Spied: Future Midsize Ram Pickup?

Strada 3 II

There's a lot of buzz about what Ram truck might or might not do with the resources of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Clearly, the partnership is going to work pretty well in the case of the full-size commercial van, the ProMaster, but could it also work just as well with a smaller more fuel-efficient car-based pickup truck? Here's what we've just heard from our spy shooters who are out on the road:

"FiatChrysler engineers in the U.S. are testing this heavily clad prototype that appears to be a new entry-level truck based on the foreign-market Fiat Strada pickup.

"The massively camouflaged test vehicle is a seriously over-the-top effort to hide the body style that lies underneath. The makeup of the prototype has definite truck overtones, namely around the wheel arches, a classically truckish rear bumper hiding under the camo-covering and exposed suspension bits that clearly exhibit the rugged simplicity of a truck.

"The prototype's headlights are carefully camouflaged to hide their overall shape, but the units appear to be dead ringers for the headlights found on the Fiat Strada pickup. It may be that Fiat Chrysler plans to take an approach similar to what the firm has taken with the Ram ProMaster vans — by simply rebranding a Fiat Strada with a Ram grille and mildly revised front fascia.

"This prototype, however, looks like it may have more adaptations in store for the North American market. This prototype looks to be fitted with a longer wheelbase and a more generous bed when compared to even the largest existing Strada model — the Strada Adventure, which makes due with a two-door, four-seat configuration. The prototype pictured here suggests that it has four conventional doors to go with its larger dimensions. Something as small as the Fiat Strada would likely be too much of a shock for American truckbuyers, so it appears that product planners are resizing it accordingly.

"The prototype caught here — testing in Auburn Hills, Mich., — was undoubtedly diesel powered, judging by its engine note. It was also definitely fitted with a manual transmission. Judging from the way this prototype went about its business, it certainly seems that this U.S.-spec Strada spinoff is embracing the simple, entry-level ethos of its Italian platform donor. And if done right, it might be just what some buyers are looking for."

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Strada 2 II

Strada 1 II

Strada 4 II










It may be good for the golf course.

Looks like a Subaru Baja but even worse

If its car based then it aint a truck!! You can do better Ram, don kill your momentum!

Someone here said "front wheel drive tuck, another Ram first". How ridiculous is that? where have you been? ever heard of the VW truck? Or any of the others out there in the real world? Another Ram first ROTFLMAO!!!!

Got to hand it Chrysler-Fiat group, they are not setting on their hands.

It does amaze me how many make a judgment on something that is a covered test mule.

I laugh at everybody who says its ugly. Its done this way so we cant see the real truck underneath. They are trying to keep it a secret. You can go back to some of the best looking cars in the recent future and they all started out testing in camo that was as hideous as they come. Calm down, its not really going to look like this


are you pulling my leg???

A Subaru Baja with 200k miles on the odometer and four flat tires is better than any midsize truck to ever wear the Ram label.

You cannot kill a Subaru Baja.

@R3NxSTONEx: yup, all that Ford testing and look at the Egoboost fail!

As for Dodge K cars, have you ever heard of One Lap of America? It was Cannonball Run in the day. Now it's a matter of maybe a dozen speed events, at high speed road courses, drag race, and oval tracks, over about a weeks time, meaning bust ass getting to the next event, sleep little, and run the hell out of your car.

Anyway, a Dodge Daytona turbo won the total event in 2005. Out of 80 something fast high dollar cars, and an "old K car" based car spanked them, lol, passing Porshes and such!

Anyway, a front wheel drive, why not? With an AWD option?

@TRX-4 Tom did the eco boost fail? some early intercooler issues with condensation...a handful. How many millions sold since? I know it's tough when a V6 stomps your hemi and worse when an ECOBEAST outsells your entire ram line up.

are you seriously defending the K Car... lol

Dodge Daytona turbo... I actually liked the look of them but their reliability was terrible.

Front wheel drive truck...yeah I can't see that selling well in north America.

Has Ram fixed their death wobble yet ? I know Jeep is considering independent suspension to stop the death wobble and lawsuits ... this is right from Mopars allpar site :






2cyl and 2 speeds less but FORD ECOBEAST still SPANKS the HEMI

@ Robert Ryen
"Correct the "Chevrolets" were rebadged Daewoos. Ford and "Chevrolet" were at the bottom of the pile as far as quality went two years ago"

No, you are wrong. Chevrolet was selling Aveo and Cruze. Chevy is gone from Europe, because nobody buys that junk.

Small Pickup Aalliance, We are not afraid of small trucks, just afraid of your ignorance on the matter. As another site stated:

"it's 100-percent possible that engineers are merely working on a foreign-market model at the company's US operations – especially with that drivetrain combination"

And that's all it is. Good day!

"Guys, Ram has no intention of building a midsize in the near future. Has anyone even been following the news? Apparently not."

@Hemi Monster, Exactly.


Reid outlined the reasoning for not building a domestic mid-size pickup or bringing the new Fiat Professional mid-size pickup here when it debuts OVERSEAS in 2016.

In summary: No mid-size truck for North America, an aluminum Wrangler is in FCA’s peripheral vision, and FCA has the pieces in place to go aluminum if the aluminum Ford F-150 proves so successful it eats into Ram sales.

The front end appears to resemble the pro master vans. If it looks like I think it will, you couldn't give me one. I'll stick with my ram 1500, thank you!

@papa jim--You forgot about Renault's ownership of AMC in the 80s. How could you forget about those excellent French cars such as the Alliance, Fuego, and LeCar. Americans had such a wonderful experience in the 50's and 60's with the Daulphin. AMC was formed from the merger of Nash Rambler but under the wise management of George Romney they came out with the Rambler American in the late 50's beating the big three to the compact car market. The American had perfect timing in that it was inexpensive car introduced during the Recession of 1958, the same time the ill fated Edsel came out. The American sold extremely well and it carried through 1969 (the right car at the right time). I knew several students in college that had old Americans which had very tinny bodies but ran decently.

This truck is just a test mule so you cannot really tell much from the pictures. Ram is probably testing this just in case the new Colorado/Canyon does better then expected which is probably why Ford was testing the Ranger in Colorado (Plan B as a contingency). I don't see Ram or Ford introducing a midsize truck unless the midsize market revives--they are keeping their options open.

Good for you RAM for getting back into the small truck market. At least GM and RAM have the balls to try to compete against Toyota and Nissan.

The only EcoPussy left is Ford....lol

But I hear the top Ford engineer is hard at work planning a small pickup....



Ram trying to get back in the small truck market? Ram was never in the small truck market so how would they get back?

Dodge was until FIAT rebadged it all.

Must be tough being unemployed most of the year in BC until they need you fruit pickers.

Ford has one of the most successful small global pick ups in the world that has been engineered from scratch, tested and already in production. Ford Unlike the FIAT brand does not try to turn mini vans into trucks.

we all get your fruit picker love for BENNY HILL but much like fiat benny hill and mini vans have nothing to do with trucks.

This will most likely be considered a Dodge not a Ram so don't get your panties in a bind about Ram coming out with a car.



back in 92' I was only 10 years old but I knew I wanted a dodge Dakota with a v6! my parents were all about my dream as well. by the time I was able to drive (legally) dodge drastically changed the model by then, they looked nice but it was the beginning of the end! many that bought the Dakota were not impressed with the quality. everything was cheapened up. it was starting to not be as rugged as those memorable 1987 models that looked square and stout. the Dakota was a perfect size truck that met the needs of the avg joe! still to this day, all they needed to do was up date the engine to a 4bt cummins or something like what we see now starting to hit the market (eco diesel, inline 5 ford). I would bet my BN eco boost, that these old Dakotas were revived and had a 3.0 v6 ecodiesel in them with reg cab and 4x4 handshaker as an option. they would outsell every truck out there hands down! the recession has brought back the frugal truck guy with no need for the ext cab and no need for any creature comforts. give me roll up windows so I don't need my keys to close them, give my a plastic interior that doesn't fall apart. leave enough space behind the seat for 2 chainsaws and some tools and now you got what they USED TO CALL a TRUCK

@R3NxSTONEx: I'm going to back TRX on this, for as flimsy as the old K-cars seemed, they were surprisingly reliable and the old 2.2Turbo was a remarkable performer for its day. Not saying it was the fastest thing on the roads, but handled right it could surprise people driving much more powerful cars.

And that's really the point in the One-Lap; it's not JUST the power of the vehicle, it's the skill of the driver. I've seen this proven too many times to count, yet there are still those who think Power Is Everything.

You want "puppy in heat"? Maybe you should think back to the '60s and '70s when a so-called 'hot rod' had its tail stuck so high you couldn't see out the back glass. They had the worst handling ever--even a Model T Ford could out-handle one of those things. Working at a dealership at the time, I got the opportunity to drive one to our contracted alignment shop--who refused to touch it because the tail was so high. Heh... the thing skittered and hopped all over the road--it was almost impossible to keep the back tires on the pavement!

On the other hand, many so-called "heavy duty" pickup trucks of the day looked almost as bad simply because they were built to carry heavy loads and not worry about driver comfort. Even my own 1990 F-150 has the rear visibly higher than the nose with anything less than 500 pounds over the axle. Obviously this little thing is meant to carry some weight despite its small size.

One of the great advantages of the Vm diesel is the weight at 506 lbs.... no more expensive front end rebuilds. The torque output is ideal for the new 8 spd tranny. Everyone seems to be looking at the GC which is great but think of this backed by the 8 spd...... I say slam dunk! The minute Ram introduces the VM with a 8 spd in the 1500 i'll be first in line to order one.

I know many who have the new cummins and long for the days of the old reliable 5.9 400 hp and 800 ft lbs of torque is great but not everyone needs that much of a workhorse..... I think there is a huge market in the direction of the diesel backed 1500.

@R3NxSTONEx - "I say slam dunk! The minute Ram introduces the VM with a 8 spd in the 1500 i'll be first in line to order one..."

I thought you were a Ford guy....lol

Oh I get...you like Ford on this site, Ram on allpar.com and GM on this site...


Speak about Fruit Picking....lol

@R3NxSTONEx - "I say slam dunk! The minute Ram introduces the VM with a 8 spd in the 1500 i'll be first in line to order one..."

I thought you were a Ford guy....lol

Oh I get...you like Ford on this site, Ram on allpar.com and GM on this site...


Speak about Fruit Picking....lol




THE RAM 1/2 T DIESEL IS NOT COST EFFECTIVE FOR THE NA MARKET. $2850 option on a premium truck then factor in fuel..The return comes in 10 years? then you a truck that still has depreciate more then other brands...lol

Looks like one troll is arguing with another................ funny.

R3NxSTONEx versus the "Fake" Lou BC

Well now, I do have to acknowledge one point; Around where I live diesel fuel is a full 50¢ per gallon more expensive than 87 octane gasoline. That effectively eliminates any monetary savings you would get from the higher fuel mileage. You would have to get a minimum 30% better mileage with the diesel to see any economical benefit when taking fuel and the engine premium into account unless you kept your truck a minimum of 8 years.

Based on what I've seen from commenters here, they usually trade about every 4 years. Personally, BEV or a GOOD hybrid system would be more effective.

Lou_BC - "Looks like one troll is arguing with another................ funny..."

Canadian idiot Lou BC assumes that R3NxSTONEx and "Fake" Lou BC are differnt people....lol

Small: check
Diesel: check
Real bed: check
Minimalist: check
Durable: oh, crap

Keep at it, Big Three. Someone will bring us a work truck that is not a macho-toy for fat guys. I keep looking for that farm truck.

@Жена Лу является бродяга - thanks for pointing out that you are a bottom feeder that exists to kill this site.

@Living FarmVille, Not Playing It -

I just read that Homeland Security has been confiscating grey market Range Rovers and Defenders. Looks like they want to keep the "durable and minimalistic" stuff out of the USA.

Lou_BC - "Looks like one troll is arguing with another................ funny..."

Canadian idiot Lou BC assumes that R3NxSTONEx and "Fake" Lou BC are differnt people....lol

probably cause we are comrade

@ R3NxSTONEx - thanks for pointing out you area separate troll.

Lou_BC is a troll. He steals from his employer so he can troll on PUTC.


you are.

Have a common sense argument or opinion...you have my respect.

Be a RAMTARD making dumb conclusion and spewing garbage... I can Play that game.

The RAM TARDS destroyed this message board so it is payback.


@R3NxSTONEx - for a large portion of this thread you have been arguing with a troll that steals my blog name. When he uses my name it is not linked to my typepad account. I used to go by the name "Lou" but the piece of sh!t spammed this site under that name. It was already a name being used under Typepad so I started using Lou_BC.

If you want to engage in a flame war with the Rambo Motard Sheep Herder's Association that is your call. The same can be said for engaging in a troll war with a bottom feeder.

The problem is that they want to dominate threads and they want angry bloggers to fight back. It has the effect of clogging this site.
The best approach is to ignore them.

They crave attention and since they have some sort of twisted need to gain negative attention it feeds their pitiful ego's. They probably didn't get positive attention as children so as adults they have a distorted view of reality.

This site cracks me up with all the moronic replys. It's obvious that FCA has done a great job at camoflage, everyone sees this as an ugly truck, unless all of you can see through the camoflage. Great job FCA.

This is a rolling chassis test bed. There is nothing there to tell you what the finished product will look like. FIAT has been in talks with Mitsubishi to bring in their truck made in Thailand. This is not that truck. Who knows what it is? Most of these comments make no sense based on a highly disguised test bed. Could be the next GM Caddy under there. Just joking.

Well, this is a nice truck.

I've read these are quite durable and reliable.

There would definitely be a niche market for these in the US.

The way I see it is there will eventually be two major vehicle assembly countries in NA and SA. Brazil? Mexico?

As an aside this is my fisrt comment in over a week.

"Then they sold the Jeep brand to Chrysler. Then Chrysler got bailed out. Perfect. Then Chrysler spent almost 20 years trying to ruin the Jeep name."

@papa jim - AMC did not sell Jeep to Chrysler. Jeep remained an AMC brand until 1987 when the entire company was acquired by Chrysler... years after Chrysler's money troubles in the early 80s. Chrysler's first Jeep, the Grand Cherokee (they finished the plans started by AMC), was an unbridled success.

As for this camo vehicle, it could be a Ram Strada... it could also be a Strada-based replacement for the Dodge Journey, which is due for a redesign in a couple of years.

If it could carry a washer and dryer with the tail gate down I could be interested. But that's my carry limit. Any truck bigger and it is a waste of truck for me any thing smaller and hell I cant get my new washer and dryer home with making two trips! I like the diesel should get 45mpg hwy easy.

Working for Chrysler Dodge I can tell you that if Ram trucks are so bad then why did Ram win Motortrend Truck of the Year two years in a row? Why if Rams are poor quality, have sales increased 6% in the last year while Ford sales have dropped and Toyota sales have stayed the same. People are starting to realize the gem that is the Ram truck. Better frame, better suspension, better ride comfort, better fuel efficiency, more roomy, better features. Speculating is like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do for a while but it doesn't get you anywhere. If/When FCA brings back a small pickup, it won't be anytime soon. They already have planned out to 2018 with no plans on bringing a small truck in. The market for the small truck is underwhelming and probably not profitable enough to spare the expense for production of these in the US.

Lastly, stop with voicing how ugly the vehicle is, you cant even see the overall build of the vehicle so you can't even contemplate what it will look like.

This is what RAM has cooked for Mexico, a re-badged FIAT strada. Probably this could be also sent to US.


What makes this unique is the possibility of a front transaxle.

I'll take my RAM with a 20 mpg hemi over a ford or chevy any day.

I'll take my RAM with a 20 mpg hemi over a ford or chevy any day.

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