2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon Pricing

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Preliminary pricing information for the GM midsize pickup trucks has been released, and entry-level pricing for the Chevrolet Colorado extended cab (no regular cab offered) 4x2 with a 200-horsepower, 2.5-liter direct-injection inline four-cylinder and six-speed manual transmission will start at $20,995 (including destination).

Pricing for the equivalent GMC Canyon will be about $1,000 more. A similarly equipped Canyon (4x2 extended cab with a 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder and six-speed manual) will offer standard LED lights, aluminum wheels, four-way power seats and GM's signature bumper step. Both the GMC and Chevy models will offer several unique features and interior details to allow customers to feel like the vehicles have more clearly differentiated personalities, even though they are built in the same plant on the same foundation and offer the same powertrains.

These early examples put both the Colorado and Canyon squarely in direct price competition with the segment-leading Toyota Tacoma, which is likely to offer the 2015 model near the same price (when similarly equipped). The Nissan Frontier (which also does not offer a regular cab model and is in desperate need of an update) will likely be the price leader in the segment when Nissan announces its 2015 pricing.

Although we don't have a full list of all the option or configuration pricing (or EPA fuel economy numbers), we do know this:

  • Chevy Colorado WT Extended Cab 4x2 with a 6-foot box: $20,995
  • Chevy Colorado LT Crew Cab 4x2 with a short box: $27,985
  • Chevy Colorado Z71 Crew Cab 4x4 with a short box: $34,990
  • GMC Canyon WT Extended Cab 4x2 with a 6-foot box: $21,880
  • GMC Canyon SLE Extended Cab 4x2 with a 6-foot box: $27,520
  • GMC Canyon SLT Crew Cab 4x4 with the short box: $37,875

(All prices include destination: Chevy, $875; GMC $925)

To download the 2015 Chevy Colorado pricing press release, click here.

To download the 2015 GMC Canyon pricing press release, click here.

Editor's note: This post was updated on Aug. 5 to correct prices.

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Not bad, about 10-12K less then similar Silverado in crew cab 4x4.

Nice looking little truck. Hope it takes the segment back form Toy O Ta!

This truck would be awesome with a 6.2L V8 4x4.

I expect 17/18 MPG City 26/27 MPG Hwy, I know the 2014 Impala with the same motor is rated 19/29 but is lighter and more aero.

--Chevy Colorado Z71 Crew Cab 4x4 with the short box -- $34,990


Chevy Silverado Z71 Crew Cab 4x4 with the short box $39,904.

If the Silvy gets a standard $8k discount it could be cheaper for the Silvy than the Colorado with discounts, or just a little bit more for the Silvy.

Oh wait, it has a car engine in it!

At least that's what the GM folks said about the Pentastar, lol.

PUTC won't cover this car but, this is my next car. :-)


just give me the turning radius numbers

@TRX-4 TOM Atleast GM put a car engine in a smaller truck with lower tow ratings, unlike Ram putting a car engine in a big 6,000 pound truck.

@Greg B

Look at the GMC for a better comparison. $39K for a 4x4 SLT Canyon is about $8k to $10k less than a 4x4 SLT Sierra.

I'm assuming the Colorado listed is comparable to an LTZ 4x4.

Next question is how much for the diesel option.?

"SLT Canyon $10k less than the SLT Sierra" you say?

GMC Canyon SLT Crew Cab 4x4 with the short box: $38,800


GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab 4x4 with the short box: $43,154.

It's going to come down to discounts and incentives to see which one is cheaper or slightly more or less.

Count me in, figure on similar discounts/incentives and this thing is a touch over 30k for a brand new vehicle that will 85% of what a fullsize can do and 99.5% of what pickup truck owners actually do, and wayyyyy more practical offroad.

I'll take a Z71 Crewcab 4X4 in Charcoal thank you!

Yup, and Ram used a better transmission.

Oh, BTW Johnny, no Pentastar truck weighs 6000 pounds, maybe 5500 for the heaviest highest optioned 4x4 crew.

No diesel yet?

Lol, GMs 3.6 years ago against the 3.6 Challenger and Mustang wasn't too impressive. A lighter car with 6 speed and better highway gears, yet it sucked more gas.

It needs 11.3 compression verses the Dodge 3.6 with 10.2 comp, and even with all that, it barely beat the Challenger due to it's old 5 speed (gone now, 8 speeds in all Challenger autos) Lol, 278 lb ft torque@5200, real truck like with a sloppy 6 speed!

Maybe GM will get 27 or 28 from a 4x2...

I live in Tahiti & these types of 4WD are very popular locally due to the terrain & local outdoor family lifestyle with competative similar models from Isuzu (aka Chevy), Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Mazda, Ford & Chevy. I test drove them all & settled on a 2014 Ranger crew cab (top model called Wildtrak w/leather seats/full options) w/3.2 lit diesel/6 spd - besides the looks, I was very impressed with the quality built details/basically a better truck all around compared to the others. The closest models I liked were Toyota Hilux & Nissan Narvada (Frontier in the US) - the Hilux had a recent small facelift but still the same engine options - I liked the Frontiers power delivery & slight advantage of being wider but Ranger was still miles ahead all around. Note the Hilux had dominated sales here for the last 30 years & Ranger finally surpassed them this year & the gab is increasing (latest statics released). A buddy at work bought recently similar 2014 version to this US model (Colorado) with 2.8 auto 6 speed & we've both done cross comparisons driving on/off-road & raced them on our short 5 mile long freeway. Although both vehicles compared well, in the end we both agreed the Ranger had the advantage in almost all aspects but especially the power/torque delivery...man when that turbo kicks in...hold on to your seat...it flys. Can't wait to see FORD release a US spec Ranger which will for sure blow this Chevy version out of the water too. I see FORD's delimma competing/hurt F-150 sales but hey...maybe there is a way they could co-exist...

^ and had a higher EPA rating to boot! Lol@ GM and their "just gear it up high and lean it out until it pings!

Too expensive. A fully loaded Tacoma is still cheaper.

GM's timing is a tad late, in my opinion. they'd have been better off with a January 2014 release.

However, they will be blitzing the Ford and Ram guys with ads on Sunday afternoon NFL games.

Don't think they'll have Dennis Leary do the voice overs though.

Destined for failure.
But not to worry, GM planned for it to fail.

There's Tacomas waiting on the lot right now to driveway today stickered at $20,078. I don't need to tell you that's cheaper. And if the price is the same, people are going to go with the tacoma.

The fuel economy numbers haven't been released but judging by the powertrains, it's safe to say there isn't going to be any significant improvement there. So, what's going to happen is people are going to pay a few bucks more for a fullsize or they're going to get a tacoma instead. Then GM will have a really convenient excuse to get rid of midsize trucks once and for all and force everyone to buy a full size.

The diesel when/if it comes is not an overseas market sized diesel. Hence it will not get overseas MPG. So you can stop holding your breath for a smaller diesel truck. It's not gonna deliver.

Both trucks also feature power windows and locks, as well as a rear-vision camera standard!

Nah, I want one of those Fords with the Pinto BBQ option.

Chevy Colorado WT Ext Cab 4x2 with a 6-foot box: $20,995
Silverado Double Cab starts at $34,880.
Almost $14,000 less

Say what ever excuses you got to use to make yourself feel better about Ram DIM LIGHT BULB TRX-4 TOM.

How much is the diesel option going to be? $2000-$3000 range?

Can you not get the Colorado with WT, 4WD, and V6? I only see the Z71 with 4WD.

Nice trucks and competitively priced. They should be reasonably well.

Yep, For all the doubting thomas's out there, you were WRONG! and like I told you, Colorado is $14k LESS THAN Silverado!!!!! And alot better looking than ford's F150 that's for darn sure.

Another WIN for GM, and another loss for ford. I bet ford changes their mind and copies GM AGAIN and brings back the rootin tootin Ranger!

I'm looking forward to seeing these things in the wild.

This thing has become tempting again... but it still seems too big. I'll have to put it side by side with my F-150 for a fair comparo.

I look forward to seeing these in the wild as well.

(All prices include destination: Chevy, $875; GMC $925)

To download the 2015 Chevy Colorado pricing press release, click here.

To download the 2015 GMC Canyon pricing press release, click here.

Editor's note: This post was updated on Aug. 6 to correct prices.

Why does it cost more to ship the GMC than the Chevy? $50 dollars more on shipping the GMC.

How in the world did PUTC already update the prices on August 6, when it is only August 5?

According to the web sites:

Silverado 4x4 CC/short box LTZ/Z71 starts @ $46,145.00
Sierra 4x4 CC/short box SLT starts @ $46,105.00

GMC Canyon SLT cc/short box 4x4 starts $8,230.00 less
Colorado cc/short box 4x4 starts $ 11,155.00 less assuming the Colorado is an LTZ.

One box days it's 6 feet long.
How short is the short box?
My dad had a Plymouth fury with a trunk longer than 6 feet. :-)

How in the world did PUTC already update the prices on August 6, when it is only August 5?

@Big Horn

If your web developers are in India or Thailand it's already August 6 over there.

WOW, I like the Chevy version better than the GMC. Can't say the same for the 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton version.
I'm waiting for the diesel prices for 2016.
That will be a winner!

they are priced competitive. i was shopping the tacoma loaded and it was close to 40k on ebay. local dealer didnt have one to look at. the f150 i ended up with was 37k otd total the incentives and time of the year will dictate your prices. the advantage to these is parking. no one is knocking down there garages to fit these new full size trucks. in the winter where i live we get lots of ice. its much nicer to have enclosed parking here with a pickup. 50% of the trucks in my town are the smaller ones. when your in the Adirondack foot hills full size trucks cant go where the little ones do. i personally think that this will steal sales from GM full size. when i shop for things i look at my options and these are agreat option for a fullsize buyer that doesnt have the space to keep it. the mpg should be much better than a fullsize as well. the weight should get the stop and go traffic mpg up there with either motor.

It is priced competively and will canabalize Silverado, car and suv sales.

For all the "dreamers" the CC twins pricing, capabilities, and mileage will be on par with exisiting V6 4x4 pretend trucks. There will be no substancial advantage in mileage or price over current pretend trucks or modern half ton full sizes. The diesel option will merely mean you will have to drive the truck beyond 300K miles to make it back up financially (look at diesel amortization studdies on the Cruz and VW cars).

They will have BIG advantages in their class in the 2ndary considerations/traits of a truck such as handeling, refinement, braking, materials, fit, finish, technology, safety, stylling and feel. If for no other reason than that they are modern and no other pretend truck sold currently in the US is and it will mean favorable press and at least some penetrating into this market.

These advantages will make them more far attractive than their neglected competitors so they will quickly become King of the small truck market at least on paper/reviews and until Toy/Nis unveil long awated new models. A market that is in decline and I dont see that changing with the continuing improvments in full size half ton "light" duty trucks.

Do these "trucks" have advantages? Very few (U turns, easier to park, fit in garage, trail driving)

Do these trucks have fans? Yes. The young, the single, the old, people with money to burn and little or no work for their "truck". Lots of people love to ride around up high with 4x4 they almost never need. But a whole lot fewer of them have the money to burn on that since the end of the 90s.

Are there enough of them to matter? Not according to the numbers or market trends over the last decade.

I loved my 2004 Colorado but at this point am disappointed with the new guy. The world does not need another Tacoma or Frontier which seems to be the intent. This makes me thing that GM’s full-size trucks were breading with the Tacoma.

GM had the smallest truck in the US once the Ranger became extinct. GM should have stuck with the same size of vehicle (with an addition to a 6ft bed) and what I thought was sound engineering. The changes should have come in styling inside and out, updating the engine and drivetrain, modernizing the suspension, tuck in all the wires and cables that seemed to just hang from various parts of the vehicle, and make the interior comfortable.

Midsize trucks are too big for me. I would have stuck with the Colorado if I did not need interior space for the family and ending up in a Tacoma.

To the guys who are stating "I can get a Silverado cheaper" with a discount.

Well if I got a Colorado with a $20 000 discount it will be cheaper than any Silverado.

Why not compare the recommended retail price with the recommended retail price........it ain't rocket science.

I rather have a midsize even if it cost more then a full size, I want a truck but not one the size of a land yaht.

I like the Chevy version the best, it has a sporty youthful look while the GMC has your typical GM truck grandpa look to it.

Big Al, because traditionally the incentives on mid sized trucks have been dwarfed by those on full size trucks. If history repeats itself here these will just be another failure in truck history. Without price discrimination from full size trucks the best these can hope for is to poach frontier and tacoma sales. That will work right up until the Tacoma and Frontier are both updated. Nobody knows what the average incentive rate will be on these trucks and we won't know until 6-18 months after launch. GM has screwed up a lot of things recently though. If I were betting I would bet on them screwing this up too.

"Too expensive. A fully loaded Tacoma is still cheaper."

I want whatever drugs you're on.

I don't understand why most of the people wants full size trucks. Most of the full size pick ups in the Philadelphia area don't have anything in the bed and usually there is one person at the wheel. I am using my 2008 Nissan Frontier for everyday work. i paid for it 22K and it has all I need. I bought a bed cover and a Pioneer (NAVI, USB, Bluetooth for $350). I have my tools and my spare parts in the back. I am driving a lot, it has 165000 miles and I am about to change it. The 2.5L Extended cab WT would be the best for me with the Apperance and Convenience package.
We should have more and more brand and size options in the pick up and van segment.
Why we can buy only a full size van or only the small one only. Why there is no middle size like everywhere else??

I prefer to save money on gas and sticker price and spend it somewhere else.

@MaXx: while I had to give the GM guys some grief, it's pretty easy to see this NEWER truck will put the hurt on the OUTDATED Tacomas that barely gets low 20s mpg or so in 4x2 trim v-6, and needs to weigh a lot less with a 4 banger to beat full size 4x2s with v-6s.

The Tacoma is getting to be a dinosaur, it did pretty good after Dodge, GM, and Ford left the market, don't count on it selling well without changes after this truck hits the market.

I wonder what it rides like? My 2007 Dakota was better then the pre 2009 Ram 1500, but compared to my 2010 Ram 1500, I could purposely hit bumps in the 1500 for a laugh at the Dakota.

Will it be wider then said (sad?) Tacomas? Wider or same as Dakota?

rebates on this and the fullsize will make/break the truck.

Ford will probably rebate the 2015....GM will have to get close on the silverado and this truck will have to be at least $3k less in order to sustain sales.

A fully loaded canyon is pushing 40 K. There's a fully loaded Tacoma limited listed for 36k at my local toyota dealer. The tacoma is cheaper.

Why is everyone getting so upset about a new truck coming out? Why not wait and see how it sells then badger. I don't think these little trucks will take over for full sizers, I think that is why people get so defensive about it.

I can't help but laugh,when i hear all the negative comments from the Ford and RAM guys, because they know Ford and Fiat Chrysler screwed up when they stop making the Ranger and Dakota.

I don't understand the argument pricing correlating to size. I don't buy cars by the inch or pound. For my needs and where I live, I'd pay MORE for a smaller truck that's easier to park and maneuver but can still tow 6k pounds. Show me a Canyon Denali with the diesel and I'll happily pay $45k minus typical generous GM discounts.

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