2015 Chevrolet Colorados and GMC Canyons Hit the Road

Colorado transporter 2 II

The newest pickups on the market, the midsize 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, are shipping to dealerships across the country today. Both new midsize pickups will be taken from GM's production facilities in Wentzville, Mo., loaded on tractor trailers and shipped to dealerships across the country.

"The Colorado was designed to meet the demands of the modern midsized truck buyer, and now we're fulfilling the demand they've placed on us," said Brian Sweeney, U.S. vice president of Chevrolet, in a statement. "Chevrolet and everyone at the Wentzville plant has worked hard to get the truck out on time to fulfill as soon as possible the orders our dealers have placed."

GM is reporting that nearly 100,000 customers have visited the "build-your-own" Colorado and Canyon websites since they went live Sept. 3. Whether those numbers will translate into a visit to a dealership remains to be seen, but GM's three-truck strategy (small, medium and large) looks like it's getting attention.

We'll get our first chance to drive the new midsize entries next week and will have our impressions soon after. Look for more by midweek.

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Sweet, can't wait to check one out even though won't be in the market for a couple years.

Ford and Ram guys have something to look forward to, right? Don't they?

I am not brand partial. I can't see buying any truck that is produced by a manufacturer just because you had the last one. The previous generation Silverado's were ugly. The new ones look great but are plagued with recalls. I am very interested in test driving a new Colorado. I don't plan on buying a new truck until 2016 anyway. If there are going to be sond production issues with the Colorados I am hoping they will work them out. The Frontier is too small. I do nog like the sitting position of the Tacoma.

The new generation of GM trucks are the first time in many years that I actually like the looks of the Chevy over the GMC, and it is the same for these to midsize twins. Although I like the exterior looks of the Tacoma better than both of these although Toyota had better do something quick about the powerplants in the Tacoma. Even their soon to be updated 4.0L numbers are behind the GM's 3.6L power numbers.

Toyota will still be the truck for most midsize buyers. It has a proven track record. With GM leading the recall http://time.com/45235/gm-recall-model-interactive/race I just don't see loyal Toyota owners jumping ship. As far as full size owners buying one, I doubt most would trade in their truck for a toy truck. The GM twins would be fine for trips to the grocery store or maybe pulling a small utility trailer but that's about it. Looks like another dumb move for GM.

I hope these trucks take off like a wild fire to shut up some of the naysayers, and get the rest of the players to start updating their small trucks.

LOL, only took the second post to turn this into a bashing thread by papa jim using both Ford and Ram.

LOL at Johnny Doe, why would the midsize truck market suddenly take off like wildfire?

If is not like GM has not tried three other times to make a go of it. It is a limited market and Toyota and Nissan lead in that market. If anything they are just going to have some Silverado buyer go with the Colorado instead and GMC buyers go with the Canyon instead of the Sierra. Looks more like GM will be trading buyers of their own full size trucks to buy their marginally cheaper midsize trucks.

Why are the Colorado and Canyon not J2807 certified?

We already know that GM is saying the 4 cylinder engine will only tow 3,500 pounds.

I think these trucks will take off like wildfire, you will see a global Ranger US version within two years I garentee it.

@Rammed By little Horn 1500

(why would the midsize truck market suddenly take off like wildfire?)

Probably because no one has put in a serious effort in making a good midsize/small truck over the last 10 or so years.

I wonder if any are going to make it up to Canada anytime soon.

You can try to polish a turd all day... Its will still be a turd at the end of the day.

Eat your heart out dodge dakota and ford ranger!

@macintire: you say the Colorado is faster? Prove it. Where you getting your numbers from, compared to what Ram? Same configuration? 4x4 vs 4x4? Do you compare a "crew" Colorado to a crew Ram? The quad Ram has just as much interior room as the "crew" Colorado, all things considered. The quad has 1 inch less leg room then the crew Colorado. However, makes up for it in hip, shoulder, and head room. A crew Ram vs a crew Colorado is not even an even comparo, lol!

And this "Colorado can tow more than a Ram" lol, is that with the 3.21 gears in the Ram? I see you you compare!
We have seen the Silvy 4.3 can't tow as well as the Ram v-6, it's been compared, now you want to compare GMs car engined truck to a Ram, and said GM isn't J2807 certified? Have fun with that "old" 6 speed towing more than Ram, lol, it's slightly lighter, but the 7400 pounds the Ram v-6 tows is still 7400 pounds, and it will have a huge effect on the Colorados 7200 pound limit with its 6 speed.

In short, I expect better then 5% mileage gain if I was to go to a less capable smaller truck.

The new GM trucks will sell but not to the numbers of Tacomas. They look like they could be nice. I would like to see them in front of me. The previous generation was not impressive at all. The price has got to be right. Most full size extended cab trucks have sufficient rear leg room and they offer huge discounts. You can get an F150 extended cab 4 WD STX cheaper than a CC 4 WD Colorado.

lets just wait till PUTC gets one to test

I see johnny doe is first with the name calling, lol.

Yeah like you never called anyone a name before TRX-4 Tom, I mean TRX dim light bulb tom.

I sat in one the other day on the way out bowhunting. They were test driving them and then going over a check list. They looked pretty nice inside and out. The bed was pretty deep in which shorter people may not like, as they will not be able to reach over the side to get things in or out. As soon as my 2011 Canyon gets a couple hundred thousands miles on it I might just buy one.

Colorado 302 HP V6
Tacoma 236 HP V6
The Tacoma market collapses overnight. Toyota hits the panic button and is forced to redesign the Tacoma.
People that never owned a pickup before are lured to the Colorado-Canyon.
6700 lbs the highest towing of any small pickup in its class.
Motor Trend picks the Colorado-Canyon its 2015 truck of the year! Ford is stunned the 2015 F-150 didn't win, and Ram was banking on a 3rd year winning the award.
The Colorado-Canyon brings back respect to GM.

( future news releases )

Yup, I have johnny, but it's after somebody else does the name calling first, i'll refrain from doing so, and hey johnny, it's not like you're the brightest bulb. I'll leave it at that.

@Tom#3: while I agree PT.com needs to tow to the max with one, and run the other empty. Hopefully they don't get a stripped small bed double cab, like they did with the 4.3 Silvy, (to compare with Rams well better optioned crewcab, and Fords crew cab.

But this little truck won't see Truck of the Year. That will go to Ford, based on how much they changed.

Chevy would have to do more they pluck a Camaro v-6 into a truck and say done.

I hope they succeed, I owned 3 Ford rangers there is a need.

I will go and test drive the new Colorado,but I'm holding out for the diesel next year.As far as how good they will sell,I think they are going to be a big hit and will surprise many nay sayers,but as I also said before,that's just my opinion and worth whut ya paid to read it ;}>

I don't get the GM "car engine" comments--every 1/2 ton gas engine in a Fiat is also in at least one of their cars.

I hope these nice looking little trucks crush the Tacoma in sales.
Built with U.A.W pride. :-) Made in the U.S.A. Hope G.M can keep the recalls to a minimum.

Crap! Crap! Crap! Months of hype have led folks to beleive that Canyon and Colorado will be full featured and affordable versions of the big trucks. CRAP! Lyars! Should have expected this from G M. Cant touch a decent version of these for less than $33,000. Starter MSRP gets you four wheels, sheet metal, and an anemic engine. Shove it G M!!! I hope you end up auctioning these things at your bankruptcy sale after you've settled all of the suits for faulty crap.

100,000 people have visited the build-your-own website. That is impressive, but I wonder how many of those are repeats. I have built 3 or 4 trucks on their website just out of curiosity and I'm not even considering buying one. I would guess most people build more than one on the website and the people that are really interested probably build 5 or more. I know I've built probably 10 f-150's in the last few months and I'll do it again when the 2015 configurator is up and running.

The article says these new trucks are getting attention online. Sure they are. They're something new in the market, at least since this size truck was phased out. The question here is whether potential buyers will believe this generation of these trucks is really better than the previous generation. If they do, they'll buy. If they don't or are unsure, they'll wait and see how the first couple of years turn out. The other question is whether there really is sufficient market in this segment. There wasn't before, at least not for the quality level GM put into these trucks in the past. Maybe they're better this time. I will wait and see. But I don't have a need for this size truck so maybe it's irrelevant to me.

@Dav: the car engine comment is directed at the GM crowd that were quick to point out Rams 3.6 is already in cars. But when they put a "car engine" in a mid size GM, the GM junkies get quiet.

But hey, both will whoop a Toyota v-6 in their class, even counting the discontinued v-6 Tundra (lack of competitiveness, no demand)

Funny how the GM doesn't get any more power with a whole point of compression more then Rams v-6!

But people looking for a cheap truck might buy it up, people that go playing off-road, (or those few that really need to go off-road in a couple places a full size might not fit), or yuppies, that like to say "we have a truck!!"

If I were in the market for a midsize truck, I would probably take the new GM over the tacoma for the same price. If they keep the recalls and reliability issues at bay, I do think it will outsell the tacoma within a few years. It just seems better than the tacoma in every way except for the proven reliability(which is a major factor). Chevy has had a lot of recalls, but most of them have actually been things that don't concern me all that much. I still think chevy reliability easily surpasses ram, even if they have had more recalls lately. And I'm really not a chevy fan.

I really believe these trucks are going to sell.
1. Their lower stance is just right for older buyers who have sore knees,some disposable income and hobbies (read newly retired baby boomers.) That is a big demographic in 2014.
2. The DC short bed will lure a lot of suburban homeowners from a new CUV. You can seat 4. And the truck is much better for performing dirty deeds.

In our area for example, towns allow less and less in trash. You have to haul yard waste to the compost dump, oil, paint, etc to the hazardous waste dump, old TVs to the ..you get the idea. (I have seen many a Explorer owner frantically sweeping critters out of their car at the compost dump-or lamenting the leaked pain thinner at the hazardous waste dump.) I think GM is on to something here. I wish them luck

That's what these trucks are about. The weekend warrior. The occasional towing jobs. They are not going after the heavy duty construction jobs.

I've driven a ranger for 10 years and am excited about this new Colorado. The 3.0 in my truck has always been good enough for what I've needed to do, and it's no powerhouse. I'm interested in when the 2.5 4 cylinder Colorados start showing up in extended cab, 6 speed, as I've always wanted a stick shift. I'm even more curious what the mpg will be, as the new 4 cyl engine bests my current truck in every respect on paper. I hope the extended cabs have equal or greater sitting space in the back compared to a Tacoma. I've personally never liked chevys in general, however I'm willing to put my bias aside if the truck looks/feels great in person, and can far surpass the 21 mpg I get every tank!

@Rammed By little Horn 1500

(why would the midsize truck market suddenly take off like wildfire?)

Probably because no one has put in a serious effort in making a good midsize/small truck over the last 10 or so years.

Posted by: johnny doe | Sep 18, 2014 3:44:20 PM


And here is another Chevy lover who starts the name calling.

The problem is not the Ram supporters as has been proven in this thread.

I hope they take off like wildfire also because it's putting Americans to work but I'm skeptical, the pricing is to close to full size.

@Hemi V8

"Built with U.A.W pride. :-) Made in the U.S.A."

It is funny to see you say this considering you chose a foreign made engine as your name.

Dear Ford, Are you face palming right now? This truck will obviously be a success. I seriously hope you saw this coming and have a midsized truck chassis tucked in a warehouse someplace...just in case..

@Hemi V8

I wasn't Ram bashing. Did I say that something made in Mexico was a bad thing? No, you are the one that things it is a bad thing. I really don't care if other Ford cars are made elsewhere. I don't have any Ford cars, I have an F-150 so your point is?

I just found it ironic that the are saying "Built with U.A.W pride. :-) Made in the U.S.A." yet the very engine in your name was Hecho En Mexico. I guess your union and made in America pride take a back seat to your love of Rams and Hemis.


I don't see these doing any better than the last round of colorados but it was planned that way. Garbage Motors would love nothing more than to eliminate midsize trucks and they have created an exit strategy for doing exactly that.


Wrong. Only Ford vehicles that will be made in Mexico are the Fiesta and SOME Fusions. F-650 is moving to US this year. Stop posting off-topic remarks or I will report you again. 3 strikes and you're out!

"F-650 is moving to US this year"

Yep, this is correct. After ending it's joint venture with Navistar International to build F650/750 trucks at their plant, Ford is actually taking jobs from Mexico and bringing them to the US. About 2,000 from some estimates.


Posted by: HEMI V8 | Sep 18, 2014 9:24:29 PM


This post is factually wrong and has nothing to do with the topic and is being reported to PUTC.

@ TRX4-Tom,

I don't know why you are bring up Toyota at all, but since you are, they have V6 engines that make MORE power than GM or Fiat with less displacement.

They don't put them in the Tacoma, however--oh thats right, cause Toyota doesn't put CAR V6/V8 engines in their pickups.

It doesn't looks bad, but 2L ~2.5L turbo diesel and 8 speed is missing to be the perfect combo for this size . I guess, they have to get rid off the old stuff first. It will have some success before people realize , that they pay same money like for the full size truck.
Too little , too late GM for me, but sucker is born every minute.

I am looking forward to seeing these trucks on the car lot.

I do have to agree with PapaJim.

If you happen to be a diehard Ford or Ram fan and want a small truck with that badge on it you are SOL.

100,000 visits to the "build your own" site sounds impressive but what percentage translates to sales?

I routinely go to the "build your own" sites of all the truck makers.

5-10 of those visits to the B&P site were by me and I have zero interest in buying one.

It's great to see these trucks moving out to the dealers.

I'm hoping they do present themselves as very good competition.

The reason for this is maybe VW, Mazda, Izuzu can set up shop. But this would take years.

This will make a great alternative truck for a family, enough room in the back to carry passengers comfortably.

It can tow a reasonable load, easier to park, and the Colorado has the nicest looking front end on a pickup in he US.

The V6 appears to be the most economical gas pickup on the market, even using EPA figures and it will be the most economical by a larger margin in real life use.

Because of it much lighter weight it will be quite fast with the V6, probably faster than some V8 full size trucks and the quickest V6 pickup.

2014 Chevy Silverado pictures of paint peeling off.http://www.carcomplaints.com/Chevrolet/Silverado_1500/2014/body_paint/defective_paint_job_peeling_paint.shtml#2

Too big, Too heavy, Too Expensive, Too Inefficeint to have any advantages over Full size light duty half tons, crossovers, or cars.

Too small, Too Light, Too Weak to do the work of a normal Full Size Half ton.

A pointless vehicle heading into a market segment that has been neglected for years because it is in a state of declining sales.

There was a time when small trucks actually really were small and had advantages in cost, weight, and efficiency. It was a long time ago before the dawn of the "mid size" truck and when gas was cheap. It was a market fiercely competed for by Toy, Nissan, GMC, Chevy, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, and Dodge. Its a market that cannot support so many offerings (especially offerings that offer so little in the way of advantage) because it is a limited market and even worse one in decline.

Ultimately all the "trucks" that kinda sorta are/arent "trucks" (what ammounts to a vehicular hermaphrodite) turn out to be fads that run their course. Its a MASSIVE grave yard. Car based, truck based, 4x4, 4x2, big, small, mid sized all ultimately failures put to rest... lets mourn the "fad gang" Subaru Brat, the Subaru Baja, the el camino, the ranchero, the avalanche, explorer sport track, the ridgeline (yea supposedly its coming back but can anyone call it a success?), the ranger, the s10, the s15, the previoius generation colorado/canyon, durango... Some were more successful than others, hell some were even right for their time, and some even delivered what they promised but ultimately they like the dinosaurs died out/off.

They all appealed to small groups that were unable to sustain them their time/fad passed and they died. Very few set the world afire even for the relatively short time (for most) were in production.

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