2015 Chevrolet Colorado Drive Impressions: Video

2015 Colo beach 1 II

We've just finished our first drive of the all-new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. We figured you'd be interested to know exactly what we thought as we drove just about every four- and six-cylinder iteration of the pickups; we even got to do some towing.

Look for the full story to come with more details and specifics about what we liked and what we hope will get better in the future.

Cars.com photo by Evan Sears




Sounds pretty nice!

About time someone got a new midsize truck out their, hopefully the others will follow.

Very thorough and interesting video. Great job! That front air dam looks weird and that paint? Maybe it was just the angle of the sun but that red paint looks like crap. I think the gmc looks better than the chevy. Looks like this truck is much better than the competition.......if it's reliable.


Did you hear that? Best in class!

The more I look at these trucks the more I want to buy one but with the 2.8L Duramax. It be good for a parts cruiser or after work truck to buzz around in.

Nice. I am impressed. At the end of the video they show the Colorado and Canyon side by side. I tend to like the Colorado better because it looks different than the Silverado. The Canyon looks like the Sierra.

To bad they did not release the diesel right off the bat.

i saw things that 2002 blazers had in them in this lol my 98 sonoma sls had the same speedo tach except for colors! i really like that little truck! and they said it has good power. 3500lbs without max tow pack is fine i wouldnt tow more than that with it anyway. BTW a 16ft dual axle landscape trailer with a big commercial zero turn a small commercial zero turn and 2 commercial 30 and 21 push mowers is right around 4klbs id be fine going 500 over tow rating with aftemarket trailer brake. I live in steep hills area too.

R.I.P. Tacoma

Reminds me of the chevy blazer and gmc jimmy with the 4.3 v6. needs duramax but probably pushing 38K with that package 4x4 6.5ft bed ltz.

I cannot find cargo ratings specific to each trim but GM's site lists "up to" 1,700 lb cargo. That is most likely for the base model extended cab "seat delete" 4x2. 1,700 lb cargo puts it on par with most 1/2 ton trucks short of max cargo packages.

If the baby Duramax can keep the same tow/haul specs as the V6 gasser it will be well within the parameters of the Ram ecodiesel.

I can see this truck being a direct competitor to the Ram Ecodiesel. If this truck can keep a 1,400lb rating in a Z71 crew 4x4 it would be superior to the ecodiesel.

Cue Ramadan Little Horn and the Ram J!had.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Sep 23, 2014 4:50:44 PM


Yet again Lou BC starts in with the name calling.

I am very impressed with the video of this truck. Either the V-6 or the I-4 is a good choice.

Great job GM - finally. I'm hoping it aces all the IIHS and NHTSA crash tests. No small pickup truck has ever been able to do that. This might be the truck to reign Safety King.

Good for you GM!

Ford went running like a little girl away from this segment.

Mr. Dan Ammann doesn't want it. He doesn't need to labeled: "Still worthy of being a 'Ford Man.'" What the hell is that? What is your motto there? "Boys, run from your competition, save your hide" -- anything short of that we're gonna burn you at the stake? Well, gentlemen, when the sh$t hits the fan some guys run and some guys stay. Here's GM facing the fire; and there's Ford hidin' in big Daddy's pocket.

I don't know who went to this place, William Clay Ford, Mark Fields, Joseph R. Hinrichs -- whoever. Their spirit is dead -- if they ever had one -- it's gone. You're building a rat ship here. A vessel for sea goin' recalls. And if you think your preparing these rangers for manhood you better think again. Because I say you are killing the very spirit Ford proclaims it instills! What a sham. What kind of a show are you guys puttin' on here today. I mean, the only class in this act is GM. And I'm here to tell ya this companies soul is intact. It's non-negotiable. You know how I know? Someone here -- and I'm not gonna say who -- offered to buy it. Only GMC here wasn't sellin'.

I wish they let you borrow a diesel. I'm curious to hear you driving impressions on that engine.

Also, did you notice any difference in ride quality between the wheelbases? I still can't decide between the 5.5' and the 6.5' beds. I live in a more urban area, so I'm thinking the short bed would be the way to go, but then if I put a toolbox in it I barely have a bed.

That slow drop tailgate on G.M. rigs is hard to deal with, you will find yourself pushing it down due to the slow nature of it.

Cool trucks but you can get a full size for just a little more? Most full sizes can be had with 10k off sticker, will these be discounted the same 7-9k? If not hard sell. Not like your saving a ton on gas. I just don't see these selling good, hope I'm wrong.

The other truck website TFL said the same thing about the new mid size trucks from GM. The competition is not in the same class and not even close. A clear WINNER!

Mark - thanks for a great video, have wanted someones opinion of this truck other than ad-men from GM. If I got it right GM may have listen to there customers. Something Japan and Korea have been famous for in the car segment for awhile.

GM wanted these trucks in the showroom four years ago but their elapsed time from drawing board to the showroom is awful, though not much worse than Ford or RAM in that respect.

The Asians have reduced the cycle from the traditional intervals (five to seven years) down to an amazing 18 mos to 3 years. Companies like Hyundai/Kia are very bold in this respect.

GM should be very worried about one of the Korean twins bringing out some twins of their own.

Buy 'em while ya can!

Available only for a limited time!

I like it. Will wait one model year, but 2016 looks very favorable for a Colorado or Canyon to replace my ZR2.

Sounds much better and refined than the Thai-built Holden Colorado in Australia. Though I am fairly confident that a certain person will challenge me on that.

Overall it's definitely a truck worth considering if that's what you're in the market for. Then again, it's not like there's much else out there for the mid-sized market.

"Sounds much better and refined than the Thai-built Holden Colorado in Australia."

Alex, I agree and that's because the all it really shares from the Holden build is a bag of bolts. More of it is based off the Silverado. The frame is basically a scaled down version of the Silverado and the cab shares a lot of engineering strategies with the Silverado, including extensive use of high-strength steels and in-laid doors. The box is also like a baby Silverado with all of the tie downs and corner bumper step.

Sharing many structural components with the Silverado means that the Colorado ends up being a very quiet and more refined truck than the Brazilian designed model in Australia. Chevy says that it will be the quietest truck in the segment, like the new Silverado is in the full-size segment. Where it does aline with the global is in the engines like the 2.5 and 3.6 because the global already uses them. The difference with the diesel will be the emissions the - U.S. truck will require Urea injections like the Silverado HD and Cruze. Also, inside it shares a lot with the Silverado and the interior esentially a scaled down version of the Silverado.

@Hemi Monster

I agree, it is a truck worth considering if you are in the market for a midsize. While the midsize segment is too small for my needs, there are people out there that these size of trucks are perfect for. I would also love to see Jeep bring back the Comanche with a front end of a Wrangler in this segment.

On another note, I am surprised at the video. It is not like the usual videos out by PUTC that goes over too much of everything to fast and you end up not knowing anything about the truck. This video actually covered a lot of what a truck buyers of these trucks would like to know in the short amount of time I know they had with these trucks. Good job PUTC on this one.

Good to hear opinions from an actual reviewer. Although I initially wanted a 4 cyl version of this truck, hearing the fuel economy turned me off a little at first due to it being so close to the v6. However, and this is a big HOWEVER, I'd like to find out what real world driving scenarios do to actual observed MPG. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. I'm glad the extended cab is looks to be as large as the Tacoma, and not small and cramped like in the frontier. Also glad to hear the 4 cyl can move if you want it to. Keep the info coming!

I seen a Canyon at a farm show two weeks ago. 4wd crew, most options, payload sticker @1,440 lbs. make a ram blush!

Im usually a Ford fan but in this instance I need to say way to go GM. You dared go where Ford was afraid to and I hope these trucks fly off the shelves for you. These trucks look great and the reviews for them, and the level of refinement is awsum. I will be visiting a GM dealership within 2 yrs to trade in my Frontier. Can't wait to test drive one of these.

@ Common man - 1,440 is definitely better than any Ram ecodiesel. One of the reasons I chose not to get a small truck was payload. That cargo rating is better than most full sized crew 1/2 tons.

@Fam PigHorn 15oo - name calling? Really?

You are just imagining things....... like Ram superiority ;)

@Fam PigHorn 15oo - name calling? Really?

You are just imagining things....... like Ram superiority ;)

Posted by: Lou_BC | Sep 23, 2014 10:07:46 PM


Lou_BC is on a real roll with the name calling.

To think this forum tries to blame it all on the Ram fans.

While it looks like 99% of the rest have made the effort to stop the childish name calling Lou_BC and Johnny Doe both just can't seem to break the habit.

Ecodiesel load capacity:

Regular cab 1580 pounds payload capacity
Regular cab 9200 max tow capacity

Quad cab 1430 pounds payload capacity
Quad cab 9050 max tow capacity

Crew cab 5'7" bed 1470 pounds payload capacity
Crew cab 5'7" bed 8950 max tow capacity

Crew cab 6'4" bed 1400 pounds payload capacity
Crew cab 6'4" bed 8900 max tow capacity


Chevy Colorado

Max load capacity 1440 pounds
Max tow capacity 7000 pounds


I will take the Ram Ecodeisel and its better fuel mileage and full size capability over the Chevy/GMC Colorado/Canyon.

@Ram Big Horn 1500 ...........and you can't break the habit of getting your hijab wrapped too tight cutting off circulation.

Echolalia explains a lot about the quality of your posts.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Sep 23, 2014 10:25:07 PM


The hits just keep rolling with Lou_BC.

Grow up Lou_BC.

And in other news today



@Ramma Big Horn south - The 1,440 weight is for the CrewCab long box 4x4. 1,700 lb is for the extended cab 4x2.

Since you cherry picked just the 4x2 ratings here is the range of tow/haul ratings for the 4x4 trucks.
Ecodiesel Crewcab

- cargo 1,233
- tow 8,750

Long Horn
- cargo 881
- tow 8,400

Ecodiesel Quadcab 4x4

- cargo 1,324
- tow 8,850

- cargo 1,299
- tow 8,800

If you go to a V6 pentastar then the tow ratings become closer.

Crew 4x4
- cargo 1,776
- tow 7,400

- cargo 1,737
- tow 7,350

quad 4x4
- cargo 1,830
- tow 7,450
- cargo 1,794
- tow 7,400

The Ecodiesel has poor cargo ratings and okay tow ratings. The Pentastar Ram has good haul ratings and okay tow ratings.

When GM releases the Colorado Duramax it will be compared to the Ecodiesel Ram.

If the specs do not change it will be competitive with the Ram.

GM buyers will have the choice of 4 trucks that will easily compete with the non-V8 Rams - Colorado, Canyon, Sierra, and Silverado.

Looks like a winner to me. Looking forward to the diesel option.

I loved seeing my old San Diego stomping grounds.

@Big Horn

Your numbers on the Colorado are wrong. You are also comparing Ram 2wd numbers to a GM Colorado 4wd numbers. Here are the correct Colorado numbers and 4wd versus 4wd before any options for both.

4wd Crew cab short bed

Ram 1500 SLT 3.0L ED 5.7" bed 3.92 rear axle
payload- 1,320 lbs
towing- 8,700 lbs

GM Colorado Z71 3.6L 5.2" bed 3.42 rear axle
payload- 1,590 lbs
towing- 7,000 lbs


4wd Crew cab long bed

Ram 1500 SLT 3.0L ED 6.4" bed 3.92 rear axle
payload- 1,290 lbs
towing- 8,650 lbs

GM Colorado Z71 3.6L 6.2" bed 3.42 rear axle
payload- 1,520 lbs
towing- 7,000lbs

Ram - http://www.rambodybuilder.com/2014/docs/ram/rammlup1500.pdf

GM - http://media.chevrolet.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/vehicles/colorado/2015.tab1.html

Is there any news that GM(C) will use an 8 or 9 speed? Preferably with the diesel option.

As refined as the current Global Colorado, both the Chevrolet and Global Colorado are light years in front of the very ancient Tacoma you have in the US.
The Amarok seems to be the benchmark for small pickups generally as regards ride and handling on and off road.
Chevrolet is still far short of the Global versions as far as towing and Payload.
Waiting for new Hilux, it could trump them all, doubts about new Mitsubishi or FCA midsize pickup
I believe Isuzu, is bringing out an improved version of their Dmax Mazda is seriously looking at a redesign of the BT50, its styling is killing it. Ford has problems with Ranger still way behind the ancient, Hilux in sales. New Hilux coming 2016

@Big Horn

Oh, and just because the Ram Ecodiesel gets better fuel mileage does not mean it's cost per mile is less. People often blind themselves with fuel mileage numbers for diesels, but forget that diesels cost up to $.50 higher in some places. With diesel costing $.50 more, that would equate to a diesel mpg dropping about 3 mpg with 87 octane at $4.00 a gallon.

For example, a 28 mpg diesel would be almost equivalent to a 25 mpg gas vehicle cost wise with diesel $.50 higher and 87 octane at $4.00 a gallon. With diesel being $.30 higher, a 28 mpg diesel would be equivalent cost wise to a 26 mpg 87 octane rated gas engine.

So just because the Ecodiesel has a higher mpg number does not mean it costs less when diesel is higher. The 2wd V6 Colorado is rated at 26 mpg where the Ecodiesel is rated at 28 mph so if diesel is rated at $.30 or higher than 87 octane then the Ecodiesel costs more. The 4wd V6 Colorado is rated at 24 mpg where the 4wd Ecodiesel is 27 mpg. That means if diesel is about $.50 or higher than 87 octane where you live then the Ecodiesel has no cost per mile benefit.

You can't just tout mpg numbers with diesel versus gas because they don't cost the same.

Two of the first videos I watched on the internet were from PUTC. GMT800 Hydroforming and Duramax Pull (1997-1998). Those videos are long gone now, but they got me hooked on GM Trucks. GM should've done more to "leak" information on the new twins. No one knows anything about them, including those of us wanting to share... What is the chassis code name?? Is it rid of Isuzu's fingerprints? So far this launch has nothing on the GMT800.

GM did it without a turbo and aluminum.
Won't surprise me next year at this time the Colorado will be in the top 3 in monthly sales and even outsell the Silverado.
The 2015 F-150 is going down-down-down and will make news as a failure for Ford.
Told ya Ford to just leave the F-150 alone! You should have waited to see what everybody else is doing before you made changes!
I predict the Sept. 2015 sales numbers will have the Ram 1500 on top, the Colorado as # 2, Silverado # 3, Canyon # 4 and the F-150 as # 5

I agree with Tom#3.

All 1
You make a great point about the Ram Ecodiesel.
But,, the reason I would never own a diesel is because of the turbocharger.
All turbochargers fail in time and you have to pay major money for a replacement, that's why I own a 5.0 V8 F-150.
Back in the 1980's Subaru ditched the turbo cause of failures.
Nobody makes a turbo that lasts forever.
I have a bigger problem with the F-150 eco-boost cause it uses TWO turbo's and its NOT covered under the ESP Warranty. Don't want a repair bill of $4000 when they fail.
Before I buy a vehicle I look at the cost of repair and maintenance like I wouldn't own a BMW cause it costs $700 just to do the 5000 mile service, to me simple is better, the Ram Eco-Diesel and F-150 Eco-Boost isn't simple!
I LOVE the Colorado-Canyon cause they keep it simple, normal wear parts such as brake pads and rotors will cost less, no turbo on the engine to break, it will cost less to own, easy to maintain and repair.

Mark, good video.

I like the colour of the paint and quality finish of the paint on the trucks.

You guys are finally getting a decent midsizer. It should entice some new buyers and retain some older buyers in the pickup market.

Retiree's might like them as well. Where my mother lives many of the retirees' drive in small to midsize cars, CUVs and SUVs.

This could be an option for them to have a decent and comfortable vehicle.

The 4 cylinder apparently goes really well and the V6 should motor very well. But, it's a disappointment that the diesel hasn't arrived. That would be the engine to have, it would make the Colorado the best all round 4x4 pickup on the US market.

But the Colorado isn't the best midsizer here. If they can sell well I do think the Ranger, BT50 and VW Amarok have a chance, they are all better pickups.

After watching the video I wonder how many people will trade down from a full size into a new midsize?

Remember the noise Ford made when it removed the US Ranger off the market. Ford thought Ranger buyers would move across to F-150's, but that didn't pan out like Ford summised.

I do think it's easier to have a person move down a size than up a size with vehicles. Especially if the new vehicles can offer the same levels of comfort and performance as the larger vehicles.

For proof, just look at the US car market. Big to smaller.

I think these trucks are going to be very successful for GM especially after the debut of the diesel next year.

I think Ford should start planning a midsized successor to the old Ranger. Imagine a slightly scaled down in styling 2015 F-150 made with all aluminum body panels with an Ecoboost 4-cyl and a baby Powerstroke as the powertrain options.

That right there would give these twins some serious competition. And, as we all know competition is good for the consumer.

Come on Ford... you can do it!

I agree with your statement regarding the cost of diesel.

But, buying a diesel is no different than someone buying a V8 pickup, or a V6. Why not just buy a 4 cylinder Colorado?

If you haven't drove one of these small diesels you really don't know the experience. You have a V8 experience or in your case an EcoBoost experience, you also have a diesel experience.

The benefit with a diesel is the fuel savings.

You guys talk money and costs and power and towing all the time, but to maintain your bias for gasoline. Why not spend $40k on a diesel pickup instead of a V8 gasoline pickup? The gas pickup might have more bling, but if the person views the diesel as the best bling, he'll buy it.

Diesel is far cheaper than a gasoline V8 for towing or day to day driving. But this is at least 10 minutes of driving. Less than that you might as well buy a V6, Because you are only driving a few miles and who cares if you tow at 50mph or 70mph.

Diesel don't use anywhere near the same amount of fuel as a gas engine under load. This is where a diesel shines.

Look at any engine that is under load and it's a diesel. That's for a reason.

If you want a gasoline engine no one is stopping you from buying it. But the buyers of a diesel are buying a diesel because they like them.

V8 torque with 4 cylinder FE. That is hard to beat.

I just love how the Lou_BC and ALL1 cherry pick numbers, seems to me the only numbers on the Colorado for towing are up to 7,000 pounds and if it is the four cylinder the towing numbers are 3,500 pounds, oh and here is another towing number for the Colorado for you. With the V-6 if you do not opt for the full towing package it is limited to 3,500 pounds just like its Four cylinder brother.

Ram is the only manufacture who lets you configure trucks on line and it adjusts the tow and load capacity, Ford only reports maximum payload and towing numbers as does Chevy/GMC on their on line configure programs.

So with Ram you get the truth, with Ford and Chevy/GMC you are left in the dark about what your trucks real numbers or are we to believe in Lou_BC and ALL1's universe that both General Motors and Ford can just keep adding on options and their capacity and towing numbers will never change?

So Lou_BC is now convinced that Ram Ecodiesel buys are going to cross shop the full size Ram 1500 Ecodiesel with the midsize Colorado/Canyon.

I highly doubt that people shopping for a full size truck are going to run to the Chevy and GMC dealers to cross shop a midsize truck.

If anything if will be Chevy and GMC own customers cross shopping the Colorado and Silverado and the Canyon and Sierra because once they see the price and what they get between the two trucks most will opt for the full size truck as you just get far more for your money with a full size truck then you do with the midsize.

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