2015 Chevrolet Colorado: First Drive

Colorado Chevy A II

When was the last time that a new vehicle entering a segment outperformed, outshone and outdistanced the competition so completely that it was almost embarrassing? At the risk of overstating the point, the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado is not only a vastly improved replacement for the previous-generation Colorado (which, at best, was dismal), but it also beats the existing competition hands down. That said, let's be honest and acknowledge that in a segment that hasn't seen any significant improvements in a long time, the bar wasn't all that high.

You have to give GM credit for its perseverance. When all other the truckmakers were shifting away or completely dropping smaller pickups (pickups less capable than half-ton trucks), GM charted a course with a three-truck strategy (midsize, half ton and heavy duty) that had people in and out of the auto industry scratching their heads.

What did GM know about this segment, about this potential small-truck buyer no one else could see? The short answer is that GM understood that everything its engineers learned when redesigning the half-ton Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 for 2014 was directly applicable to this new pickup. And so GM stuffed everything from the bigger pickup (excluding the physical size) into a smaller pickup. And we can now say, after driving just about every version of the Colorado, that the lessons learned from the half tons were not wasted on this pickup.

How It Drives

We drove a good variety of Chevy Colorados near the Southern California beach towns of Solana Beach and Torrey Pines north of San Diego. We took the pickups on winding roads through coastal mountains, densely populated city streets and wide-open high-speed freeways. We even shot a video; click here to see it.

Our biggest surprise was the capability of the new 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine. In the extended-cab 4x2, the four-cylinder engine was more than adequate (even snappy) for around-town driving and merging into traffic. There was a bit of wheeziness on startup, and there's no hiding the higher rpm sound of the small engine when outside the truck. However, from inside the heavily insulated cab there is almost no engine sound at all, due in large part to a massive intake resonator that takes up almost all of the available engine compartment space.

We have to admit that, on paper, the horsepower and torque numbers of the I-4 blow away its Toyota and Nissan counterparts. The all-aluminum 2.5-liter 16-valve direct-injection engine generates 200 horsepower and 191 pounds-feet of torque. We guessing most four-cylinder engines will be matched with either the Base or Work Truck extended cab, but it is offered across the lineup with the exception of the Z71 trim level.

We had the chance to drive both the six-speed automatic and six-speed manual, and we're more impressed with the exceptionally versatile automatic transmission (the same one in the Chevy Camaro), which has some solid fuel economy numbers. The smart automatic transmission is able to smooth out throttle response and selectively lock up the torque converter at exactly the moment you need it to. The automatic gets almost 4 percent better mileage than the six-speed manual's EPA fuel economy ratings. The automatic I-4 (4x2) gets EPA ratings of 20/27/22 mpg city/highway/combined and the manual (4x2) gets 19/26/22.

Colorado J II

Most Colorado buyers will choose the 3.6-liter engine and for good reason - this engine is packed with technology: all-aluminum block and heads, dual-overhead cams, continuously variable valve timing, high-pressure direct injection and coil-on-plug ignition. The engine is rated at 305 hp and 269 pounds-feet of torque, neither of which blows away the competition (as long as you include some full-size V-6 options) but in this package it works very well. Fuel economy numbers for the V-6 are 18/26/21 (4x2, automatic).

Although both engines are well constructed and produce solid power numbers, it seems like the primary powertrain technology responsible for the impressive road feel lies in the sophistication of the computer controls in the transmission. The V-6 Hydra-Matic 6L50 (typically mated to 3.42:1 axle gears, but 3.73:1 gears might be an option for the V-6 at a later date; 4.10:1 gears are standard for the I-4.) is capable of sensing when to smooth out gear shifts and takeoffs, as well as when it's best to lock up the torque converter to provide as little power slip as possible. The end result is both driveline efficiency and instant power delivery, depending on how you are driving or what kind of load you are pulling.


If there's any aspect of the Colorado's exterior that says this is a new and unique pickup, it's the rather aero-biased, Euro-looking front end with its narrow grille and sports-glasses headlights. The new, more slippery look not only separates it from its Canyon sibling but also signals a much more dramatic look from anything in the segment. This new look clearly differentiates the Chevy from its GMC counterpart more than any other pairing on sale today (Tahoe/Yukon, Silverado/Sierra or Equinox/Terrain).


The technology in the lower-trim interiors is not bad, but the 7-inch center-stack screen and switch layout in higher trim levels is more impressive, delivering echoes of the larger Silverado. The driver information center in between the speedometer and tachometer is controlled by some clever switches and buttons on the turn-signal stalk. The information center offers a good amount of data to entry-level owners. Buyers who opt for LT or Z71 trims equipped with the navigation system get color and even more information. GM also offers full Wi-Fi hotspot capability with its OnStar 4G LTE offering that will allow up to seven different devices to connect simultaneously. Spokesmen for GM say that during its introduction, the Colorado will offer some technology packages for free for several months and then give owners the option to continue the service for as little as $5 per month in some cases.

A standout interior feature in the extended-cab and crew-cab versions is how designers made use of almost every nook and cranny to provide as much storage space as possible. From the door pockets and small cutout in all the doors to the extra space underneath all the seats, little interior space was wasted.

Colorado Chevy E II

We also like that the tiny bucket seats that come standard on extended cabs can be deleted, saving buyers a little money and providing more room for custom storage. It's worth noting that the front seats in these models have one of the longest front seat tracks we've ever experienced. Tall drivers (think 6 feet 4 inches) will have little problem getting comfortable in this truck.

On the Road

We had the most fun during our coastal drives around Del Mar, with its twisty canyon roads. Although there is no dedicated Sport mode on the automatic shifter, there is a Manual setting that allows you to select and hold whatever gear you prefer, turning the load-hauling pickup into a quick-shifting sport truck. During highway cruising we did notice the transmission sensed our smoother throttle inputs and made more and higher shifts to taller gears to get our engine rpms down (getting us better mpgs on our fuel economy readout) more often than when driving in the crowded beach cities.

We particularly liked the fact that the automatic transmission in the four-cylinder models has a much more aggressive grade-braking software program, almost similar to the Tow/Haul mode that is typically bundled into a trailering package. As you might expect, the trailer package (required to get the maximum 7,000-pound tow rating) is only available with the V-6; however, the I-4 still has an impressive 3,500-pound maximum tow rating, thanks in large part to the all-new chassis and frame.

Choosing the four-cylinder/six-speed transmission combination seems like common sense but driving it makes it an almost a game-changing revelation - the combination not only makes the truck feel sportier, but will also save the brake pads and allow the driver better control when hauling loads down hills.

We had the chance to do some light towing with a few trailers and found the V-6 to be a solid performer. The trailering package provides a Class III trailer hitch, a 7/4-pin plug and a dedicated Tow/Haul toggle on the center stack. When Tow/Haul is engaged, it changes the sensitivity of the shift program of the transmission to allow for better gear holding on accelerations and faster downshifting when off throttle. The braking on this truck is impressive — and this is not a traditionally GM truck strength. When empty or fully loaded, the four-wheel disc brake setup does a masterful job of smoothly and progressively controlling the truck, even when towing a 4,500-pound boat. In fact, the brake pedal feels similar to the throttle in terms of how responsive it is to both subtle and full-stomp braking events. We have not experienced that in the Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier.


Colorado LT 22 II

Pricing for the Colorado has already been announced, with Base models starting at $20,995 including destination (trim levels are Base, Work Truck, LT and Z71). However, it will be difficult for dealers to keep the price down when ordering the truck they want on their lot. One huge word of caution here: To its credit, GM has included tons of good and practical options for this truck, but that means costs can add up quickly. If you've spent any time on the Colorado's "build-your-own" website, you know how quickly pricing can climb. Most of the vehicles we drove were midlevel trucks that ran in the $35,000 range, meaning the most well-equipped 4x4 Z71 crew cabs can get to $40,000 pretty fast. Nevertheless, an extended-cab 4x2 four-banger can be had for less than $30,000.

Final Remarks

To sum things up, the new Colorado is well executed and packed with plenty of smart technology and class-leading features. In fact, from the way the Colorado and 2015 GMC Canyon truck teams talk (many of whom worked on the Silverado/Sierra 1500 teams just a few years ago), a lot of what they learned from the bigger brothers was stuffed onto the smaller frame, into the smaller cab and incorporated into the pickup bed. There's no question this is just about the best all-new truck we've ever seen enter a segment, but let's remember that this is a segment that essentially has been ignored for 10 years, so the bar isn't set very high.

We hope the Colorado pushes other truckmakers to take more aggressive action. We'll know more about how GM's "all-in" midsize truck strategy will play out after we've seen the first four to six months of sales numbers. GM's marketing department wants us to believe that crossover, sedan and SUV buyers have been waiting for a better pickup choice, but we'll have to see where these new small truck buyers come from.

As to how this new Chevy compares with the competition, which might even include some half-ton models, you can bet well be putting together a road-test comparison as soon as we can. In the meantime, we like what Chevy has done here and think the Colorado could be the beginning of something very interesting.

To read the most up-to-date specifications sheet, click here.

To read the most recent press release, click here

Cars.com photos by Evan Sears


Colorado LT 20 II

Colorado LT 9 II

Colorado LT 4 II

Colorado G II

Colorado LT 14 II

Colorado LT 11 II

Colorado LT 13 II

Colorado LT 23 II



I'd get the rear seat delete in the extended cab, really if you want to haul people get a crew cab, other wise the seats in this extended cab just eat space for hualing items that would easily fit back their without the seats.

But why is Autotrac limited to the Canyon?!?

If I were interested in this truck, it would have been nice to know the GVW rating, actually weigh it and see where it all pans out for towing/payload, any chance you guys have that info?

This is a good looking truck and is way better than the Silverado. I would buy this truck before the full size.

I hope these become somewhat popular with fleets. I wouldn't mind finding a used 4x2 regular cab 4 cylinder with no options to replace my ranger in 10 years. Maybe that will be somewhat cheap. I don't think you can

They need to take the shape of these wheel-wells and apply it to the Silverado. While the wheel-wells on the Colorado are still square, they're not as hideously square like it is on the Silverado.

How was the ride quality when empty? What about with a load or a trailer?

@Beebe - That's the biggest problem small pickup OEMs face in America. Everyone likes the idea of a small pickup, but used and bare bones would be ideal. Not enough fans of small trucks are willing to buy *new* or fully equipped.

It like the Miata fanboys. They're not the ones buying them new.

But there's no regular cab midsizers from now on. We abused the privilege and they were taken away...

@ALL1, being from the large truck world you are from, I would expect more, I was asking for actual loaded/unloaded weights of the truck in the test to see the numbers, getting them from the website does not answer anything except the GVW, so I guess thanks for that


That is the best I got so far based off a Google search. I can get you specs, wiring schematics, parts diagrams, and just about any other info you want to know about Peterbilts, Kenworths, some Ford trucks, Hinos, or Internationals. However, light duty GM info is not in my realm since we no longer are a GM dealer since they got out of the medium duty market a few years ago. We still sell GM parts for their medium duty line, but our info about anything new is limited.

I want to drive one to make up my mind. I wouldn't buy one until they throw in some incentives. The size and capability would work great for my lifestyle. The 2015 F 150 EC 4wd with the 2.7 EB is also a truck to drive.

Just take my money already... geez! I cant wait till they bring the diesel. Although its going to be hard to resist the temptation of just impulse buying a V6 4x4 between now and then.

Everyone keeps mentioning GM's stance about small crossover cross shoppers, but no one has said whether they even consider that viable or not...

Is a CRV or RAV4 buyer going to consider the Colorado?

Nope, those guys are brand loyal.

Is any Escape driver going to consider the Colorado?

Only if they hate the Euro feel that driving the escape brings.

Is anyone in a Rogue likely to consider the Colorado?

With Nissan still presenting itself as the value Japanese brand, most Rogue drivers are going to consider a 4 door Colorado way out of the price range when you compare matching features at a 3-5k premium.

That's the top 4 with Chevy poaching it's own equinox drivers if you go to number 5.

I want Chevy to succeed, but this is a huge gamble when you already have the Tacoma for the brand loyalists and the Frontier for the value offering.

I can't wait to test drive both the GMC & Chevy; Ford let me down by not reproducing the Explorer SportsTrac. I was waiting for their redesigned Ranger but found out that it's not available for U.S customers. Boooo, I’ve been a Ford customer for years. The F150 doesn’t fit in my garage…Thanks Chevy for the right size truck for me!

I keep reading articles claiming that the V6 Z71 can be optioned with 3:73 gears, but don't see it in the option list.


These two trucks are going to sell the same way their past efforts have. People are not going to drop their CUV or SUV to run and buy either one of these trucks.

Toyota will still lead the midsize market even with decade old design, Chevy will battle with Nissan for the number two spot in the market with GMC bring up the rear.

Toyota midsize buyers are pretty loyal to the brand, while GM will pick up a few buyers who will cross over from the midsize Toyota it is not going to make much of a dent in the Toyota sales.

Look for GM to sell about 60,000 Colorado and Canyon's combined per year with Nissan at about 50,000 and Toyota to push out about 120,000 out the door.

Sorry my statement should have said I will not argue with you or anyone on opinions. I did not say that Ford not updating the Ranger caused the midsize market decline but I will say that all the US auto makers lack of updates and government protection of foreign competition did. Where did those buyers go puts you right back to opinions. I well know Ford will not build anything that takes away from F-150 sales until they have to and AT&T did not promote cell phones when they first came out. I do like all these new truck features and size trucks because either foreign or domestic every one sold creates more jobs and I wish all the auto makers the best.
As for Big Al being a troll I think not. He does have a very strong opinion at times but the people that dislike him are the fan boys and PR guys. He does not support fan boy my truck is better than yours and he tell how nice the midsize trucks overseas are and the PR guys know that most in the US think that the companies just quit making them. The only thing I disagree with Big Al on is DenverIIIMike, he says UAW and I think Ford PR.

Jeff S
I do agree that this website has it’s fair share of guerrilla marketers/PR but I think it was set up so they would have a free hand in posting. Google Michael Levine LCO Linkedin and Michael Levine Ford communications Linkedin.

All the Hemi and RAM boys are pissed.

GM's news with these awesome new trucks is really making a splash, and the Fiat crowd only gets to look at a press release about some squirrely looking Mitzubishi which probably won't be sold here until 2017 or so.

In the meantime they've got to brag about their 3.0 diesel and the 8 speed auto that was big news last year.


@ Ram Big Horn 1500
I agree with you regarding Toyota and the Taco. It will still sell even though the vehicle is Neolithic. Toyota have built a good reputation and even with the recall issues over the past several years Toyota still are a strong company.

I also think by the time the Colorado gets traction and numbers increase more and better midsizers will come your way. The Nissan Navara/Frontier will be quite amazing.

The only problem I see is an engine for the Navara/Frontier in the US.

The US Colorado will have some serious competition soon, and even some full size 1/2 pickups.

Have a read of what's coming your way, look at the photo's of the interior, very nice indeed and the rear suspension.


@papa jim,

The only place Ram fans are pissed is in your own head, you seem to want to try to make this a fight and you can't get any of the Ram supporters to bite try as you might.

I hope Ram does not jump back into the midsize market, it just sucks up resources they can use for the full size Ram brand.

Just like a Ford midsize will just suck up resources from their full size brands.

General Motors seems to keep using up their truck resources by having to split them up between their bread and butter full size trucks and this limited market midsize market. This will only hurt General Motors in the long term.

HAHA you can tell ram little horn 1500 is so pissed off look at him whine.

The Ram trucks seem to go under the radar where people needing a pickup tend to think last about the Ram but after they own one they are happier with it than the Ford and Chevy owners.
Like when you first get a new pickup the first 2 weeks you are extremely in love, then later the excitement wears off, but Ram owners are always extremely in love with their Ram forever.
All new Ford and Chevy owners have small complaints about their truck but Ram owners have no complaints!
That should tell you something!
It tells me that it must be a great truck, maybe better than my F-150, but I don't know that cause I never owned a Ram!
Don't you get it? Ram owners are more passionate, more in love with their Ram than Ford and Chevy owners.
Owning a Ford or Chevy is like getting married to a beautiful woman then later she gets fat and ugly, but owning a Ram she stays beautiful forever.

@Jake D--You could be right that Denver Mike is more Ford PR. DM doesn't really slam other brands but he is quick to comment about midsize trucks and why they are not viable. Ford does not want to build a midsize size truck to compete with the F-150 and Ford needs to justify their position. Most of us see Ford's position whether we agree or not but Ford's position does not necessarily mean that there is not a market for a smaller truck. It remains to be seen what will happen but I think everyone might be surprised that the Colorado will do better than anticipated.

As for the success of guerrilla marketing overall it is ineffective. Most people don't want to be strong armed into buying a particular brand. Maybe these tactics will work on a few but there are those of us who don't want to be sold to.

@ Tom#3

"The Ram trucks seem to go under the radar where people needing a pickup tend to think last about the Ram but after they own one they are happier with it than the Ford and Chevy owners."

Actually this is false.


Ram also scored lower that Ford in Consumer Reports and JD Powers in customer satisfaction.

@Jeff S - Now you're just talking crazy. I'm more critical and slam Ford more than any other brand.

I've told you repeatedly I really like small and midsize trucks. I know I've owned about as many (bought used) as yourself, Lou, Vulpine, DWFields, Roadwhales, and BAFO combined.

I'm the one that's always saying current midsize pickups are fine as-is, no "updating" or "refinement" necessary.

I do question the sanity of those that feel with the right updates and "global" refinement, Americans would be climbing all over themselves to buy them (*new*).

And I question the ridiculous notion the Chicken tax "protects" fullsize pickups, especially the Titan and Tundra.

So if you think I don't want midsizers to succeed, you're completely delusional. I want sales to be absolutely thru the roof! That's so I can find a clean used one for CHEAP!!! Just like everyone else...

But where do you think buyers new to the midsize pickup segment will mostly come from, if not current 1/2 ton pickup owners as well as SUV, crossover, cube, wagon, and regular sedan owners?

@Jeff S,
"@Jake D--You could be right that Denver Mike is more Ford PR. DM doesn't really slam other brands but he is quick to comment about midsize trucks and why they are not viable. Ford does not want to build a midsize size truck to compete with the F-150 and Ford"

That is pretty much what Ford wants to do and get a Troll on the forums, to rubbish everyone else's efforts.It is part of the sales strategy

all I can say I am in the market for a new truck and the more I read these posts the more confused I am on what truck to get.
I kinda think I'm wasting my time waiting for the 2015 F-150 cause a new Ram 1500 is in the lead, BUT reading all the excitement about the Colorado-Canyon has me excited, got to check one out!
I want a truck I can fall in love with again, I'm embarrassed to be seen in my F-150 I wear geek sunglasses and keep the sun visor down so nobody will recognize me.

I have NO faith in Consumer Reports, I used to subscribe for a long time, when they rate a pickup all they talk about how smooth the ride is, they expect it to ride like a car. You're better off reading Motor Trend or here at PUTC for an honest review on pickups.
Consumer Reports only gets their customer satisfaction numbers from their own subscribers and that's just a handful of people that live between Boston and NYC where 80% of their subscribers live. What about the people from Texas or California?
So I don't have any faith in city dwellers telling ME what the best pickup is !

Ok, how about consumers then.http://www.consumeraffairs.com/automotive/dodge_ram.html. I've never seen a Dodge truck with 10 or so years on it that didn't have a cracked dash. Dodge is a distant #3 for a reason.

Here's some information regarding the development of the Colorado.

It appears the global Colorado wasn't what GM had hoped for. Cut backs by GM due to the GFC restricted money for adequate and competitive development.

This lead to GM cutting corners in it's development.

The US Colorado it would seem is what GM intended. The next global Colorado will be revised and upgraded.

This fits in with my remarks on the lack of refinement regarding our global Colorado in comparison to the Amarok, BT50 and global Ranger.

Here's a cut and paste from the article;

Holden Colorado

The Holden Colorado is one of the newer pick-ups around, but it's not selling as well as the company would like. It too was a casualty of the GFC, with GM having to cut some corners during its development.

But dealers have been told that a massive update is due for the Colorado in 2015. In addition to the tough new US look, it will also get some mechanical upgrades and a refreshed interior.


Don't know why link is not working. Just go to above link and type in Dodge Ram for multitude of problems. Can do the same for any make probably, but this is in reply to the poster who said " but Ram owners are always extremely in love with their Ram forever." Guess not.


I agree with you that Consumer Reports reviews are worthless. However, having customer surveys from three different organizations (Polk, JD Powers, and Consumer Reports) all say that your "Ram customers are happier than Ford and GM" is a false statement by a considerable margin.

Too Big.
Too Expensive.

'nuff said.

@RoadWhale--I wasn't really expecting the Colorado/Canyon to be cheap but they are priced competitively to their competition--Tacoma and Frontier. About 21k for the base model is not really that bad for an extended cab with air, power windows, power steering, power brakes, 6 speed manual, and power driver's seat. Yes it would have been nice to have a real inexpensive truck but for what this truck has it is not bad.

@Jeff S @Roadwhale

As Jeff points out, this truck priced at 21k or so it a real value. This is NOT your father's Oldsmobile.

The electronics, the safety equipment, the workmanship and the engineering of the frame and chassis on these trucks today is awesome. The dollar has lost a lot of value since the late 1980s, when trucks in this class sold for 10-15k. Those days are gone--and the trucks are much better.

The auto industry consolidated a LOT during that time. The competition between these global firms is fierce. Within two years I predict that Nissan will drop the Frontier (as we know it today) and GM will compete with Toyota exclusively in the mid size and compact truck market--unless Kia/Hyundai brings out their own. Don't laugh, they have a huge plant in Alabama where they could beat the chicken tax.

@Papa Jim--The quality seems to be much better on these new twins than the past Colorado/Canyon and even the S-10/Sonoma not that those prior models were bad just that these trucks are more refined. The cost of everything has gone up and as you pointed our there has been a lot of consolidation in the auto industry. One could argue that vehicles are more expensive than they were 20 years ago but then if you adjust the purchase price to the rate of inflation then they are actually less expensive. There are less choices in exterior and interior choices which lowers the cost of materials and production in that the manufacturers do not have to keep as much parts inventory on hand. Yes I do miss being able to get a red or a blue interior but then I am also getting a safer and longer running vehicle. As with anything there are pros and cons but would anyone of us really want to go back to the good old days? Maybe some would but not most. Overall I think that the Colorado/Canyon comes much closer to what I want in a pickup and is a good enough compromise. I want to see these trucks in person but the more I read about these trucks and viewing Mark's videos I will have to say that they are much better than I expected. If these trucks sell better than expected than you will see better trucks come out and like you said it would not be that difficult for Hyundai or Kia to start producing a line of midsize trucks in either their Alabama and /or Georgia plants.

I'm not talking about base price; I wouldn't buy a base model but probably the third level out of four and that prices much too close to $30K+ for my liking. And to hear someone do a "build your own" and come out at over $40K? No Thanks!

@Jeff S,
I would think that Ford and VW would be the first to try to profit from these.

It's a pity some can't be imported to test the water. Find out which ones sell the best in the US.

As VW stated for them to set up a factory 100k units a year are needed to be sold. They can't import the VW Amarok because the chicken tax makes them to expensive.

So, you might be stuck again with a limited choice of several manufacturers. But that is the nature of the beast as unfair it is to the consumer.

@RoadWhale--Most will not buy the base but if you look at the base Colorado it is not that base when it comes standard with air, power steering, power brakes, power windows, intermit wipers, and an extend cab (with a seat delete). Anyway 30k has become an average price for most vehicles especially when you add 4 wheel drive. If you add the additional amount to a 5 to 7 year loan it is not that much more. Also how many higher trim trucks are old at full sticker price? Usually there is some room to negotiate except when it comes to Honda or Toyota.

@Big Al--Most of us that want a midsize truck have become use to limited choice in colors, options and manufacturers. Most vehicles come in trim models with limited options within each model which is not like they use to do where in the past you could for the most part add the options and exterior and interior colors you want. Limiting colors and options save the manufacturers a lot of money and sharing a platform saves even more. If it makes the difference of having a midsize truck feasible for a manufacturer then I am willing to accept that. I am not that crazy about black interiors but I am willing even to accept that if I like this truck. For my purposes a base Colorado in siver with the option of a engine block heater would meet most of my needs which is basically what I have in my 99 S-10 extended cab. The base model Colorado is not exactly you father's or grandfather's base model truck. Even the base model is a very nice truck.

I have a 2wd 2.4L Equinox and will looking to get the Canyon, love the way it looks. But does anyone know or have an idea of what the rpm would be on a 2.5L with 2wd at 65-70 mph. I can only imagine with 4.10 gears it's going to be high. I wish they would offer the 3.73 option for the 4 cylinder. I'm not going to tow anything and getting the best mpg is what I need. Ps diesel way to expensive in NY, and I really don't want to wait, lots of projects to get done around the house. In addition, I bet the price of the truck with diesel will be much higher.

No leather, no awd, no sale. Although after looking at one closely, I'm happy Chevrolet saw fit to actually E-coat their frames instead of that cheap crap wax they insist on using for the Silverado. Now if we could just get proper E-coat on Silverado frames as well. Quit being so cheap Chevy. You're the only truck company that rips off their customers with penny pinching like that. And get leather and awd into the Colorado for crying out loud. What's wrong with you? Put some rock chip protection on your wheel openings too like GMC has. Just ridiculous how cheap Chevy is now.

Definitely not the Chevrolet I once knew. The old company took a backseat to nobody in quality nor amenities.

Vaguely interested, but not in the trim level shown. Could haul our smaller tractors and implements with the turbo-diesel and most definitely would want the extended and not crew cab, so it would have a real bed. Not a bad-looking truck, says the guy who prefers Fords and Toyotas, though I'd want a metal front bumper. I find our used Silverado too darned big, but the towing is adequate.

I can almost live with exterior styling, but that dashboard kills any chance.

I'd like to see the rear seat delete on the extended cab, I have it in my 08 Canyon WT and it makes the bed more use able with out a tool box using up a lot of limited space.

Too damn big! I want a Ranger sized pickup!

I really don't get this. I got the S-10. A small compact truck, great on gas, and one heck of an off roader snow machine. Chevrolet should have just kept their full size trucks like they were from the 1950's through the 1990's size wise. Even up to the 2002 looks wise. In 2007 they just got way too big, wide and bloated. Those bulbous fender and bed flairs were horrendous. While those are toned down a bit on the 2014, it's still too big, wide and bloated looking. Ford just kept building the same sized, clean designed sleek truck like the strong and steady hand at the wheel. The Silverado or C & K series legacy is extremely tarnished IMO. I don't know who or what took over Chevy in the late 90's early 2k's but someone did who had it out to take them down. It's almost like sabotage. Everything that happened to the SFA truck post 88 and then the great trucks period post 98 is just mind numbing. And this doesn't even have the S-10's round wheel openings. Just odd. They really needed to just fix the Chevrolet Silverado instead of making 4 different freaking trucks to try and beat One Ford and One Dodge.

Way overpriced and not enough benifit. These trucks are supposed to target the simple crowd. We don't need all the options, just a truck that can perform for a reasonable price.....I don't se either of those here.

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