August's Fastest- and Slowest-Selling Pickups

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It's no surprise that since both the GM heavy-duty pickup trucks (the Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 and GMC Sierra 2500/3500) and the Ford Super Duty F-250/F-350 are new for the 2015 model year, those vehicle would make up a good portion of this month's fastest-selling top 10 list.

The GM pickups offer an all-new interior, "brawnier" exterior styling and more towing strength, while the Super Duty (now with a dedicated exhaust brake) largely benefits from a vastly improved Power Stroke turbo-diesel engine. Somewhat more surprising is how well Toyota dealerships are moving Tacomas, both old and brand new. Clearly, Toyota dealers are willing to make strong deals on the outgoing 2014 models.

But when looking at the slowest-selling list, not everyone is having good luck moving previous-generation models. Every one of the slowest-selling top 10 entries this month are 2014 Fords, Chevys and GMCs. If you're in the market for a "new" HD pickup, our guess is that this is where you'll find the biggest savings and willingness for sales managers to haggle.

Both our lists measure how many days a particular type of vehicle has been on a lot before a buyer signs the final paperwork to purchase the truck. We look exclusively at 2014 and 2015 model-year vehicles. For the fastest-selling vehicles, we require a 100-vehicle threshold before we put them on the list to keep the list free of specialty products or limited editions that could skew the results (we should note that 34 2015 F-450s were sold in August). For our slowest-selling list, we do not require any threshold.


Fastest-Selling Top 10

  1. 2015 Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab, 5 days on sale
  2. 2015 Toyota Tacoma Extended Cab, 6
  3. 2014 Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab, 16
  4. 2015 GMC Sierra Denali 2500 HD Crew Cab, 19
  5. 2014 Toyota Tacoma Extended Cab, 21
  6. 2014 Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab, 26
  7. 2014 GMC Sierra Denali 1500 Crew Cab, 28
  8. 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD Crew Cab, 37
  9. 2015 Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab, 40
  10. 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab, 41


Slowest-Selling Top 10

  1. 2014 GMC Sierra Denali 3500 HD Crew Cab, 289
  2. 2014 GMC Sierra 3500 HD Crew Cab, 224
  3. 2014 GMC Sierra Denali 2500 HD Crew Cab, 204
  4. 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD Regular Cab, 201
  5. 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Regular Cab, 179
  6. 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD Crew Cab, 172
  7. 2014 Ford F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab, 167
  8. 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab, 162
  9. 2014 Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew Cab, 160
  10. 2014 GMC Sierra 3500 HD Regular Cab, 154 image by Evan Sears




Toyota has a good strategy with the Tacoma. Make great deals. Flood the market. No one will need to buy the new Colorado or Canyon.

The fact is that the price to purchase, and operate a one ton pickup over a much smaller lighter Toyota Tacoma is huge, and that is likely the main factor in the sales disparity figures.

So the inefficient Tacoma can't hardly stay on the lot. What was that again about fuel efficiency being so important? People always talk a big talk about gas prices and fuel economy but in the end drive home as happy as can be in a 15mpg truck, piss and moan about it, and trade it in for another tuck later on with a smile.

I am excited to see the new Tacoma redesign

Like I've said before, these number don't mean much, however, it is interesting how fast some of the '15 HD trucks are moving off the lot.

Given the high purchase price and cost of maintenance of diesel HD trucks, it's surprising that the new models are selling well.

I still see too many people out there driving them that obviously have no use for one, they just want to have a big truck and feel like they are king of the road.

So I guess this is going to be a monthly report. I just don't know what to make of this info. I don't really see how it is useful? I guess the bottom 10 are the ones we should most easily get a good discount on? And the top 10 are the ones you can expect to not get much of a discount on? But that may not necessarily be true. The thing is any truck could be number one on the list if the manufacturer lowers production levels to slightly below projected demand. But I don't see much benefit from that? I guess it saves storage costs on the lot, but that can't be much. It seems like there are multiple factors that could affect these lists, so probably not a whole lot you can learn from them.

I agree, unless there is some meaning to these numbers that none of us realize, they are next to useless.

Anyone can see those numbers and attach whatever meaning they want to them. If nothing else it is fuel for debate on PUTC to hold everyone over until the next article is published.

I'm surprised to see the Tacoma sell so well since it has nothing to special offer in the market. I've driven some of the new Tacomas and was not impressed. Seemed very outdated.

looks like the majority of the top ten fastest moving is tacoma not 15 model gm and fords....................... jus saying lol.....

I love how everyone talks smack about the tacoma but has never driven one which is why they sell so so well.. numbers are ONLY down due to manufacturing cant keep up..... 14 models STILL dont have incentives....

Of course what this “of little value” article does not say:

GM is milking their customers at full retail for the 2015 2500HD Denali, and intentionally restricting supply. And the reason for that strategy is:

GM has a 220 day plus supply of 2014 2500 HDs that they cannot give away with 20% discounts. Some dealers of some trim levels have a ONE year supply!

Heck, my dog knows that.

I'm surprised at the number of idiots that will pay close to sticker price for a truck. This will happen when the new F150 comes out. If you have a brain you will wait for the newness to wear off and then buy with the discounts. I usually get around 20% off when I order and I always get exactly what I want. It just seems so simply to me. Don't be in a big hurry and you'll save thousands.

@ fredtheman

Funny the only thousands you save is the difference of what those people your suggesting pays........ what you pay lines you up closer to what the market should be. those big rebates just make the truck worth less so you didnt save more.....

After you drive a Ram all other pickups feel cheap and generic.
Ram owns the crown of repeat buyers
The RAM HD is proof positive that Chrysler is taking the truck segment very seriously.
Did you know the RAM HD comes in a total of 18 paint options?

@hemi lol
Dealers will take whatever people are willing to pay for a truck assuming they are still making a profit by selling the truck.

If a "low information" buyer walks into a dealership and is ready to pay full sticker + dealer addons + extended warranty, do you think the dealership is going shy away from that deal because the truck is selling for higher than "market value"?

The market is essentially what buyers are willing to pay based on the minimum price the the truck can be produced at and turn a profit for the manufacture and dealership. With many full-sized trucks there is such a great profit margin that there can be discounts left and right.

If trucks aren't selling at a certain price, what happens? Discounts come along.

The flaw in your understanding is that the trucks aren't worth less because of the amount of discounts involved. The trucks are worth less because the MSRP value at which they initially priced at much greater than their actual value determined what by what the truck cost to produce as well as turn a profit.

The whole way in which auto sales work is sometimes a concept that is hard for people to grasp.

In the U.S. consumers are particular affected by the ideas of "savings", "discounts", etc. Marketing departments play upon people's emotions by using such terms. For many consumers, it is irrelevant if they are actually saving any money at all, they just have to be made to believe that they are.

Everyone wants to "save" money on purchases, but it seems like it's almost become an obsession. For example, if Target sells a gadget for $21.99 and Walmart has that same gadget for $19.99, guess where people are going to go buy that gadget? People will usually go for what's cheaper, regardless of the actually shopping experience or even if they have to drive an extra 10 miles to save a few dollars.

Because people are conditioned to expect savings, vehicles have to be listed at a price that is much higher than they will actually sell for. I believe this to be somewhat of a flaw in they way business is done, but that is another discussion. Because full-sized trucks are getting so expensive, it is imperative that discounts are offered to move them off the lot.

People have grown to expect that if they see a truck priced at $50k, they can knock $10k off the sticker. Buyers demand this. Consumers are not much concerned with what the market is paying for a certain model of truck. That is the concern of the companies selling trucks. A consumer is concern with what they will pay for their truck. If they feel that they are saving money, then they will probably buy it.

It is next to impossible to know what it cost to build a truck and turn a profit on it. Therefore, the consumer just need to be made to feel that they are saving money. Thus the price ends up being whatever the consumer is willing to pay above the invoice price.

These top XX lists are all the rage online and are being used to increased page clicks. Other than that, this story is meaningless.

"I'm surprised to see the Tacoma sell so well since it has nothing to special offer in the market. I've driven some of the new Tacomas and was not impressed. Seemed very outdated."

What it says is that there's a bigger market for smaller trucks than some want to believe. Apparently Toyota is selling them as fast as they make 'em. To see the Tacoma in #1, #2 and #3 positions as fastest selling says a lot.

2015 Tacoma:
The Regular Cab body, rubber floor and sliding rear window options, and Spruce Mica paint are gone for 2015.
New this year is the off-roading delight that is the Tacoma TRD Pro (it gathered the most TRD Pro customer interest) and Utility Package for the Access Cab I-4 (back seat delete)
Base Engine: 2.7L/159-hp/180-lb-ft l-4.
Opt. Engine: 4.0L/236-hp/266-lb-ft V-6
Drivetrain: Front Engine, RWD/4WD, 5M/6M/4A/5A
Tow: 6500 lb
Safety: Airbags: 6; rear cam: 0 BMS: N/A
5-Yr Retained Value: 66%

EPA Econ City/Hwy: 16-21/19-25 mpg
0-60 mph 6.8-8.9 sec

@RoadWhale - You know I hate to burst your bubble... but small pickup sales are down, over all. That must be that consumers, especially government, municipalities and fleet are putting orders for Canyon/Colorados.

Thing is, you can't decrease sales and also decrease "sale days" without seriously cutting back production.

And short supply is a symptom of "lean production" tactics, which is what made Toyota a force to be reckoned with. Toyota loses sales here or there, but makes it back with less rebates, incentives.

Just to back up what Denver Mike said. Midsize market is still shrinking in U.S. Less than 2% of industry. 2014 F-150 has better fuel economy than Tacoma.

@Corey Norris: I doubt that Toyota is "flooding the market" with anything but Camrys.

Just because they sell fast after delivery, means nothing. They barely keep them around. If they were "flooding" the market, their sales would not be down compared to last year and the same month last year.

Maybe they are trying to build more Tundras, so their low sales numbers can come up? Both are behind in their segment, but Toyota acts like they are soooo great. More like "so behind".

This is a waste of a list. 2014 Chevy and GMC HDs are only showing on the slow list because the 2015s are out. The few 2014s are the least desirable ones, such as 6.0 L gassers.

@TRX-4 Tom

"Maybe they are trying to build more Tundras, so their low sales numbers can come up?"

Toyota is in 4th place while Ram is a distant 3rd place (down more than 170,000 units to #2 GM). The only thing is Toyota didn't spend a lot of money to do it like Ram congrats. More importantly anybody notice TRX-4 Tom is obsessed with the Tundra just like Hemi V8 and all of his screen names are obsessed with Ford maybe you two should see someone about that.

The numbers I want to see is sales between Toyota,(taco),Nissan,(Frontier),and the new GM midsize twins that should be available next month.That will tell us how well,in comparison to their competitors they are doing.I can't help but think it will show the possible pent up demand for a really new midsize.Just a thought...

I have to agree that these numbers alone mean little.

If one looks at Toyota pickup production, they are running pretty much flat out. They are making as many as they can possibly make without adding more shifts.

If their trucks are on the lot a short time it is good for the manufacturer and dealerships.

The fact that the 2015 trucks HD trucks are hotter sellers than the 2014's show that people were waiting for the 2015's.

One could get a great deal on any of the trucks that are slow sellers since most dealer floor plans are 90 days.

Lou BC
The local Ford Dealers are very quiet about the 2015 F-150, they know nothing-nothing-nothing about them. I know more since I read about it here on PUTC,,,,,,,OR maybe the local dealer is just playing dumb cause they are in a mild panic cause their lots are full of 2014 F-150's.
That's great! Trash talk the 2015 F-150 so you can sell the 2014's, then when all the 2014's are all gone and sold then the dealer can say wonderful things about the 2015.

yea, its a question, I have respect for you Lou BC I say you are the most intelligent and creative regular poster here on PUTC. Even if you said nasty things about what I said, it doesn't bother me.

Toyota is in 4th place while Ram is a distant 3rd place (down more than 170,000 units to #2 GM). The only thing is Toyota didn't spend a lot of money to do it like Ram congrats. More importantly anybody notice TRX-4 Tom is obsessed with the Tundra just like Hemi V8 and all of his screen names are obsessed with Ford maybe you two should see someone about that.

Posted by: AD | Sep 6, 2014 6:31:45 PM

More of that Obama math I see.

Chevy 2014 year to date sales: 331,977

Ram 2014 year to date sales: 283,256

Difference in sales between Chevy and Ram: 48,721

@Ram Big Horn 1500
More of your Bush reading comprehension I said GM not Chevy look at your own post. Reading is fundamental! Me thinks you a moron.

I don't normally address people in the way above because I Do Not like it but if try to be a smarta$$ with me I will do the same.

@astroturf Tom#3 -

1. "The local Ford Dealers are very quiet about the 2015 F-150, they know nothing-nothing-nothing about them."

I haven't experienced that fact but you yourself have pointed out the lack of knowledge most sales staff have of the products they sell. They believe that a "good" salesman can sell anything including ice cubes to Eskimos.

2. OR maybe the local dealer is just playing dumb cause they are in a mild panic cause their lots are full of 2014 F-150's.

Why would they panic?
It has been planned out that they will have a large inventory to carry over to the 2015 trucks.
They know what is going on or they wouldn't have such a huge inventory.

3. Did I say nasty stuff about you?

Point is: I don't know anyone who acts or talks like you. That means you are either: a. incredibly shallow and immature or b. acting that way deliberately.

@tom 3 and loubc
I've talked to a couple dealers that are the same way. I don't think they play dumb about the 2015. They just don't know anything. Most dealers I've ever talked to are not car guys at all. They just sell whatever is they have and memorize a few talking points about it. Ask a real question that can't be easily found on fords website and they will have no clue what the answer is. There has to be some exceptions but I've honestly never met a salesman that knows squat about cars.

I am shocked at my local Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge dealership where i bought my truck 11 years ago. I recently went to find out when i could order a Power Wagon. Wanted to know the tow haul numbers. The salesmen kept giving me the numbers for a 2500
instead of a Power Wagon. It bothered me so i went to the sales manager and asked him if they train their staff on the products they sale. Never got a straight answer. I suggested to the manager that the sales staff needs to know about the products they sale and how Ram trucks are better than the competition.
I thought to myself how could a professional not know his product. I am going to buy from another dealer a couple miles further away. I was telling the salesmen about their cars and trucks. He laughed and said i knew more than he did. Sad really.

Oh i forgot. So i go to the chevy dealer to look at a corvette. Was in the showroom talking to a customer about how nice the new vette looks and mentioned to the customer the corvette had cylinder deactivation. The salesmen overheard me and said that the vette did not have cylinder deactivation. I bet him a dollar. Another customer came over and backed up what i said. The salesmen's face turned red.He went to his computer and looked it up. He admitted he was wrong. Again a pro that has no clue what features his product has. Again sad. I take pride in my profession.

@AD: I'm obsessed with the Tundra? No, just making a point, which you must be too blind to see.

I have said both good (good 6 speed, good low rpm power from 5.7 I-Force, and talked good at times about my old 96 Camry 4 cyl 5 speed, no air dam for a slight bit of clearance) and bad (poor ride quality, poor mileage, poor clearance in other places they don't have an air dam, less torque from more valves on a 5.7 engine, not as many gears as Ram, and their gear ratios aren't as good as others, not as spread....)

Wow, say one thing about Toyota and poor AD gets bent out of shape.

Remember Hemi lol used to say "Toyotas catching Ram!" Lol!

Toyota is behind on many models, Tacoma, Tundra, FJ Cruiser, and wow, they must be unloading those cheap Rav4s! They had their best Rav4 month, and sold a lot less then Jeep sold SUVs!

BTW, since you talk sales numbers, Ram is ahead of BOTH GM and CHEVY in Canada, and the amounts of Tundras and Tacomas they sell up there are a joke!

You can talk about spending all you want, Toyota will have to SPEND someday to upgrade. What, do you think they magically fix the Tundra by adding a Cummins?

@TRX-4 Tom - a few years back the Tacoma and Tundra were selling almost as many trucks as Ram.
Ram truck division has done an outstanding job of bringing competitive trucks to the dealer floor.
Toyota has a good product but are too conservative and cautious with developement.

Being a former Tacoma(2007) owner... The resale is unreal on these. Paid 29k for an 07 loaded out... sold it 4 years later for 22k and 60k miles. Wasn't fuel efficient or fast but it was reliable. Being that it is 2014 and there is no new model strikes me as odd but resale and rumors speak loudly.

@Lou BC

Yesterday's first week of regular season NFL games tells a grim story. Instead of crowing about their new pickups, most of the ads were about the latest phones and electronic toys.

The truck ads that did appear were for "special offers" and other promos for 2014-year trucks and Chevy Ford led the pack. Did not see a Ram ad yesterday during the game I watched. No GM ad for the new mid size twins.

The lousy economy in the US has the Big 2, plus Fiat running scared, obviously.

@ Hemi Monster

your preaching about the car business and how it works to the wrong guy....................

In the wholesale marketplace i.e. auction houses and trade values when a manufacturer puts a bunch of rebates on a vehicle to move them it de-values the same one year older vehicle by that much money...... Also, you are correct about the consumer being conditioned for a big discount. However Toyota doesnt play that game and a like equipped ford,gm,ram of equal components has an MSRP of 5-7k MORE than a Tundra. Funny, if i didnt know what i was saying the resale on a Ford,gm, ram should be more than a tundra and people would make money reselling them since they "got such a great deal" with all the rebates they saved....... that simply doesnt happen. Simply put if you want to make a payment on a truck and end up having equity in a couple years (value holds more than the payments you are making) you buy a Tacoma or Tundra. Ask ANYONE in the car business.....

^lol! Hemi lol expects people to believe him? Ford, Ram, and GM have 5-7 K more MSRP for an equally built truck when compared to Tundra?

That's funny, I don't care who you are!

The last two challenges they had for the Tundra/Titan/F-150 and 1500s had price limitations. We see how Tundra did, in the 30k shootout, and the 2013 light duty challenge!

Keep trying to sell us more Toyota BS.

Are you still passing the Consumer Reports around the Toyota dealership, or did you hide them now that the Nissan and Toyota are at the bottom of the full sized segment?

Just guessing as usual I see, DM. Care to show me some verifiable proof?

Yes, I am quite aware that Toyota doesn't sell as many as the "big three", but then, I'm not talking about the y-o-y sales so much as your REASONING behind that slide. Quite obviously now that GM has announced the Canyon/Colorado, mid-size pickup sales WILL slide--as people wait to get an up-close look at the GM twins and start test driving them. What we need to know now is how well the GM twins will do both short term and long term.

Lol, @Hemi LOL!

Next time, build something more like a Laramie! Just because you chose two top of the line trucks means nothing! The Laramie Limited has stuff that is not even offered on the Tundra ala Blundra!

Does the The Platinum Tundra even have all mirrors self dimming? Heated and vented front seats, heated rear, heated steering wheel? Not saying I like all that, just comparing.

The Limited comes with air suspension, (more stuff you won't find on a Tundra.)

Does a Tundra Plat come with spray in bedliner? Remote start? 32 gallon tank (with poor Tundra mileage, might be a good thing)

I can build a pretty good Laramie for the 49,545 you talk of! LOL!

Ba ha ha! Thought you would pull a fast one there, didn't you! Is this how you Toyota folk sell stuff? Look at theirs, see, 4K more ( not mentioning all the $#!+ our Tundra doesn't have)

At the end of the day, you still have 18 mpg, and a Laramie has an 8 speed and 21 mpg! LOL!

Here you, Hemi laughing at Tundra!

It went over 49,545 INCLUDING DESTINATION fee. But hey, it does have a factory trailer brake control, which Tundra STILL does not offer. I can take them off and be 330 or so less. Or I can take off the air suspension and save 1600$.

As you can see I put some nice options on, I left off the 32 gallon tank, not like it's a Toyota gas hog!

Man, you make Toyota look foolish, comparing to a truck loaded down to your Platinum!

@ Trx4 tom

Oh how uneducated you are LOL LOL

The Tundra platinum has exterior mirrors that HAVE BLIND SPOT MONITORS you cant get on a ram, turn signals, POWER FOLDING, that ALSO DIM automatically.

HEATED AND COOLED seats are STANDARD on the platinum tundra.

No heated steering wheel but HEY the Tundra has leveling headlights that your ram doesnt offer, Not to mention a cooling system that holds 1.5 GALLONS more coolant, WAY bigger Brakes front and rear WAY bigger rear differential.

MORE towing capacity and payload because of Rams STUPID coil spring rear suspension.....

YES, you can order it from the factory with a spray in liner (2015)
YES, you can get it with Remote Start WITH a glassbreak sensor

An Infotainment system that TELLS YOU when an update is available and does so FOR FREE through a bluetooth connection from your cell phone, just another thing Toyota offers Ram dont.

Also for 2015 a 38 GALLON tank is available this fall.

Did i mention the cab on a Tundra is BIGGER in ALL configurations, Did i mention the Bed Volume is BIGGER in ALL configurations...

How about the Tundra has a Class 5 hitch not a class 4 like your Ram.......

How about despite having an 8 speed trans (that ram doesnt build) the tundra is STILL more powerful with a trailer behind it?

How about a Moonroof that AUTOMATICALLY adjusts the air spoiler depending on your speed......

OH did i mention THE WHOLE BACK WINDOW ROLLS DOWN? OR maybe you would like to know that on SR5 and above trims the trucks come with a Windshield wiper deicer grid that heats the windshield under the wipers when you turn on the WHOLE REAR GLASS and mirrors........

I can Keep going and going and going......... You dont know what you think you do Tommy..........

AND ALL THAT FOR UNDER 50K! Your Ram would be 55000 topped out...... They dont have more frills (except heated wheel)


@ Hemi Lol: oh, I also forgot, do the 2015 Tundras have a gauge to tell you the exact engine coolant temperature, exact oil temperature in the engine, transmission fluid exact temperature?

Just what year will Toyota actually put in a factory integrated trailer brake controller?

You were running your mouth about rebates, that would probably be because Ram is trying to be competitive with the two GM trucks, and Ford. I guess Toyota doesn't really care that much if they sell.

Why would I want a Tundra that has less torque, horse power, gas mileage, less choice of gears?

If Ram determines the need for a bigger cab on a 1500 truck, they will go back to putting the mega cab back on them. It's not that hard of a deal for them to do, if they find the need for it.

You keep talking about comparing to top-of-the-line trucks, it's just too bad that there's a lot more stuff on the Laramie Limited, and a well built Laramie would be built just as well is any Toyota Tundra. Since you are the one that said "no more frills", isn't more power and torque and more gears not a frill? A better suspension? A sprayed in bedliner and running boards is standard equipment? You compare apples to oranges all you want to man, or woman, whatever it is, they're not evenly built the Ram has a lot more stuff on it.

Oh, BTW, The fast lane truck did that towing test up the Eisenhower pass, with the same load on the Tundra then the Ram. The Ram beat it by about seven seconds, and a good part of the distance they were trying to maintain 60 so the driver did not have his foot to the floor. They did say that they Tundra needed a lot more RPM!

As for your talk about towing numbers and payload, the towing numbers on that truck that you posted the link to also has The standard 3.21 gears, for about $50 more a person could get 3.92 gears, so no, Ram is not behind Tundra on any tow ratings at all!

Payload is a little bit less, yes, the 2013 light duty shootout shows that the crew Max tundra had 200 pounds more payload, I hundred pounds of that is used up by the air suspension, which by the way keeps what load it does have, LEVEL.

Can you even get a longer bed on the Tundra with the crew Max? That's kind of a small bed isn't it? First off, the Ram is about an inch wider between the wheel wells, and the Tundra is about .3 inches wider at the wall, with the Tundra crew Max bed been shorter then a Ram or Ford bed.

@Confused Toyota salesman, AKA Hemi lol:

Great, blind spot indicators, I don't want nor need them, besides that, Toyota mirrors are NO BETTER!

38 Gallon tank! Great! You need it! The 2013 Light Duty Shootout the Ram out mileaged the Tundra by 3.4 MPG! Granted that is a 3.55 geared Ram, (not the 3.92 geared one that will tow the same or more then an equally equipped Tundra, Ok, I can't say that, Tundras are down on power, torque, have less gears) But even if it were a 3.92 geared truck, it should still get 1.5 MPG better, and therefore, 36 gallons goes further in the Ram then 38 in a old truck built for 2007.

You talk about brakes? Have you even even seen how the Tundra did in the 2013 shootout? Or even the 2011 30K shootout? After you see those results, and you can comment again about brakes. The Tundra was at the very back/worst in the 2013 Challenge. In the 30K shootout, the empty Tundra stopped about one foot better (139 vs 140 feet) then an empty Ram, then they added 1,000 pounds to the already two passengers, now the Tundra gained about 5-6 feet, Ram barely gained. REAL WORK TRUCK THERE! Start loading it, it can't stop
Have you ever heard of "swept area" when speaking of brakes? Look it up, oh wait, you would be depressed, because Ram has more of it on their brakes.

So now Tundra FINALLY has a 3.5" screen in between the tach and speedo? About 5 years after Ford and Ram.

What's the size of that there Tundra NAV screen? Tiny?

Funny you want to compare your Platnum to a Larimie LIMITED that has a crapload more things as STANDARD, that spray in bedliner, those running boards, the air suspension, 8 speed, the bigger tank that will be OPTIONAL on that Tundra, lol!

Do they even put Parkview/Park Assist on Tundras, or something similar?

You talk of luxury, but Tundras can't do the real work, (or atleast stop a load) and the ride isn't great, so why do I want one? Besides the engine being so far forward it's easy to reach and maintain?

So I can buy something that couldn't win a single thing in the 2013 Challenge, and got beat in the 30K Shootout?

You over rate Tundras.

They want too much, I wasn't gonna mess with them, my brother in law gave up buying a Tundra cause of Toyotas GREED, and a few years later he bought a Tacoma that wasn't big enough for trailer towing, so it sat, and sat, then he sold it.

Oh, BTW, Ram may not have initially built they 8 speed, but they do build them in Kokomo. Not shipped from Germany, as you would like to say.

Such great Tundra brakes!

More great Tundra brakes! Toyota, lets go places! Like, to the bottom of the list!

Looks the Ford was great empty, and then it gained the most when loaded 1200 pounds more, plus two adults!

The GMC gained a good deal, so did the Chevy.

Wow, the Ford probably had 250 pounds of payload left, but seeing as how the weight effected it most, hmmmmm...

The Ram was over payload by atleast 500 pounds, but with a load was competitive, I mean, the Ram was less then 2.8% more distance then GMC, and less than 1.4% less distance then the MAX PAYLOAD Ford.

I will let Hemi lol figure out the extra distance the "overbuilt" Tundra needs both loaded and empty, so he/she can tell me about their GREAT braking!

Tundra, Lets go to last place!

Only the Titan stopped better with a load.

Look for the "3" as the first digit of the VIN. They're known to be better quality Tacomas when hecho en Mexico, than San Antonio.

@RoadWhales - It's well known the small truck segment is down. And Tacoma "selling days" are getting shorter. Tacoma production is down too. It all ties together.

If you dispute any of this, show me the facts.

But the drop in segment sales is just the fleet, utilities, governments/municipalities, etc, anticipating the Colorado/Canyon. Most of these prefer or are compelled to use USA/Detroit based OEMs.

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