Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: August 2014

Fords Pair 2013 II

For those automakers with a strong lineup of pickup trucks, SUVs and crossovers in their portfolio, there is plenty to be happy about now that August sales have been tallied. Some are predicting a year-end auto sales number above 17 million units, most of which are riding on the backs of full-size pickupsand SUVs. Of course, strong Labor Day sales incentives and good weather across the country didn't hurt sales for the month of August.

Ram continues its winning streak with a strong month, as combined full-size Ram pickup sales for the month are up more than 30 percent from last August. GM also had a strong month with sales gains for both the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra in the double digits.

Depending on who you believe, the three-day holiday weekend at the end of August provided just enough push for buyers to get out and purchase new vehicles before the end of summer. But as strong as the first two-thirds of the year has been, many prognosticators see stronger truck sales defining the auto industry since GM has two new midsize pickups coming online and Ford's all-new 2015 F-150 will be reaching dealerships by October (starting with the more expensive, higher trim models).

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Ram continues to go after the chevy, nice work RAM! I remember when ram was barely ahead of GM Sierra, now they are right on the heels of Chevy, and did I mention they are doing this with one truck, imagine if RAM HAD A TWIN!!!

Chevy Colorado Build Your Own website is now up.

Good to see stable sales across the main competitors, I wonder where the Colorado/Canyon will end up in this list once they are available.

Congratulations to RAM. Best truck on the planet.

Love that Ram is gaining market share. But, I am still impressed with GM and how it can produce two large pickups that sell pretty good. I don't see a whole lot of difference between the two mechanically speaking. Same truck different skins. Plus, they'll be adding two smaller twins this fall. Great news for RAM, as long as they can continue the momentum and don't get lazy. Which, under current management, I don't think they can.

If Ram had a twin, they would be selling less Rams. Where did you go to school Nitro?

" Best truck on the planet."

Hahahahah, there is no such thing you TROLL!

For me it is.

One thing is for sure in the month of August, GM sold more trucks then any other company. And that is a fact!!!

One thing is for sure in the month of August, GM sold more trucks then any other company. And that is a fact!!!

Posted by: greg | Sep 3, 2014 2:24:16 PM

RAM is still best truck on the planet.


Of course it is.


Counting GM Trucks brands together is not something to gloat about, as a matter of fact, they should sell twice as many and it's really sad that it's not the case.

Ram is gaining !
Motor Trend Truck Of The Year 2 years in a row!
Good reviews of the Ram on PUTC
Consumer Reports recommended full size truck.
R-E-S-P-E-C-T for owning a Ram.

GM holds the most recalled award ever. Just about all the gm twins sold are on the recall list.

LOL Don't buy the tickastar v6 3.6L. The little money you save on fuel you spend on replacing harmonic balancer every other year.

Another Ford in the picture for the article. One of the worst performers month over month and they still put a Ford up their.

tickastar 3.6L

Cool seeing Ford still dominating with old trucks. Looks like Ram just might top Chevy within a couple years. Fords upcoming pickup truck lineup up will keep the king at the top as i know alot of people waiting for the new F-150's and SuperDuty's holding back for now.

P.S. Any news on the 2016 Raptor yet????

Ram is only gaining based on sales freefall that lasted from 2008-2010. Last time I checked Ram has not beaten the sales before the 2008 bailout.

2007 Ram sold 358,295 trucks and only 355,673 in 2013. That is a loss.

If Ram beats 358,295 this year and still gets 20% increases next year, then we can start talking about gains.

GM is still losing too based on pre bailout sales. GM pre-2008 bailout sold 826,500 combined Silverados and Sierras in 2007. In 2013 GM sold 664,803 combined. GM is still losing huge. As Greg stated, this is a fact!

Conversely Ford sold 690,589 in 2007 and 763,402 in 2013. Ford is the only truck maker who made any real gains.

I suspect Ram sales could accelerate the climb as Silverado sales are diverted by the soon to be shipped Colorado/Canyon's.

As I said before, GM has no 4500 or 5500 trucks to be counted. Ford far outsells everyone in 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. That probably means that GM is burying Ford in half ton sales. GM should not sell twice as many trucks because of having two brands. Ever hear of market saturation? The vast majority of truck buyers see Chevy and GMC as different trim levels of the same truck and they take their pick. The money all goes to the same place.

Dave, We are not talking pre bailout, we are talking sales v.s. last year and Ram is on a Role for sales v.s last year. Most companies look at sales year over year or Comp % v.s. last year when looking at numbers.

@ johnnie doe

tickastar kinda like the piston slap?

In total year over year gains Chrysler out gained everyone including the combined gains of the GM twins

Chevy(5602 new sales)+GMC(1830 new sales)=7432 gained
Chrysler- 10,766 gained new sales

It was an excellent month for both Chrysler and GM and hopefully it continues to stay that way

Those of you saying gm should sell twice as many are not intelligent at all. First, they are the EXACT same truck in different skins, so all it means is if you'd buy a chevy... you'd be a gmc and vis versa. Though some swear they'd never buy a gmc and they drive a chevy. The numbers should be combined because basically if you'd buy one... you'd buy the other. All having gmc does is take sales away from chevy, but they still get the sale with the more "luxurious" gmc.

Ford is going down.

imagine if RAM HAD A TWIN!!!


Ram does have a twin. It's called Jeep.

Jeep has a huge hole in its lineup where a pickup truck used to be--two trucks actually. They had a compact and a full size.

Chrysler made the decision not to revive the Jeep truck brand because it would cannibalize the Ram brand.

chevy and gmc should be in the same group. they are the same truck gmc is just stealing the chevy customers, ram has a long way to go to catch both of them. Ram style is good i just don't trust them yet. from the middle/upper 90s you could not plow with a dodge without blowing the trans up or the truck catching on fire. now allot of the 2000+ trucks have rust every where and the two people i know that have them have death wobble and the front ball joints keep going bad from plowing. I think ill keep my 06 sierra hd. If i bought a new truck i would look a both gmc and chevy cuz they are the same.

I believe toyota is still the most recalled
G.M. recalled about 758,000 vehicles in the United States in 2013, ninth among automakers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Toyota was first, with about 5.3 million vehicles, followed by Chrysler with 4.7 million and Honda with almost 2.8 million.

When/if GM comes out with 4500 and 5500 models their numbers will improve significantly.

@BAFO - Most US pickups are hecho en Mexico or non UAW. Nice stup!d comment though.

What you have in OZ is zero choice in pickups, between midsize and commercial van hack-job flatbeds.

But we've been huge fans of pickups, long before unionization of any kind.

I know it must $U€k to be in OZ watching us enjoy such a tremendous selection of pickups, the rest of the world can only envy! I'm shipping a Ram to Germany as we speak!!!

Sure hate to tell you, but Ford isn't going anywhere. Consider that it has one plant producing trucks right now and it's 3 months away from a revolutionary new truck hitting the ground. Say what you want, but this point next year will be a whole different story. Nobody's going to catch Ford anytime soon.

@ Big Bob I don't think their would be a big difference in sale numbers if GM had 4500s and 5500s. Not a lot of people buy them trucks, but the people that do are rich or they got a job to do. The thought of a GM 4500/5500 did make me laugh though, thinking back Ford calls this a f450/f550 and ram calls this a 4500/5500 but this is what GM calls a 4500/5500

Ford F450/F550

Ram 4500/5500

GM 4500/5500


I can imagine if Ram had a twin they would probably sell the same amount the sell now as that would only split sells like GMC does with Chevy. If I were a GM Exec I wouldn't care where the sells come from as long as both Chevy and GMC are up for the year cause that means the platform is successful. If the GMT platform is successful then we will be gaining on Ford and not looking in the rear view at the distant 3rd place competitor that is down more than a 170,000 units. The competition can spend a huge amount of money so they can make the coolest truck and win a lot of awards but if they don't move enough units to move up than I wouldn't be concerned. That is the case with the 1/2 tons but I would be concerned in the HD market cause what Ram has done worked very well their. GM is now number 3 in the HD markets so a lot of work may need to be done their no matter what the results of a shootout are. They are still number 1 in the 1/2 ton market so that market is fine. As an Exec I could care less about awards or shootouts but rather the bottom line.

"Those of you saying gm should sell twice as many are not intelligent at all. First, they are the EXACT same truck in different skins, so all it means is if you'd buy a chevy... you'd be a gmc and vis versa. Though some swear they'd never buy a gmc and they drive a chevy. The numbers should be combined because basically if you'd buy one... you'd buy the other. All having gmc does is take sales away from chevy, but they still get the sale with the more "luxurious" gmc."

Wrong, GM does not do business this way. GM never says they sell the most trucks. It's only the TROLLS that like to say so, but all in all it's not something to gloat about. GMC & Chevy are two different trucks, ever wonder how One performs differently in the same test PUTC Conducts?

Rickey, I'm not sure how much the Canyon or Colorado will hurt sales of the 1500's. I just did a build of a CC LB 4x4 LT Colorado with $4700 in options and the build out came to $38,970.00. That's a chunk of change for a small truck. For $3-4000 more you can get a 1/2 ton. Add in deductions and the 1/2 ton will be close in price. Probably why none of the big 3 build small trucks anymore.

Ram and Chevy are foreign built p.o.s. ram is also foreign owned and for that reason I would never buy either one

For all of you saying that Chevy and GMC are eating each other's sales up obviously don't read the article's on this site. A story on this site showed how Ford would be the big winner if one of the GMC twins went away! Just because someone drives a Chevy doesn't mean they'll buy a GMC and vice versa! So it's actually smart of GM to have the two brands! They would loose sales if they didn't!

@Tom#3 - your name should be astroturf Tom.

The marketing campaign is getting a bit old.

"and Ford's all-new 2015 F-150 will be reaching dealerships by October (starting with the more expensive, higher trim models)."


"Automotive News reports all fleet and some retail consumers who put their orders in early will be waiting until February 2015 for delivery, according to a leaked dealer memo issued August 20."

@Dale Milner - there isn't a big difference in assembly line costs between a small truck and a full sized one when built in the USA. Prices are too close and car companies do not want to cannibalize sales of trucks with 20K profit margins to sell trucks with 5k margins.
Until trade barriers are removed we will not see the possibility of a competitive small truck market. VW already said that to build a factory in the NAFTA zone for USA consumption they would need to sell 100K Amaroks a year to be profitable.
If tariffs were lifted they could import trucks into the USA to meet niche needs and remain profitable.
Ford has the global Ranger but they won't bring it to the USA due to cannibalization of sales.
GM has always had the mentality that they need to offer a product to fill every market opening. They may be successful with the Colorado/Canyon but it will most likely be at their full sized trucks expense. Tacoma guys tend to be extremely loyal.

"Automotive News reports all fleet and some retail consumers who put their orders in early will be waiting until February 2015 for delivery, according to a leaked dealer memo issued August 20."

Posted by: Lou_BC | Sep 3, 2014 5:58:03 PM

Yep, India aluminum supplier quality problems.
No worries, Ford has plan B to make it from steel.

Tickastar hey? Last time I checked 5 year 100k warranty was best in the business.

Posted today September 3, 2014 on Wards Auto

"GM says an estimated 28,000 dealer orders have been placed for the Colorado, which is roughly 7% ahead of the automaker’s expectations. Some 14,000 units of the Canyon have been reserved, also ahead of predictions. Both pickups, which use carryover names but were redesigned from hood to hitch, began production this week."

Lou, Ford said those placing orders would get delivery early next year. Want one late this year? Buy off the lot.

Ford is doing well considering the impending release of the 2015 F-150.

It should be interesting to see how the GM midsizers factor in. Truck Trend published the FE numbers today:

After seeing the FE numbers, from my perspective the most likely buyer of the Colorado/Canyon is someone who wants to drive a midsized truck.

I don't think the FE difference is enough to convince anyone to downsize solely to get better FE.

GM now has 4 pickups that may be competing against one another and possibly cannibalize sales. I'm sure people here know my position on GM, so I need not repeat that.

The success or failure of the Colorado/Canyon will impact whether or not the midsize market has any chance of taking off in the future.

I think the costs to produce the Colorado/Canyon are less than the Silverado/Sierra because there is much less variation in the trim lines and the exterior and interior colors. There are about 7 exterior colors and one interior color for the Colorado (black interior) and the same for the Canyon except you can get a cocoa colored interior on the top two trim levels. The very base Colorado comes in white, black, and silver and you have to move up to the WT trim to get all seven colors. Two bed sizes available are 5 foot bed only for extend cab and a 5 foot standard bed with an optional 6 foot bed for the crew cab. 6 speed manual is only available in the base and WT trims. All trim levels include power windows and power driver's seat with a manual adjustable passenger seat. Front buckets in all trim levels with a console shift in the middle for the automatic. Base radio is an AM/FM with a USB port for you I tunes. Very little variance in these trucks and very little options available in each trim level. These trucks lend themselves to keeping minimum parts inventory at the assembly plants with very little variance in assembly. Sure the labor costs the same but the parts and options are mostly the same.

GM is being very conservative in their options and colors with limited choice. I understand why, they are basically doing what Tacoma and Frontier are doing. I think that these trucks will do well enough in sales and will be competition to Tacoma and Frontier.

@Jeff S.
I think you are correct in some respects. The Colorado/Canyon have to be cheaper to produce in order for them to make sense to bring over hear.

My understanding is that everything besides the "look" was carried over from the overseas model.

I also think that Lou_BC brings up a valid point. Depending on how much cheaper the trucks are to produce, they could very well eat into the profit margins of the full-sized trucks where the large profits are.

GM has made enough changes in their business model to accommodate thinner profit margins, but I think that they still need the big trucks and SUVs for awhile to succeed in the near future.

What comment?? I have this is my first comment in this article.


Correction--extend cab comes with 6 foot bed and crew cab come with standard 5 foot bed with optional 6 foot bed. Trim levels Base, WT, LT, and Z71. WT is the lowest trim level to get 4x4 with the V-6 and 6 speed automatic as standard on all 4X4s. GMC gives you slightly more choices in that you can get a cocoa colored interior on the top two trim levels. Basically the exterior colors and the options are about the sawhime for the Colorado and Canyon. I am not a big fan of black interiors, I think the would have been better to pick a mid gray for a standard interior but we will see what happens. has the information available on both the 2015 Colorado and Canyon and also has the 2015 Tacoma which shows only an extended cab and crew cab for Tacoma but a seat delete package for the back which takes about $1,400 off the price. Frontier does not have any information available on the 2015 models but when you build a 2014 Frontier it adds the air conditioning to price for about $1,200 which means that it is now standard which makes sense. The prices of the GM twins are slightly more than Tacoma and Frontier but not by much. But the Colorado/Canyon offers power windows and a power driver's seat and a few more extras that Tacoma and Frontier don't have.

@Hemi Monster--I think GM fully intends to keep the full size Silverado/Sierra and the Suburban/Tahoe and Yukons. I see GM taking a calculated risk but by limiting options and colors they have lowered their risk and costs enough to make a profit on a much lower volume than the full sizes. There might be some taking away from their larger trucks but I don't think a lot because those that want a full size truck are probably going to pay a little more and buy full size and those like me will buy midsize anyway. For my purposes I could live with the base Colorado but I might spring for a Canyon and pay a little more just to get the cocoa colored interior. I tend to keep my vehicles a long time and I want to be happy with what I have. As I said I would prefer a mid gray interior to black as black is hot and shows dirt and lint. I have a black interior in my Isuzu but I do not wish to have another. Black interior would not be a total deal breaker for me but I would prefer cocoa or gray.

@BAFO - In that case, mind your own business. I was responding to the real BAFO. I sure made him look STUP!D though!!!

@Frank, very true. But GM likes to cannibalize one company (now brands) for the sake of another. It's just what they do until nothings left. It's sad to watch GM ruin the Chevrolet truck line like they've done. When I see the new GMC I can't help but wish it were a Chevrolet. I said the same for the last model too. And on the last model, the Chevrolet and GMC rear wheelwells are rotting out something fierce here! These trucks are 08's and newer and you can poke holes through the bed sides already above the tires on the first years. GM let GMC solve this problem with plastic moldings around the wheelwell openings yet they essentially told Chevrolet truck buyers to take a hike and deal with rust. I wouldn't buy a Silverado for that alone. Not after seeing the previous model already rotting out.

Add it the poor looks of this and prior models, no Denali, poor base trim quality, poor marketing and things like what they've done above with the modlings, it's no small wonder that Dodge Ram is hunting down Chevrolet and fast. Ford already to a hatchet to Chevrolet's former truck brand loyalty the last decade. Now Dodge and GM's own GMC is doing it too.

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