2015 GMC Canyon: First Drive

Canyon SLT 16 II

Looking at the new 2015 GMC Canyon in its natural habitat, moving on the street and highways among midsize sedans, full-size pickups and ubiquitous crossovers, it's not difficult to see why heads are turning: There is plenty to like about this all-new midsize truck.

From the outset, it's clear GM took all of the best experience, information and research collected when re-engineering the larger GMC Sierra half-ton truck and smashed it into this new truck. The assumptions were pretty simple: Everything half-ton pickup buyers liked about the 2014 Sierra 1500 (quality, conveniences, capability) would certainly play well to midsize buyers.

On paper, there is nothing in this truck that isn't about offering a best-in-class experience. And when you look at the competition — the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier and some might include the Honda Ridgeline — the new Canyon has a distinct timing advantage. As we noted in our 2015 Chevrolet Colorado First Drive story, the bar has not been set very high in this segment, which has been without a significant upgrade or redesigned product for almost 10 years.


Naturally, we can't talk about the 2015 GMC Canyon without first understanding how it sits in the midsize truck arena alongside its sibling, the Chevy Colorado. Both trucks are based off the same platform, share powertrains and have practically identical payload, towing and physical specifications. But when it comes to market positioning in this segment, Chevy and GMC will need to be careful. Fortunately, GM has plenty of experience with other pickup, SUV and crossover "twins" with the same issues.

These two trucks are more differentiated than just about any other Chevy/GMC pair that we've seen, especially in exterior design. Will that be enough for both to carve out a new customer base and keep those buyers satisfied? Much of that is going to depend on both trucks having equally strong and unique marketing messages. If this were Nissan trying to push an Infiniti pickup, or Toyota trying to promote a Lexus with a bed, we're not sure it could work, but GM clearly has enough experience do more.

Canyon AT 1 II

We spent much of our time during GM's media drive event in Southern California north of San Diego testing as many different GMC iterations as we could. Thankfully, we had all trim offerings (Base, SLE, SLT and All Terrain) with both cab configurations (128-inch wheelbase for the crew-cab short bed and extended-cab models as well as the 140-inch wheelbase crew cab with the 6.5-foot bed) and both engine choices (the all-aluminum 2.5-liter DOHC direct-injection inline four-cylinder and the all-aluminum 3.6-liter DOHC direct-injection V-6). At this time, all four-cylinder engines will run 4.10:1 gearing, while all six-cylinder engines will offer 3.42:1 axle gears; however, there seems to be a possibility that GM could offer at 3.73:1 gear for Chevy's Z71 package and the same for the All Terrain--but for now we have to do without it. The I-4 engine with the 4x2 automatic transmission and extended cab will get 20/27/22 mpg city/highway/combined fuel economy, while the V-6 4x2 automatic transmission will offer 18/26/21 city/highway/combined EPA ratings. To see our quick impressions and the Canyon in action, click here for our video.


The Canyon is defined by how different it looks from its Chevy brother or the other trucks in the segment. Channeling a more traditional flavor, the Canyon more closely resembles the full-size with the same cut lines over the fenders and on the hood that the bigger Sierra 1500. The grille also offers a more GMC familial design, with a slightly more organic look as the grille and logo seem to be "birthing" their way out of the front of the truck. However, the most distinguishing thing about the Canyon look, especially at night, is the use of LED lighting in the headlight surrounds, along with available projector high- and low-beam headlamps.

The top-of-the-line All Terrain offers soft-touch leather with carbon-fiber-looking inserts in front and backseats, real aluminum accents and special gauge backgrounds. Embossed into the seatbacks is the All Terrain logo, which is also on the dash, center console and is identified outside with three separate badges (both front doors and the tailgate). The package also includes a unique AutoTrac transfer case, similar to the one offered in the bigger half-ton pickups, that includes a full-time all-wheel-drive setting in the 4x4 system that's not available on any other segment pickup (the Ridgeline is purely all-wheel drive without the benefits of a low-range gear). All Terrains will also have unique badging, headlight and taillight surrounds, as well as several interior upgrades.

How It Drives

As you might expect, there is not a lot of significant difference between the driving dynamics of the Canyon or Colorado. The chassis and suspension are the standout features here, capable of offering the smoothest, most comfortable and most controlled ride in the segment, but with very little personality separation. Engineers said that if both new midsize trucks are to lure crossover and SUV buyers into the pickup arena, they would need to be soft-riding, responsive and refined vehicles with the options those buyers need. Not surprisingly — and like many small crossovers and SUVs — you'll find a front sway bar as thick as your wrist under the front independent suspension.

We found the Canyon exceptionally controlled when driven enthusiastically through the canyon roads, with a steering wheel that is not overboosted or too quick to return to center. There is little chassis snap or roll from this midsize player, not something you can say about the competition. This is an easy vehicle to get comfortable with and drive smoothly, no matter your mood. On the highway, we found it quick to downshift in both engine configurations with plenty of power to keep up with traffic and pass the occasional lane hog.

2015 GMC Canyon - Towing_v2 II

We did get a chance to tow a small boat (4,500 pounds) and some watercraft (less than 2,000 pounds) and thought the Canyon performed well with both. We should note that the only way to get the 7,000-pound maximum towing capacity with a Canyon is to order the trailering package (only available with the V-6), which gives you a stronger hitch, a 7/4-pin plug and a Tow/Haul switch for the transmission.

The Tow/Haul setting offered a noticeably improved shifting experience, especially with the bigger load, but we had trouble seeing around or behind the boat with the one-size-fits-all mirrors. With Tow/Haul engaged, we liked how it held a gear longer when accelerating and was quicker to downshift as soon as our foot came off the throttle or started a descent. Canyons (and Colorados) are available with first-in-class safety features like lane departure and forward crash warning systems, just like the much more expensive half-tons.


GMC could be seen as taking a bigger risk than the Chevy Colorado because no one has ever tried to offer a premium pickup in the midsize segment, where low prices and high value has always been a primary issues for buyers. GMC thinks it has a good solution to this risk by aggressively pricing the new Canyon relatively close to the Colorado, with specific configurations and a small number of select features only offered on the Canyon. For example, only the Canyon will get the stylized projector/LED headlights (a GMC trait across the lineup), a more sophisticated AutoTrac transfer case (one that offers an all-wheel-drive mode), aluminum interior trim, soft-touch padding on the instrument panel and doors, and a multicolor information center across most of its lineup.

And Canyon is the only midsize pickup to get the fully loaded, top-flight trim package (but no Denali level yet), which will likely have an average transaction price just above or below $40,000. Clearly this an upper limit GM is optimistically hoping bears fruit the same way Ford found its bliss with the F-150 Limited and Super Duty Platinum full-size trucks. 

Final Remarks

As the first premium midsize pickup debuts, it will be interesting to see how the upper-level-trim package sales sort themselves out between Chevy and GMC. Whether we'll see a Colorado High Country or Canyon Denali will likely be decided after the first several months of sales. In the meantime, we like how GM has played to the Canyon's value-packed strengths, offering a ton of seemingly segment-leading technologies and performance in the entry-level vehicles, with a mountain of options and accessories (everything from toolboxes to ladder racks to exhaust tips and more). This is good start for GMC. In fact, this probably bodes well for both brands.

According to the build-your-own GMC Canyon site, the only vehicle currently available for ordering is the crew-cab long bed (starting at $28,575 including destination), but the rest of the lineup will come on line in the next few weeks and includes extended-cab long beds and crew-cab short beds ranging in price from around $22,000 up to $40,000, depending on packaging.

To read the most recent press release, click here.

To read the most up-to-date specifications, click here.

Cars.com images by Evan Sears


Canyon AT 11 II

Canyon AT 21 II

Canyon AT 28 II

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Canyon AT 26 II

Canyon AT 22 II

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Good looking truck. That's all.

I'm quite impressed with the improvements to the GM twins over their global counterparts.

The 373 rear end will be offered with the diesel.

It seems to be the most common rear end ratio with a diesel of around that size here in Australia.

So, I would expect it soon'ish, even before the diesel is released.

I may seriously consider buying the diesel Canyon when it comes out for a daily driver. Looks good, and appropriately sized for everyday uses. Save the HD for real work...

a quibble, perhaps but neither the Chevy nor the Jimmy offer a bench seat.

"On paper, there is nothing in this truck that isn't about offering a best-in-class experience"
Except torque, and Manual V6, or Manual 4x4, all three of which are on the Frontier for 5 grand less. I was really excited about these at first, but for my money I would still get the Nissan. I am not concerned with "cheap interiors" when I am looking to buy an inexpensive truck, and I turned an average 20.5mpg combined from my manual 4x4 Xterra so the gas savings on the new trucks are all but non-existent.

for the first time I like the chevy better than the GMC, don't like those grooves over the fender wells at all

The 2015 F150 build and price just went live. Compared to the truck I built on there, The 2015 Colorado and Canyon are better priced with the same features...just a smaller package. When our local dealer finally gets this truck...it will be good to go out and see and test drive in person. Will we bite and buy????? Will see how the price is.

They still haven't done anything about fuel economy.
I'm afraid I won't be a buyer with these MPG numbers.

But that was their plan all along.

These trucks are nice, but, once again, you've got a smaller pickup with a full-sized truck price. I'm already seeing these things listed on dealer sites with prices way into the 30's, often approaching 40. There's no way I'd pay that kind of money for a mid-sized truck, no matter how great it looks.

That mug is starting to grow on me.... here I was thinking the choice would be simple. Cant wait to see one of these in a showroom.

Is it just me or do some of the interior items look identical to something GM made in the 90's ? Shifter and some of the buttons look almost identical to other GM products I sat in over 20 years ago.

Is it just me or do some of the interior items look identical to something GM made in the 90's ?


don't worry...it's just you

They still haven't done anything about fuel economy.


are you serious? during the last 25 years FE in pickups has gone way up, and even though the trucks are heavier, they have better performance.

Get a Schwinn

@papa jim--Maybe with all the gains in fuel efficiency over decades it appears to some that there are no changes. Not to long ago getting double digit fuel economy was considered ground breaking. Over the next decade we will see more fuel efficiency with the new fuel standards. Trucks will always lag behind cars in efficiency because they sit higher, less aerodynamic, and the gearing is much different, but I do see the gap closing on efficiency with less weight, more aerodynamics, more efficient engines and transmissions. and some other improvements. Most who use their trucks will sacrifice a little fuel economy for the utility of a truck.

With the diesel Ram 1500 getting a 28mpg hwy I won't be surprised that once the 2.8L TD becomes available for the midsize twins,we should see 30mpg hwy,maybe 24 combined.

Just wondering about something and if someone who knows could respond. The ridges above the wheel openings on the Canyon and the Colorado look a little odd--are these ridges there to give more strength because the metal is thinner and would dent easier? Maybe I am off the mark but I have noticed this on the full size trucks as well and thought that there is a purpose for this. Just curious.

seems to me the fenders stick out a couple inches on each side with the wheel arches. Why not just make the whole truck this wide? could have gotten a little more elbow room.

Nicer than full size.

That instrument cluster pod is ugly and looks like it was taken off a parts ben from the 1980's.

I looked at a new Colorado this past weekend. The truck was 40 grand. Fine, but for 40 grand I would want AWD and Leather. I simply don't see the point of buying the Colorado when for a few hundred bucks more, you could have the Canyon. Your payment wouldn't change hardly anything and resale would be higher. It's a shame the Colorado is handicapped by the Canyon because I actually like it's front end better. Not having AWD and premium leather for Chevrolet is ridiculous though. This is where Ford shines over Chevrolet. Not the engines but everything else.

TKRacing, many people don't want leather in tuck especially a smaller one. The AWD I do agree should be offered on a Chevey.

@ TKRacing: On the chevy build your own thing,I priced out a CC/LB with just about everything except the nav and the Bose stereo upgrade,but I selected heated leather seat etc,came in under 38k.

"for the first time I like the chevy better than the GMC, don't like those grooves over the fender wells at all"

- Same here. I don't like those grooves on the full sizers either though and the Silverado has them. Just gaudy looking. Kind of like the last truck with those massive flares on the Silverado that just looked laughably ridiculous. What happened to the clean sides of trucks like the 1990's and prior decades? The Colorado in that respect is a fresh breath of air. Although the Ram and F-150 have kept it fairly clean. At least until 2009 on the F-150. The Colorado is about the first truck post 2002 from Chevrolet anyway that doesn't look like something designed by a 3rd grader for a cartoon. Yet then GMC comes and handicaps it as always.

I like the looks of the Colorado better than the Canyon but if a buyer wants leather they are stuck with the Canyon.

They should of talked more about how the truck performed pulling the 4,500 lb boat since that is most likely the most people will tow with one of these trucks.

I'd have to agree that the shifter looks like something from an 80s-90s parts bin most like ly a cavilier the dash is to bland , while it is all soft tough there are no contrasting areas, when i look at ford and ram the make the top "shelf" part a different than the face of the dash , normaly with contrasting materiels and colors and at the very least diffrent lines

@Toxic, I'm just going by the window sheet at our dealer. Extended cab, color coded bumpers, no sunroof, no leather, no awd. It was $39,860. My wife's Jeep has AWD, leather, sunroof etc and we bought it new 2 years ago for a hair under 37k. Chevrolet could and should do so much better. They're just not offering potential customers enough options IMO. How many years has the Silverado limped on without a Denali? The Bowtie is losing it's once loyal base over crap like this. Who doesn't want leather in a 40k dollar truck? Who cares about the size?? This isn't some 15k S-10 from 1988. I don't buy any vehicle at all without leather. Modern cloth is awful in all makes. Ford and even Dodge, Toyota is delivering what Chevrolet doesn't. Again, I like the Colorado, but the options are abysmal.

Save for hotrods, Vette's and maybe the Tahoe, GM and/or GMC has become a serious liability to Chevrolet over the last 10-12 years or so. They're the new Buick/Olds/Pontiac. Though most Oldsmobile guys are now Chevrolet guys. Heck, GM won't even let Chevrolet have it's Smallblock designation back. It's called GM smallblock now. What is wrong with these idiots at GM?

@papa jim - After you drive it off the lot, who sits and stares at buttons and switches?

Here's a the Tacoma interior.


Very similar to the 2015 Canyon. Take away the emblems and who could tell them apart?

What's called "updated" or "modern", and the need for such, is really overrated. And overstated here. Switch gear just has to be where you expect it, while keeping your eyes on the road, phone, scanning for chicks, cops, etc.

And we're talking trucks here, not 7-series BMW, S-class or Audi. If its parts are from previous year's Corolla or Cobalt, that's perfectly fine.

There's really nothing about the Tacoma or Frontier that would repel or nauseate consumers serious about buying a *new* midsize pickup.

I do admit to being a slave to the newest and latest model (like when the '10 Camaro came out). But like most consumers, after the new Tacoma or Frontier come out, the Colorado/Canyon will just be normal traffic that's in your frick'n way.

I like the looks of the Colorado better than the Canyon but if a buyer wants leather they are stuck with the Canyon.

@LouBC, exactly... How ridiculous is that? This article is laughable really in trying to compare Toyota/Lexus or Nissan/Infinity to what's going on here. Simply because this truck is Not a Cadillac. Toyota and Nissan will offer you leather, premium trims and AWD. No doubt Dodge's new small truck will too. And Ford offers everything... Chevrolet however will not. Once again because of GM/GMC. And they wonder why Chevrolet is tanking? It's not rocket science. Chevrolet is second rate now. It's not like Chevrolet's are 10-15 grand cheaper than everything else. Chevy is losing respect big time in my community. We might run their old smallblocks or bigblocks for the cars but very few buy them as new vehicles because of nonsense like this. It's all Ford-Dodge from the 'USA' crowd and for those who've given up, it's Toyota-Nissan. Seriously GM/GMC, set Chevrolet free. Chevrolet-Oldsmobile and even Cadillac buyers don't like you outside of transmissions.

Not enough fuel savings to accept a truck with less capability and space. Yet for too much money, even at that.

Can't wait for them to show us some actual 0 to 60 times, we have had some people guessing it will out accelerate The Ram with the V6 of the same size.

Some of these people apparently didn't see that the Ram with the 3.6 and more options and heavier cab (Chevy double cab vs Ram CREW cab) even with less torque, at a higher rpm, beat the Chevy 1500 to 60 by a second....yup, less power, more weight, and about an equal gear ratio, Chevy lost.

I have got to wonder how much rated towing weight this truck will drop when it actually gets J 2807 rated?

Oh well, this will be good for the people that just want to play around off-road, or the yuppies that want to put a truck in the garage.

@TRX4 Tom and TK Racing,
You know I read all of your comments.

No one will force you to pay out your money for a GM.

The power and acceleration between this and the Ram is of little meaning. I would think the differences would be negligible. And yes, TRX4 it is obvious the Ram has a larger cabin.

The poofteenth difference doesn't make another vehicle better or worse. Only school kids think like that.

I like the looks of the Colorado better than the Canyon but if a buyer wants leather they are stuck with the Canyon.

@Lou, that's pretty ignorant of Chevrolet Motor Company. Oops, my bad GM/GMCompany. Who knows what the hell it really is anymore. Ford will be coming out with the F-100 soon. Mark My Words. Chevrolet had the S-10 heritage and legacy and ruined it. They had the C-10, C-20, C-30 heritage and legacy and once again, ruined it. They could have used the Silverado name at least and tied it into the 'S'-10 name for this new truck and made a world class small/mid sizer. They ruined that too. This is what happens when you have two trucks competing against each other. It's just not going to work. The F-100 will launch and wipe the Colorado out. Just like the F-150 has done with the Silverado/CK. Dodge Ram will launch the new Dakota and wipe the Colorado out. Just as they are doing with their Ram against the Silverado/CK. GM/GMCompany is no doubt the cause of this. Chevrolet can't focus resources on 1 truck. GM forces Chevy to split resources with GMC. Chevrolet is doomed because of GM/GMCompany. No money for options, no money for designs, no money for marketing. GM has chosen GMC of course as their baby. Cool, but it still screws Chevrolet. They have been screwing Chevrolet since the mid 70's.

@TRX4 Tom - less capability? These trucks can carry more than most of the trucks in the Ram 1500 line-up. 1,400-1,700 lb is pretty capable. 7k towing is perfectly acceptable. I bet this truck would outperform a Ram 1500 Pentastar with a 7k trailer since it is much lighter.

I do think you are incorrect. Are you a Ford fanboi?

Ford was ahead of GM with the midsizers. I know this because we received the global Colorado and I've driven it.

By the sounds of it Ford will have some work to do if all of the comments I've read about the US Colorado are true. Ford will need to Americanise the Ranger, in other words reduce it's capability.

But, by the sounds of it the Colorado will outperform some V6 full size trucks, even with payload and towing.

Maybe GM is hoping the midsizers might become a reasonable force or challenge. Aluminium is more expensive than steel.

But, as I've stated previously you can only compare this against Neolithic midsizers and now the refinement makes it possible to compare against SUVs, CUVs and some full size competition.

It isn't just about pictures. People who point out pictures as proof and not the driving experience and refinement really are talking out of their butt or trying to down sell or down play the vehicle. Maybe they should get a job canvassing pickup sites trying to sell Frods.

The GM twins look like a leap forward for the US consumer and I hope many more pickups follow and improve to match these.

This is a huge leap. Also, I thought I could get leatherette in the Colorado? Is the GMC leather or leatherette?

I do think Ford will end up having to release the Ranger in the US and I bet it's called a Ranger and the name not starting with an F Series. Ford would try to distance itself from the F Series. Remember potential customers might be those SUV and CUV buyers who don't want to associate themselves with a truck.

The GM twins might also be the same with their naming conventions. Who cares if Chev tomorrow called the Silverado a Chev 1500 or Ram are called a FCA 1500. They are just names, like the Ranger or BT50.

$40K for a Colorado-Canyon? That's less than $52K for a 2015 F-150


You stated that the Colorado at your nearest dealership had a Grand Total of $40k, that's a shame knowing that a consumer can get a well equipped Siverado 1500 V8 at $38k; at best, a Regualr Cab version though. That Colorado had to have been a Z71 4x4, but still 40 grand for that level is something I won't bother with either.

AWD? It is a truck, it has 4wd dummies. AWD is for your car/suv to get you to the mall. Man up, oh my you have to turn a switch to get all the traction, waaaaaahhhhh

The Chevy gets leather on the LT version with luxury package.

The only features you can't get on the Colorado are Autotrac, LED DRL's, Color DIC, real interior materials and soft touch dash.

@TK, who doesn't want leather? I don't and many others. It is a truck, you want soft leather go buy a Lexus. It looks like crap when worn and cracking, it gets hot, its gets cold and it doesn't breath and it more expensive, dumb.

$40k for an extended cab, probably has every dealer installed option, try an apples to apples comparison. Did you pay 37k for that Jeep after discounts? Why not make a fair comparison. Did your Jeep have every dealer add on?

You can get a Ext Cab 4wd LT loaded (leather, Nav, Bose, ect) for around 36k. Why does everyone always manipulate the numbers to get it how they want. Well I bought my loaded truck for a huge discount with no dealer add ons, why is a smaller truck at MSRP with dealer add ons and no discount about the same price a few years later? Duh...

Toyota and Nissan don't offer AWD on their trucks (mid size or full size, get it right).

Losing respect in your community? What is your community? You and yourself? You sure can't speak for everyone or even anyone else so don't do it. Chevy has been losing some market share but getting big gains in ATP's.

You really are a joke, do you huff your own smoke? Learn some actual facts and maybe even a little automotive knowledge and while you are at it try doing a research before opening your mouth, you are making your "community" look really dumb.

@Lou, you can get leather on the Colorado, just get the LT with luxury package.

I agree with most of your comments regarding how many people who comment on this site load their comments.

They are either trolls or talking down a product. I'm not a GM fan, but I will admit that GM has done a great job with the Colorado.

As for the leather it's leatherette. What the commenters who are bashing the Colorado should ask themselves, what is my favourite brand offering that would be competitive against the GMC and Colorado?

The comment I do disagree with you is the 4x4. We do have AWD midsizers here and they do work off road. Actually most people will never reach the limit of their 4x4 pickups, so an AWD makes sense for traction in ice, sand, snow or even most trails.

Even here in the Outback most off roading is done in 4 hi.


@Tyler - the Colorado web site didn't give a clear indication. I'd want the Z71 package and it does not appear to have a leather option.

A few months ago, Mark mentioned that GM was going to look at bringing a Canyon/Colorado that will sit as high and as off-roadable as the Tacoma TRD, if so that will take some buyers away from Toyota, wonder when that might come out?

@Lou BC--The leather is only offered on the LT, which is strange that is is not offered as a option on the Z71 which I believe it was on the prior generation of Colorado. The Colorado only has a black interior but the Canyon offers a tan interior on the higher trim level. Seems like at the least you should be able to get a tan interior on the Colorado and an option of leather on the Z71. Hopefully that will change in the future.

As for the dash it looks similar to my Isuzu except I do not have a screen and the middle vents are a little different. Overall I do like both of these trucks but I don't care much for the creases above the Canyon's wheel wells--sometimes less is more.

@Denver Mike--I like the global Ranger but at this point I doubt Ford would bring it over because they would rather not take away from the sales of the F-150 even if it means losing some sales. As for Ram probably the same thing. I really don't care what brand of vehicle I drive so as long as Toyota, Nissan, and GM have a midsize truck I can live without Ford or Ram. I would rather see Hyundai or Kia come out with a good midsize truck because I think that they would focus more on the success of a midsize truck and not be worried about competing against an existing full size truck that they make which they don't. Now that I own a Honda the first Japanese brand I have bought in over 20 years I am more open to buy any Japanese or South Korean brand. As a consumer I will compare brands and buy the one that best meets my needs. GM releasing these twins is more likely to sell me a truck than Ram or Ford but if they had a midsize truck I would look at them as well but since they don't that is ok with me because I can look elsewhere. As for Ford and Ram let them do what best works for them and I will buy what best works for me.

@Big Al--GM's leather is real on the seating but leather like vinyl on the back of the seats and the part of the seat your body doesn't touch which most vehicles with leather seats have including the Lazy Boy recliners. My Isuzu.s seats are like that and my wife's Honda CRV is like that as well. As for the quality of the leather it is not the same quality as the soft leather in a Jaguar but it is still good.

@Jeff S
Yes Ford's big fear that even the "Lifestyle " variety Ranger, will take sales away from the so called Full Sized Pickups.
GM has made a good call and introduced some handsome Lifestyle variety midsizers. This can only grow the category taking sales away from 2 litre CUV's on stilts. Ford could introduce a lifestyle version of the Global Ranger, but it will not be anything like the Global version, being considerable less capable, but fine as a Lifestyle vehicle.
Trolls will continually deride midsizers as two U.S. based manufacturers do not make any.

I like the looks of the Colorado better than the Canyon but if a buyer wants leather they are stuck with the Canyon.

@Lou, no kidding. Why oh why does Chevrolet have to be stuck as a part of GM/GMC. Why can't Chevrolet just be themselves? It sucks even attempting to be a Chevrolet guy instead of a Ford guy when it comes to anything but 50's/60's hot rods. Chevrolet trucks, cars (outside of the Corvette/Camaro) and suv/cuv's are subpar in the Ford vs. Chevy world. This is just another example in GM/GMC's never ending war on Chevrolet Motors.

@Jeff S - 'Lost sales' aren't always a bad thing. An electrical contractor may turn away small jobs for the same reason.

Ford would be better off chasing the compact roadster niche/market, than small pickups. Either are hardly profitable, but small 2-seater convertibles wouldn't cannibalize much on Ford's line-up.

GM jumped into the compact roadster market with the Solstice and Sky. GM is like a tri-sexual. They'll try anything.

Again Ford will do what's best for Ford. I think GM is going to surprise a lot of the doubters with the Colorado/Canyons which are much nicer than expected. DM a person who buys a pickup whether it is large or midsize is not the same as a customer that would buy a 2 seater roadster. Size and utility are reasons why a lot of us who prefer midsize trucks. As I have said in the past I would buy a full size half ton if it were lower to the ground and about a foot and a half shorter of the front end but instead they keep getting bigger (the manufacturers put the half tons on steroids). I don't need a super sized truck like I don't need to eat a super size meal. If the full size pickups are downsized in the next decade then I might consider one.

@Denver Mike--Ford could always upsize the F-150 and sell them as a luxury vehicle and leave the half ton work trucks for the competition which is not as profitable and a smaller segment of the market. For starts Ford could eliminate single cab F-150 and long beds and just sell higher end trim. The work trucks could be in the F-250 and larger. As you said you don't want to sell to the lower segment of the market, they can go elsewhere. Market at 25k and above.

@Robert Ryan--The trolls would be singing a different tune if their brand came out with a smaller truck. I guess I am the rarity on this site in that I am not that brand loyal. I buy what I want and need. I was raised to compare products and features and not to blindly buy something on brand name alone. I have owned at least one vehicle from the Big 3 and have owned numerous Japanese brands. I could just as easily buy a South Korean or even a Chinese brand if it met my needs. Robert, some of these trolls might not be real but are paid marketers which would give them as much credibility as paid political ads.

@Jeff S - What's going to attract new buyers to the small truck segment? The nicest compact hatchback in the world isn't going to seduce consumers looking for a new Camry. Otherwise you're just dividing up an already 'niche' market.

Ford's problem is they're a little too obsessed with turning a profit. Sucks for us fans of compact 2-seat roadsters that we'd never actually buy (*new).

GM is known for putting out specialty cars that they know going in, will never turn a profit. But it's still a tax write-off for them, similar to an extremely expensive ad campaign. Mostly to give (or buy) themselves 'brand equity'.

I'm not saying the Colorado/Canyon will be complete and total losers. But that remains to be seen.

Just 2 very different ways to run a business.

But, Jeff, your specific needs are grossly overlooked by fullsize pickup truck OEMs, as they should. Consumers want fullsize pickups as they are. (That is consumers that actually buy them (*new).

Stuff like ground clearance, slippery aerodynamics, and bucket seats that recline (in regular cabs) are what we demand.

All that full-size pickup OEMs are guilty of is *listening* to consumers.

And you'll find that despite this, full-size pickups haven't grown very much at all. About 14" longer since the '80s.
About 7" for the rounded front ends and 7" (of room) for regular cab seats to recline.

Bigger brakes meant 15" wheels had to go. And low profile tires don't work on work trucks.

Sorry that puts you out of the market. Just shows you can't always please everyone.

Looks like the anti-small truck J!had has hit full stride.

I tend to be more optimistic when it comes to sales of these trucks.

These trucks should breath some life back into truck sales for GM. They look good and are superior to the competition AND offer features on par with their larger brethren. Haul specs are definitely on par.

It is simple, if one doesn't like small trucks or don't like the features or performance then go out and buy the biggest V8 powered pickup you can find. Ford had the 6.2 HD, Ram will sell you a 5.7, Tundra has a 5.7 and you can get a 6.2 out of GM. Ram has a 6.4 in the HD.

Knock yourself out (please).

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