Spied: Future Midsize Ram Pickup?

Strada 3 II

There's a lot of buzz about what Ram truck might or might not do with the resources of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Clearly, the partnership is going to work pretty well in the case of the full-size commercial van, the ProMaster, but could it also work just as well with a smaller more fuel-efficient car-based pickup truck? Here's what we've just heard from our spy shooters who are out on the road:

"FiatChrysler engineers in the U.S. are testing this heavily clad prototype that appears to be a new entry-level truck based on the foreign-market Fiat Strada pickup.

"The massively camouflaged test vehicle is a seriously over-the-top effort to hide the body style that lies underneath. The makeup of the prototype has definite truck overtones, namely around the wheel arches, a classically truckish rear bumper hiding under the camo-covering and exposed suspension bits that clearly exhibit the rugged simplicity of a truck.

"The prototype's headlights are carefully camouflaged to hide their overall shape, but the units appear to be dead ringers for the headlights found on the Fiat Strada pickup. It may be that Fiat Chrysler plans to take an approach similar to what the firm has taken with the Ram ProMaster vans — by simply rebranding a Fiat Strada with a Ram grille and mildly revised front fascia.

"This prototype, however, looks like it may have more adaptations in store for the North American market. This prototype looks to be fitted with a longer wheelbase and a more generous bed when compared to even the largest existing Strada model — the Strada Adventure, which makes due with a two-door, four-seat configuration. The prototype pictured here suggests that it has four conventional doors to go with its larger dimensions. Something as small as the Fiat Strada would likely be too much of a shock for American truckbuyers, so it appears that product planners are resizing it accordingly.

"The prototype caught here — testing in Auburn Hills, Mich., — was undoubtedly diesel powered, judging by its engine note. It was also definitely fitted with a manual transmission. Judging from the way this prototype went about its business, it certainly seems that this U.S.-spec Strada spinoff is embracing the simple, entry-level ethos of its Italian platform donor. And if done right, it might be just what some buyers are looking for."

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Strada 2 II

Strada 1 II

Strada 4 II



Oh my God!! What an ugly thing. Looks like a Pontiac azetc in the front and something that has been rolled everywhere else. That's just plain ugly. They need to put the body wrap back on it. Hide it somebody!!. GUTS, UGLE, FIAT RAM!!

Bring back the Dakota with coil springs and diesel V6, not this Ridgeline mobile.

Yes it does look like the little Fiat Mini Pickup

I'm sorry, but this thing looks hideous!!!!

All you poseurs out there can have your giant trucks. Personally, I kinda like this thing and hope they don't destroy it by ONLY making it a crew cab.

All you poseurs out there can have your giant trucks. Personally, I kinda like this thing and hope they don't destroy it by ONLY making it a crew cab.

ROFLMAO..... trying to get aerodynamics by mounting a moon roof for a windshield... look at the angle

almost looks like they grafted a truck box on to a mini van.

Tony's engineers must have heard aluminum is pop riveted so they decided to make a splash with this engineering marvel.

look at the front door angle.... boys lets build a mid size truck...bring that mini van, that pile of sheet metal at the dumpster....oh and bring me some dodge dart doors......

From the folks who brought you the K CAR. I'm guessing but this may challenge the new diesel ram for Payload... well if you can grind the rivets off.

dam that is a mini van underneath....lol.

Just wait... the new wrangler will be a rebadged fiat 500

Hard to tell what it looks like with the camo. Maybe Ram is testing this just in case the new Colorado/Canyon goes over better than expected. The Fiat Strada cloaked as a smaller Ram might do well.

I 've known guys to go to a scrap yard and piece together interesting vehicles out of many parts... ram should hire them because their craftsmanship is light years ahead of this abortion.

Front wheel drive truck.... another Ram first.

GUTS GLORYHOLES..... Fiat putting more nails in the coffin

Video after video of FORD torture testing vehicles for years before their released.

RAM... get me some tin,a pop rivet gun and that mini van....testing consists of driving around the neighborhood making people get sick

GUTS, GLORYHOLES... and Fiat engineers designing new RAMS in the grape fields.

Sounds like some of you guys might be afraid that a smaller truck might do well. Not to worry you will still have you big bad ass trucks for quite a while. There is enough room in the market for smaller size if it is priced competitively and gets better mpgs. We will see.

@Jeff S

small and mid sized trucks will be the next big deal no doubt...GM and Toyota will dominate until the global Ranger arrives. Little Rams will find their place at the rear much like their larger brands.

No thanks, I'll take a used Ridgeline over this.

I would be more interested in the Colorado/Canyon, but this could get interesting if the midsize market picks up.

This must be the Larmie...just wait until you see the st version


No thanks, I'll take a used Ridgeline over this.

I hear you.... heck I'll take a bus pass over this!


Dont get your pantys in a bunch. This thing probably wont make it in to the assembly line.

This is definitely not a truck. Just look at the pick that shows underneath the rear. It's FWD for crying out loud.


Quit the crap, really.

It's getting long in the tooth.

You want to debate, but it has to be on your terms.

Learn to debate with good information, then we might be able to have a decent debate.

Opinions are good, but if they are only your view to support the UAW, then how good are they. Look at what you guys have done to Detroit.

Terror tactics (union tactics) don't work on me.

If PUTC wants the UAW or whatever to control this site I suppose it's their decision.

It's not kids like I've been told by PUTC.

They should call it the cockroach. That's what it looks like. At least cockroaches are durable?

HA HA that has to be the ugliest thing I have ever seen, it makes the europe style vans look good it so ugly looking

Good one beebe we better call Orkin Man to kill this thing LOL!



-Read this:


That's an embarrassing camouflage effort. Truly 3rd world. That thing should only be driven on nights with a new moon.

I like, how this awesome camouflage makes competition fans crazy.
Good job RAM again.

This is as bad as the New hell Cat challenger.... 707 hp and drum brakes all around.

Fred Diaz left Ram/Fiat for Nissan because he seen the writing on the wall.

Fiat will slowly bastardize the Ram and jeep into the Italian version.

More and more we will witness the ugly and dumb Fiat ideas consume all product lines.

Just look at this god awful concept to replace the Dakota? every manufacturer in the world would be embarrassed to have this pile of tin become a media event.

Serious Jeep owners.... loyal die hards are beside themselves after hearing FIAT's testing the waters to remove solid axles from the Wrangler. I am not making this up...http://wot.motortrend.com/does-the-next-gen-jeep-wrangler-need-to-have-solid-axles-421105.html

All these Ram idiots who spew guts glory are going to be in for a rude awakening in the next few years because you will be singing no guts no glory FIAT! Fiat is slowly changing everything MOPAR... The end is near and after the third bankruptcy it will be the end of Mopar. ask Europeans what they think of fiat and where they place in innovation, reliability and value.

Sorry to bring this news to you , but as European I can tell you that Chevy is pulling out from European market as we speak moving to China and Ford has very bad name in Europe for decades, improving just last 10 years a bit.
That's reality you don't know about.

Its too soon to judge anything. Only time tells. If its small enough, light, enough, cheap enough, and has enough FE to make up for the capabilities lost compared to a fullsize truck it could make sense. If it doesnt its another waste of money like the Taco, Frontier, and soon to be GM twins.

@Turbo Yoda,
Correct the "Chevrolets" were rebadged Daewoos. Ford and "Chevrolet" were at the bottom of the pile as far as quality went two years ago

Chrysler does not have good enough CAFE numbers to ignore the possibility of having to bring the Strada to the USA.

This is the Strada.

If Fiat follows current Ram orthodoxy this truck should be able to legally carry a roll of toilet paper ..................


If it comes with a diesel it will have to be autonomous ;)

Here is the new Brazilian version..........


They have copied GM's version of the man step. LOL


Guys, This is the yet to be unveiled mid-sizer that will debut overseas in 2016 and Reid Bigland flat-out stated a month or two ago that it was not coming here to the US and they will never do a product that will cannibalize sales of the full-size Ram.

I don't think I've read so many funny posts on a spy shot in a long time! It's a strange little test vehicle that's for sure, but the windshield looks like it has a steeper rake and the front end looks to have a longer overhang than the Strada. What ever it is, it's an odd little thing, the rear suspension looks really strange that jacked up, I thought that jacked cars in the rear went out of style in the 80's.

R3NxSTONEx, dude you need to lay off the caffeine.... although the bus pass comment was pretty funny!!

I can only tell you that this is some euro-trash vehicle testing in the US and not for the US.


@Tom Lemon/DenverMike/TRX-4 Tom and all the other detractors,

The more you push the more I will become resolute.

What I find intriguing is that you have labelled me a midsize zealot, when in fact I don't support anything.

I give midsize feedback because you guys don't have what we have.

You seem to talk about midsizers much more than I do, you must very interested in them.

Give it up, between all of you I don't think you are convincing.

It's all well and good to be loyal. But loyalty can only go so far.

When there is a plethora of facts and data supporting an argument it becomes rather boring. Sort of like re-inventing the wheel, if you have heard of that phrase.

Most of the time the impression I'm gaining is that I'm debating the same person, but with different names.

Post what you want, I have proven all of you are just ignorant and fearful of what you deem the unknown.

Our country went more or less what you are going through now. You have nothing to worry about. No matter what happens in your vehicle market there will always be some form of light commercial vehicle.


Wow! A truck that's uglier than the Tundra!

The front clip looks like an old Chrysler car from the 90s. The mirrors look like Challenger mirrors. The rear sits too high. It's just plain UGLY. And everybody knows that Americans care about the looks of what they drive. Better go back to the drawing board on this one!

wow R3NxSTONEx, you really need to get that stick out of your ass. 3/4 of the comments on this article are you saying that a camouflaged vehicle (that you can't see what it looks like, that's the point of the camo) is ugly. We get it, you don't like camo.

This is pure classic 1970s Chrysler/AMC kind of thinking.

If you have a successful formula (specialty vehicles, i.e., Jeep, RAM) then why not go out on a bleeping limb with something nobody wants?

AMC once was a somewhat successful producer of decent, boring, sedans decided to "attract a younger audience." The Gremlin was the result of that.

Then they sold the Jeep brand to Chrysler. Then Chrysler got bailed out. Perfect. Then Chrysler spent almost 20 years trying to ruin the Jeep name.

During the same time that Chrysler was running Jeep into the ground, they came out with cars that made the buying public forget what dreadful product quality GM was making at the time. That bad! Who can forget the Neon?

So, if RAM brings out some totally goofy Fiat designed mid sized pickup that's boring, like a Nash or a Rambler on steroids (or geritol?), don't be surprised if American buyers run for the exits.

Looks interesting but lets be realistic.
It's probably FWD and It's got a really small cargo box. That's going to limit its usefulness to the point of... if you're going to drive a car, you might as well just buy a car. But we shall see.

Guys, Ram has no intention of building a midsize in the near future. Has anyone even been following the news? Apparently not.

Lest anyone think I'm making anything up, here are three statements from Ram indicating that they don't have plans for a midsized truck:

"Obviously we had the Dakota, and Ford, the Ranger, but those trucks have always been a fraction of the half-ton segment. … We've kicked around the idea for years of a lifestyle pickup truck, but although the vision of that style of pickup may be sound … the more we incrementally improve our half-ton, the more difficult the business case [is] for a small pickup. That truck would have to get realistically around 30 mpg and have a price point in the high teens. If not, I think we're going to miss that market and customer … why would you buy something that's less capable?"

Reid Bigland, cast more doubt as to whether Chrysler will ever replace the Dakota. He told reporters at a roundtable meeting at Chrysler's headquarters that he doesn't currently see a business case for Ram to offer a new midsize pickup truck.

"I think there is room for a Ram 1000," Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne (pictured above) told members of the media, saying this is a conversation the automaker has been having internally for several years now. "We've tried this ... we've actually taken it to clinics," Marchionne stated, adding that the "response has been lukewarm."

Amazing how quickly a bunch of dimwits get their panties in a bunch over an unsightly engineering mule. This looks as much like a midsize crew version of the new Cherokee, as it does the Strada. I honestly think the Strada is too small in its current form to get into the pickup segment here. If you offer a midsize P/U that has the capabilities (fuel econ, 4wd, etc) of the cherokee with a little bed that can carry 12 bags of playsand, someone will notice.

@Turbo Yoda

you are peeing... disgusting

The Strada's side profile is pathetic. Looking like a puppy in heat wanting to take it in the rear. No thanks.

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