Toyota Releases Pricing for 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

Tundra front dirt II

Toyota made quite a splash at the 2014 Chicago Auto show when it announced the production of the TRD ProSeries for the 4Runner, Tacoma and Tundra. Toyota recently announced that the premium price for its most extreme off-road package on the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro wouldn't be much more than the previous TRD Baja T/X package, even though the new Pro Series drives much more impressively.

For the Tundra, the TRD Pro Series includes better shocks and springs, interior accents, a massive front skid plate, Michelin off-road tires, a TRD dual exhaust, unique bed stamping and a new Inferno red color. TRD Pro Tundras will come in either double cab or CrewMax configurations and will be offered only with the 5.7-liter DOHC V-8 (which comes standard with the six-speed automatic transmission).

Double cab 4x4 Tundra TRD Pros will start at $42,385 (including destination) and CrewMax TRD Pros will start at $45,000. Flex-fuel models are available for both cabs and will carry identical pricing.

To read the Toyota press release, click here.

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Tundra bed II




where's the winch?

Oxi, I know you haven't posted in awhile, but if you're reading this, do you have any comments? I'd like to hear your comments on this since you have a background in off-roading. I hope you're still out there and weren't banned. If banned, just get a new IP.

Same price as the PW??? Let it's far less capable. Tough sell.

Good job Toyota!

Best looking of the "redesigned" Tundra's, Toyota needs to refresh the frame and get a 8-10 speed and offer a diesel and they would gain market share.

Serious Specs for Serious Off-Roaders

With each part engineered, tested and tuned by Toyota and the experts at Toyota Racing Development (TRD), the Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner TRD Pro Series are packed with authentic off-road capability and built to be pushed to the limits. Available on 4X4 models of Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner, all TRD Pro Series vehicles will be equipped with:

•TRD Bilstein shocks with remote reservoirs in the front and rear, for increased oil capacity and suspension travel
•TRD-tuned front springs
•Unique front grill with “TOYOTA” badging (pays tribute to early iconic Toyota models)
•TRD floor mats
•TRD shift knobs
•Black TRD alloy wheels

A hot new color, Inferno, is joined by Attitude Black Metallic and Super White, cool classics for off-road rigs.

Tundra Like No Other

In addition to the shared features, the Tundra TRD Pro will be equipped exclusively with:

•TRD front skid plate
•TRD-tuned springs with 2” lift for the front of the vehicle
•Decreased spring rate to improve ride quality over harsh terrain
•All-black 18-inch TRD alloy wheels with Michelin Off-Road tires designed exclusively for Tundra
•5.7-liter V8 with a TRD dual exhaust system
•TRD PRO quarter panel bed stamping
•Multi-reflector halogen headlights with black sport bezels and manual level control
•Unique interior seat color with red stitching
•Unique TRD Pro instrument panel ornament insert

@ Emilio Palacios - less capable in what way?

A Ram PowerWagon has a cargo capacity of 1,492 and a tow capacity of 10,800lb. List price 49,145.

The TRD Pro CrewMax starts at 45,000, can tow 9,800 and haul 1,440 lbs.

We have a 1/2 ton with an offroad package that is 52 lb off on cargo and 1,000 lb less on towing and costs 4,145 less.

Sure the PW has lockers front and back and electronic disconnecting sway bars but those sway bar ends screw up in mud and water. I know a guy with a Wrangler Unlimited and all of the guys in his Jeep club has had multiple failures.

No thanks.
For that kind of money, I'd rather have a Lexus.

The second that thing hit the trails, that lovely orange paint would get scratched, dented, the thing can't even take a corner. It's for machismo purposes only. I'm sure Bob The Builder, who suffers from E.D. and "Low T" will enjoy it before the next housing bubble bursts and it gets repoed.

@ brandon d
Where is the Raptors winch; oh that's right.

I wonder why Toyota gave the 4Runner Nitto Terra Grapplers and the Tacoma BFG TA KOs; couldn't give the Tundra the same tires or the Nitto Trail Grapplers. I'm sure majority of people will be ditching the Michelin tires for better offroad dedicated tires.

I think the Tundra or the 4Runner are the best bang for your bucks out of the TRDPro group. You can really see how the Tacoma was kind of shafted when the Tundra and the 4Runner get these beefy aluminum skid plates, and the Tacoma just get the regular OE ones; and the same TRD wheels that nearly every special edition Tacoma gets.

While I think this Tundra is cool--just like the Raptor and PW are too, I wouldn't spend that kind of money for a "play" vehicle (which I think the Raptor and PW are as well).

For that kind of coin, I would buy a diesel 1-ton.

I finally wished up and got me a RAM.

Don't know what I was thinking ever buying a TOYOTA.

@jay - Toyota is being realistic. Any 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton truck isn't going to be great offroad on tighter trails or on soft ground. The Michelins will wear well on gravel roads which is about as hardcore as most people ever get anyway.

the michelin ORP tires on the Tundra are specifically suited for desert style terrain which is what it was made for

@hemi lol - do you have a close up picture of the Michelin OPR?
As far as I can tell it looks similar to LTX AT2.

@HemiLOL - this pic actually shows a Michelin LTX AT2.

They must not of had the OPR for the initial press releases.

The AT2 is a decent tire and seems to hold up reasonably well. I considered them for my F150 but chose Grabber AT2's because of the more aggressive tread and winter designation.

@HemiLOL - sorry, forgot to add the link:

buy the regular tundra and install the bilstein 5100s front and rear will work fine for 99% and get the look you want and save yourself a good $10K. The only thing i would want off this truck is the shocks and i really dont need em. was just in mexico and my 5100s did just fine and i like to mat the go pedal. the newer tundras have more electronic nannies than the older ones. i personally will keep my 2010 dbl cab until the prices come down on the ram 1500 diesel. the new tundra has nothing over my 2010 and imo they made the interior less functional. back seat in dbl cab is lower and less comfortable, lost the pop up storage boxes in upper door panel. No storage under seat or flat load floor in crew max. FAIL TOYTOA, i could care less that the radio is closer to the driver. looks too much like a ford now. for the $$$ buy the raptor.

that TURD sure ain't much to look at

I don't know the price of the Tundra's spec'd the same and not TRD'd.

But, if the suspension tuning is what you require then it probably is a relatively good buy for off roading. The only thing missing is a bulbar to 'remove' small flora due to it's huge turn radius.

I still think you are better off buying the lowest spec model that has what you require, then modifying the suspension, etc to suit your requirements.

This TRD is as much or more about marketing and perception than performance. The Raptor and PW illustrate this with the mall cruiser looks/use they endure as well.

As for the capability as someone mentioned, I do think this Tundra has a low payload as does the PW and Raptor. If you are off roading you couldn't or shouldn't load the truck to the manufacturers limit, then go off road.

Maybe these trucks should have at least a 2 500lb payload so you can safely use 1 600lbs.

Remember upward suspension travel is reduced as you load a truck. When driving over humps and bumps gravity will force the suspension to bottom out easier.

You could end up with the "Ram Effect Shockies" ;)

@ cmon

Damn I hate to say it but I feel the same way about my 10 and the 14 Tundra.

Hahahaha!!!! LouBC, you ask me how, then list everything??? Dude, I was an owner of a 2006 PW. Don't tell me what it can or can not do. My PW would out climb, out tow, out pull, and out do anything that Toyota can. I can't believe you think it would stand a chance. Shows how much you know.

LouBC, I meant the New PW would out tow or pull this truck without a Doubt. Let alone everything else. My 06 would definitely out Adventure it. This Toyota wouldn't stand a chance. Doesn't even have a Locking Differential, does it???

Ugly just like the rest of the Tundras, I like to old grill better. 7 years now for this truck with very little updating and they don't discount much, only a jackass would buy one of these.

@Big Al from Oz - Toyota says that the TRD Pro package does not affect tow or haul specs.

@Emilio Palacios - your 2006 has 3/4 ton truck tow and haul capabilities. The new Power Wagon has 1/2 ton tow and haul specs. That is my main point.

As far as where ever you chose to go with one, in my part of the world full sized trucks are just too big for serious offroad work. It doesn't take long for the bush to reclaim roads and companies are required to "deactivate" roads no longer being commercially used.

A gravel road built to handle 120K loads doesn't need lockers or disconnecting sway bars to handle even when those roads deteriorate. The rest is better left for Jeeps, Samurai''s, quads and dirt bikes.

Sorry, I should have expressed myself better. I was referring to the level of bling, ie, power windows, A/C, fabric, dashboard bling, etc.

I do know that the base model BT50 is blinged quite well with traction aids, locking diff, brakes, hill climb, trailer sway, etc. This doesn't include the A/C, powerwindows, connectivity, etc.

So, if someone wants a pickup the only thing missing from a base model to make it a mid spec is carpet instead of a vinyl floor covering.

The money saved could be invested into a decent after market supplier.

Really if you look at the more commercial vehicles dedicated to off roading they aren't so pretty to the eye. So the mall (and bling) is apparently a very important part of the daily life of these vehicles, ie, Raptor, PW, TRD stuff, etc.

@Big Al from Oz - anyone that is truly serous about offroading buys a small vehicle. Big trucks modded for offroad tend to be road queens. I've known a few guys with offroad HD's. One guy was a mechanic at an offroad shop and the other used his truck just for hunting season to get into remote spots.

I had a Ranger with the biggest tires I could fit stock and I could go anywhere guys with 40" Monster Mudders could.

I'd like an offroad packaged truck like the TRD Pro because it is factory and would improve ride on gravel roads and still tow and haul normal.

I'd never buy a Power Wagon because I could buy a 3/4 ton (regardless of brand) for less and add a winch and tires for less and have way more tow and haul capacity.

Looking back at my purchase of my 4x4 I probably could have done it differently, like I stated, bought the base model. But I initially started out looking for a Discovery at nearly twice the price.

The suspension, tyres and snorkel I just put on my pickup could of had the cost covered. But, its like crying over spilt milk, what is done is done.

You are correct regarding the size of a 4x4. Even the track I was on the weekend would have made it harder in a full size 1/2 ton let alone a HD. You needed good ramp over and a relatively short wheel base to snake around the trees that littered the sides of the track.

Some of the sites were fantastic. Magnetic termite mounds that looked like a massive cemeteries, thousands of acres, a big red roo, which I didn't think would live up in the more heavily wooded regions.

I should work for the NT Tourist board, but there are some great sights and sites for camping up here. It's a pity I only have several months left and I'll be going to the big smoke down in the southeast :(

@ Emilio Palacios
This comment of yours is marginal at best when looking for a 4x4 to do actual off roading;

"LouBC, I meant the New PW would out tow or pull this truck without a Doubt. Let alone everything else. My 06 would definitely out Adventure it. This Toyota wouldn't stand a chance. Doesn't even have a Locking Differential, does it??? "


Out tow? Out pull? So, how far can you go off road towing and how much weight will you be able to tow effectively in an off road situation?

Do you not understand high and low range transfer cases. Even a Pentastar in a PW in low range 1st will still pull thousands of pounds. What will stop you is traction and clearance, ie getting hung up, prior to not having enough power.

A shorter wheel base and even with less clearance will still give you a better ramp over than what the PW offers.

I do think you should maybe off road before passing comment and judgment. Oh, off roading isn't as a passenger in your father's pickup when he drives down a dirt road or driveway.

Big Al From Oz, I'm from American Falls, Idaho. We have more off road trails then roads out here. When I say Off Roading, I mean going on trails that end, but we keep going because that's what a PW is capable of doing. Or going on trail so old, that we have to wench a falling tree off the trail, so I can continue going up the mountain. Or driving down a dirt road to only stop, and look up a tall hill with out a trail a tell my Cousin, 'I bet this truck can climb straight up this hill.' And do it. I'm talking Off Roading that scare my passengers. And who even said Out Pull and Tow while Off Roading??? But even then, a PW can out do any Toyota.

@ Emilio Palacios
I'm terribly sorry I miss understood your comment regarding off roading.

I really thought you would have been able to distinguish the difference between off road and on road performance.

The reality is this is an off road article. Any 4x4 that has been built over the past decade will mainly be handicapped by it's operator and not the vehicle.

So, maybe someone in a Taco will out drive you off road in a PW. Just because you have a PW doesn't mean squat.

I've seen plenty of guys who have an Eastwing hammer in the shed, but I've seen others out 'nail' them using a sh!tter Chinese hammer.

The perceived quality or performance that is marketed has very little to do with the person behind the wheel.

The PW is way to large and heavy to be considered a serious off road vehicle. Also, it isn't about hp, when you leave school and get your license don't just buy because the vehicle is supposed to be bigger, mostest, largest, etc.

Buy a vehicle because it's suitable. This is where many wannabe off roaders like yourself come unstuck.

Hahaha!!! Big Al From Oz, you saying that about the size and weight is like saying the Hummer, Military and Public version, isn't an Off Roader because of its size. And also, you think the National Forest Agencies would Purchase these vehicles every year if they were going what with Ram says.

Some of ya'll on here need to do some actually testing and driving of some of these vehicles you talk down on, before you judge. Really.

@Emilio Palacios - still not impressed by the NEW Power Wagon.
Idaho does have a fairly low population density with a size of 83,570 sq.mi.
In contrast the Northern part of BC is 231,661 sq.mi. with only 300,000 residents. The whole province is 364,764 sq.mi.

In BC there are 45,000 km of paved highways but 367,000 km of gravel industrial roads (logging, mining, ranching etc.). Over time as those industrial roads are no longer needed they turn into trails.
Ever been somewhere where you only see 2 other vehicles in a weeks time and they are work vehicles?
I live in an area almost 3 times larger.

I'm sure you are one of the few people out there that actually use a Power Wagon as intended.

I don't see many Power Wagons and my local dealer says he doesn't sell very many.

They don't offer any clear advantage to a guy who spends his work life or play life in the back country.

@ Emilio Palacios or whatever Ramistan operator you are.
I never stated that any vehicle isn't a off roader, you are making an assumption. Which is why I do think your assumption that you know how to off road might get you unstuck when you get old enough for a license.

As for the your National Parks etc, well, did you know they only have US vehicles to choose from? What imports can they select? None.

Your Hummer comment cements my view that you don't have a clue or have ever been off road.

@Emilio Palacios - you are the one assuming that other bloggers do not have any credible off-road experience.

The military is going away from Hummers because they do not hold up well to IED's.

I've only seen 1 H1 get used off-road. The rest are status symbols like owning a Ferrari.

I've seen 2 PowerWagons used as work trucks and the one looked pathetically overloaded with cargo that would be fine in a standard 3/4 ton.
I've also seen 2 Raptors as work trucks.

The trucks I see purchased by companies or government are plain crewcab gasser HD's.

The Forest Service "Rap Attack" fire crews use HD Ram and Ford Diesel trucks because their gear is much heavier than what a PW can carry.

I did look at a PowerWagon before buying my current truck. It is was too expensive for what you get.

@Emilio, as usual, BAFO is putting his foot in his big mouth. Being in Eastern Idaho, you should check out Snake River Offroaders, they do some pretty hard core stuff like the lava rock and deep snow. I've been with clubs in Australia, and what they do is basically drive Toyotas through puddles, in comparison.

@Lou BC "I did look at a PowerWagon before buying my current truck. It is was too expensive..."

Don't worry Lou a lot of people like you have no money. At least you live in a socialist country and you can wait 3 of 4 days to get your "free" medical my ass what's your tax rate in Canada

Hey these people took the challenge for you Lou maybe you can afford a real truck....

@Lou BC janzten soinekoak - ouch. The Ram J!had just figured out google translate.

What a bunch of losers.

If you read my response to this kid, I think you'll realize he's not ever off roaded or probably lives in Butt F4ck Falls, Idaho.

If he had he would be describing different vehicles for off roading, sorry mate.

I don't even think you own a pickup, let alone are from Australia or you would have read into this Emilio guy. Just like the guy who's been to Spain and lives in Winnepeg.

You talk a lot, Alex. But with vague and ambiguous under tones.


Small trucks have advantages off road, but are top heavy and prone to roll over, stock vs stock fullsize. I've almost rolled a Nissan Hardbody, but never had a close call with a fullsize. Most lifelong off roaders have rolled a small trucks or 2, but rarely a fullsize. But it's silly to call one or the other, the ultimate off road vehicle. MX bikes are the ultimate for off road. Don't kid yourselves. OK go ahead!

The Raptor clearly inspired this, but why no mention? Should at least give a tip of the hat. Sure it's a joke in comparison, but the prices are just like the Raptor's. Except about $75 less. They couldn't really exceed the Raptor's price with a largely inferior truck. And with Mark always kissing up the, what'd you expect?

@Fake Lou - under my skin? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

That liberal arts degree got you a wonderful job at Walmart.

Pushing the green agenda I see.

Some day you might be able to afford a used Prius.

Trd. Really? They actually think people wont call it a turd? Come on now!

Most of you h8rs out there have never really off-roaded. If you had you wouldn't be arguing about things that don't matter. The trd pro was designed for desert off roading. Same as the raptor. Difference is the Toyota is much cheaper. The raptor is much wider and heavier, wider is good in the desert but heavier isn't. The raptor is proven slower in all aspects as well. The pw is made for crawling. Not high speed off-roading. First you would get beat to death in a pw in high speed off road conditions. Second they were designed for completely different uses. No one buys a pw to off-road unless you like getting hung up due to size. Why do you think the wrangler is small and the best stock off road vehicle on the planet. But again the wrangler is designed for slow woody off road driving. As far as Baja style desert/ high speed off road driving in a full size truck you have only 2 choices. A raptor and this. In the battle between the 2 I would take the Toyota. The raptor takes a huge towing capacity due to the frame modifications that the toyota doesn't. Also bilstein 5100's can't hold a candle to the remote res shocks on either truck
Stop arguing about which is better when you are talking apples and oranges

Why won't Toyota make a real off road truck with lockers and a Lift i've been waiting to trade my Tundra in on One.Cosmetics won't get you thru rough terrain. Wake up Ford,Dodge are showing us up.

WOW !! all those blogs up here are boring and useless. I own a 2005 Tacoma and a 2009 Tundra Rock Warrior,and I love them both ,no issues with them at all ,very well made,I can still shut the doors on the tacoma with one finger, I would definitly buy the TRD stop bashing each other like little kids .Im in Sudbury Ontario Canada and the Toyota's I own do the perfect things I need them for ,Hunting ,fishing ,offroading 4x4 ing etc.... PS; BRING THEM TRD PRO'S TO CANADA DAMN IT !!!

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