Toyota Dealers Hope Move Puts Pickups in the Spotlight

Toyota HQ 2 II

By Tim Esterdahl

Toyota's headquarters move to Plano, Texas, has local dealers there hopeful executives will see firsthand what a real truck culture looks like and spur more engineering and production investment in the company's Tundra and Tacoma pickup trucks.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Texas dealers have been telling Toyota to invest more in its pickups and bring a diesel Tundra to the market. With the headquarters move, many dealers are improving their dealerships and plan to put pickup trucks front and center when Toyota executives visit.

Texas' truck culture has fueled the sales success of Toyota's rivals, with Ford, Chevrolet and Ram making huge profits in the state. It is the largest full-size truck market in the U.S. and the world, and vastly different from California, where Toyota's headquarters have been for several decades.

"California is such a different state and not heartland America," said Rusty Gentry, general manager of Toyota of Plano, in The Dallas Morning News article. "When they see all the different grades of trucks that people here drive — from the guy who just needs a work truck to the white-collar professional in a luxury pickup — that could help our truck."

Once Toyota's relocation is complete, Texas dealers hope to have more face-to-face time with executives. It's a common corporate practice for Toyota execs who live locally to pay impromptu visits to dealerships located near corporate headquarters.

Toyota executives are likely to see more diesel-powered heavy-duty pickups in Texas than they did in California. Toyota doesn't currently offer such a pickup, nor has it officially announced that it will — although rumors are circulating about Toyota using the same 5.0-liter V-8 Cummins that the next Nissan Titan will have.

Additionally, having Toyota's headquarters and massive truck plant in the same state could help the company get a stronger foothold in the full-size American truck segment.

"This should be good news for dealers because Toyota has been trying for years to show that it is effectively an American brand," Jesse Toprak, chief analyst at, told The Dallas Morning News. "And this move to Texas will be a pretty big step in that direction."

If Toyota dealers are successful in convincing executives that trucks should be a bigger part of the company's future plans, there is still the matter of a multimillion (maybe billion) dollar investment in manufacturing. Currently, Toyota's San Antonio truck facility is running at full capacity.

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I hope toyota does 'wake up' and start to put some serious efforts into their trucks.No matter what,if you buy a new taco or tundra,your buying an old truck compared to everything else that is being sold.Ca is not the state to really see what we use our trucks for.

Doesn't matter if the next gen Tundra is a two ton truck with a 10 liter quad turbocharged diesel that can compete in tractor pulls, stock... It's still not going to be accepted as a legitimate "big 3" competitor.

You know I hate Toyota pickups and all things Toyota. But really does old matter that much? They have a good body and drive train, bed in back, engine in front, cab in the middle. How much of that design can they change. Do all pickups need the latest 32 valves per cylinder bank engine? Or a 15 speed transmission?

Trying to change and not improve is what gets manufactures in trouble with recalls and we know that Toyota does hold the world record so far.

And I really have never thought of Texas as the Heartland.



Since Dallas/Ft Worth is a 2 hour plane ride from anywhere in the midwest except maybe the twin cities of Minn., the heartland tag might apply, after all.

Dallas is also a competitive place for starting new businesses and reviving old ones. We'll see if moving to Texas helps Toyota or not.

Best Toyota can do is to get out of the truck biz and focus on very high mileage gas cars and electric too. With the coming decline in oil supplies, most of the m0r0ns driving these beasts will no longer be able to do so. Most people who drive the gas-guzzling beasts simple do not need them (want yes, need no).

Texas is the epitome of the utterly wasteful American culture that has no regard for future generations

Talking about Toyota's and we get a Ram advertisement.... this site needs a mod.

To many kids employed by Ram to advertise here. Ram must pay them 1 cent per post.

Desperate trucks and desperate measures.

Can't wait to see if Toyota responds in their truck builds as the competition is getting serious. Have heard little new for the Tacoma and not much has changed since 2005

I think GM is leading the recall train.

You all hate on the Tundra, but you need to stop and realize that the Tundra back in 07 started the chain reaction to get rid of those crappy 4 speed automatics the domestics had been using, and step up engines that were offered.

Now fast forward, a 6 speed is basically standard now, everyone is using the strutted tailgate that Nissan and Toyota used first, and VVT is basically available now on the domestic engines.

Ram is now even using an Aisin Transmission, the same family of transmission that the Tundra has had since 07.

Whether you like the “foreign (actually more American than 2 of the big 3)” you have to accept that because of the “foreign” automakers, American products have improved. Just take a look at the SUV and car segments too, not to many years ago the domestics were lagging behind the foreign brands (German, Japanese, and etc).

Toyota has taken Fords approach with the Super Dutys, basically update exterior, interior, engines, while keeping the same basic core truck.

Not all of us Ram owners are childish, their are a few giving us a bad rap. I happen to like the Tundra in terms of its quality and overall layout. I like the Ram better for its looks, ride, and fuel economy though.


Looks like you are afraid because you see RAM closing in fast in your rear view mirror!! lmao





@Wake up - I do think that the Tundra has had an influence on the US based "3 minus 1". That is definitely the case for automobiles. The US based badges have finally caught up with their cars but for the most part, the "3 minus 1" cars were designed and engineered in the EU.

@papa jim - agreed. Texas has had more and more companies relocate head offices there. Being more central helps with air travel within the continent and for executives coming from the Orient, the extra flight time isn't going to be much of a deterrent.

"Texas is the epitome of the utterly wasteful American culture that has no regard for future generations"

Darien, you sound a hair xenophobic. It must be confidence inspiring to possess such a monopoly on truth. Enjoy.

Toyota has stuck it out this long in the truck market, so why not go for it and put more into their trucks like what Nissan is planning on. In the long run Toyota will be a major player in the truck market. Toyota has the resources and size to eventually become a lot larger in the US truck market.

I have a 2011 Crewmax and absolutely love the pickup coming from a Ford F-150, Chevy 1500, and Dodge 1500. Fuel ecomony is my only complaint, Toyota needs to put a diesel or direct injected gasoline engine in there line up. The 5.7 was great for 2007 technology but its 2014 now and they have fell behind the rest of the competition.

Good on Toyota, hopefully they make a good run and invest properly in the truck market.

I have an '05 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 and it's starting to get old, I'd buy a Tundra TRD Offroad when I can afford one.

"Currently, Toyota's San Antonio truck facility is running at full capacity."

I have a little difficulty reconciling that fact with all the claims on the forum that Toyota has failed in the U.S. pickup market.

Also, there is nothing about Fiat that makes it more American than Toyota. There might still be a Big 3, but there are only two American pickup makers left.

That's a good way of saying it:
"I hate Toyota pickups and everything Toyota but they make a good quality product"
I am the same way, I hate Toyota cause I had bad past experiences with my local Toyota Dealer and this dealer has a very bad reputation, BUT I wouldn't mind owning a Tundra or Tacoma, they are great pickups.
Not that excited about the F-150 I own BUT my local Ford Dealer treats me good.
Blood is thicker than water
I will put up with a pickup I don't like cause I love my dealer.

Awesome. Hopefully, some execs will get stuck in a small Dallas mud puddle and decide to put a locker in the Tundra.

Toyota: I wanna play with the big boys too :-(

One thing about Toyota and Nissan and I guess Ford is they are designed to be half tons where as Ram and GM use the same bodies between the 1/2 tones and 1 Tons. Like on my Ram I'm stuck with a floor hump in my 1500 because the power take off is their on the heavy duties.

@ Wake up
We could talk for days about the 2nd Gen Tundra and what it did when it came out but that was the past. The 1st gen Tundra (not quite a 1/2 ton) averaged about 100,000 units and so did the 2nd Gen Tundra minus the Tsunami and the economic downturn that followed in 08

Now if I am a Toyota Exec. I look at that and I am turned off from going any further on the project. I will survey the landscape and see that this a very brand loyal segment so I don't see too much growth happening very quickly. Now the exception is getting Cummins like Ram did as they compete very well in the HD market but in the 1/2 ton market where they have no Cummins the Hemi probably loses big time to the 5.3L V8 and probably the Ecoboost as well.
As a Toyota Exec. I would also look at CAFE and how much it would require going forward. It cost a lot more to make a 1/2 ton lighter than it would to make it heavier. Ford spent a lot of money on aluminum R&D but the F-Series is worth it and GM is probably doing the same.
Next I would look at poweretrains they cost a lot of money and most people use corp. engines like the 5.7L Hemi, Ecotec 6.2L and Ford with the 5.0L V8 and 3.5L Ecobbost which are available on other platforms that have nothing to do with a body-on-frame light duty pickup platforms often shared with full size SUV's. Toyota does not put the 3UR in anything sports car related as they us the 4.6L V8, Hybrid 4.6L V8 and 5.0L V8 paired to the worlds first 8-speed auto and soon the worlds first 10-speed auto for Lexus performance cars. That means the 3UR is a low volume powertrain.
Nothing about anything above would make me think Toyota is in a hurry to do anything no matter where the headquarters are. The 3rd gen Tundra is probably a 100,000 units pickup but with less money used.
I would not expect anything major before the 17/18 CAFE forced changes.

Ca is not the state to really see what we use our trucks for.

Posted by: ToxicSludge | Jul 14, 2014 12:06:18 PM


What state is REALLY where trucks are used. lol

Desperate trucks and desperate measures.
Posted by: R3NxSTONEx | Jul 14, 2014 1:15:30 PM


Mean while Ford and Chevy are stale in market share while Ram is exploding.


@ Joe

Not all of us Ram owners are childish, their are a few giving us a bad rap. I happen to like the Tundra in terms of its quality and overall layout. I like the Ram better for its looks, ride, and fuel economy though.

That is true... real Ram owners come to the site to offer substantial input.

These other childish idiots want to advertise and troll with nothing to offer accept my brand is better then yours.... My take is they do not even own a truck and have yet to get a license



Looks like you are afraid because you see RAM closing in fast in your rear view mirror!! lmao





To bad your comments are so idiotic. I don't care really what Ram sells.. Personally I got rid of my 2009 Ram. issues were lights burning out... several trips to the dealer over rear end noises after the recall for the rear end. Brake rotors that warp after being turned... new rotors installed to find out the Mopar part number are also warped. Loved the Hemi and look of the truck but had enough of the quality issues!

I used to race a Big Block Roadrunner and a Small block Duster....oh and wrenched them together as well. The Glory years of Mopar has since been lost on me when a new truck has so many issues... oh I forgot to mention my front bumper of my ram rusting off and the dealer not wanting to do squat.

I am happy Rams are selling... I hope all the brands sell because competition is good. One thing is certain however brand loyalty will take a big hit when you sell vehicles with quality issues... did for me I switched brands. In five years we will see how many repeat buyers Ram has... the old saying you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig. Rams look beautiful when new and age faster then other brands... add the service nightmares it was enuff to get me away from MOPAR!

@ HEMI Desperate trucks and desperate measures.
Posted by: R3NxSTONEx | Jul 14, 2014 1:15:30 PM


Mean while Ford and Chevy are stale in market share while Ram is exploding.
Have you seen the numbers of truck sales? If Ford and GM are stale then they're laughing all the way to the bank because their numbers are considerably higher then Ram.

Rams numbers aren't exploding... their trucks maybe from the up in flames footages I have seen! Seriously Ram has had growth but they have a lot of work to do to catch either GM or Ford in the sales game.

Oh great for Ram that they won a couple motor trend awards as a truck user and buyer that wouldn't sway me at all no matter who won the award.

If you don't think next year FORD will receive all kinds of accolades over the aluminium body trucks and new drivetrains then you don't understand automotive media.

Competition is good but to be a Ram troll making ridiculous statements is annoying. Ram has some great qualities and is pushing other truck brands.... but then again other brands are also leading in other segments.

As a Ram owner and supporter, I don't feel I have anything to prove. I realize though that other Ram guys do. That's probably because too often these discussions turn into an us vs. them issue.

What struck me as odd in the comments for this article is people who were criticizing Ram's sales compared to Ford and GM. I would ask all those who hold such a viewpoint if you feel Ram's sales are a problem, then what business do you have commenting on a Tundra article? Tundra sales are nowhere even close to any of the big three, so someone who calls out Ram on their sales figures but doesn't do the same for Toyota on a Toyota article is certainly a hypocrite.

I have said it many times before and will say it again here. Ram doesn't need to match Ford's sales figures and doesn't have the capacity to even if they tried. What is important about Ram is they have a strong loyal following and are offering customers what they want. Unless you drive a Ram, then you have no idea what I'm talking about and that is exactly the problem.


TWO Thumbs up. I think it is great that we have choices. Every brand has faults and strong points. Be happy you have the option to select a brand you want as your own.

Third post was about Ram.... I guess I responded to the nonsense.

I like the Tundra but think they have some work to do for me to ever consider the option.

Tacoma... most of the people I know love them and swear by them... off road they're a beast. I think the Tacoma model has some serious challenges coming with what I read about the new GM mid size twins and the frontier upgrades.... also the recent article of Ford testing their global Ranger in Colorado... I think their is going to be a war coming in the mid size segment based on the recent news.... appears all camps are quietly getting ready... we may even see a Dakota or replacement that shares the new jeep frame or so speculation indicates...

The Tacoma can't sit idle and I'll bet they will come out swinging with the diesel option and a redesign .

Should there be a war at mid size consumers will benefit strongly!

I hope this that I first got on tundra talk applies to the Tundra Best bet for Tundra growth is to see a Turbocharged 4.6L or Turbo 6 to replace the 3UR. A turbo engine can be shared across multiple platforms as Ford has proven while offering some EPA FE benefits.
Also the 3UR is expensive already and is a low volume engine so updating it with the Lexus RC F 5.0L V8's high compression, direct injection, Atkinson-Otto Cycle and an 8-speed might not be feasible. The best way for that to happen a long with a diesel and new lighter and stronger chassis would be for Toyota and Nissan to partner as both alone would have to invest a lot of money in a 1/2 ton that might not bring a big return on their investment. A while back Nissan wanted to partner with Ram for a good reason. I find this to be the best option but highly unlikely.

Here is the poop
The baby boomer generation (those born between 1946-1964) are the people in this country with the money that buys new pickups.
They have been brand loyal with one brand of pickup for 40 years.
The baby boomer market is quickly dying off and the pickup truck makers are looking to generation x.
Toyota is pulling all the stops to appeal to them by moving their corporate headquarters to Texas where all the younger people are. Its more about image than the quality or appeal of the pickup truck you sell.

The beauty of the Tundra is that Toyota doesnt even need it. It MAKES money on its cars (small, medium, large) and enjoys the reputation as being the most trusted and most profitable car maker on earth and occasionally the largest.

Every single Tundra sold today is a full size sale that Ford, GM, and Fiatler would have had 15 years ago (a blink in the eye for the car industry or any company that subscribes to long term planning). The Big 3 minus 1 (I like that so ill steal it) have their fans and rightly so... but they have also left alot of people unhappy through the years. The Tundra (like all toys) is a quality product. It has taken its time breaking into the most competitive and loyal of markets in the US. It has had some minor misteps along the way but the blind dont realize is that its building. Slowly. Its getting the important things right and correcting mistakes. Its refining and its not quitting. GM didnt go bankrupt over night. It took 30 years of ignoring how much better Japanese small cars were than its to happen. Blindly dismissing a legitmate contender who has only shown growth and progression at your own expense is foolishness. A legitimate contender whos ultimate success or failure wouldnt even seriously harm Toyota makes it even more impressive. Every mistep by Ford, Ram and GM is food for the Tundra. Every person wronged by them that has the BALLS and Brains to go else where and buy a Toy instead of ordering another helping of sh#t because that is what you "daddy taught you do" translates into Tundra market share that didnt even exist 16 years ago.

I've owned a Seqouia and I still own a '02 Tundra and both were mechanically good but the body rot issues and the frame replacement on the '02 took the wind out of my sail for the brand.

My point being, it's great to hear more about a Diesel for a Tundra but they better not fall apart from rust after five years.

One thing is about most Tundra owners is that they've owned the big three trucks in the past unless they are moving over from a car. And most of them never go back to the Big three, once in a Toyota truck they stay in one and don't look back.

When I hear anything about Toyota I think about one word, BORING!!!





The Tundra is:

A) Ugliest truck in the segment

B) Second oldest truck in the segment

C) Second least fuel efficient truck in the segment

D) Most expensive truck in the segment

E) Brand that Americans traditionally don't think of when wanting a full size truck

If Toyota is too blind to see these things and quickly figure out why their Tundra sales numbers are pathetic...then nobody can help them. They'll just keep drowning in the market.





WXman get a life, your just don't want to admit that their is a truck out their better then yours and your worried your will look bad broken down behind it, otherwise what do you car what Toyota does.


Why Ford's F-150 Is Falling Behind Chrysler and GM?

For investors in Ford stock, F-Series sales are an important indicator of the company's health. But those sales were down 11% last month, while Fiat Chrysler's (NASDAQOTH: FIATY ) Rams and General Motors' (NYSE: GM ) Chevy Silverados gained market share at Ford's expense.

I love reading all the ram fan posts.

guts glory im worried my pekker isn't big enough so I bought a Laramie

The only following ram has is the scrappers picking the pieces up falling off from behind as it drives down the road!

never in my life have I witnessed such buffoonery! I support a Italian manufacturer that had to leave the usa 25 years ago because what they sold here was no better than what they sell now. LOL go ahead post your guts all over the junk yard ram is the envy of the world as the crusher gives it its last breath bulllllsnit. just reinforces all of us smart peoples decision to buy a quality product made in America, by a company that was born in the usa!

I owned a tundra and it was the worst truck I've ever owned. it was even worse then the dodge I bought and that's saying something right there. i'll never ever be dumb enough to leave ford again.

@HEMI V8 - "Ram is exploding..."

Well that's a little exagerated Hemi I wouldn't say they are exploding as much as blazing, or

il coraggio
la gloria
le pecore


Why Ford's F-150 Is Falling Behind Chrysler and GM?

For investors in Ford stock, F-Series sales are an important indicator of the company's health. But those sales were down 11% last month, while Fiat Chrysler's (NASDAQOTH: FIATY ) Rams and General Motors' (NYSE: GM ) Chevy Silverados gained market share at Ford's expense.

2013 f series sales 763,402

2013 Ram sales 355,673

wow ford sold more than double what ram did. Actually 52056 units more then double.

As of June 2014

Ford 365,825

Ram 203,860

Yeah I bet FORD is shaking in their boots over Ram..lmao.
Ford stomps ram in truck sales and lets not even go into global auto sales because that is a annihilation.

Ram just released their new powertrains and refresh and they can't compete.

When the new F150 arrives it will open a distance of innovation / manufacturing superiority and tech jump that will leave Ram so far behind their heads will spin.

Rams claim hey everybody look we put the first diesel in a half ton ...everyone looked and said yeah but it only has a 490 lb payload.... Maybe they should stick to spaghetti and pizza. Actually the Ram would be a good choice to deliver pizzas as long as you don't have many deliveries.... The FORDS will deliver the job site materials and tools to build the pizza joints....hahahahaha. So 490 lb payload on coils, my guess is it starts to squat at 200lbs.... yeah this is a truck everyone wants.

Ram owners or the majority will soon realize their shinning new trucks will age faster then the competition and require more and more service. The Italians have successfully rebadged the K car in a shiny new Ram wrapper for you. Enjoy while you can. What was the payload of a K car...490 lbs?

@R3NxSTONEx - your are so right brother! Couldn't have said it better myself....

Yeah FORD is shaking in their boots over Ram, yeah right!

I agree when the new F150 arrives it will open a distance of innovation....

When Ford does something it does it right the first time!

As far as a diesel strategy is concerned the top Ford executives are right on that...

@Tom#3 - completely incorrect on why Toyota is moving their headquarters.

The babyboomer comment is semi-correct. 1946 - 1964. That would be 68 - 50 years old. Over the next 15 years those "young" babyboomers will leave the workforce and retire.
Those that do retire had better have considerable amount of money saved to cover health care costs as the US system is around 79% more expensive than the Canadian one even though most metrics show comparable outcomes.

Targeting younger buyers is in itself a waste of time since a large percentage of them cannot afford a vehicle. They were brainwashed to think that ANY College Degree guaranteed a good paying job. The reality is that 30-40% of those graduates took "feel good" courses that are useless in the job market but are stuck with huge student debt.

You add to that a middle class in the USA who's buying power is being rapidly eroded. The lower class will have almost ZERO hope in hell of buying a new truck. Many need food stamps just to survive on Walmart wages.

Unless the USA opens the floodgates to immigration of those with appropriate trades and/or education, the country will face a huge financial decline since the babyboomers are a huge chunk of the population with money to spend.

GUTS GLORY we rebadged the K car.... we call it RAM

490 lb payload with a diesel.

come join the excitement and see why our dealers have the largest service centers on the planet.

We made the Neon, we made the shadow... we rebadged the volare and aspen as dusters and roadrunners.

we literally destroyed the heritage of the charger by adding two extra doors.

we built excitement by badging rams with the hemi nameplate even though it's heads are not really hemispherical.

We reinvented the neon and call it the dart

we have a new vanish crossover called the journey... The only journey you will take is to our service department and we will shuttle you where you need to go in a competitors vehicle so you get there on time.

We put mini van engines in our jeep products and in 2016 or 2017 we will destroy the jeep much like the heritage of the charger as we will rid it of solid axles... we may just rebadge the fiat 500 and call it the new improved wrangler.. you'll love the fuel economy.

yes it was our engineers who spent countless thousands of hours to decide to mount the spare tires in our mini vans directly under the center of the vehicle because no one gets a flat in the winter do they?

Guts glory and sure our vehicles depreciate faster then any other brand.

alcoholics love the option of our vehicle equipped cooler so they can drive with freshly chilled booze.

we have gone bankrupt twice because of our guts ,glory and poor business practices and you the consumer know things always happen in three's.... don't worry though the Italians will sell us to Syria or Iraq and our new motto will be Guts Glory and I blow you up!

@Lou--Rick Perry and Texas made Toyota an offer they could not refuse with tax incentives. Also Plano is near Dallas and the Dallas/Ft Worth International Airport which has direct international flights. There is also an educated workforce and many colleges and universities within that area. As for generation X many are getting college degrees but the type of degree is what is important. There are many liberal arts and general business degrees but few in specific fields where the demand is. It is true that the baby boomers are aging but they still buy most of the new cars and trucks. Yes eventually we baby boomers will fade from the marketplace just as our parents, The Greatest Generation. Having the right degree and skill sets are what is needed for the Generations X, Y, and beyond. There needs to be successive generations that can qualify for higher paying jobs thus become the next generation of consumers and taxpayers.

@Jack... sorry bud, you're 100% wrong. Your Tundra is outsold by 4 times to the #3 American brand truck in the segment and by several times to Ford/GM. Toyota never had a chance in this segment, doesn't have one now, and will never have one.

Nobody wants an ugly, expensive, gas guzzling, outdated Japanese full size truck in this country. Period. Toyota, unfortunately, has never been able to take a clue.

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