2015 Toyota Tundra Gets Bass Pro Shop Edition

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Gulf States Toyota is one of the largest and oldest Toyota distributors in the U.S., and it is introducing an exclusive special edition trim package for its Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas dealerships.

The port-installed (in Houston) package is the Bass Pro Shops Off-Road Edition (certainly a mouthful), and it will be unveiled during media day today at the 2014 State Fair of Texas, which is open to the public Sept. 26-Oct. 19 in Dallas. It will include 20-inch black matt wheels, all-terrain tires, floormats with Bass Pro logos, special Bass Pro off-road decals, tubular side steps, a spray-in bed liner (if it is not equipped with one already), fender flares and a stainless-steel exhaust tip.

In addition to these options, all special-edition buyers will receive a $1,000 lifestyle package that will allow them to choose as much hunting, fishing, camping or marine equipment they can grab for that amount at their local Bass Pro Shop. The offer is good on any purchased or leased 2015 SR5 4x4 Tundra. The package adds more than $5,000 to the price of the truck, with a suggested retail price of (not including destination) $43,975. 

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at least its not about vans....

No way would I drive a truck around providing free advertising for a company regarless of who it is...

THese "theme" edition trucks seem to be all the rave these days with the manufacturers. I guess anything out of the norm sells these days because everyone wants to be different.

@ Sandman: I agree,like the bs texas longhorn chevy has etc.I have to wonder how many people will actually buy those decal trucks.

$5,000 for flares, floor mats, decals, and wheels and tires. Do it yourself for half that and leave the decals off.

Why not a Walmart edition?

Can't have Walmart edition since most Ford's and Chevy's occupy the parking lot.

That's just for show. IMHO, a REAL Bass Pro Shop truck would be equipped with the following:

Lift kit with 35x12.5x17 M/T tires, front 12000LB winch, off-road lighting and maybe a aftermarket front bumper.

That's what i would do.

As long as everyone keeps worshipping those duck call dudes with the "reality" show, this is what you're going to get.

I may be wrong, but I can find all of those exact parts, including the Bass Pro stickers, for sale on the internet, buy them and install them myself for around $3,000. These packages are a little over-rated in my opinion.

That's a lot of money to pay for decals and carpet ( that advertise too) and an A/T tire, which other trucks have, so the rims must be awesome, right? They can't be that good.

I'm not a fan of John Morris, or his overpriced Blue Green Resort (Big Cedar). Bass Pro shops is a nice cool place to get a lot of good stuff. But I sure as heck would not be advertising for him. Nor do I think my friend that has a 2010 Tundra and even bought a boat from Bass Pro shops would want to either.

Furthermore, Mr. Morris has had a lot to do with my local area not having a new track built, all for the sake of his fancy resort, he objected. He clearly pointed to other tracks that have been bought out for their NASCAR race date and labeled them as tracks that could not survive.

Bass Pro is a great place to shop. I even think one will open up soon in Atlantic City, which would be great as it's 45 miniutes away from my mothers.

As for these special edition vehicles. Unless something is enhancing performance I think they would be a waste of money.

Limited or special edition vehicles have gone out of vogue in Australia for a number of years now. I remember 20 years ago or so they were common.


No way would I drive a truck around providing free advertising for a company regardless of who it is...

So what your saying is you don't drive anything since it does what you say you would not drive? Everything has free advertising written on anything made pretty much, so I'm sure you didn't mean that

Not a bad looking truck IMO

Watch Toyota sell at least 12 or 15 of these. Boring!

This is the perfect truck for the "I just moved to the "country" from the suburbs and I know nothing about trucks guy."

The more I see these new Tundra's, the more it's really growing on me. I can see a lot of refinement and attention to details. I wouldn't necessary get a Bass Pro edition but would consider this new Tundra for my next truck along with the new F150 when it comes out.

I don't shop at Bass Pro Shops, I support their competition instead.

Guys buying that truck are going to make the same mistake I did and going to be disappointed like I was later.
I thought if I bought the top of the line F-150 FX4 that all my friends would be impressed. They were NOT!
I later figured I out I paid $5000 more just for a FX4 Decal on the bed!

@TRX-4 Tom, I see you are from my neck of the woods based on Big Cedar Lodge, I work about 25 miles north of there!

But as far as this package for this pickup is concerned, it isn't worth the $5000 upcharge.

Gulf States Toyota sucks! The all 4x4's are flex fuel stuff sucks so you have to chose between 4x4 and TRD Supercharger.

"The dealer-installed option package..."



This is stupid. 5k for what looks to be bushwacker fender flares and BFG all terrains on a set of aftermarket wheels! Really? At least the cabelas edition f250 had a nice padded rifle case under the back seat. I see nothing here that would benefit a real outdoorsman. If you want a functional outdoorsman truck buy a base model 4x4 add a steel bumper and a good set of tires. If you want to drive around town with a pinch of cope in your mouth pretending to be a redneck buy this

@AL JR.: yeah, I go through that area quite a bit, and I wouldn't pay anything at all for the stickers on the side of the truck.

I think it's fine if they want to do off-road vehicle, but doing an off-road vehicle actually involves putting on some special parts.

Like Sandman 4X4 said, I would not be paying money to advertise for a third-party, meaning it's one thing to advertise your vehicle by who makes it, but that's as far as it goes. If somebody else wants their name on the side of my vehicle and it's not for the sake of some business I'm doing, they could pay me, not me pay them.

It actually made news on one of the radio stations here that they would be selling this truck, I find it kind of comical!

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