Recall Alert: 2014 Toyota Tundra


Tundra recall[1] copy II

Vehicles Affected: About 130,000 model-year 2014 Toyota Tundra CrewMax and double-cab pickup trucks

The Problem: Improperly installed garnishes (trim pieces) on the center pillars could prevent side curtain airbags from fully inflating during an accident, increasing the risk of injury. Toyota is unaware of any injuries or fatalities related to this issue.

The Fix: Toyota will notify owners by mail and dealers will inspect the garnishes and replace improperly installed ones for free.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can call Toyota at 800-331-4331, visit, call the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to for more info.

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Woppie Ding Dong

New F150 looks 100x better than this.

can't be right, Toyota's are perfect ;)

I disagree! I say the new F-150 looks girly
The Ram looks like a tough guy truck.
I should know I own a F-150 and I don't get any respect.

"New F150 looks 100x better than this."

Well as long as we're talking about aesthetics in a recall-related article, among 2014 models the order is this:

1) Ram
2) F150
3) Sierra
4) Any truck on the planet that is not a Tundra or Silverado.
5) Tundra
6) Silverado

There's a serious message here for all of you. Side air bags can be disabled or even turned into a threat by something as simple as a seat cover. Read your owner's manual before you strap anything to your seat.

I actually agree with this list I copied below. The F-150 is starting to go into the gaudy Silverado territory. They need to look back at what catapulted them into the position they are now and that started with the new 2004 F-150. For several years people were about to mortgage all they had for that style. With the 2009 sheet metal redesign due to thinning out the metal and thus the new stretched stampings, they lost a little love. Much like the Silverado lost tons of love for the new 07.5 model due to the new nasty thin sheet metal stamping design. Ford is still keeping it fairly clean on the sides but I'm not sold on the front and various other bits. The Dodge Ram is where it's at with style right now. They may however screw it up. Just like Chevrolet had that homerun with the 90's body screwed it up in 2003 and worse in 07. Ford had their homerun in 2004 but is screwing it up too. Maybe Mopar is next? I don't know why someone can't come out with a truck that looks like the 1967-72 Chevy. Easily the best of the American trucks. The 55 or so Chevy was cool too with that mean front end but they couldn't replicate that anymore.

" 1) Ram
2) F150
3) Sierra
4) Any truck on the planet that is not a Tundra or Silverado.
5) Tundra
6) Silverado"


Nice opinion, to me Ram is hideous, it looks like a Charger and resembles most of their car lines.


B pillar trim improperly installed?

Center pillars is incorrect terminology.

@ Frank: it's all opinional, but I think the new F-150 looks like a large mouth bass. Sorta reminds me of a....Fushion.

They went front decent looking, to looking fugly.

Damn auto-correct, I said FROM NOT FRONT

@TRX-4 Tom - I would of thought auto-correct would of fixed "Fushion" too...... was that auto correct or incorrect blogger?

I'm not a fan of the 2015 F150's snout.

But isn't this a recall thread about Toyota?

New fords aren't bad looking at all will have to wait till you can see them in person to judge .....still better looking than the tapiokas and looking truck ever was the 78-79 F-series/Bronco.

The 2012 Tundra 4x4 have owner complaints of transmission failures that Toyota refused to warranty cause the customer abused the transmission by taking it off road. Every Toyota Dealer states you can't take the TRD 4x4 off road or spin the wheels in the mud or snow.
I have no problem taking my F-150 FX4 off road, I have to always prove my manhood by some extreme off-roading where most men would fear to go, plus my FX4 is an off-road truck so I am forced to prove its off-road ability to my other truck owning friends.
I know the majority of you guys would never take your brand new truck off-road in deep mud, ruts, with tree branches scraping the paint.
Not only does my F-150 look good I also look good doing it!

The current F-150's look good from the rear with the high and deep beds and the narrow rear window, but from the front they look cheap and generic.
But the 2015 with the horizontal crossbar blocking half of the headlights looks awful.
Also in my opinion the best F-150's were the models built between 1997-2003, not saying they were the best looking but the best quality built of all the F-150's.

(we are talking about F-150's instead of Tundra's cause nobody here owns or would want to own a Tundra)
smart people!

Come on PUTC you can also cover the other Tundra news as well

I love the Toyota Tundra and I am glad to see they recalled them before they were forced to. Some manufacturers will do anything to get out of recalling vehicles.

Yep, and Toyota has paid the highest fine for doing just that.

The new F-150 looks sweet, ram boys just mad, there truck means dodge to avoid, fords the best.

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