Build Your Own Paper Power Wagon Pickup

Paper PW 1 II

It's not every day we find out you can download instructions on how to build your very own classic 4x4 pickup truck from the internet, but that's exactly what we found out from our friends at In fact, with a few clicks of your computer mouse, you can download instructions from the article or you can click here to get a free template for this Dodge Power Wagon. We’ve also provided a how-to video below.

For the best results, use a heavier stock of paper and a good color printer for the most realistic end product. Of course, if only the real thing will do, you can always try to find a fully restored classic Power Wagon or invest in a very cool reproduction, but both will be pretty pricey. You can't beat the price on this miniature paper Power Wagon.

We hope to see more of these free or reasonably priced paper model kits. We'll let you know if Ford or GM websites respond with their own F-100 or Chevrolet 3100 paper pickups projects.

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Paper PW 2 II




Still a sturdier frame than the Raptor.

This is perfect for Lou-BC. lol

Let us know when paper trucks are available for late model pickups because you know there are many light-duty truckers that won't touch anything manufactured after 1997 that doesn't have an inline six under the hood.
It would be nice to have the newer trucks in paper form to demonstrate the reasons why we don't own them other than the outrageous prices.

This should keep the little Ramtards busy for a few hours building paper trucks HAHHAHAHAHAHA

@HEMI V8 - correct. It will last much longer than the Mexican made one and you can print off paper made in the USA.

Keep em busy alright! Ramturds will be amazed by this paper truck! Don't think they could complete it though.

Someone was bored!! Thank god this is a free site . This site is getting boring !

We get a dumb video on how to make a paper power wagon, but no word on the new Silverado Rally Edition that other sites have being talking about since July 14th. GM has said 4 days ago will be available for 2015 along with a bunch of other changes.

Oh Lou Bc, Your all american Ford F-150 has plenty of Mexican parts inside. With all one Ford it could be parts made in turkey.

@HEMI V8 - unlike you, I do not spew "Buy American" built by "Union Brothers" then tell everyone that I'm going to buy a non-union made truck in Mexico that is owned by a foreign country.

I don't contradict myself, you do.

@HemiV8 - here is an interesting article. It is in relation to brand loyalty. Kelly BlueBook says loyalty is tied to dependability and durability.

"Henry told 24/7 Wall St. that price is perhaps the most important factor in the consumer’s decision making process when buying a car. In addition to price, Henry explained, consumers look to reliability when selecting a vehicle. “Brands that exude durability or reliability are seen as trusted brands and [are] very high in our shopper loyalty metric,” said Henry. Six of the nine makes with the worst loyalty ratings had more problems reported per 100 vehicles than the industry average of 133, according to car rating company J.D. Power’s Vehicle Dependability study."

3. Dodge: 22.88% second-time buyers – "But the brands definitely lacks a lot in terms of both initial quality and longer-term dependability."

2. Chrysler: 22.72% second-time buyers – Chrysler Group LLC should do some staff meetings once they see these figures. It has even fewer repeat buyers than sister brand Dodge. The sales are strong, but the model line-up is definitely not, with some models too close to the other brands.

#2, #3 that would be 2nd and 3rd worst.

The best????

"The car makes with the most loyal customers also tend to have strong sales. Ford (NYSE: F), Honda (NYSE: HMC), and Toyota (NYSE: TM) — brands that keep at least 50% of their customers coming back on average — are also among the best selling brands in the United States."

So much for your recall of the day campaign.

@Johnny doe

Speaking of dumb videos, is this you?

I know it is a Chevy parody against Ford, but I have to admit it is still hilarious.

No that isn't me ALL1. Is this you lol Ferd F-teentousand

The reliability=loyalty makes perfect sense.

If you bought a POS vehicle that is giving you problems, why would you buy another?

I am actually in a similar but opposite conundrum. My Tundra has been uber-reliable--but I push it pretty hard for a 1/2 ton. So I am considering buying a new 3/4 or SRW 1-ton diesel. However, it is difficult selling a paid for pickup that has been so great and gamble on something that is going to cost me an additional 10's of thousand of dollars that is more "HD" but may be less reliable.

LOL, I forgot about that one.

@Lou-BC, The study makes since. I have had my Ram for 11 years next month. I don't drive a Ford cause mine burned just like that 2016 Ford Super Duty recently. My first Ford and last Ford. :-( I will be buying three new vehicles from Chrysler this year. #1 Jeep Grand Cherokee,#2 Ram Power Wagon,#3 Challenger Hellcat.

@Lou-BC, Here is what the study you posted said.

"Ram, for instance, which has posted impressive sales figures in recent years and is the leader in customer loyalty." :-)

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More Guts

More Glory

More Loyalty than Ford trucks


@Hemi V8

"More Loyalty than Ford trucks"

Sorry, but this is false.

@HEMI V8 - There are aberrations to every rule. Ram doesn't have the best durability but the most loyal fans. The J!had lives on.

@All1, Here is a Polk study.

"According to data from R.L. Polk Canada, Dodge/Ram pickups are Canada’s longest-lasting trucks, as measured by the percentage of pickups sold since 1987 (25 years ago; model years 1988-2012) that are still on the road today.

79% of Ram pickups sold in the last 25 years are still registered, compared with 66% of Ford pickups and 72% of General Motors pickups.

The numbers are even better when looking at the Cummins diesel equipped pickups of the last 20 years; 87% of Ram diesels sold since 1993 are still registered as being in operation (model years 1994-2012), compared with just 69% of Fords, 79% of Chevrolets, and 83% of GMCs.

Cummins currently has a five-year, 160,000 mile powertrain warranty in Canada."

Son of a crank shaft on Thursday! I found the Hemi v8 band! Staring Hemi V8 Ramed by little horn TRX-4 Tom and zviera

@Hemi V8

Why do you deflect things so much? When someone proves what you say as false or something you perceive as negative to Ram then you deflect what they said moving to something else. From my experience, I find those people rarely ever take responsibility for their own actions nor do the take constructive criticism very well. They tend to blame others to hide their bad behavior. When presented with a negative, they try to deflect it with a negative about something else. I notice you do this a lot. You might want to get that fixed because it is not a healthy behavior.

Anyways, I wasn't talking about other Polk data or how long trucks last in Canada. I was talking about how your statement ""More Loyalty than Ford trucks" was false. If you want to rebut my response to back up your ""More Loyalty than Ford trucks"" claim then please do so, but please don't try to deflect it.

@ Frank

No one needed to see 0:18 to 0:21 of that video. Thank you for giving me nightmares before I go to sleep. I hope you are happy with yourself.

@HEMI V8 - that is vehicle registrations.

That doesn't mean dependability.

For what its worth, GM makes the same claim in the USA.

So does that mean that since the USA market is larger than the Canadian market then GM is more dependable?

All of your sources are from fan sites like AllPar or Company PR. (In the case of this study - one and the same)

In my town the Chrysler/Dodge dealer went bankrupt twice in the 70's and 80's. All of the loggers, farmers, miners etc. drove Ford or GM trucks. Trucks that are used for work don't last 25 years.

My brother gets a new truck every 2-3 years. There is zero life to them once they are sold at auction.


I see you've given up on American Union made trucks?

Ironic how your profits leaving the country crap only applies to Toyota.

I wouldn't give a sh!t what you or the rest of the Ram!stan! J!had buys, but your non-stop crap ruins it for those open minded enough to consider all brands.

You j!had!sts are the kings of inconsistency.

I feel sorry for HemiMonster. He is the only reasonable Ram owner on this site.

Actually....... so is Beebe but he has found his Ram to be a POS and is going to replace it.

I believe him and HemiMonster.

@All1&All2(aka Lou)

Those 2016 F-series are going to be HOT!

Wonder how the crash ratings will be with all aluminum bodies. I know they will be easier to recycle after it

And the deflection continues.

@HemiV8 -

I see you've given up on American Union made trucks?

Ironic how your profits leaving the country crap only applies to Toyota.

I wouldn't give a sh!t what you or the rest of the Ram!stan! J!had buys, but your non-stop crap ruins it for those open minded enough to consider all brands.

You j!had!sts are the kings of inconsistency.

"I wouldn't give a sh!t what you or the rest of the Ram!stan! J!had buys, but your non-stop crap ruins it for those open minded enough to consider all brands."

Ford guys are not open minded. Honda, Ford and Toyota all have one thing in common as far as Kelley Blue Book knows: All three inspire brand loyalty among over half of its customer base. 

Your next truck is going to be Ford , doesn't matter what.

I've been reading these posts for a while now, and I have to say, I'm disappointed. I expect "one-upmanship" from brand loyalists, and it isn't difficult to find negative information for any brand and use it to your advantage, but the personal attacks cross the line. I had assumed that the people posting to this site were adults and could debate the pros and cons of each brand with civility, but i've seen posts with vulgar language and sexual orientation references. This is childish. If your debate degrades to the point of namecalling, and personal attacks, it is no longer worth it. People come to this site for information (biased or not) on their vehicle choice, and would rely on the blog for additional information not in the article.

I am sure the "haters" will flame me as soon as I post this.

As for my vehicle of choice I have a 2004 Ford F150 xlt 4 x 4 supercab with 165,000 miles on it. It is a reliable well built truck that has survived everything I have thrown at it. I have owned a 1996 Chevy 4 x 4 and was happy with that truck as well, until it met an untimely demise (accident).

I have been a firefighter for 26 years, and have experienced this banter in the firehouse for years, but I know that the guys are friends at the end of the day. You guys are not friends. Show some respect for each other.

Consumer Reports reliability ratings: Japanese dominate, Ford lags.

"Ford's problems don't end with the perennial MyTouch issues. Several models powered by the turbocharged V-6 EcoBoost engine -- Ford's answer to retaining power while boosting gas mileage -- got poor ratings. Of 34 Ford and Lincoln models in the survey, only the F-150 pickup with the 3.7-liter V-6 engine was rated above average. Nearly two-thirds of those models ranked much worse than average." :-O

@Hemi V8/zvirus/Ram Little D!ck 1500 (one of the same)
I really do hope when this site is re-organised you are dropped from this forum.

You have rarely contributed nothing but pure and utter crap on this site of no real value.

I remember you blamed you action by someone who put down Fiat/Ram and yet years later you still are doing the same $hit.

What is wrong with you? Are you some f4cking retard?

You really are on of the biggest pitfalls on this site. I really don't understand why the moderators have yet to remove you.

Why don't you try and contribute fact and some content with credibility.

The most-stolen new and used cars In America.

Ford owners beware!

"You won’t see the likes of a Chevy Corvette or Mercedes-Benz SL on either list, but both contain models that would otherwise blend into a crowded parking lot like the Toyota Corolla and Nissan Altima sedans, and the Ford F-150 pickup truck. In fact, top-selling older cars are stolen far more often than brand new cars; such models are typically taken to so-called “chop shops” where they’re quickly dissected into replacement components (water pumps, alternators, engine blocks, etc) that are subsequently marketed on Internet sites and/or sold to unscrupulous auto-parts dealers."

And here’s the top 10 list of new vehicles (from the 2013 model year) stolen last year, also based on NICB data:

1. Nissan Altima, 810
2. Ford Fusion, 793
3. Ford F-150, 775

Well, same to you, same to you.
Maybe moderators see, it's not real true you saying in here and you'll be baned with Lou , because of vulgar language and calling people .
Go back to your posts and see that you and Lou include All1 started personal attacks first, because of disagreement at diesels and real coil suspension payload. (BTW you all were proved wrong by PUTC test)
Lou has outdated truck with outdated engine, so he has nothing to discuss in here, just personal attacks or medicine diagnosis he likes to talk about, even mentioning my wife, so I have no respect for him.
You were the first one started personal attacks and calling me names, judging me where I am from, even you don't know, so you have to be the first one to stop. And by your last post, I don't see it happening soon.
Let's start with clear table again and see, who is gonna lose it first.
I am willing to do that without conditions.

Power Wagon Is an off road legend. Can't wait to own one myself.

This paper truck will be the closest thing Hemi ever gets to a new Power Wagon.

The complete list which has Silverado Ford & Ram ALL on the list so point is?
@ Hemi V8
And to note by model it's NOT all years, just certain ones.

Wow its been a long time since I've been on this site and I hear HemiV8 is still blaming me for his ignorance. Can't believe that guy is still here. He says he will have a new Power Wagon and a new hellcat. The only way this loser will ever have either one is it be paper or diecast. God how dumb he is!!

@zviera - you, hemi Vin Laden, Ramadan Little Horn all do damage to the Ram brand. It is hard to trust anything you say therefore it makes it hard to trust the brand you support.

If you act like a mature responsible adult you will get treated like a mature responsible adult.

Tabula Rasa sounds fine with me.

How about a pic of your door tag....

The truth is always the best place to start.

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