GM: Losing Market Share and Gaining Profits

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GM is on the cusp of introducing two new midsize pickup trucks in a segment that Ram, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi and many others have run away from (sometimes screaming and hemorrhaging cash). In fact, even GM took a few years off to prepare for its big introduction of the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, which will be in dealerships in just a few months. Admittedly, this is a pretty big risk, but no one knows that better GM.

Not that long ago, when critics were calling for a newly restructured GM to kill GMC because that brand didn't make anything that Chevrolet didn't already have, it took a lot of guts and vision for Mark Reuss, executive VP of global product development, to fight for keeping both brands and strengthen the idea that they should continue their design divergence. And we might want to give the government a little credit for allowing the decision in the midst of restructuring, especially since it seems like GMC is enjoying meteoric success lately in both average transaction prices as well as total volume.

Keeping two brands that make full-size pickups and allowing each to come out with an all-new midsize pickup truck might seem like unabashed craziness, but it could also end up being another smart decision that will add big numbers to GM's bottom line.

Criticizing GM for having both Chevy and GMC full-size pickup trucks is practically a national pastime, but the numbers don't lie — both are making huge strides this year in profits and sales. True, the combined sales of the Silverado and Sierra pickups still don't come close to what Ford does with its segment-leading F-Series, but both GM brands are doing well year-over-year while Ford is flat — the gains are small but they are being chipped away. Even if the combined sales of Chevy and GMC pickups never beats the F-Series, there are strong profits to be had with much higher-than-normal average transaction prices and more high-dollar trim levels like High Country, Denali and All Terrain gaining momentum.

And now come the small pickups that Chevy and GMC marketing people have told us will likely take sales from buyers who left the pickup segment, choosing small and large SUVs, wagons or bulky sedans instead. Really? Common sense says that buyers who didn't want to buy Toyota or Nissan pickups most likely went to other base-model full-size pickups and could now very well move back to GM with a more economical, smaller, and more fuel-efficient choice. And from what we've seen so far at GM's build-your-own website, the Chevy Colorado offers some strong value.

Counter to what GM is saying, it wouldn't surprise us if all the full-size pickups each lost a little bit of marketshare when the new midsize trucks arrive (Combined, Chevy and GMC have been slipping when compared to last year's numbers), but we also expect the overall pie to grow as many crossover and SUV shoppers are lured back. It also wouldn't surprise us if, once the new trucks were in dealerships in sufficient volumes, that some of those new sales could take away from the Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 total. We'll have to wait and see for that, but that could make sense. But losing a small number of full-size truck sales for the benefit of making many more sales on a Colorado or Canyon — where Ford and Ram do not have an option — should help continue to put some big dollars in GM's pocket.

Where will the total number of sales for the new midsize trucks end up? Who knows? Whether the Colorado/Canyon full-year sales numbers are a good chunk above or below 100,000 units, you can bet GM will talk caution and optimism about doubling down on its three-truck strategy. Our guess is that total GM pickup sales (Chevy plus GMC, full-size and midsize) are likely to take over the total No. 1 sales spot sometime in 2016 (right about the time GM's baby Duramax comes online), which should make for some interesting conversations in the Ford and Ram product-planning conference rooms, if they're not happening already.

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I am looking forward to driving the new Colorado Z-71 w/v-6, and will probably be trading in my 2011 Z-71 on one in 2015-2016, maybe with the new diesel also we shall see. I do wish GM had used the 4.3 in them though, but I will need to drive one with the 3.6 in one before I make up my mind.

I could be wrong but I believe GM outsells Ford on 1/2 ton trucks. And I believe GM keeps GMC around so Buick dealers have trucks and more SUV's to sell. If they got rid of GMC they would have to restructure all their dealers as Buick/GMC dealers would not make it on selling Buicks alone.

"True, the combined sales of the Silverado and Sierra pickups still don't come close to what Ford does with its segment-leading F-Series,"

Actually, I think GM combined did outsell Ford this month. I'd say that's coming close.

I guess I'm not as optimistic as some. I don't see the CO/Canyon doing all that well in sales. They are GM products after all. And Toyota has ruled the small truck market for a long time. Even if it's not worthy, the reliability record for the Tacoma is firmly cemented in peoples minds. It may take quite a few years for the small twins to gain any ground. GM should've concentrated more on trying to build better vehicles that don't get recalled all the time. It would be interesting to know what the break even number of yearly sales is for the small twins. And how many years it will take to finally achieve that number.

If the full size trucks lose market share, it won't come at the expense of profits for GM. The smaller trucks will not come cheap.
Everyone on here wants a 4x4 with a diesel. But when the price for that is $40-$45k, lets see how many people buy one.

Nobody is going to lure many crossover converts with a colorado that lacks AWD. What a terrible decision on GMs part to restrict a modern transfer case to the canyon.

Mileage Man, I do agree partially I think more pickup makers should offer an AWD model in addition to standard 4x4. That said the new GM twins will offer the 4wd auto setting which acts as an AWD for the most part running in 2wd until wheel slip is dectected.

Most critics would have wanted GM to ax GMC and Buick and just keep Chevrolet and Cadillac. The Silverado keeps getting screwed so that girl-named truck can get all the benefits of looks, better trims, true off-road suspension (?)etc. But as it stands now, I see both rigs on the road, so I hope the new Collie/Canyon can put a dent in the import truck sales - mainly Toyota Tacoma.

Interesting news about the Chevrolet Texas Longhorn Silverado, though - read here:

There are two factors that will influence the success of these trucks and only two. Price and fuel economy. A reasonable price for a 4x4 and great economy compared to the 1500 and they will have a winner. Otherwise, what is the point?


Actually I think you got it wrong.

The fact that Nissan and Toyota have not upgraded their mid sizers in quite a while will provide a lot of excitement for GM's new twins as long as the economy does not take a giant crap between now and this time next year.


Only the canyon has the auto 4wd setting, the colorado does not. I think that a colorado with a regular part time transfer case and a G80 is going to be nearly invincible in poor weather (assuming good tires), but I am in the minority from what I can tell. Here (northeast) the vast majority of crossovers are AWD. Very few actually have a "need" for that AWD, but they like it, it makes them feel better, and so they are only interested in vehicles that have that functionality.

I could be wrong, but I don't think many crossover buyers are going to be interested in a 4wd system that you have to engage/disengage manually, and that can destroy your drivetrain if used incorrectly on pavement. Selling them on the canyon's auto 4wd is easy since it is a "set and forget" feature, but a regular part time transfer case is not as easy a sell.

In my experience I also do not think that GM salespeople would be capable of selling the G80 if it were made from gold. The ignorance surrounding that diff has been massive at the dealerships I have been to. Gov lock has a lousy reputation amongst the wheelers, and that is fine its not a good solution for them. But for on road situations I am a big fan of the G80. A couple of 50 lb sandbags in the bed and a G80 will keep a 2wd pickup going for ages in snow/slushy roads.

GM: Losing Market Share and Gaining Profits

(yeah right-complete BS)

I have won the lottery, but they are not sending me the check.

the colorado and the canyon both have the 2wd, Auto 4wd, 4wd hi and 4wd low. about there g80 locker my 2wd colorado from 2004 with 3.73 gears took me into the badlands off road park in indiana and i didnt even get stuck. all im running is pro comp mt 30" so the diff locker is reliable

Let's recall the hits on GM: being too slow to change and resistance to cultural changes. So far these issues haven't changed enough if at all. When CEO Barra recently took over it was painfully the same old issues were in full force.

I applaud the new mid size pickups but gawd knows GM has more to do with the Colorado/Canyon. The MPGs aren't stellar and the weak link is likely that long in the tooth 6 speed auto.

The truth is GM's earning per share are substantially on the decline. In Sep 2102 GM earned $0.93/share and $0.58/share on Jun 14. No doubt partially related to the recent need to come clean with legacy recalls and design negligence lawsuits.

As one of those people waiting for the diesel and tranny, I agree with you some ways. The stars have to be aligned for me to get this "new" vehicle. My company doing well, the economy going well, my 12 yr old vehicle (not company) severely breaking down, etc. Things have to go well for the middle working class to "splurge". Even if the diesel/8 speed came out THIS year, I would NOT be in a position to buy. A ~$30 to $40K decisions, depending on options, should be carefully thought out. An old car CAN be a difficult justification to replace. $5K on a vehicle worth 5K and she's good for another 100K miles plus I don't spent$20 to $30K on a new vehicle. It sure would be NICE to be able to buy a new car, but that hasn't happened since I graduated college and had nothing else to spend my money on. Oh, and the family has to agree to the $$$ being spent.

I will tell you what is significant here: GM is down in market share, but their trucks are selling for more. It is likely GM will continue to have a more profitable truck line than Ford when Ford goes to aluminum bodies. As for market share, the big reason GM's share is declining is because of their current lack of commercial models. Ford includes a lot of non-pickup models in their F series sales totals, truck types GM is not currently offering. What's also bad for Ford in that regard is that many of those sales are low margin fleet sales, which also effect profitability.

Are crossover buyers going to be the primary buyers of midsize trucks or did you make that up out of thin air just like the comment about truck buyers preferring AWD over part-time 4WD?

Ford outselling GMC and Chevy combined while not the norm is far too common to be accidental and should be a source of enormous embarrassment to GM that it happens at all as the sales, options, styling, and distribution advantages are real in such a "system".

Based on sales, market share, press, comparisons and awards (or lack of) the last 2 GM half ton evolutions can be considered a failure. Any time one of these trucks fails to win/dominate any competition against the less recently introduced Ram and the ancient F150 is a huge slap to team GM and all too often they fail to do so. That coupled with their failure to gain market share and even to lose market share (primarily to Ram) this this truck is not a hit with the public.

BUT its profitable.

While thats a big but and good for GM in the short run its not a winning long term strategy. Long term strategy... a concept the Big 3-1 have a (and im being very kind here) VERY VERY VERY HARD time with.

This falling market share "issue" is something GM NEEDS to get a handle on, and not soon enough.

And now for the little pretend trucks... They wont be stealing sales from crossovers. Crossovers are still far more fuel efficient, practical and cheaper and most importantly crossovers are about women/families and women dont and wont care about these to big to be small too small to be useful trucks.

Their sales will come from the same groups of people that always bought them (young, singles, old, confused, money to burn). They will "steal" a few sales from full sized half tons especially from GM which will mean more months the F150 outsells GMC and Chevy combined in full size half tons. Is GM stealing from itself really stealing? Only if supporting the pretender size truck line isnt profitable and the shrinking market that it is suggests that it will be but only time will really tell.

Diesel Diesel Diesel... Anyone that studies the costs KNOWS that diesel ONLY makes sense IF you work Work WORK!!! the mother loving hell out of it. Talking about PUSHING, PULLING, HAULING EVERY SINGLE day. So what does putting a diesel into a pretend truck that cant do real work mean? It means you (just like the owner of a diesel Cruz or VW) need to keep it and run it past 300K before you get your money back from that extra 5 to 7MPG that that engine that cost 2500+ and an extra 20ish cents a gallon to fill up. If you got the money to throw away up front to look cool, and fill up about 20% less frequently and keep the truck past 300K then yes the diesel is the wet dream you think it is. If you have never seen the odometer on anything you own roll past 250K and kept driving proudly then you are kidding yourself about the advantage of diesel in these vehicles and throwing alway your money.

Once GM went to square wheel well opinings, that made them not a good look for me.

GM did outsell Ford for the first time this year last month. YTD sales for Ford is still greater than GM by 28,681 units. The new Colorado/Canyon are still too big. Don't call them small. They are mid-sized. The Ford Ranger is just the right size for so many people but nobody is listening.

Maybe if GM didn't make the frontend of the new Silverado look like the Griswald family truckster they might be doing better.

I bought a V6 Silverado recently for my business. I drove it one day while having my truck serviced. I loved it and now i drive it and let my employees drive my Z 71 V8 truck! I don't see how these smaller trucks can compare in comfort and performance.

GM will bring to market these midsize pickup trucks only because of envy for Toyota's Tacoma, the unchallenged sales champ that drove the Colorado/Canyon, Ranger and Dakota into oblivion.

Maybe GM will have learned something from the best-selling Tacoma since the glory days of the S10/Sonoma/Colorado/Canyon.

@Mileage Man

After doing some research, you seem to be right: the AutoTrac 4WD is only optional on the Canyon, and not available at all on the Colorado.

And they expect to lure SUV buyers?!?

It means they are overpriced and a few overly loyal customers are still buying them. This is evidenced in my recent experience at the state fair, where there were several Chevys on display. One of them was a Suburban, which had $71,000 on the window sticker. Way overpriced for a gasoline-powered, half-ton pickup truck converted to an SUV. It still has a live rear axle, same truck chassis, 6 speed auto, and 5.3L V8. That is a stupid price! It should be about $50,000. GM has lost the plot. It thinks it's a premium brand, when it's supposed to be for the masses.

Geez, what a ridiculous statement about the tacoma driving ranger sales down. Ford outsold toyota 2 to 1 or more up until they just quit updating them, and Ford still pretty much kept up. Ford quit because it just wasn't profitable. Probably the same reason toyota doesn't seem to want to put money into updating them.

Heard some people talking, saying these Colorados are about sized like the old C/K trucks of the 90s, lol, maybe if you think 8-10 narrower is the same.

They are just a tad smaller then the last 2011 Dakotas. I had a quad Dakota, 2007, the 5'4" bed too small. Now this one goes 10" longer with the long bed, or 2" short regular bed. It's a bit narrower there, too.

Funny to Lou in BC compare it to a Ram CREWCAB, hey Lou, the only thing the crew Colorado has on a QUAD cab is about 1.1" of legroom, wow, they call it 5 passenger, but it might hold 2 adults and 3 kids across the back. The Ram is about 10" wider.

Of course, Lou Cherry picked and compared it to a Ram V-6 with 3.21 gears, so he could say it out tows Ram, (about 4200 pound tow rating crew cab 4x4, with 3.21 gears.)with 3.55 gears, and it tows 7200 SAEJ2807 pounds, is this one even gonna get Sae certified?

Yeah Lou, the Ram might lose a mpg with 3.55s on a flat highway, (compared to the 3.21 gearset) but we know the Ram out pulled the bigger 4.3 Chevy due to a better transmission, and it will outpull this truck no matter what gear set.

Now I am sure Lou will want to keep on comparing it to a crew cab, because of course Chevy Colorado is rather small in extended cab. All for the sake of 1 inch of legroom, or the sake of saying "they are both crew cabs".

As for Colorado gearing, I seen it said it has 3.42 gears, but yet a 2.92 final (overdrive ratio x 3.42)

The only way I see it being 2.92 is if the top gear is .855, about like 5th gear on their 6 speed. Maybe it's a typo, they meant to say 2.29, which is the .67 of the 6 speed x the 3.42.

If it is the same old gears in the tranny the Silvy has, and 3.42s, they might as well call it a Huntamatic, cause hunting gears is all she'll do.

Will Mark Williams tow with it at just less then 100% to show us how it is? And hopefully, he uses a crew long bed 4x2 to keep it comparable. (Unlike the Chevy double cab test, that broke the mold of that with Crews from Ram and Ford.

Lol, compare a 375 pound less weight Chevy DOUBLECAB 1500 to a Ram 1500 CREW cab 1500, Ram smoked Chevy like a cheap cigar!

Tom | Sep 8, 2014 3:01:58 PM, Toyota hasn't upgraded the Tacoma because they have no competition.

Toyota will upgrade the Tacoma when these new GM midsizers hit the market. Happens every time someone tries to give Toyota some competition.

My company vehicle is a 2013 Chevrolet Caprice with the 3.6L V6 and the 6 speed auto. It has been in the shot for a defective shift lever twice, a failed A/C wiring harness, and my coworkers had to go for a new transmission all under 30K miles. I had a Pontiac G6 sedan in 2008 that went under 30K miles for an intermediate steering shaft, a CV joint, and it had a battery fail less than 1 year old. If this is the quality we can expect from GM products, the Colorado may look nice, but how will it hold up over time. The last truck bearing the Colorado name had electrical issues. Fix the quality issues and it will be a good truck. The 6 speed autos are not even ratios all the way up. 1 and 2 gear are nice and low while a drop in to 3rd is a bit of an acceleration killer. An 8 speed auto in the Colorado/ Canyon and Sierra/ Silverado would help them win more buyers and would improve the driving experience. I had a 1982 GMC Sierra 1500 with the 6.2L Diesel. Burned through a lot of starters, but was otherwise a sound truck. For those that don't like the ticking sound of direct injection, its the same tech out of diesel engines. Don't panic....injectors aren't silent....its suppose to make that noise.

I have to say I am impressed with the loyalty the Toyota fans have shown for the Taco. All I see on their web site is "I wish Toyota would give us more modern features" and "why doesn't Toyota upgrade our Taco" and "I am so glad GM came out with this truck- now maybe Toyota will update our trucks" and "my Taco shakes when I accelerate but that's OK- its a truck" and so on. And they will say that GM is junk and they would never buy a GM if their life depended on it. The bottom line is there are a lot of Taco owners who would never by a GM, Ford, or RAM. But there are many, many more GM, Ford, and RAM truck owners who would never be caught dead in a Jap truck either. I also understand there is strong brand loyality among the Ford, RAM, and GM guys, but with the huge numbers of GM, Ford, and RAM truck owners in general, I believe there will be quite a few of them that give the new GM twins a look (IF they need a new mid-sized truck). I don't care how reliable that Taco is, I would never spend my money on such an outdated truck that gets such poor gas mileage. And before you Taco boys start bashing GM, Ford, and RAM because their trucks fall apart, I know LOTS of these owners who are completely satisfied with their trucks. And the sales of these trucks speak for themselves- just compare them to the small Toyota truck sales. I predict the GM twins will put a pretty good size dent into the side (sales) of the Taco.

GMC NEEDS to be making more profits. Globally Toyota and VW sells almost as many vehicles as GM but make significantly more money.

I looked at the Fortune 500 list of top companies for 2013 and the numbers were interesting. They did not list numbers of vehicles sold but they did list revenues, profits, and assets.

They listed the rankings by revenue not profits.
This is a breakdown of car companies in the Fortune 500 Top 100 Companies. (revenue in millions)
#8 VW……. 261,539.10
#9 Toyota… 156,628.40
#20 Daimler. 156,628.40
#21 GM…… 155,427.00
#26 Ford…. 146,917.00
#45 Honda .. 118,210.50
#61 Nissan.. 104,635.80
#68 BMW….. 100,971.70
#100Hyundai. 79,766.10

If one posts the rankings based on profits:
#1 Toyota….18,198.20
#2 VW……..12,071.50
#3 Daimler… 9,083.20
#4 Hyundai… 7,804.00
#5 Ford…… 7,155.00
#6 BMW……. 7,054.70
#7 Honda….. 5,730.70
#8 GM…….. 5,346.00
#9 Nissan…. 3,883.30
If One lists sales in order of units sold globally:(millions)
#1 GM……. 9.72
#2 VW……. 9.51
#3 Toyota… 9.03
#4 Ford….. 6.33
#5 Nissan… 5.1
#6 Hyundai.. 4.72
#7 Honda…. 4.28
#8 Kia…… 2.83
#9 Peugeot.. 2.82
#10 Suzuki.. 2.69

Daimler….. 1.57
BMW……… 1.96

These are the profits per vehicle sold:

Toyota - $2,015
VW - $1,269
GM - $550.
Ford - $1,130

Maybe GM has clued in to the fact that being number one in sales means sh!t if you are giving your vehicles away.

Toyota have had a new midsize pickup in development for some time now in Australia.

I think Toyota, being Toyota are waiting to see what the competition will be. And Toyota being Toyota will make an offering that is good, but will be less and try to charge more, the dreaded Toyota tax. But the Toyota is gradually reducing the Toyota tax.

The only probem with this is Toyota here are not viewed as they used to be. Even Nissan and Mitsubishi are dropping in sales now.

The Navara and Triton utes have been on a permanent sale for the past several years. That's the only way they can move them, sort of priced between the Chinese/Indian pickups and the other newer pickups.

They just can't compete with the new pickups. Nissan has been consistently up to $10k less than an equivalent Ford, VW, Mazda and half that with the newer Colorado and Dmax.

Toyota Hiluxes still command a high price, but not like they used to be able acquire. Toyota with the pickups here will have a lot of catching up to do, unless they can offer a real dozzie of a Hilux, which will probably be your Taco.

@Lou BC--Interesting information, thanks for sharing. One can only hope that GM has learned this lesson. Chrysler back in the 70's was churning out so many cars and trucks that they ran out of room to put them. Chrysler's profit then was one of the least of any auto manufacturer. When Chrysler emerged from their first financial crisis in the 80's they became one of the most efficient manufacturers. I would rather be number 10 in sales and be the most profitable than be number 1 or 2 and be the least profitable. I don't see GM's risks as great as others do on the new Colorado/Canyon because these are basically the global trucks with very limited colors and options. GM has mitigated some of their risks and the number of units and length of time to recover their investment is much less than if they started from scratch. GM can always add more to these trucks if they sell better than expected.

Has it occurred to any of you simpletons that GM doesnt sell as many trucks as Ford is bc GM trucks are more reliable therefore
people keep them longer?

My 08 Silverado had no issues whatsoever in these six years and I'm sure am not the only one,so why should I buy new one!?

I see a cultural problem at GM.

It seems GM's management view as a GM sold prevents another brand from selling product.

This is an almost spiteful strategy. Selfish and self centered.

GM must realise that it's position globally isn't reflected accurately because it sells the most number of vehicles.

So, how strong is GMs perceived popularity? It seems GM is in the weakest possible position and if the bottom falls out of the economy again who will be there to pick up GMs pieces?

GM might eventually be broken down and sold off to different companies. I mean look at the UK experience. The names still exist, but who owns them?

@CHEVROLET builds a better way to see the USA - currently GM has the best rated trucks by JD Power. Those ratings are for 3 year old trucks.

GM's recall fiasco has hurt them.

Critics said the 2014 truck launch was a failure.

GM has gained some market share put it does not come close to replacing what they have lost.

I still reserve judgement on what will happen to GM. GM has release some good new models but what will happen a few years from now if they have major issues with these new models. GM needs to rid themselves of their old culture in order to survive. At one time GM had over half the market and now they are lucky to have 17 to 19%. I doubt any manufacturer will ever have that percentage again. GM should concentrate on quality and service. As for trucks having Chevy and GMC trucklines seem to be working for now. Maybe in the future it would be better for GM to have one truck brand to share with Chevrolet and Buick. Now GM's problems are less about rebadging and more about culture.

I still believe that there will be great sales of the mid size twins,at least initially,due to pent up frustrations of only having two other choices for the last 3 or so years.Just a thought...

Car and Driver uncovers trouble with Corvette Stingray's LT1 V8

"The publication's Corvette Stingray long-term tester blew out its LT1 V8 engine entirely after only 6,000 miles, necessitating a complete replacement. Fortunately, it was under warranty, but it contributed to the 'Vette having to spend an inordinate amount of time in the shop – something you might expect from a small Italian manufacturer, for example, but not from one of the largest automakers in the world."

I agree ToxicSludge. Many of us who prefer a smaller size don't have much choice. You fix up your old truck and make it last because you can't find a replacement you like as well. I like the Tacoma and Frontier but I like the Colorado/Canyon better. I think these trucks will sell much better than many predict.

It is all about the MONEY!!! That is the main goal for any business. Money is better then bragging rights any day!

Sorry Mark. Don't buy the propaganda. Nobody knows who or what a GM is. People know a Chevrolet, People knew an Oldmosbile. People know a GMc even (or Denali anyway). Though that doesn't say much about the trashy Denali clientele these days. Essentially even lower rent Escalade drivers. Odd how the Tahoe LTZ is the Premium and more Prestigious marque of the three. Regardless, a loss in market share is still a loss. Those who brag of it are just GMI fans of the GMc-buick-Reuss ilk.

The fact of the matter is, due to the artificial glass ceiling GM put on Chevrolet to protect GMc-buick, Chevrolet is as a result failing. Period. As is Cadillac. Nobody wants a Chevrolet car or truck for when for a few bucks more you can get a premium Ford, Dodge, Kia, Nissan, GMc-buick truck or car. You can get better looks, better interiors, better resale, AWD, composite wheelwell protection, better options etc for just a few dollars more on your monthly payment. And when you go to sell, it will be worth more. Likewise the same for Cadillac. For a few bucks less you can downgrade to a Ford, Dodge, Kia, Nissan, GMc-buick. And who can say Cadillac is really worth a premium's resale with German buick's (Opels) as cars and GMc's under them in the suv/cuv category? Chevrolet & Cadillac are toast long term thanks to GM. The two most loved once Real Companies, now only faux marketing brands, ruined by GM/GMc. Just like everything else these jerkoffs ever touched. SBC anyone? Oooops, GMc smallblock now. GMCorporate garbage.

"And I believe GM keeps GMC around so Buick dealers have trucks and more SUV's to sell. If they got rid of GMC they would have to restructure all their dealers as Buick/GMC dealers would not make it on selling Buicks alone."

--- oh ya, cause that's what the American taxpayer wanted . lol! Two truck lines, one just to prop up a dying car line that props up a dying European car line. What a disgusting idea.

"Maybe if GM didn't make the frontend of the new Silverado look like the Griswald family truckster they might be doing better."

----- Ya think? lol! Silverado has bee One Ugly MF since 2003 and this new abortion is No different. Typical GovtMoCo, ruining Chevrolet trucks and cars one year at a time.

@CHEVROLET builds a better way to see the USA -

Wow, bring those 07-13 trucks to a snow climate. They are all rust buckets underneath the doors though they got rid of the exposed rockers for the 900. They are also all rustbuckets over the rear tires on the beds. The frames are pure rust. They don't E-coat anything concerning the frame like Ford, Nissan and Dodge. They use a cheaper crappy wax. They don't galvanize anything but the doors. After the GMT800 and now GMT900 RUST fiasco, there are very few Chevy loyalists left in the 1500 market. That number is even lower in the 25/3500 market due to a low slung frame, the above rust issues, poor interiors and lack of a SFA. You can only get wheel opening protectors on the Sierra, not the so called work truck Silverado. The truck is an ugly low rent joke compared to Ford, Nissan and Dodge. I echo the above. It IS GM/GMC's fault Chevrolet is failing. It's by design.

Rust buckets indeed. And that's only for the last cost cutting model. Just wait till the word gets out about the former 900 series model. Even thinner metal, wavy bedsides on the Chevy over the rear tires and wayyyy cheap on the build quality inside, outside and underneath. Their 14 + body and interior refresh was a nice update but still done on the cheap. These clowns at GM took their Chevy truck base for granted big time. They cheapened them out, dumped on them, dropped a bomb on them promoting GM Sierra over Chevrolet's, and ultimately drove Chevrolet truck and car families over to Ford and the rest. Nice job GM. This company is a joke. Chevrolet should have left long ago.

im a ford man and own a newwer one. i know guys that had such bad rot isues with fords they got them fixed for free out of waranty. my current one seems to like to hold sand in the bottom crease of the door skin where it folds underneath. i was this thing at the touchless 2 times a month. i know when i get a chance i will sell it before it rots. maybe when i can get an aluminum super duty with a v10 that has cyl deactivation lol! maybe just maybe....

@greg - GM still needs to figure out how to make money.

Ford and VW makes double the profits per vehicle and Toyota makes 4 times more per vehicle than GM.

profits per vehicle...Toyota makes 4 times more per vehicle than GM.

@Lou BC

Shocking figures, however, Toyota is growing very long in the tooth on some key models. With regard to their Sierra SUV, The Cruiser SUV and the half ton Tundra, these are very old and no longer competitive.

The one thing they've done well during the last 10 years is clean Ford's clock with regard to Mercury and Lincoln. I bet you would be surprised to know how many Lexus owners are former Lincoln/Mercury devotees. I wonder how much longer Lincoln will last.

Cadillac and Buick have been such a success in that realm that they're safe from Lexus for now.

As much as I like Nissan, the Infiniti models are fading, despite some good cars. Did anyone buy their big SUV last year despite the major upgrade they did with sheetmetal, interior and drivetrain?

VW and has nothing to beat Lexus. As much as I like Buick today I would buy a Lexus first. Hyundai's Genesis is gaining on Lexus but does not yet have the reputation for quality that Lexus has.

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