Guy/AD/Casey/papa jim/Young Guy/BeeBe/Steve/Chris/The truck guy/Alex/Mr Chow/Yessir/All Americans/Scott/Buy American or say Bye to America/Ram Big Horn 1500/Hemi Monster/Tom Wilkinson at Chevy/mark49/Tom#3/Truck Crazy or whoever you want to call yourself.

Quit the crap, really.

It's getting long in the tooth.

You want to debate, but it has to be on your terms.

Learn to debate with good information, then we might be able to have a decent debate.

Opinions are good, but if they are only your view to support the UAW, then how good are they. Look at what you guys have done to Detroit.

Terror tactics (union tactics) don't work on me.

If PUTC wants the UAW or whatever to control this site I suppose it's their decision.

It's not kids like I've been told by PUTC.

I saw drop the Silvy and make Chevy the car line and GMC the truck like like Chrysler did with Ram.

No. GMC is down 7% and only brining in 15k. Nobody wants a GOVERNMENT MOTORS truck. It is time for GM to be bold and get rid of the GMC Sierra on the next gen!

@ Jason

Are you aware that GM is offering nearly $11,000 off new silverado's? Chrysler's incentives are about $4,500 right now so GM is offering more than twice Chrysler's incentive contrary to what you put out there and they're still struggling to move them. It's so sad to see what has happened to GM in the recent months. Where it was once a proud symbol of American ingenuity and often used as the standard for which all other manufacturing companies where judged against whereas now the internal(and external let's not kid ourselves) politics have the company so embattled it's in a near frantic tailspin desperately trying to stabilize itself before it crashes again. One good thing they did was appoint Barra the CEO but what really needs to happen is every single person on the board of directors need to lose their jobs and be replaced with young, fresh, and hopefully exponentially less arrogant minds to fix the mess before it's too late.

June Sales:

To stockpile inventory, Ford has the F-150 plants working three shifts and pulling mandatory overtime. The company also eliminated about $600 in sales incentive on the F-150, giving it the lowest incentives and highest average transaction price among domestic full-sized pickups.

“We’re really focusing on making sure we have adequate stock,” Merkle said. “So we’re managing our inventory and stock. The plan is to have our inventory run higher in the summer and fall going into the F-150 changeover. We need to have some stock on hand when we take the plants down.”


Ford has gained a reputation for holding back incentives, potentially sacrificing market share in exchange for healthier profit margins. During a conference call with analysts and reporters, Ford said the average transaction price for its pickup trucks climbed by $3,300 in June.

“F-Series again topped 60,000 sales and is tracking to our inventory plan with the lowest incentives among the major players in the segment,” said John Felice, Ford’s vice president of U.S. marketing, sales and service.

GM told analysts that its average transaction prices have risen $2,700 so far this year. An increase of a few hundred dollars o r $1,000 normally would be worth celebrating.

Its incentives across the board dropped about 12%, GM told analysts. Incentives come directly from an automaker's bottom line, so every $1 not required to sell a vehicle is $1 more in profit.

What had Fiat Chrysler done to make the Ram so strong? And what was GM doing wrong with its all-new trucks?

The answer to both of those questions turned out to be incentives. Chrysler was giving fat discounts averaging more than $5,500 per truck -- 46% higher than GM's, according to J.D. Power.

@CHEVY - It's simply "Total Sales".. "Model Year" makes no difference here. It's a given, there's going to be a mix of model years, especially at the beginning and end of each (calender) year.

Notice none of the trucks listed indicate a model year. A sale is a sale.

That's why there's sometimes an indicator (*) of truck "sales" listed and "no longer in production". The last Rangers (2012) kept showing "sales", trickling deep into the 2013 calender year.

Dave, do you know what it costs each manufacturer to actually build a truck? Chrysler my have bigger profits on trucks to begin with which would allow them more incentives. The may also have lower fixed costs then GM. You just don't know unless you pull up a financial statement for each company. What we do know is ram has sold more trucks this year then last year when I'm sure they had similar incentives.

They lowered F-150 incentives? Wouldn't believe it after hearing commercial of "we will sell you a NEW F-150 for 20,900 or so, (Don Vance, Marshfield Missouri.) Yup, that's 4k of the base truck. Apparently since Ram and GM both smoke Fords V-6 models, Ford has to sell them somehow! Both sell far more fleets then Ram. I guess Ford and GM are fighting over the title of "Low Bidder"

No, Creigmac, more like wait till Ram dealers start ordering more SLT/Tradesman/Outdoorsman/ and Big Horns Ecodiesels, as opposed to Larimies/high trim. You can order it in all but I believe Express and Sport now. That and when the payload increases, it will, you watch.

People are starting to see there are other choices besides Phords, and the fact they can't straighten those Ecoboosts out, and the fact that their turbo engines don't get that great of mileage.

GM? They keep digging their own hole. Get used to declining full size sales, bow tie boys, they have nothing new for them, GMs cards are on the table, and their hand sucks. But if you feel up to the GM gamble, their trucks are REALLY CHEAP, 8 k off of a 40 k truck, 10 k off of 45 and less, it's not September yet, but Chevy prices the 14s like a fast December sale.

I just bought a new truck, and I could get 10 K off any any of them was pretty lateral except Toyota but they sticker for a bit less.

I think some of you better look at the sales numbers again. According the PUTC, Ford sold about 1000 more pickups than GM. This includes F-450s with a bed. Given Ford's huge lead in 1 ton trucks, GM probably moved several thousand more half tons than Ford did, albeit with better incentives. It seems that despite all the recalls (and there are way too many) people are still buying GM 1500 trucks. I doubt good incentives are the only reason. It seems some people must actually like them.

Do you think because you now have a TypePad account we will put up with your crap?

You are wrong. I will now hold you accountable for each and every statement you make here.

RIP ole Ridgie...last one rolled off the line last week

Ford dealers have plenty of trucks on their lots and the truth is showing up over the last couple months. Fewer people are buying Ford trucks. They better hope their new trucks bring back the buyers because they are falling fast.

Ford truck sales are not the only thing falling. Overall sales down over 6% for June for cars and trucks.

Ram is selling because they have a great product that is reliable and looks great. Have my 2004 Cummins since new and love it.

@BAFO - Keep track of all you want. And troll all you want. Not my deal. I only want control of my namesake.

@TRX-4 Tom The facts don't lie Ram it's self has been giving their trucks away for the pass year. Yeah its nice you could find a dealer willing to take probably a loss on one or two GM trucks to draw in people to their show room. It won't be long and Ram will be broke again from giving away their products trying to make their sale numbers look good. They'll be back in DC asking for another hand out for the third time in its history of 100 years.

My employer gives me $750/month for a off-road and towing capable pickup. That's how I can afford a new one every year.
I own the truck but that also pays for fuel, insurance, maintenance , but I still have good resale value trading in a year old truck with 8000 miles.
I am now 3 months late deciding on a new pickup, I am leaning with the GMC but those recalls have me worried, I like to be the first to own the 2015 F-150 but who knows when it goes on sale, can't wait that long.
Looks like its going to be the Ram 1500 with the 5.7 HEMI.
I now own a 2013 F-150 FX4 (loaded) but the 2014 is the same truck and that's not exciting getting a new truck that's the same.
If I keep the 2013 F-150 I will save money cause its paid for and with fuel, maint, and insurance its costing me around $350/month and I can keep what's leftover from the $750/month allowance, but the longer I keep it the lower the resale value suffers and I really don't need the money.
The off-roading I do is nothing maybe 1/2 mile off a highway and towing a trailer about 5000 lbs once every 3 months for about 30 miles that any pickup can handle.
The Ram 1500?

To the other Dave. You have not research your GM fanboi "facts". GM may not have more incentives than Chrysler and Ford.

GM has so much in incentives GM truck are selling at an average of $87 over invoice. This is very poor and not a good sign for GM to have to sacrifice almost any profit not lose more market share.

@Chris - "RIP ole Ridgie...last one rolled off the line last week"

Easy Chris, don't lose it. You know what happened last time you got emotional...

Any sales growth during an economic slowdown is worthy of celebration. Won't last.

Expect NABE to announce the US is officially in recession later this summer.

Nice job ram!!!

"GM has so much in incentives GM truck are selling at an average of $87 over invoice..."

lol...Sh$t for brains actually thinks that the dealers make money off of the invoice price heeeheee. Dealers receive volume rebates and other incentives every month from the manufacturer. Why do you think they are so willing to show you the invoice

Does a dumb F$ck like you actually think that a Dealer is making $87 on a $50,000 truck. Wow idiots are born every minute.

GM is getting it's butt handed to it. No doubt they are feverishly working a mid-cycle facelift.

I do not understand how any American can justify buying anything made in Mexico. This includes RAM and Ford Diesels. In my opinion we should swap your sorry @$$ for our soldier Mexico is holding hostage. Show your strips by taking your RAM to the boarder and setting fire to it.

We all know that Ford moves the most units the current numbers are 365,825.

Now I read that GM is getting their butt handed to them with 333,870 units moved. Down 31,955 units to Ford.

Ram checks in at 203,860 units moved. Now that's 161,965 units to Ford and 130,010 to GM.

Toyota trucks combined is 133,136 units. Now that is 70,724 units less than Ram. Which means Ram is still closer to Toyota than closer to GM and certainly Ford.

I would say if their were ever people who see glass half full it is the Ram crowd. If I were an Exec. at GM I would breathe a sigh of relief despite the huge number of recalls the folks gaining on us are still closer to Toyota than they are to us. We have shot ourselves in the foot with the bailout negative press and recalls and the folks gaining on us have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at us with incentives and innovation. The thing that most people forget is the age old stock market saying 'Trees don't grow to the sky" If you don't pass GM twins in this window you have than you won't and that gaining market share thing meant nothing as you won't gain on them for forever. That is why if I were a GM Exec. I just focus on making a better quality product and add to it with Start/Stop, 8-speed auto and weight reduction.

@Lou BC


What Ram has done since 2009 is simply astonishing. I personally didn't think they would be able to get back up on their feet and start running again like they did.

Virtually every month we see these numbers, there have been 2 things in common, Ram YTD sales is better than last years and the month change boasts and improvement as well.

As I have alluded to many times here, Chrysler and Ram have had quality issues in the past. The American public is well aware of this, just like they are aware of GM and Ford's quality problems as well. Ram's continual improvement is sales is in spite of all the people who have had a bad experience with Chrysler products or "American cars".

My argument as to why this is the case is simply has to do with the fact that Ram's quality has improved tremendously and they are offering consumers the truck they want to buy.

After the new GM trucks went on sale, I quickly began to realize that having the "newest" truck on the market does not mean it's the truck that customers want.

After seeing GM's stagnant sales month after month, I can only come to one conclusion: Ram doesn't need to be the top selling truck or the truck that most people want. They simply need to keep doing what they're doing and stay true to their loyal customer base.

GM has always been about selling volume and as they are rapidly losing market share, I don't know how long it will take their management to realize something is wrong. Maybe if they read some of the criticism here, they might know how to improve. As for now, back to the drawing board for GM.

Ram is UP 20%
Ford is DOWN 11%

Posted by: Tom#3 | Jul 1, 2014 2:24:33 PM

And Ford still sold 162000 more trucks. Fords old design still clobbers redesigned Rams....

Just wait until the new designed Fords come.... Fords lead will be HUGE

@Denver Mike





So ford is down .5% (thats half of 1 % for those not good with math), Ram is up and impressive almost 20% and Chevy is down .8% (almost 1%) and GM is up 6.3.

What does it all mean? Because to quote Barbie "Math is hard"

Well its plain to see that the F150 is in no danger of losing its #1 sales spot. Even though it is the most dated design by far amongst the competitors that at least matter. If you look at scales these percentages and changes in them mean much more to the trucks that only sell half to a quarter that the F150. So in reality with its old design and scale F150 sales are basically unchanged.

Ram is the big winner. With its favorable press, and features (coil spring rear/half ton diesel even though it makes no sense for many wanting/buying the diesel/excellent interror/good V6) is making real gains on its competition and taking market share from both Ford and the GMs. Why shouldnt it? It made improvements that matter /appeal to the truck buyer and market. If you are ok with the fact that US government funded an Italian takeover of Chrylser its a very appealing choice.

The GMs are the big looser. Yes i saw that GM posted some gains but Chevys losses, the scale of sales, Rams large Gains and Fords tiny losses and with GM having the latest entry into the compition anything but first for them is a loss. Winning a near tie with the long in the tooth F150 that still outsold them translates to a loss for the General. The simple fact is that GMs latest redesign has failed to gain them market share, even with it coming a year after Ram's redesign and 2 years ahead of Ford's. Honestly thats just sad. GMs redesign brought little to the game... A slight evolotion in looks, an interior equal/competitive with the Ram, unremarkable new engines (lacking DOHC,DI, and a V6 or much anything of interest or advancment other than aluminum construction) and rear disc brakes (9 years behind ford and well behind ram) have done nothing against a 2 year old Ram and very little against a 4 year old Ford. Sadly for GM and its fans things are going to get alot worse with the Aluminum F150 coming. GM will again be playing catch up to Ford in both modern engine design and use of aluminum body panels. Ram will continue to lead in half ton diesel and rear suspension.

Maybe the pretend little pickups will make up the sales for GM? I dont know. But the last iteration of their half tons was definitly phoning it in when you compare its led lights in the bed to what Ram did in 2012 and what Ford will do in 2015.


Here's a little secret:

GMC and Chevy are both General Motors brand names. If you add GMC sales to Chevy sales you get a number that's about the same as the Ford number.

Same thing year in, year out.

RAM is having very good growth but they are still number three. Same thing, year in and year out. Same as it was 30 years ago. Number three.

Investigation begins into fatal explosion at Marion GM plant

Jul 01, 2014

MARION, Ind. -
An explosion at the General Motors Stamping Plant in Grant County killed one worker and injured eight others.

Now, investigators are trying to pinpoint what caused the deadly blast in Marion Tuesday afternoon.

Although five of them were eventually released with minor injuries, one worker died of his injuries an hour after the blast.

My buddy BvonScott wanted to pass this onto you all. Read it and weep Ram fanbois...

Buyers Ignore G.M. Recalls, as Sales Rise

On Tuesday, G.M. again defied the negative publicity, announcing that its sales in June rose by 1 percent over the same month a year earlier, to 267,461 vehicles sold, and keeping pace with an overall strong industry performance.

“You’d think it would damage their brand,” she said. “But it’s actually helping to drive purchases at the dealership. You come in to have your old car fixed and see the new designs and technology, and wind up thinking ‘Maybe I’ll buy a new car.’ ”

@silveradoHC, " You come in to have your old car fixed and see the new designs and technology, and wind up thinking ‘Maybe I’ll buy a new car.’ ”



GMC and Chevy PRIDE themselves on NOT being the same.

They charge differently, differentiate themselves with minor cosmetic changes, interriors, package their options differently,sometimes even offer unique options and most importantly have separate distribution channels/outlets.

Are the trucks fundmentally the same design and manufacture? Yes no shocker there.

However GM CHOOSES to differentiate them and that also counts in the sales total. People that CHOOSE GMC over Chevy or Chevy over GMC have their own silly reasons to do so as they do. Doing so carries additonal costs for GM that they feel are currently justified.

To "lump" them together is sloppy. Then you should include Acura sales in Honda stats, Cadillac and Buick into Chevy, Lincoln into Ford and so on. There are different target markets and while the differences between vehicles on the assmebly line and CAD maybe minor BUT when you set up an entirely independent distribution system (with all its costs) for it you have effectively differentiated the product.

"We're encouraged to see continued strength in retail sales while transaction prices and incentives have remained steady," said John Krafcik, president of TrueCar. "And despite PR challenges, among full-line automakers GM now owns the highest transaction prices in the industry at nearly $35,000 - a tribute to the strength of their new models and incentive spending discipline."


You said a lot true things, but the facts did not change.

GMC and Chevy are both GM brands. When somebody buys a Sierra or a Silverado, Ford and Ram lose another customer.

@papa jim
Just because someone buys a new GM truck doesn't mean anyone else is losing a customer.

First of all, many GM buyers are buy an truck to replace an older GM truck that they already have.

Some buyers are new to the truck market and thus it doesn't matter what brand they buy and no company is "losing" them to another brand, since trucks are mostly marketed at existing buyers.

Lastly, I have heard of very few situations recently with anyone leaving Ford or Ram to buy GM. I have heard the opposite though, there have been plenty of long time GM buyers that have left GM for other brands.

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