Recall Alert: 2013-2014 Toyota Tundra

Tundra recall[1] copy II

By Matt Schmitz

Vehicles Affected: More than 16,200 model-year 2013 and 2014 Toyota Tundra pickup trucks modified by Gulf States Toyota Inc. as part of certain vehicle packages to be equipped with a combination of non-Toyota-brand 20-inch alloy wheels with chrome-plated lug nuts.

The Problem: The coating on the lug nuts may separate, causing the lug nuts to loosen or the wheel studs to fracture, which may cause the wheel to come off from the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash.

The Fix: GST will begin notifying owners this month, and dealers will replace 20 lug nuts and torque them to specification for free.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can call GST at 800-444-1074, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to for more info.

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2013 Tundra II



But...Toyotas are built perfectly. Ahhh it's just the wheels coming off, nothing too serious. It would really suck if it happened a few seconds after the unintended acceleration.

Note these were modified NON Toyota brand ....2013 and 2014 Toyota Tundra pickup trucks modified by Gulf States Toyota Inc. as part of certain vehicle packages to be equipped with a combination of non-Toyota-brand 20-inch alloy wheels.
So if a dealership modifies a vehicle with accessories Toyota still stands behind them? I'd call that outstanding dealer support.

Well said Steve. I would expect if this happened with the other players with their own OEM nuts, they would say problem caused by poor maintenance and replacement is on the customer - or where sourced from after market it is the dealer or aftermarket suppliers problem.

@Steve and toyrulz
If you read the article you would have notice that GST is the one doing the recall, not Toyota:
"Owners can call GST at 800-444-1074, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to for more info."

In general, however, a manufacture will usually stand behind dealer installed accessories and modifications.

You have to realized that dealerships are accountable to the whatever brand they represent. Therefore, they cannot and will not make modifications that would void the warranty.

One example that comes to mind is the late 80's and early 90's GM 6.2 diesel. People didn't like the how sluggish those engines were and since they didn't come with a turbo, dealerships eventually started offering a turbo install as add-on.

You might think that adding a turbo would be a big no-no for dealerships and would immediately void the warranty. Not so. Eventually GM offered a factory turbo on the 6.2l's successor, the 6.5l.

Back before vehicles came with all they stuff they do now, dealer add-ons were much more common. Everything from dealer installed A/C to sound systems.

"the wheel studs to fracture."

Toyota needs to start giving up some of those profits and start using better quality parts!

Factory Tundra alloys take a special lug nut that "inserts" into the wheel. They are not tapered. It sounds like a crappy stealership is trying to slap one of those "local special edition" BS packages together using parts that aren't right--but probably have a huge mark up.

It would be nice to see the actual vehicle with the package fitted.

It seems the aftermarket accessory is flawed.

Not a big one, the failed lugs might be on vehicles that are used differently than most, ie, flogged more.

But, its good to have the recall anyway.

So when something goes wrong with a Toyota, the company is still amazing? I should have expected nothing else from the fanboys.

@ Alex

if you actually read things before babbling you would know its NOT Toyotas fault rather Gulf States region that puts aftermarket packages on vehicles

@Alex, That's how it works with Toyota guys. Nothing is ever Toyota's fault. It's always blame the suppliers, blame the owner, and now blame the aftermarket. Don't blame the dealers which is Toyota at the retail level that was selling the shoddy parts. Can't do it. Must never blame Toyota.

Some key words the ignorant people on this site do not comprehend:



"The COATING on the lug nuts MAY separate"

"MAY cause"

"increasing the RISK of a crash"

These are non-Toyota parts and MAY separate or MAY cause is not a defect. COATING is not a lug nut...

Nothing here has been proven in a court of law, so take it easy haters!

Toyota is fixing "potential" issues before they ever become REAL...

I'm far from being a toyota fan but this problem is very specific to a modified version. It's probably a Texas Edition. This is a dealer and aftermarket parts issue.

Exactly. Our Ford and Dodge dealers around here frequently throw a bunch of crappy parts and tacky graphics on pickups and call them stupid names like "Loco edition" or whatever. In my opinion, those parts don't reflect on how good or bad the base vehicle is--but I guess to some folks on here, they obviously do... .

Why even post this? It has been pointed out that dealerships are putting aftermarket parts on the trucks and the chrome on the lug nuts is separating.

I've seen this happen with technicians too lazy to use a torque wrench to do the final tightening. They wreck the lug nut with too much torque.

It is not just a dealer who did it, it is Gulf States Toyota, one of only two distributors for new Toyotas.

Even though the recall is through the distributor, it's as important as any recall directly from Toyota, especially considering the wheels could fall off the trucks.

I applaud them for being on top of this. How many years did it take toyota to finally recall the sticking accelerator pedals? Didn't they get record fines for dragging their feet?

@Jason so true, whenever I read comments from the likes of "Hemi lol," all I see is "blah blah blah," because these fanbois have zero credibility (just like Toyota).

Well it is not a problem on my Tundra because I kept it "pure" from the factory.

This is an after market add on, that so often goes "wrong" with all brands.

This is really not any news at all!

It is not a Toyota recall.

It is a GST recall.

@Alex why don't you think to add value vs. nothing by rhetoric? These are aftermarket wheels provided by a distributor. Toyota stands by their distributors as one in the same. I applaud them for not sweeping this under the rug. Wish Ford and GM would do the same from the experience I have had owning them!

well the chevy and mopar had starcraft and they stood behind
their junk for years i know i worked at the dealer on that junk

"It would be nice to see the actual vehicle with the package fitted."
Like this one:
GST has done this for a long time- when I was at TMMI in '05, I asked about the steel wheels on Crew cab trucks (normally came with 17" Alloys std.) and they said it was for GST- incidentally, that is where the steel wheels I got from Tire rack came from.

some of you folks trying to bad mouth Toyota obviously have never owned one. I have owned Fords most of my life the last one brand new and properly maintained had the motor blow up with 90,000 miles before it was even paid off,

Then I bought a brand new chevy truck that had more recalls than I could even respond to and the AC went out then the transmission, so I traded it in on my Dodge 4 wheel drive and the AC went out and the 4 wheel drive went out in it

So I bought my first Tundra 4 wheel drive and it was the best vehicle Ive ever driven and the most powerful truck I have ever seen. I traded it in for another brand new 4 wheel drive Tundra that is being recalled for lug nuts lol ok if that is it Ill take it.

It drives better than any other truck I've owned the past 40 years and pulls any horse trailer or tractor I need to pull and doesn't even feel like it is pulling anything. It has more room inside than any other truck and more power than any other truck on the road.

My friend has to borrow my Tundra to pull their camper because their Chevy 3/4 ton Truck won't pull it without burning the motor up!!!!

So you people better learn what your talking about before you run your mouths about lug nuts being replaced. that is nothing to even concern yourself with. And the customer care by Toyota beats any other care by any dealership.

Now that's real and the truth, so run your mouths a little more and look fools if you want, but if you've ever owned a Toyota you wouldn't say a word.

And my wife is now on her 3rd Camry which is the number one selling car on the road with the best resale value out there. Toyota has beat the others in every way.

And My Toyota is Made IN TEXAS. BUT my dodge and my chevy had 90% of it made OVERSEAS AND THEN SHIPPED IN TO THE US to be assembled.

Tundra MADE IN TEXAS built to last. get you one its the best truck on the road BY FAR!!!.

Have you looked into the "sticking gas pedal" issue? I'd have to say no because if you had researched it instead of listening to the fear mongering you would realize that it was caused by user error. The drivers had installed a second set of floor mats and the top one slid over the gas pedal. Toyota spent millions and included some NASA researchers in the process to prove that there was nothing wrong with their accelerator pedals.

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