Spied: Next-Gen Ford Super Duty Mystery Machine

Super Duty cab camo 1 II

The patience and stealthiness our spy shooters exhibit can pay off in many different ways. Sometimes they catch a glimpse of the next big pickup truck, while other times they see something that doesn't quite fit. These shots fit into the latter category. Clearly someone is trying to be clever here with the Ford Super Duty, not wanting anyone to see inside or apply any magnets to the inner bed walls. We wonder why that would be. Here's the latest information our covert operators sent to us:

"You see here that the two-door regular-cab Super Duty has a uniquely camouflaged rear section that caught our attention, and looked like it could be the first full-size two-door SUV we've seen in a long time, almost like the famous two-door Bronco involved in the infamous O.J. Simpson 'low-speed chase.' Once the prototype passed by, and we had a chance to inspect our photos more closely, it looks like Ford had decided — for some unknown reason — to camouflage a rear bed cap on a Super Duty prototype.

"It's the first time we can remember Ford camouflaging a rear cap in this manner, which raises some questions. Is this some all-new bed cap designed specifically for the next-gen Super Duty, or is it just a normal cap? The camouflage seems tailor-made for this particular application, and it successfully hides anything that could make it special. The cap has a badge on it from a familiar cap maker — ATC Truck Covers — along with some grease pencil writing that makes it look like a pretty traditional transaction. So why the camouflage? We haven't a clue. Maybe it's simply to hide the contents or details of the truck bed. But the full vinyl wrap seems like overkill.

"Whatever the explanation, the prototype Super Duty and its camouflaged cap is a bit of an anomaly among Ford's now-familiar Super Duty test trucks."

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Super Duty cab camo 2 II

Super Duty Cab Camo 3 II

Super Duty Cab Camo 5 II

Super Duty Cab Camo 4 II



Maybe its some kind of PowerWagon (SuperWagon) competitor. Look how high the ground clearance is. Also notice this probably has the diesel engine. That's the biggest complaint with powerwagon owners, is not having a diesel.

A new Bronco would be awesome, especially if you could get an off-road package. A Bronco would have a much shorter wheel base, which is obviously better for off-road. If they make a Bronco like that, I am picking my wife's next SUV whether she likes it or not. :)

Also are those doors longer than a regular pickup truck? Better access to the rear seats perhaps? Or very good camo and wishful thinking?

If Ford are considering HD's with aluminium bodies, then this might be an aluminium SuperDuty.

I would think the next Ford HD's will use the body from the F-150. Ford need to reduce the more expensive F Series costs.

Why else would it be heavily camo'd?

My only hope is this is the reincarnation of the Excursion. We have one now and my wife says I will have to bury her in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What they are testing is the new Aluminum Rear Bed, they have minimize weight to the rear bed and are currently testing with a Camper Shell.

A new Bronco would be lovely.

Does anyone have an idea when the next-gen super duty is coming to the market? Lots of spy shots, but not much data on when to expect it. They need to hurry before I snatch up one of the new GMs.

Maybe thats not camouflage,maybe all the new ford's need this to protect the aluminum,lol ;}>

Perhaps there was more to this April 1st joke than we know.


Pretty short wheelbase for a F-250, I didn't think you could get 6 1/2 foot bed on regular cab F250. Maybe this is some sort of Super Bronco.

Please be a Bronco!

In other Ford news, the 2015 Ford F-150 Build Your Own website is now available for you to configure and price the new 2015 truck.


Bed looks to be shorter than 8 feet. If that is the case diesel drag racers are going to be all over this thing.

Either testing a new 10 speed trans or a hybrid/electric setup. Look under the truck about where the transmission would be. Appears to be a very heavy gauge electric cord or possibly a cable going to equipment recording trans data.

Sure hoping for a single cab short bed

A Bronco on the half-ton (F-150) chassis would be lovely to replace that anemic Expedition. Two and four doors, V8 with optional EcoBoost, and a Raptor model.

A HD Bronco would be cool but they must be concealing something in the box or about the box.

Hy hop they fix this fragile frame ..

if its a short bed im buying one!!!

A two door suv will not sell so I doubt this truck is that. It looks like a half ton with those small tires and from the rear it looks like a GM truck. Put something in the back and if it squats it definitely is a Super Duty.

They're just trying to hide all the fire extinguishers from public view just in case it goes up in flames.

The truck shown here looks close to the 137'' wheelbase when you get a single cab and 8' bed. The Bronco had a 104'' wheelbase. So this needs to lose 33'' from its wheelbase. In order to do that, a Bronco would be similar in length and wheelbase to a single cab with 5.5' bed (perhaps even a little shorter). The overall length has to be reduced from 227'' to 184''. So it needs to lose an extra 10'' behind the rear axle. So dammit, it's probably not a Bronco. But it will be interesting to see what Ford actually brings out.

Fellas, that sure looks like a single cab short bed to me. Diesel drag racers dream right there

Looks like they finally might be making the reg. cab bigger like the current rams. Bout time ford !!!!

A Bronco would be nice but it isn't going to happen.

How many people besides a group of Bronco fans would go for a 2 door SUV built on a Superduty chassis?

What is a 4 door SUV on a Superduty chassis? It's essentially an Excursion, whose days are long gone.

I agree with Lou, they are hiding either something in the box or about the box. It could just as easily be some feature about the bed other than what it's made out of.

People already are starting to get a picture about the materials being used for the Superduty based on previous "magnet tests". In that respect, I don't know what Ford would be trying to hide at this point.

I do think they might be doing something interesting with the cab. The angle at which the first picture was shot implies that the drivers seat is in line with the rear of the door, leaving some extra space in the back of the cab.

From the front of the A pillar camo to the back of the A pillar camo is more than a foot. The camo is hiding the front of the bed and the space between the bed and the cab.

It's a 2 door long bed.

It looks like ford ! boddylam is right. It's 2 door long bed.

It's not a new Excursion or a Bronco prototype. Just a heavily cammo'ed pickup, hiding other features.

I think I spotted an inner cooler
an eco-boost for the Super Duty?

Your comment may not be a silly as it sounds.

I did read that the 3.5 EcoBoost was to replace the larger Ford V8s. The same article stated that the Coyote would remain as the only Ford V8 offering.

A lighter aluminium SuperDuty might make it viable to use a 3.5 EcoBoost, similar to how the 2.7 EcoBoost would be used in the lighter aluminium F-150.

Ford might do well to include a 4 litre diesel in a SuperDuty. I would then only need to be a 6 cylinder. 250-300hp and around 600ftlb would be more than enough for a SuperDuty.

@Big Al, Ford has done ~4L diesel Super Duties in the past. The Brazilian version, which went to Australia offered a 4.2L I-6 MWM diesel. It now exists in Brazil as a 3.9L I-6 Cummins. Though I can see Ford offering an EcoBoost in the Super Duty, I'm pretty sure the 6.2 will remain. Rumors of direct injection for the 6.2 are going around, but I just read the Mustang GT350 5.2L flat-plane crank V8 will still have port injection, so I have my doubts about any Ford V8 coming out with direct injection soon. Back to smaller diesels, Ford does have a 4.4L V8 diesel that it produces for the Range Rover Vogue. Built at the same Chihuahua Mexico plant where the 6.7 is made. What the 4.4 has going against it, are the costs and purchasing price difference between the two engines will be minimal. Though one advantage is in an aluminium Super Duty with a 4.4L diesel, I would expect it to get 26-30mpg highway. I am also still hopeful we will see the hydraulic hybrid come to fruition.

Regular cab 8' bed. Looks like they camo'd the cap to blend the bed/cab area so you can't see the new larger cab. Could also be done to hide new bed options.
But why is it lifted so much? I don't recall a camo truck being so lifted, from any brand.

@Alex - if Ford releases the GT350 with a flat plane crank that would indicate that they are definitely targeting the global market. Flat plane engines tend to be fast revving/higher revving engines. They also have a distinctive howl i.e. European Supercar. Americans will bemoan the lost of the burbling V8 with that transition.

Ford could put the Land Rover diesel in the SD to counter the Nissan Cummins.

I do think the V8 Lion would be more than what would be needed in the aluminium F-150.

I would think a 3 litre V6 Lion will more than suffice.

The 4.4 V8 Lion would be work in a SD, but then the cost between it and the 6.7 would be marginal.

I was thinking along the lines of a 4 to 6 cylinder diesel, more of a truck diesel than a higher revving diesel.

I do know that even Izuzu make a 5.4 litre four cylinder diesel.

I don't know how much more the 5 cylinder 3.2 Duratorq can be stroked and bored out. If it could be stretched to 4 litres it would be good for 250hp and 440ftlb of torque.

Or even tuning the current Duratorq to push out that much power and torque.

This would be ideal for a business.

I don't think any HD will get 30mpg for some time with a diesel. Maybe one day.

I am wondering if Ford is testing a CNG or propane powered diesel. Those kinds of conversions are gaining ground in the commercial trucking industry.

that would be a pickup industry 1st.

Well whatever it is, I'm sure ISIL or their successor will enjoy driving it.

Probably http://razzadesign.cloudaccess.net/multi-purpose0.html

I love and miss the Bronco but lets be honest and real.

Like the mid sized to big to be cheap/efficent and too small to be useful pretender pick up truck, the 2 door full sized truck based SUV has a very small market and following.

Investment in the Expedition and even a revival of the Excusrion probably make more sense than the return of the Bronco (in its original full size 2 door truck based incarnation) although im not positive. These beasts are always the first to go down with an economic downturn or hike in gas prices.

While I see the positive press on the Tahoe/Suburban i dont see many on the road. Mostly (in my opinion) due to how EXPENSIVE it is to buy and operate. Without a REAL need for such capablities to haul and pull one must have crazy disposable income to justify the purchase of one.

I could see the Bronco reincarnated as something smaller and more efficient, probably no being body on frame and having at least a small 2nd set of doors.

Look how many raptors they are selling, if ford wanted to make a limited edition high end bronco an excursion just like it and sell each and every one they pump out.

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