Pickup Trucks Sales Data for First Half of 2014

Brand chart final

We're through the first half of the year and most automakers look like they're having another good year, with most truckmakers beating their 2013 sales numbers. Many industry analysts are predicting a year-end total just below 17 million units, which would make this one of the biggest sales years in the past decade.

The data in the charts we present here comes from several sources and should provide a ballpark idea of how each of the segment models stack up, as well as how each brand is doing in comparison to one another. We should note that these numbers are pretty good when compared to the auto industry's "good ole days," especially when you consider the industry has survived huge reductions in production facilities and employees. Add to that relatively low incentives as the industry norm and strong average transaction prices — particularly in the pickup segment, where profits are significant — and you can see why some in the auto industry are feeling pretty good.



Midsize chart final


Half-ton chart final


Heavy-duty final



So, GM outsells Ford and Ram big time for the first 6 mos. in the half ton space. Hmmm.

With an all-new F150 and all-new Super Duty on the way, it's amazing how Ford is still outselling every other brand. GM already has its all-new trucks, so this is worst case for Ford and best case for GM.

Let's not forget GM still lost market share with the new design release and that's a fail. I also recall GM increased corporate pickup sales in an attempt to recover market share.

Just imagine if the 200,000 Ram trucks were sitting at the factory in Mexico with no place to ship them to. How much incentive would that give President Hose-A to give our Soldier back?

Pretty much what I expected to see. Ford crushes everybody in HD trucks and GM wins the half-ton battle. It's good to see Ram making solid gains.

@ Alex

All New Super Duty?? What are you smoking? More like same old 1999 Super Duty.

All those Ram fan boys are sure quite. Ram isn't even close to GM, Toyota is closer to Ram than what Ram is to GM. Keep dreaming that Ram will ever outsell GM.

Sure looks to me like the new GM truck "1500" did pretty well. Despite what all the haters come up with. The new GM HD is just now hitting lots.

Why was GMC and Chevy combined in "Brand" sales??? Should the title have not read "Combined Automaker" sales???


@ Alex

All New Super Duty?? What are you smoking? More like same old 1999 Super Duty.

Posted by: Anything but an EcoBust | Jul 11, 2014 10:11:41 AM

Amen. It is high time that dinosaur be put out to pasture. I hardly see any new Super Dootys on the road being driven by private owners. They are mostly fleet vehicles sold to businesses at massive discounts. Who wants to drive one of these relics when they can have something more modern?

still love the $8,000 I saved by buying my NISSAN TITAN.

GM is a corporation with multiple brands, the graphic is actually somewhat misleading. Brand = Chevy or Brand = GMC


FORD and GM are beating the snot out of Ram ...owners aren't crying they're laughing so hard it's tears.

Ram who designs trucks with 490lb payload

Ram propaganda should get a award for luring the uninformed into buying their junk that keeps the service departments at Ram dealers alive.

Ram getting kicked to death in the Heavy duty segment as well

The educated buying public has spoken and the numbers are proof.... Ram is a wannabe and service nightmare.

I love the 10k I saved on my new Sierra!
51k sticker out the door for 41k!
Keep your spartan!

GM is outselling Ford a little bit in half-tons when you combine Silverado and Sierra, but GM is getting destroyed in HD sales, 2 to 1.

Ford and GM close in the half tons and Ford dominating in the heavy duty segment with the oldest trucks on the market is pretty impressive. 2015 aluminum F150 and 2016 Super Duty around the corner I see Ford still dominating for years to come. Really looking forward to the new Raptor VERY curios on what performance motor it gets, Ecoboost 5.0 please!




@ Papa Jim: here, let me fix that for you. " GM resulted to cranking up incentives this year, like it has been in the past at GM. They didn't want to, but they realized the only way to maintain the #2 spot was to push them off the lot, with next to no profit. In October or so they boo hoo'd because 2013 Rams were discounted, compared to their NEW 2014s, so soon after, like December, you could get $7,000 off of double cab GM All Star trucks, that's how crappy they sell.

GM, the low bidder, selling trucks as cheap as possible. It's still over $8,000 off on a 1500 double cab.

What will GM do next to sell them off?

@RAZOR: I will let you in on a well know secret....more then half of those 200k Rams were made in Michigan. The HDs and 1500 regular cabs (small numbers compared to quad and crew 1500s) are from Mexico, where almost every car company builds something.

BTW, that Marine broke the law, Mexico is just enforcing it. Hope they let him go too. Not like he was up to something bad, but, the law says...

As for Ram catching Generic Motors, they keep improving, and make more profit, which GM knows nothing about cause their HUGE INCENTIVES. I think March sales pissed them off, Tom Wilkerson was having a fit. So they said "we will lower our prices EVEN MORE! Lol! GM 1500: the cheap route; GM 2500: the boy racer truck, at least in diesel class, GM 3500: totally behind Ram in both engine choices!

Low rider GMs!

@Anything, what are you smoking and what rock are you living under? There is an all-new Super Duty coming for 2016. Don't get your knickers in a wad over it, I'm just reporting the truth. If you don't like it, go back under that rock.

It is nice to have these break out charts for a change; both grand totals by company and then by product group.

How about doing this on a monthly basis too?

Will someone ban this fool!??!! As BAFO says, it is getting long in the tooth.

It is funny how some say the F-Superduty is an old dinosaur yet it is outselling the closest truck in it's class by more than 2 to 1. Apparently that doesn't matter to most truck buyers looking for that class of truck. Some of you are starting to sound like my wife where the looks matter more than anything which is why she bought an Infiniti the last go round . She didn't care if it had the performance of a snail, it just looked good. Maybe some of you more concerned about looks should look into Infiniti's, I hear the rest of the women love them.

Very true All1. The Chevy has neither the looks, the comfort, the sound system, the power, the torque, the fuel economy, the payload, or the toughness of Ford or Ram. So buying it for either one of those criteria is absurd.

Fleet sales. We need a chart for fleet sales.

The more dealerships you got the more product youll sell.

@ Ken

Fail??? The new design 1/2 ton GMs are way ahead in thier segment. According to the charts GM owns about 40% of the 1/2 ton market and about 26% of the HD.

Ford has about 48% of the HD which I suspect is heavy on fleet sales. Of course, they can beat anyones price when you're selling what is essentially a 15 year-old truck.

The Trolls are correct, it's the same ole Dinosaur.

'99 Ford Superduty > '14 RAM HD > '14 GM HD's

Just look at the #'s

Lol, BAFO doesn't say that, it's just somebody likes to repost his stuff and try to get people against each other. But who would do that, the Chevy boys, or ALL GONE 1? I would guess All 1 as he hates conflict, and is pushing Ego Boost on everybody, cause Phord has no diesel F-150 and the Ecoboost is supposed to carry them (good luck with that, people learn!) their 5.0 less power and mileage then a Hemi, 8 speed.

Funny thing, ALL1 posted something just 15 minutes after somebody said some crap about me. I'm guessing it took 14 minutes for ALL1 to type what he did. And of course, he probably reposts the BAFO stuff we constantly see. Him and Rem 700, who are one person.

ALL1 probably works roadside assistance for FORD, they give him a truck that is lucky to get 21 highway, they could choose many others, but they want that little Ecoboost sticker to be seen!

That would be great job security, as they are Fixed Or Repaired Daily, or Found On Road Dead, or backwards it's Driver Returns On Foot!

Ford and GM close in the half tons


Where do you see that? GM half tons are outselling Ford half tons by a huge margin despite the fact that Ford is throwing a lot of money into advertising and promo. Keep wishing.

Well, I have been saying for quite some time now that the cost of improving your mpgs will rise. UNECE is the best model to retain most of what you have, CAFE will strangle your trucks.

There will unfortunately be more technology required, forcing up prices more and more.

The rising cost of US pickups might gradually make them a work truck again. People might opt for smaller affordable CUVs/SUVs.

The Trolls are correct, it's the same ole Dinosaur.

'99 Ford Superduty > '14 RAM HD > '14 GM HD's

Just look at the #'s

Posted by: Frank | Jul 11, 2014 1:11:45 PM

I knew it was just a matter of time before that DOLT reappeared.

Gotta run to the auto parts store here in a few. My truck just spit out 8 of its 10 spark plugs. Might have to get a helicoil kit too. be back later.

Dumb dumb TRX tom 8.2% incentive for crapsler fiat moron group with GM is 2% and Ford is at 2.4% Yup ram is giving their trucks away and still can't get close to GM HAHA!


So I am right Ram is far behind GM which is close to Ford. The thing is GM Mid Size is not on the market yet which will put more distance between them and Ram and may pass Ford. What GM should worry about is the HD market (new Duramax and 6.0L V8) and less recalls. Ford just needs to keep what they are doing. Ram needs to do what they are doing only gain ground faster as "tress don't grow to the sky" so you will eventually stop gaining ground on them and may still be a distant 3rd place. Toyota will be at a crossroads shortly and will need pick a path on both the outdated mechanically but with refreshed facelifts Tundra and Tacoma. Nissan just needs to do something.

jim, It's not really a huge margin. It's about 17% more half-tons when you combine Silverado and Sierra.

Ford: 225,000 F-150

Chevy: 190,000 Silverado 1500

GMC: 75,000 GMC 1500

40k is a fair amount, but it takes GM two brands to do it. That includes more in advertising and promoting two brands.

The reason Ford sells less half-tons is because they have a super successful HD line-up.

Yes, GM sells the most half tons when you combine two brands against Fords one brand. That hasn't changed. But why aren't GM's HD trucks more successful? That is the better question for you to ponder.

Dumb dumb Johnny duh, your link doesn't work. Got any proof, or your utter BS? Why don't you pay attention, yeah, they are taking 8200$ US off of GM 1500 Double cabs, trying hard to get a sale.

Like I said, just wait till the fall, you will to get a 2014 GM 1500 for probably 11,000 off MSRP.

Back in January and February they were debating on "Gee, should we lower our incentives and result to the practice of selling trucks like we used to?" You see what happened! They would not stick to their guns! So now we got a bunch of desperate GM sales people! Giving you free two years of service 8000+ off of the double cab and who knows what off of a crew cab! And it's only going to get worse, because GM has nothing new for those so called "new" trucks!

Okay here's another thing to think about, most people just laugh when it comes to sales in Canada, but GM twins cannot keep up with Ram! Maybe that's because not everybody up in Canada wants a diesel that they would have to plug-in, so I'm guessing there's a lot more usage of heavy duty trucks with gas burners? Don't know, I've never set foot in Canada! Although I wished I did in 1990-91 when I was up that way.

And what does GM have in the 2500 and 3500 truck for gas? That sloppy old 6.0 with a lot less torque, and it probably gets a lot less mileage than the 6.4 Hemi! So tell me, what is a 6.0 Chevy good for? Wait, I know the answer! It's there for cheap people that can't afford something better! That's all! Yes, if you know a good song, go on down to your local GM dealer and pick you out of low rider truck because that's all you need to get a new GM!

@Big Al--Maybe that is not a bad thing if trucks do go up in price. It would be good to see them become more of a work truck and less of a recreational vehicle. Fuel prices could get more of the nontraditional truck owners back into smaller cars and crossovers. Interesting article in TTAC a couple of days ago about the traditional station wagon which is all but extinct. The crossover is today's take on the station wagon. I doubt pickups will become extinct but they might have reached their peak sales and will level off. It use to be nice driving a truck in that you were unique and that it was less status and more function. It is nice to have all the comforts in a truck but much of the function has been lost.

Ahahahaha the Troll as arrived, yo Johnny, Happy Friday!

Keep on Trollin'

Hey Tom, you're saying the 5.0 is less powerful than the Hemi. You get the award for the no sh!t comment of the thread. You're comparing a 5.0 liter engine to a 5.7 liter engine. I would *hope* that it would be more powerful.
And then you compare fuel economy of a 6-spd vs an 8-spd.
Let's dig into it, shall we? The Ram is rated at 15/21/17. The F150 is rated at 14/19/16. That combined number is awful close and in the real world these numbers aren't far enough apart to make any real difference. For kicks and giggles, let's look at the 6-spd Ram: 13/19/15. Hmm. For just a little more fun, let's look at the EcoBoost: 15/21/17. That EB will out-tow the Hemi, no problem (I'm not referring to the Ram's limited towing capacity). And when looking at real-world economy on various websites, the economy between the Hemi, the 5.0, and the EB are all within 1-2 MPG of each other. Considering the EB does that with two less gears and can still out-tow the Ram? I'll take that any day.
And quit with the petty, childish, name-calling. It doesn't help your argument look any more legitimate.

I see Chevy has a new commercial, something about finding freedom! What a cool incidence! Because most Chevrolet drivers, at least those with anything made in the last 10 years spend a lot of time at the dealership getting the recalls taken care of!
My girlfriends sister has one of those Chevy SUVs. It is not on the recall list, but it should be! They have paid to get the ignition lock cylinder changed, and the new one you could still take the key out while it was running! That was after they brought it back because it was hard to get the key out when it was shut off she had to wrestle with the steering wheel! Good old GM crap!

"Yes, GM sells the most half tons when you combine two brands against Fords one brand. That hasn't changed. But why aren't GM's HD trucks more successful? That is the better question for you to ponder."


GM considers them as two different brands and they do not count them together, this is just some silly tactic the TROLLS like to dish out so they can sleep better under their rock.

Iray801: yeah that ego boost really got its ass kicked in the last light duty challenge when it came to towing, right? I know, those egoboosts are so dependable aren't they!

Why can't you Ford people just get used to it that 8 speed is here to stay, and quit comparing six speed to 6 speed? If Ford only had a better transmission we could compare to it, but they don't, so sad!

The Ford fans are drunk on the cool aid if they think their H.D. is better than the class leading Ram. Fords C- channel Frame sucks.

Ram already took the King Honors from Ford. 450 Ford vs 3500
Ram. Ford leads in fleet sales. Not where the rubber meets the road.

"The Ram also had higher top speeds up the steepest grades, handled the heavy loads with more control, and kept the drivers more comfortable and less stressed. With all that said, we finally say congratulations to the 2013 Ram 3500 HD, our winner and last beast standing in this bloody two-truck battle."

GM trucks are "inner-bred". They have the same internals and if you can strech your imagination enough, then they look a little different.

GM attracts buyers from inner-bred redneck families, because inner-bred trucks are for inner-bred people. LMAO GO BUY REAL TRUCKS NOT GARBAGE MOTORS TRUCKS.

GM sold almost 300k units, Ford roughly 200k We're talking halfton trucks here. Somebody didn't think that's a big deal. Maybe you want to think again.

Halfton is where it's at today. They are very profitable.

People buy HD trucks to meet a NEED. They buy half ton trucks to satisfy a desire.

I love the $11,200 off sticker on my F-150
sticker- $40,900
paid- $29,700

Why not show the suv sales? With GM owning over 70% of the market share, I guess it would make your Ford suv look pretty bad.

everybody is rushing out to buy the last good 2014 F-150 made before they are all gone cause nobody wants to be the scapegoat owning the 2015 F-150
(ugly front grill with bars hanging out halfway over the headlights)
rectangle fog lights in the bumper- UGLY!
aluminum body- high insurance rates
2.7 Eco-Boost- NOT tested
Mileage- UNKNOWN
2015 F-150 price increase? You Betcha!

I have respect for you guys that buy the first 2015 F-150, you have more balls than I have. I wouldn't take that chance!

"GM sold almost 300k units, Ford roughly 200k We're talking halfton trucks here."

Way to use Al Gore fuzzy math and round down the Ford and round up GM

Talking halfton trucks. Ford sold approx. 225k and GM sold 265k (Chevy + GMC.)

You shouldn't need to exagerate to make your claims.

It's a given that Ford is going to be selling less half ton trucks this year. They have the oldest truck and are lowering production by 90,000 units to prepare for the next-gens.

People buy trucks for wants, needs, AND desires. I still think there is something wrong with GM's HD sales.

@TRX-4 dim light bulb Tom The link works I just clicked it took me right to the story. You probably just don't want to look at the cold hard fact numbers that prove Ram is the only truck maker that have been giving been giving trucks away for the past year. Also its funny you talk bout the recalls someone yesterday that was making fun of you pointed out crapsler group has a recall rate of 1.00 vs Fords .93 vs GM .82 You can talk all you want dim light bulb tom but the numbers prove you are wrong time and time again.

GM always sold more combined half-tons than Ford. That's old news, folks.

What is news is that GM is losing market share.

It would be stupid for ford to drastically redesign the super duty. They have the highest HD market share they've had possibly ever and rapidly growing? Call it ancient all you want, but there is a reason they are dominating that market so handily, because it's a better work truck than what ram and GM offer. The super duty has always had the best interior of the HD trucks and now it has a powertrain that is very competitive with GM. Can't wait for the new f-150. I for one am holding out for that truck. It is interesting to see GM combined still outselling ford in half-tons. I will have to take the new GM trucks on a test drive. Maybe it'll surprise me and I'll end up with a new chevy instead of a ford.

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