Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: July 2014

Fords Pair 2013 II

It seems that no matter how much attention the growing number of recalls is getting, new pickup truck sales keep plugging along. All the major truckmakers posted neutral or positive sales numbers for the month (and we include Toyota in that group) when compared to this time last year. The standout continues to be Ram, with a sales percentage pace for 2014 that is likely to beat the competition at the end of the year by at least 10 percentage points.

The midsize Nissan Frontier is also chugging along, getting every sale that isn't sucked up by the segment-leading Toyota Tacoma. But that won't last long. The new Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups, which go on sale later this year, will arrive just in time to inject some much-needed energy into the long-ignored midsize pickup category. It remains to be seen if the new midsizers will cut into GM's half-ton market share or if they will lure crossover and younger buyers back to the segment. As usual, much will depend on pricing.

The year started slowly with parts of the country hammered by bad weather, but if manufacturers decide to use strong incentives and dealers lower prices to make way for new products it will be a roller-coaster ride to the end of the year. GM's new eight-speed transmissions, the 2015 Ford F-150 and both of GM's midsize pickup trucks all get to dealers in the fourth quarter of this year.

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Good for Ram.

@Chevy Silverado

Quit the crap, really.

It's getting long in the tooth.

You want to be the best selling truck, but it has to be on your terms.

Learn to market a truck with good information, then we might be able to have a good sales numbers.

Opinions are good, but if they are only your view to support GMC, then how good are they. Look at what you guys have done to Detroit.

Terror tactics (union tactics) don't work on me.

If PUTC wants the GMC or whatever to control this site I suppose it's their decision.

It's not kids like I've been told by PUTC.

Once again #1 FORD. Ford enters - Ford Wins. Not too bad for what others call "old". Those in the know say proven.

Funny, Ram is closer to overtaking Chevy than Chevy is to overtaking Ford

Funny, Toyota is closer to overtaking Fiat than Fiat is to overtaking GM.

Ram has the HIGHEST increase of 18.8% (round it off to 19%) and Ford is DOWN at .03 % (round that off to "0" )

ZERO ! 0% increase in sales for Ford!



RAM sales look great.

My local Dodge-Jeep dealer is advertising a Ram Express Hemi crew cab half ton for $139 per mo. lease with 3k down.

With prices like that NO WONDER they sell.

Well Chevy isn't doing good with a new truck.

Why does this article always have Fords at the top every month that it comes out? Ford is the best selling truck and I'm sure it will be for some time, why not put Rams at the top since its most improved and has had the biggest gain in sales Year over year. Is it because PUTC is in love with Ford?

@papa jim,

Fiat-Chrsyler-Ram has a big problem with the cheap lease deals and high incentives.

Sales volume may be up, but profits are down 55% over last year.

$189. a month lease with $1999. down at my local Ram dealer.

At that price any joe blow can walk off the street and lease one for a couple years.

Funny, Toyota is closer to overtaking Fiat than Fiat is to overtaking GM.

Posted by: Montesa_VR | Aug 1, 2014 2:32:11 PM

Gee Toyota has a total combined sales of their two trucks of 156,697.

Ram has sold 239,481 trucks.

That makes Toyota 82,794 trucks behind Ram.

Chevy has sold 282,776 trucks.

Ram has sold 239,481 trucks.

Ram is within 43,295 trucks of Chevy.

Now I know you are not very strong with math but even you should be able to see that Ram is closer to Chevy than Toyota is to Ram.

I bet you are a product of public schools.

@Ram Big Horn

He said GM, not Chevy.

By the way GM chose to have Chevy and GMC as separate models, you don't get to combine all their trucks under one banner as even GM says there are differences between Chevy and GMC.

@Gregory Stevens

Joe Blow can get one of those leases WAC...with approved credit. With interest rates SO low and unemployment so HIGH I bet a lot of people are unable to qualify.

Those who can't qualify?

Take them over to the used car side of the building and sell them a two year old RAM with the double cab and the 4.7 motor. Clean examples are well under 20k in my neighborhood.

Ford up 5%, doing it with the lowest incentives and the oldest trucks.

ram is cummins for chevy! GM better start thinkin bout moving up some redisigns maybe even further

FORD can still outsell spam almost 3to1 despite 18 percent increase in sales. Just worry about overtaking chebby cause you'll never touch FORD. And that Ohioan fella makes you spamturds look even dumber. I didn't think that was possible, but then again.

I now know why there are so many poor people driving around here in brand new Ram trucks.

These are cheap lease deals, or they are shined up CPO deals for under $20k. that look new after the original purchasers defaulted on the loans.

We need to remember that GM was dumping the outgoing 1500 dirt cheap at this time last year, boosting sales numbers. I suspect Ford is doing the same right now to avoid having "old" trucks that they can't sell. I have a friend that bought a new ecoboost last week. He cross-shopped and went with the best (cheapest) deal- Ford.

@Truck Crazy

Agreed! Ram is having the biggest gain because last year they performed very Poorly.

add me to the list of the new Ram owners for July. Nice truck all around. Ford and GMC almost had me, but Ram sold me on the ride and styling. Hope GMC can come around on the Sierra because they are selling strong too. Need to get that publicity turned around. I expect a lot out of the F150 for next year so the competition will only get stronger.

"The new company, to be called Fiat Chrysler Automobiles" will be legally based in the Netherlands.

No more lectures from Ram owners about buying American.

@papa jim,

Some more advertised Ram deals.

• Zero-percent financing for 72 months on the 2014 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab 4x4, with no monthly payments for 90 days, and zero-percent financing for 72 months on a 2014 Chrysler Town & Country Limited, at Dewey Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Ankeny, Iowa

Ram selling, but they aren't getting paid for 90 days and they are using extremely extended loan terms like 72 months!

@ mark49 - Ford dealers have boosted inventory to cover the introduction of the 2015 model as they are expecting some delays.

The "Clan from Ramistan" is bowing to Auburn Hills with the Ram sales increase but one needs to remember that truck sales are not quite back to pre-2008 levels.

Ram won't catch Ford or GM unless they start building them in Italy.

Wow what a bunch of scared Ford and Chevy/GMC fan boys.

Ram the only manufacture who's trucks are fully SAE J2807 compliant for 1500, 2500 and 3500 series and they did not lose any capacity and in fact some models gained capacity.

Ford, Chevy/GMC and Toyota can not say that!!!!

It's obvious that all RAM cares about is buying market share with the highest incentives out now.

You RAM fans might think that's good news until you go to trade in that truck and realize that on top of a poor resale value, FIAT is tanking your value even more !!

Ha ha ha ha !

FORD puts very little on the "old dog" and she still sells good enough for first place !

IN A HEMI sung to the tune by In the Navy by The Village People

If you like guts and glory
Don't you wait to enter
The RAM showroom fast
Don't you hesitate
There is no need to wait
They're signing up new RAM owners fast
Maybe you have no credit
To buy one today
Bout don't you worry 'bout a thing
For I'm sure there will be
Always be great lease deals
From coast to coast

Yes, you can sail the Pismo Beach
Yes, you store beer with the Ram Box
Come on show some guts and buy Ram
In a HEMI, in a HEMI RAM
Can't you see we need you
In the HEMI
Come on, protect the NETHERLANDS
In the HEMI
Come on and join your fellow Hemi fan
In the HEMI
Come on be bold and try the new HD coil springs
In the HEMI, in the HEMI, in the HEMI (in the hemi)

They want you, they want you
Fiat wants you as a new recruit!

Who HEMI V8? s

So much for low incentives for Fords:

Looks like you can get 0% financing for 60 months plus $1,250 trade assist or up to $8,000 in total savings.

Chevy incentives: up to $3,500 dollars. Lease for $299 a month for 36 months.

Yep those incentives are rolling off them Chevy's.

@Gregory Stevens,

0% for 72 months + $4,000 off + no payments for 90 days.

So much for low incentives for Chevys:

2014 Silverado CrewCab

$10,000 off.

With prices like that they still DON'T sell.

August 2014 incentives for Chevy

August 2014 incentives for Ford

Go to the Ford web site for even better incentives of up to $8,000 or 0% financing for 60 months.

So much for low incentives on the new Chevys:

Looks like you can get a 2014 Chevy Double Cab with $8,600 in total savings.

Looks like you can get a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 UP TO $12000 OFF MSRP!

So much for lower incentives.

Looks like you can get tons of 2014 Chevy Silverados for $12,000 off

Yep $12,000 off Chevy's is low alright.

RAM fans, congratulations!!! Seriously, even as a Ford guy, I love to see Ram doing well. Y'all should be very proud. I have zero problems with Rams, and if I didn't love my Powerstroke so much, I would switch over in a heart beat. Y'all are gonna over take Chevy one of these days and we will have Ford and Ram at the top of the list where they belong. Also, not bad for Ford to be that far ahead of GM with Ford having a very outdated truck and the GM twins having all new rigs.


Good for Ram.

YES... tow truck driver throughout the continent are extremely excited to see there will be no slow days with these Ram sales.


Ram has the HIGHEST increase of 18.8% (round it off to 19%) and Ford is DOWN at .03 % (round that off to "0" )

ZERO ! 0% increase in sales for Ford!

Your kind of a fucktard dolt aren't you. Math and business mean what to you? is it counting your toes and shitting in your mommys flowerbed?

Here Dumb Fucktard... Ford sold nearly identical in two months...the most of any brand.

LOLOL!!!! It's GM "c" VS. the once Mighty Chevrolet ALL OVER again! GM turned Chevy into a JOKE.

Lol, we need to remember Chevy went back to dumping trucks and pushing them off the lots after Ram outsold them in March. They were questioning having to go back to their old ways, when that happened, it made their decision easier.

Yup, gotta go back to 8 k off double cabs, when half the year was barely over. No payments for 90 days, 0%, bad credit, not to worry. If you want a bland cheap truck, and all you care about is price, maybe GM is for you.

But when the people get to realizing the GMs were over rated to tow, and both GM and Ford go playing games to get high towing numbers, removing truck parts, they will wise up. What did GM have to do, install an 8 speed to keep their 12K 6.2 (on premium gas) tow rating, cause the 6 speed can't get it? We won't know, cause all 2015 6.2s will be 8 speeds in high trim levels.

People are also learning of Fords so-so reliability with Ecoboosts, the poor mileage under load, the way they lied their asses off about fuel economy of their hybrids, off by 6-7 mpg? That's no mistake.

@Montesa_VR: yeah, you're sounding like old Hemi Lol, he used to think Toyota was gonna catch Ram (in his wildest dreams) then when he realized that wasn't happening, he changed his tune to "Toyota is happy with their sales numbers"

Lol, have you ever noticed that Ram easily outsells all GMs in Canada, while Toyota trucks barely sell!

TRX from Ramistan is bitter really really bitter...........

Was that headliner on your Chevy loose for a reason you chose not to publically disclose?

Here is a simple point or two for you (that rhymes but I digress)

How much does a rear bumper or centre console weigh?

Even if I were to remove that weight from the 2,300 lb cargo F150 Crew or GM crew at 2,000 lbs, they still can carry way more weight than any Ram crew 4x4 long box.

They'd be on par with a Ram 2500.......................

now that is something to brag about.

I try to separate myself from the fanboism on this site even though I strongly support my brand as is evidenced by my name. There actually is a lot to discuss here without the need for the nonsense.

After seeing the sales number today, what caught my eye wasn't Ram's sales figures, but the Silverado.

The current generation of both the F150 and Ram 1500 have been around since 2009. It's interesting how the sales figures continue to impress month after month.

On the other hand, the GM trucks are the newest of the bunch and GMC is the only brand that's doing even marginally well.

When the GMT 900 platform was 5 years old, was it selling like Ford and Ram are right now(both having ~5 year old platforms)???? Nope. We were told the '14 redesign was supposed to be the solution to the GMT 900 lackluster sales, but as we have seen that hasn't been the case.

"if I were to remove that weight from the 2,300 lb cargo F150"

Lou, Ford doesn't remove anything from F-150.

UPDATE: "Editor's note: An earlier version of this story said incorrectly that Ford Motor Co. removes parts across all F-series models in setting maximum payload ratings. Ford, in a reversal, said today it only removes components on its heavy-duty trucks to establish payload ratings."

As I recall this time last year chevy sales were not good. And the chevy fans were saying "it's because everyone is waiting to buy the 2014 model." Makes me wonder how many people are waiting to buy the 2015 f-150. I know I am, but it will be interesting to see how well it sells. I know it has a lot more hype than the chevy redesign had last year. I have been considering the 2014 silverado, but with all the bad press they've gotten lately, I might have to just not even test drive one so I don't accidentally fall in love with it and then end up with an unreliable truck. That's exactly what happened when I bought my ram. I also don't think ford is dumping the 2014 f-150 yet. I've been watching for a great deal and have yet to see one in my area. I've seen 7,500 off msrp. I got 10,000 off my ram as a first year model with a lifetime powertrain warranty.

Exactly how do you have to option out a Ram 1500 to get a 12,000lb tow rating? Oh, that's right- you can't. GM probably sold the most half tons, again. For those who say you can't count Chevy and GMC together, do you think the revenues from their sales go to separate corporations? No. It is simply two different flavors of the same brand of ice cream.

@Lou, Here are the weights of options if you want to review it.

Now onto SD deletes......

Super Duty: jack -6lb, radio -4lb, center console -7 (listed under 40/40 seats), spare tire -92 lbs.

Total: still only -109 lbs total for SD.

Nothing comes off F-150.

I gotta laugh at these girls who cry because there is a picture of a ford at the top. "we should get a picture too because we improved the most." You sound like 3rd graders who want a "participation" trophy in little league soccer. Does it make sense to have a picture of a ram when Ford sells almost twice as many trucks? No it doesn't.

mark49, Actually it's two different brands of ice cream from the same ice cream company. Flavors would be the trims levels.

Therefore you can't add them together for best selling ice cream. GM would do it if they could.

My point is that all the money goes to the same place. I do think GM could have done better with more power and an 8-speed. I hope they have something up their sleeve. Regardless, June (and probably July) saw more half-ton money flow into Flint than Dearborn.

mark, I don't understand your point.

HD money goes to the same place too. Why do you want to add all of the trucks together as one, but then subtract HD trucks when you tally the sales?

Companies only care about how much money each brand brings in overall, not these little add it together here but subtract it there games people play here.

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