GM Unleashes Two More 2015 Special Editions

2015 GMC Carbon Editon II

Nothing helps maintain strong sales of a newly redesigned pickup truck better than the occasional special edition package. Ford has probably been the best player on the field in this regard during the last decade or two, but Ram and GM seem to be getting better at it lately.

Just three weeks ago, we showed you the 2015 Chevrolet Rally Edition Silverado; now GM is touting two new special edition entries in the full-size segment: the 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Carbon Edition and the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado UT Edition (can't say Longhorn Edition because that belongs to Ram).

The GMC Sierra Carbon Edition will come in three flavors: the Carbon 22 (with 22-inch rims in SLE double- or crew-cab models), the Carbon 20 (with 20-inch rims in SLE double-cab trim) and the standard Carbon Edition (with 18-inch rims with double-cab base-level trim). Each level will offer unique carbon fiber appearance graphics and a painted grille and body-colored door handles and mirrors, with the standard model including a few options like a remote keyless entry, 110-volt plug, and LED cargo lighting. The Carbon Edition comes standard with the 4.3-liter EcoTec3 V-6, but the 5.3-liter V-8 is an option as are 4x2 or 4x4 configurations.

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 UT (University of Texas) Edition, as you might expect, comes in only one color (Sunset Orange Metallic) and has the UT Longhorns logo painted on the bed and tailgate; you'll also find the logo in the interior. The UT can be ordered nationwide but must be packaged in either double-cab LT or LTZ trim or crew-cab LTZ trim with the Texas Edition Package.

If you're wondering why UT gets special treatment, it's because Chevrolet announced last year it had entered into a multiyear sponsorship deal as the official truck of Bevo, the Texas Longhorns' wide-horned mascot. The extra decals and special color carry a $795 price tag in addition to the price of the truck.

For pricing and to read the full 2015 GMC Sierra Carbon Edition press release, click here.

To read the full 2015 Chevrolet Silverado UT Edition press release, click here.

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2015 Silverado UT Edition II

2015 Silverado UT Edition 2 II



Looks great in orange. But I'm not into cattle horns. Of course maybe they want to be like Dodge with the ewe horns.

Bevo, It's what's for dinner.

Please GM no more not special at all special editions. Please GM the next time you have a special edition please get some of of your engineers to do something.

A few of us called this on the Chevy Rally editon post. GM made the Chevy Rally edition ugly just so they could save the painted bumpers, nice body colored handles and mirror cops, non-chrome headlight trim and carbon fiber graphics instead of flat black. This is why the trucks don't sell as well as they should. Chevy gets the the ugly stick again thanks to GM and lower selling GMC! Other than that please stop with the sticker packages and give us some hardware!

To the Fake ALL1(Zviera)

Ha ha ha You just got yourself caught . You forgot to change your name back to Zviera after posting under my name.

I guess this means that I will have to subscribe to Tapatalk or whatever it is that Lou has so people will know the real me. Or just retaliate in kind..... Or just do both. Are you sure you want to go down that road Zviera?

Did someone really start these posts with "Guts, glory......? It makes me think that people who are such brand fans are missing something in life. I have had great luck with Fords and they have always had something that fit my needs but I'll always buy the best product at a reasonable price.

That being said, what kind of vehicle I own is far down my priority list. I own a nice chunk of land and built a new house. I am always amazed at those who choose to live in rather in sub-par homes and own a $40K-$65K truck. Nothing wrong with this mind you, just seems like something is out of balance.

I have to admit it would be rather interesting to see a profile of some of the regular posters.

LOL, Texas edition. Good grief TX sucks this year. I hope that doesn't weigh into sales.

I like the GMC the Chevy not so much

That GMC is the sharpest looking GM product I have seen in a long time. The Chevy is a little loud for my taste. I really wish they would change those fenders and the fact that the frame still hangs way below the body.

Not bad! I actually like the looks of the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 UT.

Meh, Longhorns, Razorbacks for me!

Tough times for GM when they need to enter multi-year agreements with college football mascots. I heard GM asked for a one year deal but the mascot demanded two. :)

I'm all for choices (special edition trucks included), but I wish GM would go back to making a regular cab, short bed, stripped down 6.2L truck and call it, oh I don't know, an SS edition.

I believe GM is purposely sabotaging the Chevy Silverado and making it uglier and the GMC Sierra nicer so they can increase sales on GMC and say they were right to have two truck lines and keep GMC around.

To the Fake ALL1(Zviera)

Ha ha ha You just got yourself caught . You forgot to change your name back to Zviera after posting under my name.

Posted by: ALL1 | Sep 13, 2014 11:59:04 AM

Are you drunk again ? I would rather cut my hand, than post under your name.
Where do you see any post of yours?
I don't see any.

I agree with Chris. What is being done to Chevy by GM is downright criminal.

@Chris "I believe GM is purposely sabotaging the Chevy Silverado"

Ken and Chris brains aren't everything. In fact, in your case they're nothing!

GM is still competing against itself while devaluing Chevy by offering a better/higher trim versions to the GMC and giving uglier/lower versions to Chevy. In brand preception order it's F-150 1st, ram 2nd, gmc 3rd, toyota/chevy, then Nissan. GM is slowly killing its second place hold by keeping two trucks around to make up for one truck brand. Fiat doesn't have to do much but advertise to strengthen RAM brand as long as GM offers two trucks and keeps devaluing the Chevy Silverado.

@Jason - "GM is slowly killing its second place hold"

Are your parents siblings?

If you are tying sales to "brand preception" then for now Ford is number 1 (fleet sales are wonderful). As soon as GM starts selling the new small pickup they'll be number 1 in sales!

As far as quality perception is concerned, Ford is no where near the top! I would say Toyota, GM, RAM and Ford.

BTW idiot you spell "preception"

Jason careful now, don't let your brains go to your head


Your post under my name got deleted. Both of them. You know this so quit acting like you don't.

The metallic orange looks nice.

I don't like the strip above the rear wheel well and the cattle head on it. Sort of destroys the vehicle the whole look of the vehicle.

This orange goes goes good with a hint of black and chrome.

GM need to something regarding the grille. It's way to large for the vehicle. The big rig look belongs in some caricature.

"GM seem to be getting better at it lately."

What's so special about it though? Looks like a truck with hood stripes or decals. The decals and slightl color grille are the only thing unique about it.

GM still hasn't gone far enough and needs to learn how to do a proper special edition. There's still no Raptor fighter. No diesel. No hybrid. 8 speed only on niche 6.2s that nobody buys. Still no word on the 10 speed. Still no high fuel economy vehicle. No towing improvements, hauling or off-road improvements with any of these special editions.

Are you saying that you think sticker and decal packages are as far as GM can take their special editions?

2 years ago Jeff Luke said to stay tuned to the exciting things coming to market. I guess he was referring to these sticker packages that were supposed to compete in this violently competitive segment. Other than the 8 speed there has been nothing exciting and that really doesn't concern anyone but the 1% that buy the 6.2L High Country.

At 2:15 mark on video 4:

I agree Greg. In spite of all the promise, GM's truck effort has been a dud. Looks like Jeff Luke was referring to the next design iteration. Maybe it's time for a GM staff shakeup.

Oh brother...the lengths that generic motors goes to to try and sell their fugly trucks

I like the Carbon. It accentuates the lines of the truck.

The above comment isn't mine.

Big Al from Oz | Sep 14, 2014 3:16:14 AM

I have an idea. How about Bafo and Rr start their own website in Au. Then you mates could preach to the choir and stop bothering us.

the only thing I got out of this was ALL1 is posting under different names

Wow looks like GM raided the LMC Truck magazine for that carbon edition. Shaking my head.

Yeah lets pay extra money so it looks like a 16 year old customized it from a mail order catalog... yep thats a winner!

"This is why the trucks don't sell as well as they should. Chevy gets the the ugly stick again thanks to GM and lower selling GMC! "

@jc, Amen to that. GM-GMC is driving Chevrolet straight into the ground. They have been for a good 10 years or more with piss poor looks, options and trims going to Chevrolet. Chevrolet needs to just be it's own company again and get it's balls back from GM when it walks out the door. GM can keep it's Ford smallblock knockoff called the LS too. Let the real Chevrolet smallblock team design a real Chevrolet engine again. I don't care for GM-GMC one bit.

They need to offer the Rally Edition and the Carbon Edition in a regular cab, not just limit it to the double and crew cab. I realize that the prices of a fully loaded regular cab costs just as much as a double or crew cab, but regular cabs still have their appeal to some people. And these special editions would probably look sportier if offered in a regular cab.

GM-GMC is driving Chevrolet straight into the ground.

- Guys, it's Supposed to be that way! It's by design. Get over it. You wonder why Chevy trucks have been beaten with the ugly stick since 03? Wonder why no Denali, No All Terrain? GM doesn't Want people to buy Chevy trucks, they Wanted to switch what they thought were just GM Zombie buyers over to GMC trucks. Unfortunately, it's taken them a lot longer than anticipated and even somewhat backfired. They lost a ton of former Chevy customers as a result. Ticked off Chevy dealers which is why there's that half assed High Country thing now. Just look above, still no wheel well protection built into the Chevrolet. Only GM's GMC Sierra truck.

Get a clue, Chevrolet is not a real company any longer. It's all just GMCorporate. That's Why there is no Chevy SB there guy. It's called GM smallblock now. Why they hijacked the 1,2 generation Chevy SB for their GEN 3,4,5 I still have no clue. Chevy is a RWD racing division Brand name now. GM also sticks fake bowties on small cheap junky rental cars. That's it. Be happy you have the Corvette and Tahoe and be quiet. GM IS GMC! It's Their name. Not Chevy. Your name is a fake marketing channel like Buick or Cadillac. It's just Buick has better cars than Chevrolet. More Ford like.

GM's lagging truck market share is due to a lack of commercial cab and chassis models. All they offer is a 3500HD in a couple of wheelbases, and no heavier 4500 or 5500 models at all.

"Be happy you have the Corvette."

Posted by: ALSRacing | Sep 15, 2014 11:01:38 AM

Oh yes the Corvette. G.M has not forgotten.

GM stops some Corvette sales to fix quality issues. :-0

@HEMI V8 - opposed to the Viper, a car that most people don't want and has been upstaged by a muscle car and a 4 door sedan.

New truck 2015 or 2016

Time to buy a new truck 1500 or 2500.

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