Ford Offers Seamless Sliding Window in 2015 F-150

Rear_Window_Fully_Open II

Under the heading "every detail counts," Ford is revealing another segment-first feature on the 2015 Ford F-150: an optional two-piece seamless sliding rear window. Many F-150 competitors offer a sliding rear window; however, they are usually three-piece units and don't allow for a defrost option on all three pieces.

The new seamless slider, from supplier Magna International, is the first of its kind to employ a two-piece system that uses fewer moving parts, allows for a complete defrost feature and saves the truck weight.

The new option essentially offers a large piece of rear glass with a cutout opening in the middle that allows for a weather-sealed piece of glass on the interior of the truck to slide open and closed. It's controlled by a roof-mounted switch. The new setup will allow for better pass-through ventilation but does not offer as much opening space as the three-piece drop-down slider in the Nissan Titan or the fully droppable rear window option in the Toyota Tundra.

Pricing has yet to be released. To read the full press release, click here.

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Rear_Window_Closed_With_Flare II






It looks sleek but the opening is a bit small.

One nice thing about a slider is you can run long loads into the cab like pipe, 2x4's. With this I'd be afraid to let it rest on the class without braking it.

I always like the slider for booze cruising, but this one looks kinda hard to grab beers out of the ice chest through

I like it! great idea, in my parts (hillbilly land) we all need a open rear window so we can throw our empty beer cans into the bed.
Noooooo! I don't drink and drive! You might spill your drink when you hit a bump.

Is it laminated or tempered glass?

This would be a good feature on a lot of vehicles including your everyday car. It makes a big difference when I open my rear window greatly reducing the buffeting and noise level if you drive with your windows open.

The window’s opening is the same size as the outgoing design.


now how am i going to get in to the truck when i leave my keys in it the old one was like a joke for thieves.

Oooo i forgot ford has that password thing on the door bec if you don't pay for chevy road side assistance or you leave your phone in the truck your up shiits creek in a chevy

Doesn't Ford also offer the big slide down rear window as well?

How long till it starts leaking water? Cool idea but will it still work/seal 10 years later.

You want to run pipe through the cab? Go right ahead, when it screws up (or has it already?) your melon in an accident, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

Funny to see all the comments on here about throwing your beer can out the window, and again you'll probably screw yourself up too, but then again you might just screw up some bunch of other innocent people.


@Nick Those Chevy guys are still trying to figure out how to put a bigger gas tank under their half ton short beds.

“They said they wanted visibility, that it seals well when it is closed, but still able to open the center window and use the defog when it is open,” said Noah Mass, Ford manager of body exterior mechanisms.

Ford set up a design competition among suppliers and Magna hit the jackpot with a single piece of glass that meets all the criteria.

“The biggest thing was getting a seamless look with one piece of glass with a hole in it,” said Troy Tooker, engineering manager at Magna’s plant in Holland, Mich. “Appearance was a big deal.”

The one-piece sealing technology also reduces cabin noise and keeps dirt and water out.

Another feature is a heating grid for defrosting the rear glass even when the window is open. That is not possible with current rear windows on pickups.

It took a large program like the F-Series to make the technology feasible, Mass said.

Ford is also putting a power sliding rear window in its new Transit full-size commercial wagon. But the seamless window debuts on the F-150.

“There are lots of discussions about where else we can use this,” Mass said, including sunroofs.

The window is 4.5% lighter than the one it replaces. Because it is a single piece of glass with a single sealant, it is easier to assemble than the three-piece window it replaces because it has about half as many components, Tooker said.

Magna owns the intellectual property and has a patent on the heating grid. The phone has been ringing off the hook since Ford first showed the truck in January at the North American International Auto Show, Tooker said, but no further contracts with other automakers have been signed yet for the rear truck window.

The seamless sliding window will be about a $350 option on the XL and XLT packages. It will be standard on higher trim levels of the F-150. It is not available with a regular cab.

Ford expects the new design will be chosen by up to 40% of the new F-150 buyers, up from about 25% on the current truck, said Ford spokesman Mike Levine.

That is a small beer window.

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Meh, I think Toyota and Titan have the best rear window openings, the Tundras WHOLE window goes down and the Titan has a wider than normal opening.

I still see a seam.

Chow, That's the problem. When the Tundra window is open the whole window is open and there is no separation between the cab and the bed. The Titan does not have the seemless look and it loses its defrost function if the window is opened slightly.

Leaks? The whole point of this is to get rid of the leaks.

The current sliding glass rear windows, optional on many pickups, require three panes of glass and an elaborate support structure of plastic frames and sealing material that’s complex to assemble and vulnerable to quality glitches and leakage.

When Ford started designing its next-generation Ford F-150 in 2010, the company staged a design contest to come up with a better solution. One supplier emerged the clear winner -- Magna.

The company, based near Toronto, came up with a technology it refers to as “hole in glass” that resulted in the 2015 F-150’s “seamless sliding rear window.”

Lighter, easier to install

The new rear window has several advantages: it’s about 4.5 percent lighter, can be installed in one assembly line operation instead of several, gives the rear a streamlined look and provides continuous defrosting whether the window is open or not.

“Magna blew us away with their hole-in-glass technology that allowed us to get a flush, seamless look” for the rear window, said Noah Mass, Ford body exterior mechanisms manager.


This hole in the glass tech totally blew Ford away!

like the Tundra's rear window in crew max best, wish they would have squared the back of the cab and put a full retractable window in the dbl cab. I never threw a beer can out the back window, usually just over the cab roof and the bed always caught it ! CHeers Boys !

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2013 Ram has the best power slider.

2013 Ram 1500 First Look

Simply put, the Ram team touched just about every inch of the truck to get some kind of small or large improvement out of the effort. Many of the changes will likely go unnoticed because they are so small, subtle or hidden, but several are much more pronounced, like a new engine, restyled grille and a reconfigured interior center stack. For a list of all the newly touched aspects, download Ram changes here.

•New rain sensing wipers, SmartBeam® headlamps, power folding mirrors and power sliding rear window with defrost

2 Years too late....

The 2013 Ram has:

•Best-in-class fuel economy

•New 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine (Ward’s Automotive 10 Best Engines) features 42 percent more horsepower, 13 percent more torque and at least 20 percent better fuel economy when compared to the previous 3.7-liter V-6 powertrain

•5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 with Fuel Saver Technology and variable-valve timing provides 395 horsepower, 407 lb-ft of torque and best-in-class fuel economy for V-8 trucks (at least 20 percent better fuel economy when compared to 2012 V-8 powertrain)

•Class-exclusive eight-speed automatic transmission, standard equipment with 3.6-liter V-6 Pentastar (TorqueFlite 8), doubles the amount of gears compared to previously available four-speed automatic transmission to greatly improve fuel economy

•New eight-speed also available with the 5.7-liter V-8 HEMI – the Company’s first application with a V-8 (TorqueFlite 8 late availability)

•New TorqueFlite 8 operated by an innovative dash-mounted, rotary e-shift design

•First-in-segment Fuel Saving Technology: eight-speed automatic transmission, stop-start, thermal management system, pulse-width modulation and active aerodynamics, including grille shutters and air suspension

•Class-exclusive air suspension enhances fuel economy, improves ride control and off-road capability along with improved ingress/egress and loading, and features automatic load leveling

•New exterior design cues including all-new grille/fascia, improved quad projection headlamps and LED front turn signals and taillamps

•Best-in-class aerodynamics, coefficient of drag (Cd) at 0.363

•New, upgraded interior features include: standard and premium vehicle information center, passive entry, Keyless Enter ’n Go, steering wheel and controls, wood accents, updated door panels, instrument panel, interior colors and premium materials

•All-new, next-generation Uconnect® Access debuts on the 2013 Ram 1500

•Uconnect Access combines a new lineup of smart Media Centers with a powerful new wireless platform

•With Uconnect Access, Ram 1500 owners will have alternative ways to access new connected services and applications via the vehicle’s 8.4-inch touchscreen display or the web

•Next generation Uconnect system is designed to be forward-thinking, providing the freedom to upgrade to the latest features and services

•Voice-recognition technology, steering wheel controls, touchscreen displays and traditional controls provide Ram 1500 customers with a variety of ways to interact with their mobile phones, music, navigation system and applications

•Ram 1500 now available with a premium, customizable, full-color 7-inch vehicle information center

•Addition of Powernet vehicle architecture system allows new content with improved data speeds

•Chrysler Group offers Ram 1500 customers expanded Sirius XM Radio channel lineup, with exclusive programming including new SiriusXM Latino channels, an automotive industry first

•Sprint selected as the strategic partner to bring wireless connectivity and service delivery to the vehicle

•New remote central locking RamBox® cargo management system and tailgate combined with door locks

•New rain sensing wipers, SmartBeam® headlamps, power folding mirrors and power sliding rear window with defrost

•Best-in-class powertrain warranty – 5 years/100,000 miles

Not impressed to say the least

Ford probably designed this so they could offer a sliding rear window but not compromise rollover strength. Aluminum cab might need some shoring up to pass rollover standards? Every wonder why the Super Duty lost it's sliding rear window option and went to a bonded rear window? To hold the cab together during a roll over, I'll bet.

If the argument against a full roll down back window (I.e titan and tundra) is the ability to be able to sandwich boards and pipes for hauling, that is a fairly poor argument.

1) if my tundra bed is 5'3"x5'x2' you can fit an 8' 2x4 in caddy corner with less than a foot of overhang. A 10' 2x4 doesn't stick out any further than mirrors do.
2) it's stupid to have those battering rams in your cab.

A full roll down back window already meets all the superlatives hat ford is claiming they are first at.

If only I had this...I could have let the smoke out!

I think the window looks a little tacky. I suppose that might be because I'm used to seeing the traditional style sliding windows.

If I were to purchase a F150, I would not order one with a sliding window. Back in the 80's my F350 had a double sliding rear window. It was great because it gave me a lot of airflow through the cab when I wanted it.

The sliding windows nowadays are not big enough to move any significant amount of air through the cab, so I see them as unnecessary. I would rather not deal with it at all.

I have a power rear window on my ram. It is kind of cool, but in five years I have literally probably only opened it 5 times. It does look small on the new f-150, but I guess it is just an illusion cause they say it's the same size as the outgoing window. To me it would probably be more useful to have the whole window go down like the tundra, but really probably a waste of money. I'd take the normal hand-operated window even if the price was the same and everything else equal. I'd like to see the view from the inside as well as the view of the non-power window.

Hey Hemi when you get your daily Ram does it slide around your balls and up your ass or just straight down your throat?

Why go through all the cost & trouble of this design when a fully retractable window like the tundra would've been way better and more cost effective.

I do not like it! I would not like it even on a GM truck!

@Big Bob - Glass doesn't support the roof in an MVC. The glass is tempered which means it will shatter into a million pieces just like side window glass.

Magna is a Canadian company. According to Wikipedia in 2012 was the largest OEM auto parts supplier in the world. Magna did bid on Chrysler when Daimler Benz put them up for sale.

That's pathetic, you can't even carry a piece of copper pipe without risking the entire back window, and you know that whole piece of glass isn't cheap. Better get a huge steel lumber rack to carry anything long, oh wait, that'll offset the weight saved by those expensive aluminum body panels!

Gosh, such a big deal over a rear window, which most people never use (including me). I wouldn't care to lose that feature.

Problems with the Tundra verticle sliding window and why it was never copied:

1) As alraedy mentioned, no separation between the cab and bed when the rear window is open.

2) The owner's manual states that you should not keep the window open while driving, due to the risk of exhaust gasses entering the vehicle, or objects flying out.

3) The headliner gets real dirty. Guys have to vaccum their headliner regularly to make it look new. You see the dirt on the back pillars also.

4) An earlier essay stated that it would be great for kids to climb in and out, sorry, but that's a safety hazzard.

5) Adds weight and while some think it is cool they also think it not necessarily something they would pay extra for. Ford and GM are trying to lose weight and add value.

6) Only available on the crewmax anyhow.

@dan. You don't have to roll the window all the way down in the tundra. It's no different than a door window. If you want separation, you can have it. I wish the big 3 offered that option. It's nice on a cool day with nothing but the windshield.

To get the same height opening, it is essentially all the way open because it opens all the way across. It would be like if I wanted the front window open I had to open the rear seat windows, too. That's not something I would pay extra for.

The sliding rear window lost most of its relavance with the demise of the standard cab truck and the rise of laws that prohibit passangers in the open bed of a truck. To be honest I stopped caring about the sliding rear window the day i decided that I must have more than a few inches behind the seat. Yea you can get power sliders but honestly what is there to miss and I like my money spent on things that make sense. You still have at least 2 windows and I have yet to run out of air. As far as using it for long cargo thats what the bed is for and flags hanging off the back. To me this seems like alot of effort for something that matters very little.

Mark, where are the HD comparison tests already?????

@ Chuck Z. - the Gasser 3/4 ton test was released this Monday and the diesel HD test will be released next Monday.

Lou BC ?


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Say it isn't true!
I can't go thru another victory for Ram! We are still recovering from Ram winning the last one!

Ready to Ram?

Fiat-Chrysler sure is, and revealed its designs on the Ram truck brand’s breadwinner, the 1500 light-duty pickup, at its massive 2014 Investor Day future-product info bonanza. The 1500 just underwent a refresh for 2013, which brought a rash of changes more through than they appear—new interior, new base Pentastar V-6, new eight-speed automatic transmission—but Ram will refresh the truck next year before fully redesigning it in 2017.

We figure that next year’s 1500 update will bring a more fleshed-out face-lift than the 2013 changes, which included only a new bumper, grille, and hood, but we’re most looking forward to the Ram’s full overhaul in 2017. That’s because while the 1500 is perhaps the most refined truck on the market, it certainly couldn’t be called “lightweight.”

As probably the first of Ford’s domestic competitors to release an all-new truck following the aluminum-intensive 2015 F-150′s launch, it’ll be interesting to see how Ram responds to that new entry, although it isn’t likely to be with a similar materials switch. Pestered for his thoughts on the new F-150 by the assembled media, Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne replied, “Ram is prepared to go aluminum in 2017 if we wished. My gut feeling is that we will not.”

Comparison Test: 2013 Ram 1500 vs. 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, 2013 Ford F-150
10 Things You Didn’t Know About the 2015 Ford F-150
Ram 1500 Research: Full Pricing, Specs, Reviews, Long-Term Tests, and More

Fuel-economy expectations aren’t going anywhere but up, and Ram’s needed to cut some chub from the 1500 since even before the 2013 update. Our recently departed long-term, four-wheel-drive 1500 V-6 test truck, for example, was nearly 200 pounds heavier than a four-wheel-drive, V-6–powered 2014 Silverado we also tested. As for Ram’s burlier 2500 and 3500 heavy-duty models, they will be similarly updated one year behind the 1500′s 2015 refresh and 2017 redesign.

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