Recall Alert: 2008-2014 Toyota Tacoma


Vehicles Affected: Model-year 2008-14 Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks equipped with accessory wheels and tires installed by Toyota or dealers before the vehicles' first sale.

The Problem: The pickups may incorrectly list the spare tire size or inflation info on the tire placard. If the incorrect pressure is provided, tire failure may occur while it's being driven on, increasing the risk of a crash.

The Fix: Toyota will begin notifying owners this month, and the automaker will provide, either by mail to owners or to dealers, overlay stickers for placement over the incorrect info on the placard.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can call Toyota at 800-331-4331, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to for more info.

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I would think most Taco owners would know the sticker does not have the correct tire size and adjust the air pressure accordingly, but then there are the few who are clueless..


no kidding, eh?

This will be a good oppertunity for the Toyota bashers to start complaining.


Thanks to lawyers, we live in a world that has lowered the bar to accommodate the stupid people or those that just use stupid as an excuse for for their actions because they don't want to take responsibility for them. This is why there are labels such as "Turn off engine to replace belt" or "Caution: Contents may be hot" on coffee cups. You would figure in a day and age where there is so much information at your fingertips that we would be progressing instead of regressing. It has come to a point now where common sense isn't so common anymore.

It seems that almost ANY little thing qualifies as a recall.

The Mexicans working under slave labor conditions must of missed that!
WHEN the Tacoma was made in California it was the top quality pickup made on earth!
You know why?
Cause people living in paradise are happy people!


The Tacoma is made in Texas, NOT Mexico. It is kind of ironic that you bash the Tacoma for being made in Mexico (which is incorrect), but still praise the Hemi which actually is made in Mexico.

I could be wrong but I thought Toyota shut down the San Antionio Texas plant and all Tacoma's are made in Mexico.
Not all Ram's are made in Mexico, most are made in Michigan and the consumer can make a choice if he wants a new Ram made in the U.S. or one made in Mexico.
Didn't you see the TV Commerical Ram Imported From Detroit ?
But you have to admit since Toyota pulled out of California the quality of the Tacoma went down.
Everything made in California is top quality, look at Apple!
People in California are well educated, happy and healthy people.
Plus the Tacoma hasn't changed since 2005, don't you think they should of got it right making the same truck for that long?
Look at Chevy and Ford, every 3 or 4 years they make a new model and they don't screw up that bad!

but still praise the Hemi which actually is made in Mexico.

Posted by: ALL1 | Sep 16, 2014 3:45:01 PM

Isn't that where the Fords you sale are made?

All the F-150's are made in either Dearborn, or Kansas City and I remember an older PUTC News that the F-150 is the Most American Made Pickup.
I can't help it but that makes me feel good owning one cause when we keep our money in our country it helps everybody and that money always comes back to you by taxes that build better roads and bridges.
If they want to build a truck in Mexico, fine! Then the people from Mexico should buy it and buy it for the same reason we buy American Made!
When you buy a Toyota even if it may be made here a lot of that money you paid for it is going to Japan where you buy a Ford all that money stays here where the CEO of Ford buys the toilet paper that's made in America!


I take your word for it but it breaks my heart finding out the Ram HD is made in Mexico.
Does that include the Ram 3500 HD ?
The Ram 3500's driveshaft weighs 78 pounds, which is more than three times as heavy as the Ram 1500's. The driveshaft's rear U-joints are designed to survive more than 5,000 lb-ft of torque.
The Ram's 14.2-inch front brake rotors dwarf the 1500's and are even bigger than those on a 640-hp Dodge Viper. Brakes are important when you're slowing down a load that's about half the weight of a fully loaded 18-wheeler.
A 26-inch mechanically driven engine cooling fan can move as much as 10,000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). The 1500 uses a 19-inch electric fan that flows only 3,905 CFM
The 11.8-inch rear differential includes cooling fins to help it shed heat under heavy loads.
The rear suspension on the Ram 2500 uses coil springs, the 3500 sticks with old school leaf springs to support payload ratings that top 7,000 pounds. Airbags automatically level the suspension to prevent bottoming out.
Here in Pennsylvania you'd need a commercial driver's license to legally use it's full capability to tow 30,000 pounds.
The Ram's 6.7-liter Cummins inline six pumps out 850 lb-ft of torque.

@ Tom#3

again you are wrong......................... Toyota trucks are designed in California (Calty Design Studios) and engineered at TTC (Toyota Technical Center in Ypsilanti Michigan. 75% of the Parts on a Tundra are US/North American and 70% of the Tacoma is that way...... ALL Tundra's are built in San Antonio Texas as well as ALL reg. and access cab Tacomas...... only about 25% of Tacoma double cabs are built in Baja California, Mexico. Also to note Toyota ONLY moved manufacturing to Baja AFTER GM backed out of the NUMMI plant in Freemont California........

BTW, the quality numbers of the Taco are still better than EVERY OTHER TRUCK and havent went down since moving to Baja, they still built Tacomas in California until 2010.......

@Hemi V8

What is your point of this comment?

"Isn't that where the Fords you sale are made?"

FYI, I don't sell Fords because I work at Heavy Duty truck dealership. My company sells Ford F650/750s, but only at our medium duty dealerships in certain cities. I am still wondering why you stated that.


"I could be wrong but I thought Toyota shut down the San Antionio Texas plant and all Tacoma's are made in Mexico."

No, read the article again.

"Rumors are circulating that Toyota is LOOKING to build a new production facility in Mexico. IF Toyota decides to build a plant there, the odds are high that the Tacoma will leave San Antonio for Mexico"


"Not all Ram's are made in Mexico, most are made in Michigan and the consumer can make a choice if he wants a new Ram made in the U.S. or one made in Mexico."

I didn't say Ram, I said Hemi. All Hemi engines are made in Mexico. It wasn't a put down towards Ram or the Hemi either. I just found it ironic that you would bash one company that you dislike for having something made in Mexico while over looking it in another brand you like. Just a bit hypocritical don't you think.


"Didn't you see the TV Commerical Ram Imported From Detroit"

I don't believe commercial because I have the mental capacity and willingness to learn for myself and not what some marketing team that gets paid millions to sell me on.


"But you have to admit since Toyota pulled out of California the quality of the Tacoma went down."

Actually this is a perception based on a predetermined mindset. Basically you are looking for the bad in whatever you perceive is bad just as you would look for the good in what ever you percive as good.

Based on recall data, recalls have went down since production was moved from California to Texas. Look for yourself.....


"Everything made in California is top quality, look at Apple!"

LOL, Apple products are not made in th US. They are made in China.


"People in California are well educated, happy and healthy people."

Uhm.......I just won't go there.


"Plus the Tacoma hasn't changed since 2005, don't you think they should of got it right making the same truck for that long?"

Oh I believe they need an upgrade, but what does that have to do with the fact that you chastise them for being made in Mexico while you give Ram a pass.


"Look at Chevy and Ford, every 3 or 4 years they make a new model and they don't screw up that bad!"

Actually it is much longer then that amongst all truck brands.

@Dave Because the doorjamb sticker is applied at time of build, it is expected to have more accurate info specific to the vehicle's tire pkg (compared to the owner's manual). If the sticker is wrong, it can really lead the user astray.

To add to the comment by Tom#3, my 2011 Ram Quad Cab Hemi has an electric fan and a mechanical fan.

The Tacoma and the Frontier should be recalled for being old.

Forgot to say, the truck is a 1500.

If they don't already, Toyota should just include multiple wheel/tire combos (w/ correct psi for each) on the sticker and tell its dealers to stick to those wheel/tire combos only. I've seen this on BMW door stickers.


Thanks for the clarification.

Funny how astroturf Tom#3 praises Ram but they are more foreign than Toyota.

Profits leave the country? Where did Chrysler's billions go?

A bank account in England.

Controlled from a head office in the Netherlands.

Owned by Italians.

This recall is a bit of a non event, seriously how many people go off that placard instead of reading the sidewall ?


People in California are so happy paying absurd cost of living prices and ridiculous taxes? I couldn't tell everyone there was so happy given how poorly the state is doing while a state like Texas is thriving economically.

As well, the slogan on every Apple product is "Designed in California". That does not mean made in California. Apple products are made and assembled in China like every other piece of electronics.

I didn't know the HEMI engine was built in Mexico.
When you say "Hemi" I take it you were talking about the whole Ram Truck.
I stand corrected, thank you for that information.
I live in an area that's a Ram Truck Wonderland where I would estimate that 75% of all pickups are Ram's and that effects my brain thinking most other people must be right and I am wrong for not owning a Ram.
People in my area have old school values and I tend to think one of the reasons they own a Ram is because its American Made.
Thank You for that information I can't wait till I tell the Ram Hemi Owners I know that their engine is made in Mexico.
I know they will tell me I'm wrong.
I am taking a big gamble by taking your word for that cause I know its going to make a lot of Ram Hemi Owners mad at me, might be a fight, will let you know how they take it.
Thank You Again

Tom#3, congrats for driving the most American made vehicle. At least people who buy them have more sense than to call it by the engines name.

@Astroturf Tom#3 - here is a hemi factoid for your annoying hemi acquaintances:

"Early in the research phase, they discovered a combustion chamber that Porsche used for 1965-97 air-cooled 911s offered the ideal starting point for their new design. Porsche's head happened to be a hemi."

The current Hemi engines are NOT based on Chrysler design history but Porsche.

@Astroturf - do some research. A college boy like you should know how to do that.

Saltillo Engine Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila
Chrysler Hemi engine

Saltillo South Engine Saltillo, Coahuila
Chrysler Pentastar engine

Saltillo Truck Assembly Saltillo, Coahuila
Ram 1500, 2500/3500, 4500/5500
Ram ProMaster G

Toluca Car Assembly Toluca, State of Mexico
Dodge Journey
Fiat Freemont
Fiat 500

The 3.0 V6 Ecodiesel is also known as the VM Motori 3.0 litre diesel made in Italy.

The part that reeks of irony is the fact that the only engine that Ram uses that is American built is an engine that they buy from another company - Cummins.

I told my Ram Truck co-workers that their 5.7 Hemi engine was made in Mexico.
They laughed at me told me it was made in Warren Michigan.
They said maybe on the west coast some of the engines may be made in Mexico but all east coast they are all American made engines, they also told me all the V8's are American and all V6's are Japanese engines. (I have no idea where they got that)
I looked it up myself and you are correct but I give up convincing these guys cause they are so brainwashed.

I am having a life changing experience, the more they cut down and make fun of my F-150 the more I like my F-150 because I consider the source who is making the insults. Its hard to respect a persons comment about your truck when he doesn't know the truth about the truck he owns. I admit I was weak-minded thinking the majority of the people are right and I was wrong meaning I used to think everybody owns a Ram so it has to be better. Its hard to explain but I guess you know what I mean.

Astroturf to the core.

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