Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: June 2014

Fords Pair 2013 II

Sales seem to be flattening across the board, with Ram Truck and the Nissan Frontier the lone exceptions. Some analysts have adjusted their end-of-the-year auto sales predictions to fall on the more conservative side of 16.5 million units, with an overall leveling out of sales growth defining the second half the year. Whether that happens or not, late summer and fall is when dealerships will get a jolt of excitement with a few new trucks — namely the 2015 Ford F-150, GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado — that are likely to generate some significant incentives on the hoods of existing models.

Overall, GMC, Ram, Tundra and Frontier pickups are having a good year when compared to 2013. The rest are flat or struggling. It's our guess that with all the attention focused on GM and others as the auto industry sets new recall records each month, consumer buying may be slowing down and commercial fleet purchases may be on the rise. Ultimately, what happens with pickup sales is likely to be decided by what happens with interest rates. In the meantime, truckmakers that keep sitting on their hands will suffer a worse fate down the road as new trucks and more aggressive redesigns are headed our way.

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@ TRX-4 Tom - Your a Village Idiot if you think what you posted is accurate. The EB3.5 out pulls and out MPG's anything Ram/Fiat have. It get's way better Gas Mileage and that's my personal experience. No one here in Northern Ontario gets good gas mileage from a Ram. The EB3.5 gets the mileage it does empty and that's stands for every manufacturer. Even GM Claims better MPG than Fords EB..."Combined" not all the way around. The EB3.5 is best in class empty how most of us drive our trucks, cept for the weekend!!! Ford can't keep EB F150's on the lots, wait till they get the 2015 F150 EB2.7 on board!!!

Wow, Tacoma sales have been down every month this year! Meanwhile, Frontier sales have been up every month.

What's going on there?

Silver Raven, The ecoboost sucks gas, no advantage, infact I'm pretty sure my new Hemi gets better mileage averaging 18MPG in mixed driving, my coworker has an ecoboost and gets 17MPG mixed and he drives like a grandma.

@Hemi monster

I agree with you people aren't going from other brands to GM in any significant number. I left GM for Ford and am not looking back after a late GMT400 and GMT 800 that where pluaged with problembs i now have a very good Ford Raptor with the 5.4l v8. a guy i work with Traded his GMT 800 for a 2010 Ram with the 5.7 and loves it. At work nobody is driving a GM HD only Ford and Ram/Dodge, one guy even has the new 6.4 in his Ram Crew Cab. There are a hand full of half ton GMT 900 crew cab z71s but everyone who bought them said they got them cause they where the cheapest late model 4x4 crew cab they could buy. My best Freind got one of those cause his uncle wanted a new F150 after riding with a co workers ecoboost and in my raptor , sold it to my Best Friend for 10k less than what a comparble F150 of the same year would cost.

Mid-size market is shrinking again. In 2014 there are 588 less mid-size Tacos and Frontiers sold than 2013.

I almost bought a GMC from a Ford mainly because the built a new GMC Dealership 1 mile from me but I went with Ram and I'm glad I did.

@ALL1 and Dave
I hate to tell you this you can try to troll. Yes, my average at the moment is 8.6, when I drive on the highway at 110 I'm getting better than 8.6.

I don't care what you say. You will not get a gas engine to achieve the same FE figures as a diesel.

Remember, as gasoline engine are improving their FE, diesel is doing the same or better.

You can try and dig up all of the nonsensical data from wherever to put forward.

Also, Dave our speed limits are lower on average? I think you guys had better come over here.

And, you'd better provide accurate and better data than what you are presenting.

Hmmm...........ALL1, I really thought you had more smarts than that. Tier 3?

A lot of these third world countries are recieving pickups that are more technologically advanced than what you have. The recent NA Ranger is behind technologically than the Great Wall pickup from China.

Even your Taco's technology is behind the Hilux.

These new third world pickups have a 5 star safety rating, far more than what is being offered in any NA pickup.

More hp doesn't equate to technology. Even in NA there are alot of people who couldn't afford to run a 400hp vehicle.

The US is in a lot of debt and large contributing factor to your debt is the importation of oil. Use less oil and help the US recover, use diesel.

@silver raven.
Anyone I know who owns a Ford Eggoboost doesn't get great milage unless they drive less than 100 kph. Which you being from Northern Ontario may drive your silly 90 kph speed limit. Most of the Ford owners I know say they got better mileage out of their old 5.4 trucks. But they had less power. The owners who have the 5.0 seem to be the happiest. Decent power and good milage.
I will stick with my Hemi powered Ram. It gets decent milage and has more than enough power for me and that's with higher speed limits out here in the west. Plus I get a better ride on these Northern Saskatchewan highways. Just as I will on your Northern Ontario highways this summer when I travel there to visit.

@Big Al

please wake up from your 1970s slumber. Today the US is a net exporter of energy. Hello?

@Hemi monster - well said.
Truck buyers tend to be very loyal and when someone changes brands it is commonly referred to as a "conquest".
There are those who are bragging about lost market share or conversely gains in market share.

Ford hasn't really lost much ground.

GM has lost market share.

Ram has made large gains and some of that has been due to conquest sales. Ram sales volumes are returning to pre-collapse volumes and many buyers are returning to Ram from vehicles other than pickups.

Overall I do suspect that sales will flatten for everyone since there are many signs indicating that the USA economy is starting to stall. The ongoing religious based war in Iraq will affect fuel prices and that in turn will hurt truck sales.

My son had to have his 2012 mustang's aluminum hood repainted. It was out of warrantee but Ford was kind enough to pay for all but $100.00. Once Ford proves they can get paint to stick to aluminum on the 2015 F150 and the first year quality is good I will be buying one. As for RAM I will buy a truck made in China before I will buy one made in Mexico.

Its looking more and more like the GMC Canyon and Colorado diesel models next year might just save GM's butt!
Ram up with big numbers AGAIN and if you dig into what they are selling as soon as they hit the lot, 3.0l Diesels 28mpg!

@Lou BC - "GM has lost market share."

I'd like to see things from your point of view Lou, but I can't get my head that far up my ass.

Here's the real deal, as owners of recalled General Motors cars roll into the Chevrolet dealership for repairs, of their old cars. They kick tires on new models in the showroom.

Some are even stupid enough to buy a new one. The showroom business is not tanking at GM...GM is actually gaining ground. GM's U.S. market share in June was 18.8 percent, up from 16.9 percent in January before it began its massive recall campaigns!

Lou, if you're gonna be a smartass, first you have to be smart. Otherwise you're just an ass.

@RAZOR - Ford has had aluminum hoods on their pickups for a long time. My 2010 F150 has an aluminum hood.

@RAZOR - Ford has had aluminum hoods on their pickups for a long time. My 2010 F150 has an aluminum hood.

@Лу н.э. любит горячие мужчины

With people like you around, you make single celled organisms look like Einstein.

Gave up on the Fake Lou nomenclature to try to sound more intelligent?

Plagiarism only fools the fools and there are plenty of them on this site.

I used to be a small/pretend pick up owner. I have owned Ranger, and Tacos and I sold new Nissans and used everythings for a year. I have said before why current pretend trucks make little or no sense in America when compared to half tons. When i went to work at Nissan I was stunned by the Frontier... Not that as a truck it made sense because it really didnt but at how much BETTER than the Taco (another pointless pretend truck) was. With the Toy Taco OWNING 75ish% of the in decline pretend truck market I couldnt understand why after comparing it to the Frontier. Yes the Taco is a quality product always has been and its performance is on par with what those in the pretend truck market look for. But when you start comparing the two... The Taco is the only truck holding onto rear disc brakes longer than GM did on its halftons. The Tacos frame is NOT fully boxed and at the time I was selling them the V6 Fronteir also enjoyed a 25HP advantage over the Taco V6. I was stunned at just how inferior the Taco was in such important criteria.

GM has had aluminum hoods since 1977 so Ford hasn't been breaking any new ground here. It's not the hoods or the roof that might be questionable since those panels typically don't have any load bearing, side loading or impact concerns. It's the side panels and the rear bed structure especially that is the real concern.

Ultimately, the 2015 F-150 will turn out to be more expensive to insure and to repair at the local collision center. However, these costs will gradually come down when the other makes switch to aluminum panels on their trucks to save weight. The question is, why be the guinea pig for the first few model years with the aluminum F-150? I sure won't.

All of this talk about the Ram and the increase in sales for them are primarily due to the new 8sp auto and the VM Ecodiesel. For GM to compete, they need to get off their collective butt's and tool up that 8-10sp auto for the trucks as soon as possible and dust off that mothballed 4.5L "baby" Duramax and get that into production. Time's a wasting GM....

Sorry meant that the Taco still has drum rear brakes not disc like every modern truck.

@Clint - when one looks at the spec sheets on most 1/2 ton crewcab pickups most come in under 1300 lb in capacity. That would indicate that they too are pretend pickups.

I've argued this point before.

4 adult males in the cab based on USA average weights puts you at close to 800 lb.

That leaves 500 lb for cargo.........

Sounds like a large pretend pickup to me and that is what sells the most.

One more point, only 1/2 of pickups sold are used for work - the other 1/2 is lifestyle............

= more pretend pickups.

Johnny Dope can write all the crap he wants, he just spews it out.
If you haven't noticed, they are giving away GM trucks, almost.

Commercial from one local Chevy dealer: "90 days no payment, zero interest"

Wow, that's with 8-10k advertised off on 1500s. Plus, GM has to give free maintenance on them for 2 years. What will they do next to make a sale?

GM's hurting, so they are are trying to get any good publicity they can, "wow, GM sold that many?" "Yeah, with highest incentives, they appeal to those want the cheapest they can possibly get"

Since the Rams are at least 1K less for a similarly equipped truck, Chevy cuts off as much as possible.

One of my local dealers has a lot full of 1500s, a back lot, and a lot that he sells trailers off of, but yet it has a bunch of them refurbished 2014s and 2015 GM specials.

Yup, those 2014 1500s, you want a cheap truck, just wait until December, maybe you can get 13K off of a 42K truck, no payments for 90 days, and no oil changes for 2 years.

Not what GM hoped for but they gotta "push 'um of D lots!"

Ford Ecoboost gas mileage with an F-150 is just an excuse people use to tell their wives they need a new truck. " look at the mileage" they might say, but once they buy it, most aren't mileage oriented. More like "we want twin turbos, and we are obsessed with Fords old you tube videos.

There are lots more people paying attention to mileage with 2014 Rams then 2014 F-150s.

Some Phord buyers believe whatever they are told. Some get tired of dealerships trying to sort out the Ecoboost issues.

ford sold lot of junks in the last 4 years their sales should be down. this new superduty aluminum has all the boys who live in the 4 seasons areas really excited. fleets are going to switch. unless chevy or ram can come out with aluminum frames or body or ???? ford will dominate even if the quality of the drive train isn't as good. ram has a lot going for them and if they are smart they will keep things reliable and go with aluminum or something better, if there is a better metal for corrosion resistance, availability, strength. ram needs the 8 speed in the 2500 with a smaller diesel in the 2500. 3.0 diesel in 1500, 5.0 diesel in 2500 and 7.0 in 3500. they are differentiating the suspensions really well between all of the model trucks. now just separate by engines and the customers will like a lot. plus a lot of diesel options will show that you are a leader in the segment and draw more new brand switching buyers. looking for smaller engine than the current 6.7 and bigger than the 3.0.

8 speed behind a 6.4 2500 will be a game changer! probably break a lot of axles or drive shafts with all that gear.

hold up someone said the 5.4 gets better fuel mileage lol

im a mechanic never has a 5.4 been an efficient fuel burning engine period. they definitely blow cam chain tensioner o rings left and right. and are powerful, but ford never really had an edge with that motor. the eco diesel is the same as the eco boost if your willing to try a gas turbo why not a diesel? the 8 speed and excellent mpg might just get people to start thinking like al from oz . they will bore and or stroke that 3.0 to a 3.5 and it will be a perfect size engine for 1500-light 2500 reg cab duty. you put a 3.0 with a 8 speed 4.10 gears in reg cab 2500 I would dump my new f150 quick! the aluminum material use between ram and gm will be interesting to say the leaste. I don't think ram will switch over to aluminum until they see what gm and ford deal with first. nd aluminum chassis would be a show stopper for me! bady can be replaced easily but the frame is the most important part of a work truck.


gm is going in the direction of another bailout! to big to fail will rear its ugly head once again JMO.

If you want to know which truck is the best, start driving any of these new trucks like we do on the railroad (Tier I, Western Railroad) for service. We get the 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton, and 1-ton in all three major brands, and starting to get some Toyota's too. We drive these over the rail, not a railroad crossing, down the track bouncing on the ties, and going places most people would not drive their trucks, especially a brand new one. We also drive on the road too.

These trucks do not last a long time, they all fall apart in time, but some fall apart much faster than others, or some are built much better than others. Two reasons the railroad is constantly getting new trucks: they don't last, and second the manufacturers like to see how the trucks hold up (bench mark data).

Without a doubt, the Ram is a very nice truck, but it is also the biggest piece of junk out there. The Ram starts losing parts, after just a few miles on them, sometimes on day one. Back in June we took a new 2014 Ram, crossed over the first set of rails in the yard, and I was picking up the rear bumper. Towards the end of the shift, a head light popped. This is not a special case, this is typical, but usually on the second or third day.

The GM's aren't that far behind them, but at least they stay together for a couple of weeks and a few thousand miles. If GM could build their trucks like the locomotives they use to build from yesteryear, they would be the King of Trucks.

The F-Series are by far the better built truck, a much stronger truck, but does fall apart in time too (usually after 10k miles). The biggest negative of the F-Series is that the cab/comfort feels cheap compared to the other trucks (No King Ranches here).

For the record, I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee, so I have a slight bias towards Chrysler. As far as the Toyota Tundra's, which have been limited to us, thus far seem to be as good as the F-150's, but I must stress we just started getting these, so time will tell how they stack up against the Ram, GM (Silverado and Sierra), and F-Series, but so far an impressive truck compared to Ford; towing and mpg might be a different story.

Also keep in mind, I am not talking about towing capacity, engine size, or mpg, but strictly of the overall quality of these trucks from engineering to assembly.

If I were in the market for a new truck, and I was basing my decision on quality: engineering and assembly (not looking at price, mpg, or incentives) for the 1/2-Ton truck it would be between the F150 and the Tundra; for a HD Truck, the Ford.

As a side note, I usually buy GoodYear Tires for my families vehicles, but from the conditions stated, I would buy tires in this order for a truck: Michelin, Bridgestone, and then the Good Year Wranglers.

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