NHTSA to Further Investigate Ram Axle Issues

2005 Ram intro II

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration is opening a new investigation into 260,000 2005 Ram 1500s regarding driveshaft detachment and possible lockup.

According to The Detroit News, an earlier investigation regarding the same driveshaft issue was specifically related to the 2009 and 2010 Ram 1500 and Dodge Dakota. The recall was later expanded to include 2011-2012 Ram 1500s and Dakotas along with 2009-2012 Dodge Durangos and Chrysler Aspens. That NHTSA investigation was closed in March 2013.

The new investigation deals with the same problem with model-year 2005 Ram 1500s.

The original recall issues centered on adhesive that may or may not have been applied to a pinion nut that could work itself free, allowing the driveshaft to separate from the vehicle. Depending on the findings, NHTSA may require Ram Truck to launch a recall.

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^shipped from supplier, dumb@$$.^

But they no doubt realized they need to do QC checks on suppliers work, to get them to wake up.

Now GM and Phord, on the other hand, those are some engineering disasters. "Oh, we didn't check to see how the Ecoboost would handle the damp environment, or if the timing chains and head gaskets would last. But we will damn sure will make a few videos about how we tested them. LOL! Or the Ford Ecoboost Escape, issue after issue.

We heard about GM's woes yesterday, and on a regular bases we hear all about their crappy programming. Or ignition locks, or crap, don't get me started on GM!

Toyota, yeah they have issues too, but they act like they are perfect.

Recalls happen.

@ TRX-4 Tom

Quit the crap, really.

It's getting long in the tooth.

You want to debate, but it has to be on your terms.

Learn to debate with good information, then we might be able to have a decent debate.

Opinions are good, but if they are only your view to support the UAW, then how good are they. Look at what you guys have done to Detroit.

Terror tactics (union tactics) don't work on me.

If PUTC wants the UAW or whatever to control this site I suppose it's their decision.

It's not kids like I've been told by PUTC.

This is a new era and it's about time. Auto manufacturers are finally being held more accountable. They need to quickly adjust or risk perishing.

Uh.... I have a 2005. Is the check free or is it at owners expense?

No, No, I'm pretty sure the driveshafts are supposed to come apart like that! What defect???

The Budella
The Gloria
Risolvere il Problema di Nuovo Tony

"National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration is opening a new investigation into 260,000 2005 Ram 1500s regarding driveshaft detachment and possible lockup"

I have the transcript from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration original investigation....



In your face haters and trolls. Ram is still king of the pack.










Looks like Crapsler can't make ignition switchs either HA!

First Shift: Chrysler widens switch recall


This is what happens when you get a Democrat for president. Accountability.

Too bad the picture at the top of the page is a 2006 (different headlights, grille, and bumper trim than the 2002-2005 1500).

GM has now recalled over 10% of ALL vehicles in the U.S.


There's what we should be discussing. Garbage Motors.

@WXman - Don't worry WXman Fiat is doing it's best to catch up to "Garbage Motors".


After this they should investigate steering boxes breaking off. I was riding in one where the bolts holding the steering box to the frame broke and we lost all steering. If we weren't in a parking lot it could have very easily been deadly. After seeing how weak the design was I can't believe more people haven't had that happen to them.

haha Johnny doe of all people talking crap about ignition switches. Apparently he missed the news of 8.4 MILLION GM vehicles being recalled mostly for ignition switches. With that said, yes I've had problems with the ignition switch in my own ram. Can't wait for the 2015 f150.


"More satisfied customers"

To bad the real world data doesn't back that claim up. The current JD Powers survey has Ford at 791 and Ram at 752 out of 900. Consumer Reports customer satisfaction survey has both the F150 Ecoboost and F150 V8 at 78% of owner satisfaction (which is the highest of all the "half tons") with the 250/350 being higher at 80% . The Ram V8 4wd is at 71% and the Ram V8 2wd is at 69% with the 2500/3500 being at 70%. Given those numbers and the fact that Ford sold 763,402 trucks while Ram sold 355,673 trucks would make way more Ford satisfied customers then Ram. That would put Ford with over 600,000 satisfied truck buyers to Ram's less than 250,000 satisfied. So no, your statement is grossly false.

GM has now recalled over 10% of ALL vehicles in the U.S.


There's what we should be discussing. Garbage Motors.

Posted by: WXman | Jul 1, 2014 10:53:09 AM

Not to worry. Ford's day is coming.





Ya know, some of these recalls for Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan and RAM, are the fault of assembly and manufacturing right here in the good ol USA.

Also, the brand bashing is indirectly bashing the American worker.

Is that really what you bashers want, to insult your fellow Americans?

what dimwit that johnny doe is, idiot!

Yep, Ford F series is 11% down ,
RAM HD +31%
RAM brand +22%.
Customers notice quality truck. I guess most american title didn't help at all.

what dimwit that johnny doe is, idiot!

Posted by: Frank | Jul 1, 2014 11:46:07 AM

Frank, your brain should have been recalled after you were born. What a DOLT!

@Hemi V8

Don't fool yourself into thinking you are shaming anyone with you comments. If you actually think anyone else besides your fellow Ramtards club members takes your posts seriously then you are sadly mistaken. Don't get your hopes that high thinking I actually read all your posts just because I actually respond to a few either. It is usually because I am bored or just simply feel like passing of the Ramtards that day. Most of the time I don't even get past the GUTS portion of your posts because 9.9 time out of 10 it is either old data, cherry picked data that is not the norm, or just plain made up fan boy data that has no real world backing. Maybe if some of the content had some form of logical thought even if it was slightly biased then maybe I would be more inclined to get passed the first few words more often.

At least I can admit that Ford or the Ecoboost has faults unlike you Ramtard club members like Tom - Tom above that have your Kool-aid drinking heads so far up Ram's a$$ that any rational thought eludes you. With you guys it is Ram can do no wrong, and all the others are crap even though you have no real world experience with said modern competitors trucks to even make such a statement. Ram does have it's pluses but it is not all peaches and cream with them as you blindly like to think. There are some things that they can improve on, but you and the rest of the Ramtards chastise that dares gives a way for Ram to improve. I have also seen you guys chastise other truck makes for doing things calling them crap, but come right around when Ram does the same and try to sell it as the next best thing since sliced bread since Ram is now doing it.

So again, no don't fool yourself to think that you words hold that much weight for someone to feel ashamed from them. If nothing else they are comical and most are feeling sorry for the author for being such a Ramtard.

BTW, I don't consider all Ram owner Ramtards. That is only held for the select few Ram owners on here.

See I told you.

@beebe No I didn't miss the news on the GM ignitions, that is why I typed

"Looks like Crapsler can't make ignition switchs (EITHER) HA!"

Because HEMI V8 was the first one to go hog wild posting links to the GM one. I just find it funny he was gun ho to post the GM one but not tell us about the 600,000 some and expanding Crapslers that have the very same problems the GM ignitions did.

A little loctite goes along ways.

@LJC - "Is that really what you bashers want, to insult your fellow Americans..."

Yeah you F$uk'n idiot that's exactly who we want to insult, Fat, stupid, overpaid American "workers".

johnny does is so stupid he though a QUARTERBACK was a refund.

johnny doe is so ugly when he laugh's his face hurts

johhny does' mom is like a door knob, everyone get's a turn.

I am a Consumer Reports subscriber and I read it different
Consumer Reports TRASHED the F-150 and removed it from their recommended list.
The Ram and Chevy is RECOMMENDED by Consumer Reports.
The Ram is the ONLY pickup that WON Motor Trends Truck of The Year FOR "TWO" YEARS IN A ROW.

These guys with the Ford Eco-Boost are afraid to drive their pickup out in the rain or under humid conditions cause their engine may fail, how does it feel driving a Ford with a dark cloud over your head not knowing if your truck will make it home or not? Ram and Chevy doesn't have that problem.


So was what I posted inaccurate? Did I fluff any numbers? Go ahead and look since you have a subscription. No, I didn't fluff any numbers and those are the true numbers of the actual owners that were asked how satisfied they were with their truck choice. Do you want me to post the video again of the CR editor in chief and his crew speaking about how they chose the Ram and GM because they were more car like. They clearly said they went with the most car like truck since they were "car people" which is fine for their opinion. However, I would trust the words of the many that actually own and drive their trucks on a daily basis rather than a select few editors that would rather drive cars over a truck. The words of the very people that own the trucks have spoken and more were satisfied with the F150 (even with an Ecoboost) than any other "half-ton". Am I lying? You said you have a subscription so go and check. Again, we're my numbers off? That is what I thought.

Also, as I have said before. I am not impressed with a Motor Trend Truck of the year even when for had it. They do not test all trucks available on the market (only the newly refreshed one) and they do not test them equally like the PUTC challenge did.

As far as engine failures, do you wanna go link for link on how many we can find of each motor because I can find as many Ram ones as you can F150 which is sad since there are A LOT less Ram's out there. The Ecoboost had its issues and I will not deny that, but you are purposely making it out to more than it is just to try to win an argument and further justify your vehicle choice.

Unlike you, I don't need to justify my vehicle choice because I am more then happy with mine which is why you don't see me bashing others all the time like you guys do. It's as if you guys feel inferior so you have to bash everything that is making you feel inferior. That is just how I see it, but it could be other personal problems.

You're missing something very important, the F-150 out sold both the Chevy and Ram almost 2 to 1 so of course they are going to have good owner reviews cause there are TWO times as many F-150's out there!
Most people are not going to give a bad review of the pickup they own to save face cause they never drove or owned the other brand so they don't know if it is better.
Consumer Reports gave BOTH the 5.0V8 and 3.5V6EB the same performance and gas mileage numbers and they have a problem with the SYNC system as in all the Ford's
Consumer Reports DID have the F-150 on its recommended list in 2011 and 2012 but dropped it for 2013 and 2014, so what changed? The eco-boost and sync problems never went away.

Nice Frank is so stupid he thinks he is funny, its sad when a person is that stupid cause there is no help for them.

@johnny doe - "its sad when a person is that stupid cause there is no help for them..."

Actually Johnny you would write that statement as follows: It's sad when a person is that stupid because there is no help for them.

Good thing you are smarter than Frank....lol

WOW!!! Axle lockup issues and ignition switch issues. just goes to show you what pieces of crap these trucks are. I had a 2011 and it locked up too. thank God it was a company POS truck. Glad I wasn't going but 45. Took out a stop and the car waiting at it. Never had a switch problem but the power window motors all had to be replaced at 21,000 miles. just so much went wrong. Junky trucks.

"Nice Frank is so stupid he thinks he is funny, its sad when a person is that stupid cause there is no help for them."

Run-on sentences, after run-in sentences, sounds like 11 yr old kid.

johnny doe's mama is so stupid she put lipstick on her forehead, talking about she was trying to makeup her mind.

I agree Frank...johnny doe's mama is so clumsy she got tangled up in a cordless phone.

johnny doe's mama is so fat that when she was born, she gave the hospital stretch marks.

johnny doe's mama is like a bowling ball she gets picked up fingered thrown in the gutter and still comes back for more!


Do you ever run out of excuses. I bet you would make a good press secretary for Obama since you are good at coming up with every excuse in the book.

If the survey was asking people what truck they prefer then I can see Ford being the leader out of the other "half tons" since there are more of them sold. However this is not that kind of survey. The survey was sent to people who have recently purchased said truck on how satisfied they were with it and how likely were they to purchase it again. This has nothing to do with a comparison between the trucks at all so the factor that Ford sales more is irrelevant in this survey. Out of all the "half tons", Ford had the highest satisfactory rating at 78% for both the Ecoboost and 5.0 V8, the Ram V8 4wd was at 72%, and the Ram V8 2wd was at 68% of owners who would definitely buy the same truck again. The JD Powers survey was just the same with the Ford being at 791 and the Ram at 752 out of 900.

Then again, it doesn't mater what data is shown to you since you will just keep making excuses for you precious Ram. Kinda sad that you think so little of Ram that it needs so many excuses.

I think all the Ram guys could care less about a recall today as they are probably celebrating the Hellcat SRT Challenger http://wot.motortrend.com/1407_2015_dodge_challenger_srt_hellcat_makes_astounding_707_hp_650_lb_ft.html. I think GM may need a 2.3L TVS to take the title. Now that would probably call for a ZR1 to return. Ford may respond with a Twin Turbo 5.0L V8.


Yeah a TT 5.0L would be sweet. I know the Roush Stage 3 5.0L Aluminator with a 2.3L TVS is at 675hp. The 5.0L in the Cobra Jet uses a 2.9L Whipple. I know they put a TT 5.0L in the 2012 Cobra Jet concept, but Ford kept it hush hush on the power ratings.

I'm bewildered as to why they were solely relying on a lock-tite type adhesive to hold the pinion nut from working loose. I realize thread sealer is an important component to help secure fasteners on various applications.

However, relying completely on that method to keep something as critical as the drive shaft from separating from the rear pinion is bad engineering. They should either tighten up the tolerances between the parts or stake the pinion nut like they do on front wheel hubs on FWD vehicles.

Once again, we as consumers get shafted while the "suits" on the 14th floor win again with their bean counter engineering.

@ The fake Lou BC:
"@WXman - Don't worry WXman Fiat is doing it's best to catch up to "Garbage Motors".


Posted by: Lou BC"

You're blaming the wrong company. That one is ENTIRELY Daimler's problem.

Frank is so dumb he can't count to the number 10. That really hinders him when he goes to the auto parts store to buy replacement spark plugs for his F-250. That happens quite often with those spark plug spitting Triton engines. Lucky for him the guys are the auto parts store are patient and helpful.

Frank's behavior is typical of the common Ford truck fan/owner. Dumb, boastful, and thinks he is smarter than the average human being.

a lot of these posts must be gm babies.... still pissed cause they know there trucks are , overbaked , fisher price interior , poor design and lets not forget , the worlds largest bumper in its class ( not good ) not to mention gm looks like a Toyota from side preview ? hummmmm ? then theres the 48 separate recalls this year alone ..... im sure the gm girls will find a way to squeeze there way out of this one too.
PS 29 million recalls this year , now that's professional grade ? I think not . buy a ram or ford

9 years later - I got rid of it 5 years ago because of this very issue. Government efficiency at its best.

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