Spied: 2016/2017 Ford Super Duty Interiors

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After the dramatic images last week of a new Ford Super Duty burning to the ground in California's Death Valley, you can imagine that our spy shooters were hypersensitive to Super Duty testing. Their attentiveness paid off as they were able to close enough to a new test truck to look inside. It looks as if all three HD truckmakers will have interiors that look similar to their half-ton counterparts. Here's what they had to say:

"We now have the first interior photos of Ford's overhauled 2016/2017 Super Duty pickups, caught clean and unobstructed — including a look into the backseat area.

"Recent iterations of Ford's Super Duty trucks have traditionally had a different dashboard design from its lighter-duty brethren, but there appears to be a much greater design confluence between the next-gen Super Duty models and redesigned 2015 F-150. This strategy might be a cost-cutting measure to help counteract the Super Duty's presumably more expensive all-aluminum body (although Ford execs claim that price bumps on the 2015 F-150 are due to increased content, not its new use of aluminum). Regardless, it appears that the dashboards of the Super Duty trucks are going to be closer to the F-150.

"We also managed to grab a quick shot into the rear cabin area of the Super Duty prototype, and can now discern some of what is lurking beneath all of that heavy camouflage. We can see that the crew cab will get a slight kick-up at the base of the rear-side-window, resembling a similar design flourish found on the new F-150. It also appears that the prototype's C-pillar is thicker than on the current Super Duty, suggesting potentially greater cab volume to rival Ram's Mega Cab."

KGP Photography images


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WOW! How cheap looking can you get. Looks like a blocky, chopped up, typical FORD setup. I think they're adapting more towards the Nissan and Toyota plastic/cheap looks. I'd rank interior quality: 1. RAM 2. GM 3. Ford 4. Toyota 5. Nissan

this is before it caught fire and melted?

Looks good to me, obviously a lower level trim package. IMO the 'big rig' dip in the front door window frame is getting really old.

Anyone else notice the pillar gauges?

To date, no one has offered a factory pyrometer. Knowing EGTs is critical when towing if you care about the longevity of your engine.

If you look close you can see the "Hasbro" label on the dash.

That's the ugliest, cheapest looking, most Rubbermaid looking interior I've seen since the 1984 Ranger.

Looks like an XL, just a base model dash. For a base it does look good and try to notice the pillar

Interior looks OK; I hope they found the issue that lead to the blazing miscarriage of that Super Duty last week.

Now that is one poorly designed dash, but this is Ford we are talking about.

Be great if they enlarge the GPS screen a bit....

No matter who's interior or what trim level is shown, the comments will be mostly negative.

That rear C pillar has to be close to a foot wide. Mega blindspot there. I hope Ford incorporates that "around-view camera" that the F150 will have so the driver can actually see everything going on around the vehicle. (one of the best of the modern automotive inventions IMHO)

Can we get rid of the belt line dip? Other than that, it doesn't look too bad. Looks like the new GM trucks a bit.

I love it! perfect for a guy like me who only buys column shift. seat colors are too easy to stain with that silver/grey mine is same color i put seat covers on so it isnt ruined in 1 week. that ruberized interior will last just long enough for me to pay it off and trade it. BEAUTIFUL!

Funny, from the last batch of pics, I thought it would be more "soft touch"... Gooey liquid... with a fresh burnt plastic smell....

awesome interior. It looks like a mans man truck tough and rugged.They could have went like government motors and put a car looking dash in it. But then they would have had to have square fenders for round tires and a buck toothed grill to match the gm after thoughts. Wait a minute isn't ford the best selling most reliable truck for 37 yrs in a row and the only co. not to take a bail out.

Ford rules chevy drools and dodge is a fiat.

Looks like the XL F-150 interior, it looks like Ford is going back to sharing Cabs with the light duties such as Ram and GM do.

Is that a manual 4WD shift lever I see in the floor?!? Yeah!

Well since the Super Duty caught fire, expect GMC to make a make a flammable trim package, since GMC is just one big Super Duty ripoff

Doesn't look much different to me. Like the 4x4 manual T case.

GM joins Ram in honest truck weighting

by Bill Cawthon • Posted on August 8th, 2014

Automotive News reports that General Motors has decided to leave all the parts on their trucks when establishing maximum payload ratings.

The practice of artificially inflating payload ratings by deleting components usually considered standard equipment has come to a head recently as it was revealed that Ford had omitted the jack, spare tire, center console, radio and other items to be able to make a claim that its Class 4 F-450 pickup, rated at 31,200 pounds towing capacity, was actually a Class 3 pickup and could out-tow the Ram 3500, which is rated for 30,000 pounds. The curb weight, which is used by most manufacturers, including Ram, to determine weight class, puts the F450 above the 14,000-pound limit for a Class 3 truck.

A standard F450 with all of its pieces and the maximum claimed loads would exceed the truck’s actual capacity and could create a hazard.

Later, it came to light that General Motors was omitting the rear bumper on its Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups to allow claims of higher payload capacities.

Trucks have an engineered total weight, or Gross Vehicle Weight, that is the maximum for which the truck is designed for safe operation. After subtracting everything “truck” from that weight, whatever is left is “payload” which includes driver and passengers as well as cargo. The less “truck” for a given GVW means a higher allowable payload, which translates directly into bragging rights.

It also opens the door for misleading claims and consumer confusion.

“As this story unfolded, we took a look at how the whole industry does this, and almost everybody uses base curb weight,” GM spokesman Tom Wilkinson said. “We thought the best thing to do was line up with the rest of the industry to make those comparisons as easy as possible for consumers.”

GM will use the curb weight standard across its entire pickup line

Ford, which has demanded that Chrysler stop claiming “best-in-class towing” for the Ram 3500, says it has no plans to change the way it calculates its Super Duty truck weights

Looks really good to me. The best interior of any truck available today. Good quality and everything is where it needs to be. Gm and fiat need to take a close look at this interior and learn from it. They don't sell these trucks by the boatload without a reason. People love em!

The dash pad on the passenger side looks cobbled together so one shouldn't get too critical of the design.

Looks okay but ergonomics are more important to me than aesthetics when it comes to interior.

It's not cobbled. There is a padded sheet covering it.

Whoever keeps stealing my name needs to stop. DiM, HEMI V8, zvirus and ALL1 have been the main people behind this.

I have been in daily contact with Mark Williams regarding this. We both agree the trolling has to stop.

I have presented the possibilily of having myself as a moderator here. I believe PUTC is open to that possibility.

Whoever keeps stealing my name needs to stop. DiM, HEMI V8, zvirus and ALL1 have been the main people behind this.

I have been in daily contact with Mark Williams regarding this. We both agree the trolling has to stop.

I have presented the possibilily of having myself as a moderator here. I believe PUTC is open to that possibility.

@Big Al from Oz - waste of time complaining. IF PUTC doesn't care than why should I.

I think this looks quite promising. I am certain this new generation SD will be a game changer and quite successful straight out the gate. Ford Enters- Ford Wins! I am not surprised at the usual bleating from the barn yard. Just when it seems the competition has made it to being 2 steps behind, it is now back to square one. Do not despair, I am certain there will be a buyer for one and a bailout coming for the other.

"you can imagine that our spy shooters were hypersensitive to Super Duty testing"

PUTC is the best. I love your spy shooters. I'd love to see a 2017 Super Duty in a Lariat Sport Package.

Hey guy does it look like a mega cab inside?

Is 30 mpg attainable without re-engineering the truck?

The first manufacturer that gets to 30 mpg wins. We are seeing that with our 28 mpg EcoDiesel as well as the 25 mpg on the Pentastar V-6 model that fuel economy is so important. We are seeing it in the share gains and the growth for the brand. That's a number that is out there, but I don't think you can stop there.

Ram exec says first company with a 30 mpg pickup 'wins'

So Ram eventually will have 30 mpg on the window sticker?

I just want to have continuous improvement and to keep gaining every day. We sat still in the past and it doesn't lead to a great place. We are focused on constant improvement every single day.


GM needs to copy the mega cab style, but bring back their famous 5 window design from the late forties, early fifties. The corner windows would really add to the safety of these longer cabs. While making the cab look much better.

This site used to be a very good site to visit for new and upcoming pickup truck info, but with the invasion of so many 10 year olds, it is now a joke. The my Dad can beat up your Dad mentality around here is getting really old.


"The first manufacturer that gets to 30 mpg wins."

Any of the manufacturers can build a 30 mpg truck but the problem is that it will not have the shape, size, capacity and performance that we expect from a pickup.

That is the same reason why hybrid systems haven't been well accepted in a truck.

I love it, that's definitely an XL package. Basic seats, no big screen, and no electrochromic mirror. For being a work truck, I think that looks superb. Gotta also remember it's a pre-production model, so it's not going to look 100% finished here.

Truck interiors need to be functional, that's what influences me most as a consumer in terms of the interior.

People quickly forget that even as recent as the previous gen of all the trucks on the market, the interiors were made from cheap plastics that would rattle and didn't have a good fit.

What has changed dramatically in the truck market is people now have and expectation of trucks having a high end luxury interior.

I don't have a problem with that per se, but if I want a cheap truck, there should be no reason why I have to pay for an upscale interior.

I think people are too quick to judge using spy photos as their sole source of information.

Ford has always had the ugliest interiors! The only one I can stand is the current F-150

@HEMI MONSTER - agreed.
I do think that the focus on "soft touch" interior pieces in a truck is a bit much. I never saw a problem with the 60's and '70's era trucks my dad had with metal dashes, glove box doors and doors that were more metal than plastic panel.

Any place where your body comes into contact with the vehicle interior on a frequent basis should be padded i.e. soft touch like arm rests, centre consoles, and window ledges.

Hope that's the base do model. Not a hater but that looks like garbage. I'd don't care who the manufacturer is.

Clearly a lower model truck but it's a functional interior. I don't see why everyone cries about soft-touch materials all over on a truck. In a high-end truck it's fine but for most I would prefer a tough dash.

Soft padding for the places that make contact is all that matters to me. I don't rest my head on the dash :)

It does look good......for a base model. And clearly that center stack is the base level. It is nearly the same as the xl f-150 interior. I think if you like/dislike the interior on the new f-150 you will like/dislike the interior of the f-250. I do not like that they are so similar. I really have loved the way the f-150 and f-250 are so differentiated over the past 15 years. I also notice the rear window is way too small and the rear pillars way too big. Another thing I love about super duty is it's great visibility. I'm glad they at least kept the dip in the front windows. Some people complain about the way it looks but they were designed for function, not looks. If you own one you gotta love that dip for visibility. That is definitely one downside of my ram, the visibility is just terrible compared to my super duty, and GM trucks are worse than ram for that!

I think visibility gets overlooked as one big reason that encourages so many people like the ford HD trucks more. They may not realize it, but when you sit in the truck that alone makes the truck so much better/easier to drive. It annoys the heck out of me to sit in a chevy and not be able to see your surroundings as well (lower seat height, smaller windows all around, smaller mirrors). When you are on the job (even if you aren't on a job) visibility is very important. It is SOO nice some of our newer 10 wheelers that have much improved visibility as compared to some of the older trucks with tiny windows and a seat that sits too low.

Way too many buttons! On the dash and steering wheel!

@Beebe, so true! I hate the Chevy seating position. Plus in the Chevy you also have to put up with a Bose stereo.

Ram 1500 Diesel Pickup Fuel Economy: Drivers Beat Mileage Ratings In Real-World Use.

With several months of sales under its belt, Chrysler says many owners of the only diesel light-duty pickup are getting even better fuel efficiency than the EPA ratings.

Third parties have said they are doing far better than the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel's 28-mpg highway rating. That number was validated by Motor Trend magazine in a pre-production vehicle last fall.


Just like you I made a complaint regarding the comments under my name in this article.

They removed MY comment to you I made earlier and left the incorrect comments in. Go figure.

PUTC, please start to use some common sense. If you guys at PUTC really want to clean this site up it will take effort on your part.

I should add that I don't actually own a truck. I just like to talk crap about other people's trucks cos it makes me feel better

@BAFO, I report your comment because you were not on topic, and PUTC removed it. Stop going off topic in full-size pick up threads or get out!

@Chris - yeah....... right.

They designed the dash from hard plastic so the dash won't crack in the hot sun.
All the auto and truck makers are using cheap materials so if you are going to blame Ford make sure you blame all other makes too.
Besides its a work truck!
Nobody takes their girl in a dress gown to the grand ball in a work truck.
When you see pictures of the movie stars arriving to a party they are not in a work truck!

You guys are hillbillies! You should be proud of who you are!
Hillbillies don't expect a fancy interior.

This one looks very base and blocky is "the style" of late.

The A Pillar gauges and manual transfer case were the most appealing things to me.

Based on the subject and the prespective provided by these photos I dont see this design as pushing any boundaries.

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