Video Finds: Truck-Loving Activities at Their Finest

Video lead Classic GMC II

We spend quite a bit of time searching for interesting news items and truck-releated videos so you don't have to, so when we find something important or entertaining we pass it along.

We think these two videos have some cool content and are presented in a refreshingly unpretentious format. Take a look.




If you like to see people fail, these videos are for you. The Hot Rod boys choose a truck that's been in the yard for decades and are then surprised the motor is too worn to drive home with. The Dirt Everyday guy preps a truck for the Cheap Truck Challenge and fails miserably when the four wheel drive won't work.

I never understand the passion for restoring old pickups, the work and expense involved is not worth it.
The newer pickups are the better they are improved.
I love new technology.
My passion is older Japanese Motorcycles, I own 6, just bought another one yesterday but I love restoring them. I buy them cheap when they don't run and the owner thinks its hopeless, the one I bought yesterday I got running in 30 mins, it just had a clogged petcock and he didn't understand how a vacuum diaphragm carb works.
2006 Suzuki DRZ400S, 8800 miles, paid $800, plan on selling it for $3000
I also have a 1973 Yamaha DT360 with title, all restored want $5000, no test rides, I will ride it and you can watch.
People ask me why I want so much, I tell them I love this bike so much it would take that amount for me to part with it.

If you don't like restoring 'old tech' vehicles and you like new tech vehicles, that is modifying them....apparently.....why do you waste you time talking crap about Yammy bikes?


Don't understand the passion restoring pickups, but you restore bikes???

No comprehension at all?? Boy, you really are a lantern, not quite a light.

People collect and restore things for different reasons. Having restored a 63 IH step side pickup that was my grandfather's I can tell you it was personal. I got a lot of attention in that truck and my only regret was getting talked into selling it. Those of us you really like trucks like all trucks, new and old.

New stuff is not built as well. Put two tons in a new truck and see it sag. Put that in a twenty year old truck much less sag.

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