2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation: Video

Elevation 1 II

The 2014 State Fair of Texas was the first chance GMC had to show publicly its recently announced special edition, the Elevation Sport Truck. To be honest, the package didn't look that great on paper or in the photos, but when we got a closer look and heard about the pricing, it got a whole lot more interesting.

We'd still like to see GM go a little further (maybe some magnetic ride shocks, more badging and the 6.2-liter V-8 option), but in the meantime we thought the Elevation was worth a quick video. We'll let you know more once we get behind the wheel.




After owning a NNBS Sierra, I will never buy a black gm vehicle ever again. Sure I used it like a truck should used, but it seemed that even the air scratched it driving down the highway. So to this package, I say no.

To be fair Ram doesn't use a badge on their Black edition or the sport model. A lot of people take them off anyway.

Agreed, I had a black sports car and I would never go back. Scratches stand out like a sore thumb. And the trick to hide scratches is park it away from direct sunlight just as GM did above. It'll look good in silver or red.

Otherwise seems like a good value if you don't require a work truck and plan to drive it on road.

Does that thing have a trickle charge wire dangling to the battery?

Black is still one of the most popular colors especially for trucks. No worse then any other dark color for scratches. Dark Blue/Green/Red all show about the same.

Are they ever going to do like Ram and make wheel well liners standard? The frame looks terrible behind those rear wheels.

They need to fix that front end bumper......Damn ugly....and the little girl tires.....

Noticed it doesn't have tow hooks

I like it, but can a guy really drive a full size pickup with a V6? Maybe my lead foot days are over.

I tried to watch this video with an open mind, however, I am unimpressed. What I mean by that is the package itself looks alright, but what the package offers isn't all that special.

Body colored door handles? Body colored mirrors? That is an option on normal models. Additionally, having only one cab configuration is a big drawback

I agree with Mark Williams, that for a package like this, they should at least create some kind of badge to let people know what the package is.

I don't think a badge is always necessary, but for GM strategy(offering lots of unique packages), the need to figure out a way to help the general public to distinguish these packages from one another.

I really don't think it's an attractive truck. The only time an all blacked out truck looked good was the 454SS Chevrolet in the early 90's. Chevy Silverado needs to get those wheel well rock protection moldings like yesterday though. You can get them on GM's,Ford's and Dodge's. Chevrolet needs to offer them too so their customers can get rock chip and rust protection. Ridiculous.

For good reasons black isn't very popular. Here's a color survey result for pickups/suvs:

24% white
14% Silver
13% Red
12% Gray
12% Black
11% Blue

During the mid to late 2000's it seems black was pretty popular, but its popularity has definitely declined.

GMC doesn't seem to be aware of this. On their website, the default picture of every single one of their vehicles shows a black model. Additionally, they have about the most limited selection of colors besides black of any truck maker.

While the Sierra 1500 has a number of color options, many of the "popular" colors are missing. The Denali trim offers only 6 colors, none of which I would be willing to pay a premium for.

Does GMC realize that they may not be offering colors people want? Just because they have different options doesn't mean those options represent what the consumer wants.

I prefer the look of the Sierra over that of the Silverado, but the fact that GMC doesn't have colors that I like would keep me from even considering one if I was in the market for a new truck.

I'll agree that it looks better in the video but I'll also say they should have done a sticker/badge or something to identify it and done something different with the interior, too. Come on!

Too much black.

It needs chrome or shiny silver alloy rims.

More chrome on the front and hints of chrome down the sides.

The shape of the vehicle isn't suitable for the blackness.

Ken I'm not sure where you got your data, white is definatly the most popular especially when you add in fleet sales but Balck has always been second or third to silver/grey. Plus Women like men in black trucks.

Looks good, nice to see GM offering different looks.

@ Peter

"can a guy really drive a full size pickup with a V6"

YES he can! This new 4.3 has around the same power as the old 4.8 V8, I'd take a 6.2 or 5.3 but some people have thought/said that this 4.3 feels more like a V8.



Doesn't matter which manufacturer it comes from. Black is black and will show EVERYTHING. I owned a black truck about 10years ago, but never again. I'm surprised at how popular that color has become in recent years with the whole now overdone blacked out/murdered look. Good to see GM so late the game like always.

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