2015 Nissan Frontier Retains Its Affordability

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Nissan's 2015 Frontier is relatively unchanged, but some of the specific model pricing has increased slightly. The Frontier is due for a significant redesign; however, we're hearing nothing is likely to happen (in the form of a new Frontier) for at least two to three years.

For 2015, the Frontier will continue to be offered in both King Cab (what Nissan calls its extended cab) and crew-cab body styles, the latter of which will continue to be offered in both short and long wheelbases. Frontiers come in five different flavors — S, SV, SL, Desert Runner and Pro-4X — with prices ranging from $18,850 to $36,120 (prices include destination).

Frontiers will continue to offer the 2.5-liter inline-four-cylinder and 4.0-liter V-6 engines with a manual or automatic transmission paired to either engine. Crew-cab models with the long-bed option give customers 13 extra inches of bed length for around $1,000 (depending on trim).

Despite the price increase, the new Nissan midsize pickup is still the least expensive competitor in the segment; however, we still do not have Toyota's complete 2015 price list. Traditionally, Toyota has commanded premium pricing in the segment, but that could change with the entrance of GM's two new players — the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon.

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Great price for what you're getting.

Tacoma and frontier are still great looking midsizers. Maybe getting long in the tooth but it's hard to beat the reliability.

As for the twins they are very modern and look awesome but will they have the typical GM reliability? That junky feel to them after a few years?

Growing segment? Are you counting pickups of all sizes as one "segment"?

We can't wait until folks get a chance to drive the new Colorado and Canyon. We think you will be pleased.

Who cares if it is 'affordable', if the 5 speed automatic is obsolete.
And the engines haven't been touched in a decade: and are weak gas guzzlers.

Nothing new for 3 years... what a surprise.
Here's some breaking news for you. Nothing new is going to happen in 3 years either.

More of the same old, same old in the pickup truck market.

If Nissan revised the interior, especially the Dash, added a Turbo Diesel with a Seven or Eight Speed Automatic, it would eat away at Toyota Tacoma sales and give the new GM Twins a run for the money.

I really enjoyed my 05 Frontier and was hoping for new and more efficient Frontier. Guess I'll have to check out the new GM midsize models more thoroughly

What kind of incentives can you get? I can buy a new f150 stx supercab 4x4 with 5.0 and some pretty good options right now for 27,600. At the right time I could buy one for 24,000. Unless you really wanted a smaller truck I dont know how one would choose any mid size crew 4x4 over that for about the same money. People complain about how expensive the full sizers are now but on ram and ford you can cut 10,000 up to 14,000 off msrp at certain times of the year. My dealer has had 10,000 or more off an f150 every time I've checked this year.

I still can't forgive Nissan for the massive "strawberry milkshake" of death issue they chose to ignore...... until the class action lawsuit and the subsequent payouts. I realize most automakers have had similar issues, and most try to cover it up, but not owning up to a problem is still ridiculous, IMO.

Agree with Geaorge-C . My common sense said, for the same $$$ and about the same mpg you can get 2x the truck in a full size, so i dont know how these over priced little trucks remain popular, I would have purchased a tacoma, would be perfect for my needs but its hard to justify buying one when a full size is the same price or cheaper and you get 2x the space, bed size, power, capability etc.

@ George C,and Cmon: Yup x3.Nissan and Toyota are still peddling their now ancient trucks and still asking top dollar for same old...

I do believe however that once the GM midsize twins takes away most of their sales,that should get both nissan and toyota off their collective dead asses and get serious.If they don't,their offerings will suffer even worse then they are now.

Consumer Reports rated the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel above every other half-ton, full-size pickup in its most recent tests. It scored 82 points out of 100.

The next highest rated pickup was the Ram 1500 with the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine, which scored an 81 and was rated as “Recommended.”

Consumer Reports wrote, “The Ram is the most civilized full-sized pickup on sale

The next highest scores were from the recently designed Silverado/Sierra pickups, which came close to the Ram Hemi’s score (both were tested with the 5.3 V8). Ford’s F-150 XLT Crew Cab, tested with both the V6 turbo and five-liter V8 engines, scored far below both Ram and GM pickups. The Nissan Titan and Toyota Tundra V8s anchored the bottom of the list.

The interior of the frontier is a deal killer for anything over 24k.

Update the interior and MAYBE I'd consider it.

A couple of thoughts on full-size versus midsize.

First, the spread between a Colorado or Canyon and similar full-size truck is about $10K. Yes, you can buy full-size trucks with big incentives, but they are often not the crew cab models most customers want.

Also, many customers simply prefer a midsize truck, particularly those who live in cities or suburbs and use the truck for commuting during the week.

The new Colorado has the same DNA as the Silverado -- it was developed by the same engineering team and shares a lot of technology. Given that Silverado continues to be the most dependable, longest lasting pickup, with great performance and refinement, we think customers will like the Colorado (and Canyon) for more than just their price tags.

Tom Wilkinson, the biggest incentives are on crew cab trucks. You can get 10K off on any crew cab any brand for the most part minus Toyota. The stripped down trucks will have less money off of them because theirs less room to move, similar to a midsize truck.

Hello Tom Wilkinson at Chevy. I am looking forward to the Colorado but I want a crew cab 4 x 4 with manual transmission with either the v-6 or the diesel. Please make it available.

Our experience with Toyota is they have updated and reduced the price of the Hilux once the competition increased.

The Nissan Navara (Frontier) has always offered better cashback and discounts than most other manufacturers, so the position in the US will be similar.

As for the comparison and justification between midsize sales strength against fullsize 1/2 ton sales will become smaller when the Colorado is released.

Again similar to what occurred here is these newer midsizers sold for a premium and in larger numbers.

It seems some are using FE as an argument for a reason not to buy the cheaper midsizers, but the reality is both the Frontier and Taco are old, very old and most sold aren't strippers.

The money is in the mid to high spec range for midsizers and full size trucks. That's where I'd be looking at price advantage or disadvantage.

But I do think a midspec Colorado will entice a number of customers, especially in diesel form.

Look at the Ram diesel 1/2 ton, there isn't enough diesel engine production to match demand, so a premium price will be paid for one.

@ tom wilkinson
You are dead wrong about incentives on the crew cabs. As bob stated, crew cabs often have the biggest incentives. Maybe it is different for chevrolet. I've seen 16,000 off msrp on a new crew cab f-150 before and I've seen it many times on an f250 crew, but I've never seen it on a supercab. My local dealer has a bunch of new crew cab rams 14,000 off right now. It's funny because there are some 1 to 3 year old trucks for sale at other used lots that have a higher asking price than these brand new trucks with about the same options. My local dealer is actually asking more than msrp for ford raptors right now though (this is actually a ford, ram, and chevrolet dealer all in one). Chevrolet trucks are about $8,000 off and ford about 10,000 on average. I may buy a 2014 f-150 but only if they offer $15,000 off msrp on the truck I want. If ram can do $14,000 on their newer truck, ford should be able to do it on their outgoing truck. I can't believe the guys that will go out and pay msrp or anywhere near it. I am worried though that if I don't buy a 2014 f-150 I may have to wait a long time to get a good discount on a 2015.

Nothing says 'third world pickup looks' quite like Nissan and of course Mahindra. Nissan is long over due for a change.

At Tom Wilkinson from Chevy... well the fact that it shares the same DNA would be a cause for concern for me seeing as the new platforms all vibrate as if driving on severely unbalanced wheels above 65mph and puff black smoke on start up, have rusting frames with 2k miles on them, have leaking onstar antennas 15 warranty recalls in less than a year, rattling dash trim, seats that are loose as crap, seat covers that wont stay clipped, poor radio reception and dismal fuel economy after the 3 ecm updates to stop them from buring to the ground.... and if your wondering...Yes I WAS a proud owner of a 2014 LTZ cc sb 4x4.... hated the last 8 months of the 9 months I owned it... GM should scrap it and start over... ill never buy another new chevy...matter a fact they are lucky I stayed with chevy with the 2013 Traverse that I traded my truck in on and lost about $7k.... so can keep your colorado/canyon if it has the same engineers becuase apart from the interior. .THEY FAILED!!!

What the heck?

The post that showed up today was one that I posted 2 months ago on a different topic?????

Earlier today I posted that I would never spend more than 24k on a truck with plastic horribly outdated interior. If nissan even wants me to consider their trucks they need to update that interior and dash.

Helped coworker get a 2012 Equator RMZ-4(Same as the Pro-4x), dealer came 7k off, close out of the Suzukis.

He is very happy, other than FE, has lockers, sprayed in bedliner/bed management, 4 door, V6, nice solid truck for a good price

Dont buy a chevy must have bought a new chevy to know this, as did I, in 2010. I traded it in in 2012 on an f150. chevys frame wasn't painted, but covered in some rubberized crap, every other brand paints the frame, and chevy still cant get a 130 litre fuel tank in an extended or crew cab truck. Ford and Ram both offer this. not to mention cant go up a tires size to a 33" stock height, and their new 5.3 l engine didn't even meet ford's 5.0 litre horsepower let alone surpass it like you expect a 3 year newer engine to. GM is becoming obsolete quickly. its almost like you can tell they started out right but then got lazy towards the end with all their designs lately.

For anyone looking at smaller trucks, the Nissan delivers a lot of value.

You can get an automatic/six cylinder Frontier for almost 10K less than the Chevy with similar trim--even bigger savings compared to GMC.

The Nissan also offers the choice of stick or auto. Something tells me you'll have a hard time finding Chevy/GMC trucks equipped with a stick sitting on the lot.

My family had a Nissan a few years ago and apart from some cheaply made switches and interior bits it was a very fine vehicle. Nary a hiccup.

unless they put twin turbos or superchargers on the gasoline little ones no one will care. there are 100k people out there that are saying im going to buy the cheapest BN truck I can, not enough to justify the build without fleets. the diesels are a good start but not everyone wants those. powerful little 4 or 6 cyl with whistles coming out from under the hood are what makes a truck cool right now. put that 2.7t in a little truck and watch a new forum come up immediately about modding or making them fast at the strip. that's what sells a unique toy that poses as a truck gets mpg like a car and can tow and haul in between while running 13's at the strip. that's what little trucks are for.

yes every new 14 chevy buyer that ran out and bought one isn't driving them so they can trade them in on a ram or ford. so many tire problems and front end issues from lack of grease. people I know and family are not happy. they love my JUNK 13' leftover f150 though. it does all the things the chevy does but doesn't act like a kid with a bad attitude put it together. I feel bad for most of them because even I was going to make the leap. I thought the chevy looked great with 20's and double cab. I found this ford for 10k less than the gm even in march when they had there blowout sale. I think I made a good decision, I didn't plan on keeping it for long anyway so what did I care? if I had bought the ecodiesel next to my parents house I would have spent 5k more but I would have got this ungodly MPG, only thing that swayed me is the gear selector! ill never go for a dial! ever RAM I hope your listening because I think a lot of buyers don't like that and went a different direction because of it. I also don't like the key fob, I like a regular key that I can lock inside my truck. The ford also has the numeric code on the door to unlock which is way better than any fob! I can get in no matter what unless the battery is dead.

Ill be buying a aluminum one most likely in the next 3 years. that will be a keeper for over 5 years like I used to do. now with all the rot issues all brands have you lose to much if you keep them. aluminum is the future and ram probably will come out with that sooner than everyone thinks. once they do they will really be a threat to ford and gm in sale numbers.

There really is no arguing against the facts: midsize costs the same as full-size, gets the same mileage, and can't do as much. Parking slightly easier is the only incentive, though even that is a tradeoff for space.

You have to offer less truck for a better price, and/or make it more efficient. Don't make the old automaker mistake of not having enough distinction between brands/models, which is what killed off entire companies.

@beebe - I agree with you. I am willing to bet that one of the biggest things that hurt small truck sales are deep discounts on full sized trucks. If one is patient one can easily get into 10-14k off on full sized pickups.
I would suspect that Canadian rebates are higher than US but right now I can get 12-15K off of a 2014 F150. A Tacoma TRD Doublecab 4x4 sites around 41K with zero discounts and occasionally they will put 2K on the hood.
When I bought my truck in 2010 the F150 Supercrew XLT I bought was 4k less than a Tacoma with discounts.

@papa jim--Agree, Nissan makes a solid truck and for years was a market leader in compact truck sales. True that the Frontier is out of date and has an older power train but it is solid and reliable. I do think a diesel option would help expand the market for midsize trucks. Still I am looking forward to the new Colorado/Canyon and hope that it is a good truck and helps revive the midsize segment. I could live with any of these midsize trucks.

@papa jim--As for cheap hardware and switches Nissan is not alone, most manufacturers have gone to cheaper hardware with some being better than others. There is a noticeable difference between the hardware and switches from my 99 S-10 to my 08 Isuzu--not that the S-10 has that good of hardware but the 08 has taken even further cost cutting measures. Many of the manufacturers use the same suppliers and keep costs down which is not only true for vehicles but other manufactured goods.

I had the 4.0 v-6 with the 6-sp manual in my 2006 Xterra, let me tell you that combo is not underpowered, ever. If I had a choice between a $30,000 Pro-4X Frontier with a row your own against a $30,000 extended cab 4x4 fullsize whatever, I would take the Frontier hands down. You simply cannot get a manual in a full size without going into the Ram 2500 Cummins. You can't get four doors and 4x4 for 30 grand without HUGE discounts, an trust me if you walk into a Nissan dealership and tell them the guys with the full size across the street is going to get you into a four door 4x4 for 10 grand off MSRP they WILL discount it to get the sale.

Chevy LT Z71 Ext-Cab 4x4, with no options, $40k, and it still has worse clearance and angles for off-roading, no skid plates, no locker, no back up cam

Ram Extended cab 4x4 with air suspension will run $36k, at least that gets you closer to the angles the Pro-4X will give you and the 8-speed makes up for the tq/weight deficit, no locker, no backup cam

F-150 FX4 extended cab runs just over $40k, you finally get lockers and plates, but no cam (unless you spend more money still) and you are stuck with the 5.0L so kiss your gas good-bye (I consistantly got 20mpg combined driving in my Brick of an Xterra)

ALL of these trucks are going to have a harder time with the trails I take because they are so wide and long. For some people the Frontier is simply the better fit. As long as they keep a manual in the v-6 I will not even think about a full size.

Correction, the Chevy Z71 gives lockers and plates, I looked at the wrong model.

Hey tom wilkinson from chevy,my friend bought a silverado in January of this year since then his been hit with 7 recalls. If I was you I would not be telling people that the Colorado is built by the same engineers as the silverado. Aren't you embarrassed?

Not only can you get more capability than these small trucks you can get better M.P.G. with not one power train from Ram but two.

@HEMI V8 - not by much and it also depends on model.

Nissan Frontier 4x4 crew cargo ratings:
automatic - 1,385 lb.
manual - 1,251 lb.

Ram Quad Cab 4x4 5.7 box =
V8 - 1,485 lbs.
V6 - 1,705 lbs.

Ram Crew Cab 4x4 5.7 box =
Diesel Laramie - 881 lbs.
5.7 Tradesmen - 1,460 lb.

The Frontier is 100 lower than a Hemi quadcab and 504 lb better than a Ecodiesel crewcab.

Not much to brag about there.

An old out dated Nissan Frontier is in the hunt with the best 1/2 tons Ram has to offer.

Guess which one rates better on durability?

@ Beebe, what are you smoking cause it sure isn't legal. Your statement: "I can buy a new f150 stx supercab 4x4 with 5.0 and some pretty good options right now for 27,600." is a bit stretched. I just priced this vehicle on the Ford website and it comes out to $34,305 without any options and with $3000 off as added incentives". Can you send a copy of the what your dealer is telling you in writing???



go to mhautoranch.com that truck and options is listed on the site. It has the price along with msrp. 27,600 is the price and
37175 is the msrp.

look up ram and there are multiple trucks 14,000 off msrp

@LouBC,Now compare the tow ratings.

@LouBC, Is Nissan SAE J2807 certified???? Can it climb davis dam fully loaded???

According to Ford tail gate up helps M.P.G


@Tom Wilkinson from Chevy - Never mind massive rebates from full-size that midsize can't compete with, for a second.

A $10,000 price difference, speaking strictly MSRP, isn't much when spread out over 72 to 96 months.

But you can't truly compare midsize and fullsize crew cabs. Not only are midsize crew cabs a foot narrower, they have about the same front/rear combined legroom as extra cab fullsize, give or take an inch.

Similarly, you wouldn't cross shop an extra cab full-size, vs an extra cab midsize, if you intend to transport live humans in the 2nd row seats.

So when comparing similar trucks, you're paying considerably more for midsize, after rebates.

That's if you don't mind the limiting factors of midsize pickups, to begin with.

@HEMI V8 - 2 points.

1. Ram isn't SAE J2807 certified until 2015.

2. J2807 only covers towing.

@LouBC,Now compare the tow ratings.

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Aug 27, 2014 11:02:49 PM

@LouBC, Ram has been using J2807 and tougher standards for years. Why is it so hard for you to retain information. Lets go over this again bud. Try to listen and learn.



@HEMI V8 - The press release from Ram says 2015. All of the manufacturers can say they use it but it doesn't mean they are certified by it.

"Beginning with the 2015 model year, Ram will become the first automaker to adopt the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J2807 standardized tow rating practices across all three fullsize pickup truck segments, including the ½-ton Ram 1500, ¾-ton Ram 2500 Heavy Duty and one-ton “King of the Hill” Ram 3500 Heavy Duty."


That is Ram's press release.

Why is it so hard for you to retain information.

Lets go over this again bud.

Try to listen and learn.

"Beginning with the 2015 model year"

"Beginning with the 2015 model year"

@Hrmi V8 - I wasn't talking about towing but since Ram trucks have low cargo weight ratings most can only tow what they are rated for if the truck is completely empty and no passengers.

A Ram V6 crew 4x4 short box is rated to tow 7,150lb.

A Frontier 4x4 crew is rated to tow 6,500 lb.

That is only 650 lb difference.

Not much to brag about.

@HemiV8 - Just to clarify:

Why is it so hard for you to retain information.

Lets go over this again bud.

Try to listen and learn.

“Because our customers asked for it, every single 2015 model year pickup truck Ram sells will come with a trailer-tow rating achieved using SAE’s J2807 testing protocols,” said Reid Bigland, President and CEO – Ram Truck Brand. “No other automaker can make that claim.”

" every single 2015 model year pickup truck Ram sells "

" trailer-tow rating achieved using SAE’s J2807 testing protocols"

“Ram Truck has been preparing for integration of the SAE towing standard over the past few
years and adding heavier ¾ and 1-ton trucks to the criteria gives it more teeth,” said Mike
Cairns, Director- Ram Truck Engineering, Chrysler Group LLC. “For too long, an uneven playing


You are brain dead bud. lol

Let me make this real simple for you. Nissan is not J2807 and will be out performed by Ram. Nissan can say they can tow and haul what ever with no proof to back up that claim. So Nissans numbers don't hold any weight. Pun intended.

@Hemi V8 -

" preparing for integration "

Thanks for proving my point.

"Beginning with the 2015 model year"

Al of the car companies are "preparing for integration".

Toyota is the only one that adopted SAE J2807 for their trucks and SUV's right off the bat.

Which truck is better at hauling and towing? Ram or frontier?

Would Ram out perform Nissan?

Just your opinion please?

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