PUTC's Code of Conduct: A Quick Reminder


As we like to do occasionally, we want to remind everyone who comments about our posts that there are specific rules of conduct we expect all participants to follow.

For the most part, the PickupTrucks.com comments section is self-policing; we depend on readers to let us know when abuses occur. As a general rule, we try to be as democratic and open as possible about the public conversation, but we have banned several participants during the last several months and will continue to do so when we judge comments to be inappropriate.

The truth is, most of the conversation on PUTC stays at a pretty high level. That's why many of the pickup truck industry leaders come to this site to gauge the temperature of the truck world about a given vehicle or issues related to a given manufacturer. Unfortunately, by offering this open strategy for comments we make our site vulnerable to abuse.

So here are the simple rules we expect readers who wish to comment to follow:

  • Do not use any bad language, racial or gender-based slurs, or any other personal attacks.
  • All comments must be in English.
  • Post under your own user name; if we find out someone is posting comments under someone else's name, we will block the IP address.
  • If we find out someone is posting under different names from a single computer, we'll ban the IP address.
  • And if someone posts generic, brand-specific or promotional comments (i.e., "Guts, Glory, Ram") that have nothing to do with the specific issues in the related post, the comments will be removed.

We hope that by adhering to these rules, we will keep the comment section at the highest levels possible, and PUTC will remain a valuable resource for those looking for pickup truck information and interesting conversations about pickups. Your help and involvement is appreciated.


Some of the guys that post in here know their stuff! I have learned a lot from them. I repeat all the information I learned from these comments to my co-workers and they are impressed what I know.
The insults don't bother me cause I read only the select few.
I am starving for information about the 2015 F-150 cause I want to be the first to buy one and when I walk into that dealers showroom I wanta be prepared!

Yes, it is working. Hopefully, we can all get along.

Thank you Mark and the PUTC team for addressing this. I still think there are and will some folks who somehow still make it to posting incendiary comments but hopefully if half of the issues get addressed then the quality of the atmosphere will double.

I am one of the long time readers/commenters (since the late 1990’s for me) and I have scaled back my commentary considerably over the past 18-24 months due to the poor policing. I like open dialogue but blatantly attacking someone or just spamming the comment section ruins it for those of us who like to opine on the articles and provide actual feedback to the manufacturers.

As noted many of the OEM's read this site to get consumer feedback and test ideas. The better discourse we have will benefit us all with better products in the future.

Thanks again and hope to see some more info roll in as we kick-off the auto show season here in another week.

I like how every six months they come in here and remind people about the rules of conduct, yet never do anything to enforce it.


I do hope that policing occurs.

It is difficult to control spammers and trolls who use various public access wifi access points.

@HEMI V8 - I changed my blog name from Lou to Lou_BC and added a TypePad verification link due to false postings. It makes zero difference if this site gets lazy and doesn't moderate blogs.

The comments made by Mark Williams does show that Cars.com is getting sick of complaints.

The childish antics of posting under false names is one of the big reasons why I stopped visiting the site as much as I use to. Glad to see that PUTC is finally doing something about it. There is more they could do but I guess we will see if this works for now. We all have our favorite pickups and we all are extremely loyal but it gets old real quick when you see the same folks trolling over and over again.

I should remind everyone about the "Contact Us" link at the bottom right of the page.

If someone sees what they think is trolling or false posts then use that link.

Same can be said for inappropriate commentary.

This article, with all due respect, is pointless. Why? Because there's no enforcement. It's like a parent telling their kids not to scream and yell as their kids continue to scream and yell. But hey, they tried, right?

I have noticed less of those annoying posts on the last few articles. You know, the guts....glorry.... I wonder if michigan bob got banned? He used to be a regular. But I suspect hemi v8 is actually michigan bob converted to ram. Hemi v8 seemed to appear around the same time michigan bob stopped posting all the time.

The intrinsic problem created by freedom of speech is that inevitably people will make comments that don't contribute to a discussion.

On the other hand, forums that are very strict about comments tend to end up banning users based on false positives. For example, I have seen some forums where the minute a user post a differing opinion that everyone else, that person is labeled a troll and is banned.

Certainly we don't want to go down that path. So where is the balance? It's a difficult question to answer.

What I like about the comments section here is that I feel I can be free to express my opinion, no matter how strong it is.

To me, the main issue is not what the trolls say or try to incite. The thing that irks me the most is when I respond to someone's comment only to find out that the person I was supposedly responding to didn't actually post the comment.

Someone can come here and bash a brand all day long and I could care less. I just want to know that when I am responding to someone, I am really responding to that person and not a troll using that person's name.

That is why I signed up for a TypePad account, because now I know that people can't steal my name. People were doing that before and it got annoying pretty fast.

I've been a faithful reader of PUTC for 2-3 yrs and read many of the comments. MOST times I just LMAO with some of the ignorant people who write in.... Oh well-LOL. I've never written in till now. Anyhow, I hope to get some insight on this from whomever.
Trying to compare apples to apples: If you take two Ram 1500 4x4 p/u's, both in any same cab configuration, both with the 5.7, both with 3.92, & anti-spin rear axle, but one with the 6 spd and the other with the 8 spd transmission. Which one would have a better 0-60 time.? And would the difference be physically noticed, or only by being electronically measured

@Titan Guy
I've heard that the 8 speed really helps the 0-60 times for the pentastar v-6, but not so much for the v8. The 8 speed is quicker than the 6 speed no doubt. It keeps the truck in a better power band and shifts very quickly. But I don't think it would actually feel noticeably quicker than the 6 speed when driving a hemi. Noticeably smoother yes according to those that have driven both. And noticeably better gas mileage. I am not a ram fan because I've had a lot of problems with mine, but I have been interested to see the performance of the 8 speed vs. 6 speed for when GM and Ford bring their new transmissions with more gears. I'm in the market for a new truck and probably won't even bother to test drive a new ram. I did find this short youtube video showing an 8 speed ram vs 6 speed ram and the 8 speed is only slightly faster. Doesn't say if the axle ratios were the same though.

I'm also curious to see whether the 8 speed proves to be more reliable than the 6 speed. No doubt an 8 speed CAN be made to be reliable, but with more parts and more shifting it just seems like it would wear out quicker.

@HemiMonster - I agree. It is hard sometimes to know who you are talking to. It would be a good idea if all of the regulars got a TypePad account. you need a valid email address to get a password. The flame-a-thread morons are easy to spot.

You had some trouble and that's ok. Just stick with being honest and the rest is cream cheese.

@Chris T - I agree with the honest part but NOT the "You had some trouble and that's ok" part.

It isn't okay nor has it ever been okay to hijack someone's identity whether it be on a blog or in real life.

@Chris T
You seem to be one of those people who have read every passage in these comments section at PUTC. But have never commented or commented very infrequently.

You have made cut and pastes of HemiV8's previous history, etc in an article. Why? This does reduce the credibility of who you are attempting to present yourself as.

Why don't you use you previous/real PUTC name. This is the problem at PUTC. People change their names at a whim.

If you want to comment on the quality of PUTC you must also be sincere in your approach.

It just doesn't add up.

It's is good that PUTC have been trying to clean up the site.

I do agree with the cutting out of the worthless spam.

But, I don't feel anyone should have to protect their name. I do think PUTC is accountable in protecting the individual.

The problem at PUTC is a person who's constantly using different computers, MACadresses, IP Addresses to continually post on this site.

I do think this person also is a person who known to all of us, he is a common blogger who causing trouble.

You can read how a person writes as understand and identify them as you can when a person speaks.

I wonder who it could be?

Guys with a certain make-brand of pickup are extremely brand loyal.
I see this at home and here on PUTC.
Before I came to PUTC I always thought the extreme brand loyal thing just happened at home with the guys I personally know but what surprised me its everywhere like an epidemic !
In my personal experiences I have found that people actually hate you if don't own the same brand of truck they own.
All my co-workers own pickups (pickups are a work requirement like work shoes, the Co. pays for our pickup) and I am always picked on and harassed cause I don't own the same brand they own, but I am the best looking and the only skinny guy of the group who showers and brushes his teeth everyday. Its hard for me to believe how they hate me just because of the brand of pickup I own.
Any and all conversation all day they talk about is how wonderful their pickup is and I am better prepared to join the conversation with what I learned from PUTC, I know more about their pickup than what they know about it.
I come to PUTC as a learning experience and the reviews on pickups are gospel

I do hope that policing occurs.

It is difficult to control spammers and trolls who use various public access wifi access points.

@HEMI V8 - I changed my blog name from Lou to Lou_BC and added a TypePad verification link due to false postings. It makes zero difference if this site gets lazy and doesn't moderate blogs.

The comments made by Mark Williams does show that Cars.com is getting sick of complaints.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Sep 15, 2014 6:55:24 PM

This is rich coming from you Lou_BC, after all the muslim name calling you do on a daily basis in this forum.

Your concern regarding the erosion of freedom of speech is correct if it is mismanaged.

I've seen some off topic discussions on PUTC that were very good and interesting. Any discussion tends to go off topic, just look at any BBQ or party you attend.

Haven't you ever noticed you ask a guy how's the family and you could end up discussing some obscure topic that you wouldn't or couldn't have dreamed of. This is what's great about being a human. As long as the discussion doesn't get out of control who's it hurting?

I'm totally against the fanboi spam crap. I would like to see the site gone over every hour or two, even on weekends. Even if this is only the visible articles on the first news page.

I do believe PUTC can incorporate more truck and truck related articles. This would also reduce the trolling.

As I've mentioned I do believe any vehicle that's a contender as an alternate to a pickup should be reviewed and dare I say even 'foreign' or overseas vehicles.

There are many interesting vehicles around the globe, you never know, a manufacturer might not have realised a vehicle that some want.

Having more articles will not take away from the pickup truck aspect of PUTC, it will enhance it. There is only so much NA pickup news.

I do think the world is changing and PUTC must change with it. This is called progress.

I do hope the secure log in as I was told would occur, occurs very soon.

Why should they report on trucks outside of the North American market as that is the market they are from and reporting about.

What good would it do to report on a truck from another country that can't be imported here without major reworking to meet our DOT standards?

Maybe you should start a site called OzPickupTrucks.com and you can report on the trucks that are lawful in your country.

I could care less what is available in another country as what ever it is would have to be certified with our DOT before it could ever be brought here and we know that is not going to happen. There was that little pickup from India that was going to be sold here, the problem was they could not make it pass our DOT and EPA standards beside the fact it looked like a 1970s Datsun or Toyota pickup and I doubt it would have sold many due to that alone.

@Ram Big Horn 1500,
I don't know why you think that the differences in the US and other nations is so different.

Regulations and rules across all modern and not so modern nations are extremely similar. The US isn't unique in that respect or any better overall. It is the same.

So why the comment? I do bet you are aware of this.

Look at what vehicles the US uses, most are overseas designs. Even your light commercials are heading in that direction.

Even the Colorado isn't American. The next Taco isn't going to be American. Is the next Frontier/Navara American?

Full size trucks are American, but then there are some trucks that rival the US full size trucks.

You are even using them in the US, like Izuzu's, Mitsubishi, etc. These trucks are an HD alternative. They do come as crew cabs as well.

The other reason is to offer more articles about pickups or whatever.

It's great that you like your full size trucks, but there is more to the world than full size trucks.

The reality is if full size trucks didn't exist tomorrow there are and would be other vehicles to fill the void.

SUVs, even US SUVs do much of what many buy pickups for and I'd even bet many SUV drivers considered a pickup and pickup owners considered an SUV.

I haven't heard anything regarding the next Nissan Frontier or Navara. But yet we have had a few articles about them already, even reviews on them.

Wouldn't it be nice to get a glimpse of what's coming your way?

Try not to be so narrow minded.

@@Ram Big Horn 1500,
Your comment that you have no interest in these other vehicles, whether they are US or not.

Well, don't read the article. Every article doesn't have to suit you or me. But it will reach a wider audience and some of the comment will be interesting.

It might even encourage people from overseas to have an interest in full size US pickups.

Remember to every downside there is an upside.

Another important aspect of life; it isn't all about you. Learn about others who inhabit this planet.

I happen to like Hot Chocolate, Coffee, and Beer. Some people only like 1, 2, or all 3 of those. We all have our own opinion, and that is how it goes.

PUTC is an "ok" web site. I always find it very laughable, particularly the post(s) made by those that have never lived, breathe, or actually used trucks all their life; it is very comical to me. With that in mind I seldom respond. Some of the marketing hype posted on here is the most hilarious. But again that is how it goes.

And now to more important things: "Hey Mildred....Where is my BEER?"

This is me and I approve this message.

I could careless about using what the rest of the world uses, I am an American and we Americans do our own thing always have sadly liberals have done much harm to our American way.

I don't want the watered down vehicles sold in the rest of the world.

Sadly liberals in America have pretty much ruined our automotive industry.

Cars and trucks burn so clean today that there really is no need to keep pushing it farther. All it does is run up the cost of vehicles. I refuse to pay 50,000 dollars for a vehicle, so I search and find one that is far less expensive that has what I want in it.

The liberals have almost killed America, in fact we are on life support right now, but then again so is the rest of the world.

I think most people come on to read the articles and nothing more, the discussions are full of arrogant fan boys that ruin it for the people who actually want to have meaningful discussions.

I hope so too. I read the comments here as an extension of the articles and find useful conversation, but it was getting really old sifting through the "Guts Glory **** YOU!" comments as well as the ones accusing one another of posting under multiple names and using each others names, real or imagined.

"The more things change,the more they remain the same"...

One problem is all the arguing. People go back and forth arguing about some dumb thing and calling each other names and it takes all the room in the comments with nothing good coming out of it. I don't want to skip over 15 posts of all1 and big al or big al and (insert name) or zviera and loubc etc. arguing over some dumb thing that nobody else even cares about. It would help if people would just comment on the article and limit arguing with or even addressing one another. I think it's ok to express differences of opinion, but post your disagreement once if you have to and then let it go. I try not to respond to comments addresed to me more than once per article. I find I disagree with many of roadwhale's comments, but we don't go back and forth 10 times arguing about it. I guess it helps that I don't have time to post on here that much.

Big al is most annoying to me even though he isn't necessarily trolling.
See above. He has responded FIVE times with these long drawn-out posts that contribute nothing to anyone but maybe the person he is adderessing (although he usually seems to just be criticizing the person for his views or pointing out something he thinks is wrong). I see those long double spaced posts of big al that are addressed to someone above and I skip over them, and then I skip over more, and then I skip over the five or so responses to big al from the 5 people he addressed, and then I skip over some more posts of them arguing, and then I just give up on the comments section. Happens for nearly every article.

Can you guys implement a REAL commenting system that forces users to register and makes it easier to report issues? Get rid of the current system with the optional sign in

I agree with you and will try to respond just once if somebody makes inaccurate comment.

A brief look back in time....

PUTC Survey Calls For Higher Standards (February 3, 2013)

Updated Rules of Engagement (December 21, 2013)

Happening now: PUTC's Code of Conduct: A Quick Reminder (9.15.14)

What can I say? I'm glad I'm not on the naughty/banned list!

being here for a while I always notice the first posts seem to steer the conversation in one way that gets boring
I can predict almost word to word the response people in here make.
The few posts that are creative that go a different direction are the ones I enjoy reading, that are fun to read, the ones with new information I love the most.
Too many people repeat over and over again the same thing where I look at the name of the person that made the post and I skip reading it!

@Ram Big Horn 1500
Calling Ford Ford fiat and GM GM/Fiat would not work because those are the names of the parent companies to begin with Ram is not the name of the parent company Fiat Chrysler Autombiles is.They sell cars under the brands:Ferrari (90%), Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram Trucks, SRT
Ford sells under the following brands; Ford, Lincoln, FPV, Troller
GM (General Motors) sells under; Alpheon, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Holden, HSV, Opel, Vauxhall, Wuling, Baojun, Jie Fang, UzDaewoo


The point is no one says GM Chevrolet, or GM GMC, or GM Buick, or Ford Lincoln.

They simply say Chevrolet or GMC.

Ram is no different than Chevrolet meaning that Chevrolet is under the umbrella of General Motors.

All this Fiat/Ram is just another underhanded attempt to try and insult the Ram brand.

GM-GMc must have been crying again over their justified lack of Chevrolet support. When 'Chevrolet' (the real company) actually cries, maybe someone will care.

@Beebe - good points and I will do my best to avoid the banter with those who aren't really interested in a meaningful conversation.

As far as those saying that PUTC should only cover USA news stories need to realize that there are very few truly USA designed vehicles left. Full sized pickups are basically what is left.
One needs to understand global trends because they eventually affect what we drive.
We've seen small diesels globally for decades and finally one shows up in the Ram with class leading mpg.
All our vans have gone global. The only holdout is GM.

When one mentions GM the Colorado/Canyon twins are global trucks designed by Brazilians and tested in South East Asia.

If it is true that auto companies follow these blogs that means we will continue to see global products mentioned here.

Chevrolet supporters are NOT GM or GMC supporters. Period. I'd rather drive a Ford. GM has done enough damage to Chevy already. Just let them rest in peace.

Ram is no different than Chevrolet meaning that Chevrolet is under the umbrella of General Motors.

- Not really, Ram (Dodge Ram) doesn't compete against a 'Fiat Sierra' that diminishes and demeans it at every corner like GM Sierra does against Chevrolet.

I do think you really should look at what my first comment was. It was an independent comment not related to what anyone wrote.

If I then write a response relating to another person's response then I've done nothing incorrect.

If you are attempting to sway judgment against me, amongst what you consider your peers, then you are going the incorrect way about it.

I can and I do have every right to respond to another person.

I really don't consider your input towards my comments as positive or improving, as most of your commentary directed at me has been derogatory and not productive.

If you have nothing to say nice about me why say anything at all? Unless like I just alluded to you are attempting to reduce my input/influence on this site.

I do know some issues that have been going on at PUTC.

I do know that the Cars.com staff are having a particularly difficult time tracking and removing a person who is extremely disruptive. This person has been active at this now for two years that I know of.

I do think this site should be combed on a very regular basis and comment removed that are spam.

Other comments that should be removed is the blatant lying that is attempted to be passed off as factual.

I do believe that everyone has a right to beliefs. But, if a person can't produce evidence when asked to support a comment that is stated as factual, then I do believe the moderator should question the motive of that person.

When an argument can be supported in black and smudge, then the person who's can't produce the goods should be brought to bear or shut down.

The Editor in Chief at Cars.com assured me that a new system is coming into play. I do hope the security of this system is much more secure.

@big al
I just get sick of skipping over post after post after post of yours and the people you are arguing with. That is all. Make your point and move on.

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