To the Bitter End, Ford Raptors Go Full Throttle

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Ford's last SVT Raptor rolled off the Dearborn, Mich., not long before the Dearborn Assembly Plant shut down for a major overhaul as it prepared to put in an all-new manufacturing line for the 2015 F-150.

Right to the very end, Raptor sales have been strong and consistent, with the last three straight months breaking monthly sales records. Unfortunately, Ford does not break apart sales numbers of the F-150 by model, so it's tricky trying to verify how many total Raptors have been sold.

The highest unofficial Raptor sales number we've heard from unnamed sources is close to 2,000 per month, but we're told many of those vehicles are designated to go overseas, where they often have much greater profit margins because of extremely high demand.

Ford has officially said there will be no 2015 model Raptors built but they've neither confirmed nor denied whether it will bring back the performance truck for 2016. We're guessing the odds of Raptor being killed are somewhere between slim and none. However, what changes might be ahead is another question entirely. Certainly an EcoBoost engine would be interesting, as would a lighter and more nimble body style. Could we possibly see something like a baby Raptor to turn a few heads? Only time will tell. photo by Mark Williams



The best is yet to come!!

How about a 5.8 supercharged version. I wouldnt feel comfortable with an ecoboost with all those problems that haven't been recalled.

Just read where they are recalling 4.9 million Chrysler products including ram for a boat load of problems. Go Ecoboost!!!

I suspect the Raptor will be back with a tweaked 5.0. V6's sound lame with performance mods.

Truck Crazy
That's a lie! Chrysler is ONLY recalling 349,000 vehicles older than 2008 for ign switches! NONE of the Ram trucks are included in that recall!

I suspect the Raptor will be back with a tweaked 5.0. V6's sound lame with performance mods.


I attended some Nascar and Indy car races back during the 1980s when GM had some interest in their stock block V6 program.

Both the Buick 3.8 and the old Chevy 4.3 were used. They sounded really good! AJ Foyt even had a 4.3 backup car at the Brickyard one year back then, but it failed to qualify if I remember correctly

@papa jim - I should of been more specific - V6 street vehicles tend to sound lame compared to V8's with exhaust mods. I've encountered a few F150 ecoboosts and a few Ram Pentastar trucks with catbacks and they sounded bad.

There has already been 2016 Raptor prototype caught testing with new 2015 cab and 2014 Raptor front and rear fenders. The question is not if it's coming back but when and what will power it. Here's hoping to a Ecoboost 5.0!

anybody can transform a F-150 into a Raptor!

I would think the next Raptor engine would be an Eco Boost of some form.

I've read the Eco Boost was the replacement engine for Ford's larger V8 lineup.

That's the way the world is moving. FE will become more significant as time passes by.

The V8 probably would sound nice.

Even the Mustang comes out in a 4! So a V6 Raptor would not be too unusual an idea.

The only way is for Ford to have a vehicle similar to the PowerWagon, an HD, then I do see a V8. How strong will the next F-150 chassis be?

Remembering Ford are playing around with it significantly.

Looks like Ram Pr is at it again.

The site the picture came from fits the profile of the poster.........

Blue Knob Auto.

Some people make it way to easy.


@Tom#3 That thing isnt eevn close to a raptor, Raptors have diffrent fenders to allow for the suspension components and provide for more stability as the truck isnt much higher suspension whise than a reguar f150 , the skid lates and all the computer calibrations are what makes it awesome. BTW i bout my raptor with luxary pakage used in 2011 with 10,000 miles for $37.5k so thats alot of money for a poser mobile that has all the drawbacks of a raptor with none of its advantages.

My guess is that the new GT 350 motor 5.2l NA based motor tuned to the raptor. I dont think they will go super chager, They rerquire alot of cooling and the raptor already had to have vents added to the hood and the fenders to keep from over heating so i think they will keep it NA. If any of you took a raptor off road and wailed on it you would see what i meen, some of those vents feel like you just walked past a hand dryer , since all the skid plates trap heat in the engine bay and the amout of heat the fox shoxs generate doesn't help much either. I am looking forward to getting a new Raptor as mine is at 80,000 hard miles right now, but after seeing the 2015 F150 pricing not to keen on replacing a truck i got for $37.5k with one that costs $70k

There will be another Raptor. It sells well for a nice profit. The local dealers have a 3K markup over MSRP on the ones they have.

In other F-150 news, Ford released new stats on the 2015 F-150.

Max Payload 3,300 lbs (V8)
Max Towing 12,200 lbs (3.5L Ecoboost V6)
-Other engine specific payload and tow numbers are in the link
-SAE J2807 Compliant, Best-in-class 1/2 ton numbers

Engine Specs:
3.5L V6 280hp/255lb-ft
2.7L Ecoboost V6 325hp/375lb-ft
5.0L V8 385hp/387lb-ft
3.5L Ecobbost V6 365hp/420lb-ft

@Truck Crazy - yup. look at his link.

@Ricky - don't start sounding like the Ram J!had by regurgitating press releases.

Max cargo of 3,300 is reg cab with max cargo package.

Max Tow is with max tow package and it will now be limited to the EB3.5 since the 6.2 is gone. Roughly 45% of F150's have the EB3.5 but not all have max tow.

I work at a Ford dealer (in fleet) and these have been super easy to sell, even at full MSRP. The next version, (yes there will be a next Raptor) will be awesome. Stay tuned!

I don't think a EcoBoost V-6 Raptor is out of the question especially with the lighter aluminum body. The V-6 would be very powerful teamed up with the right gearing and a lighter body.

"Max cargo of 3,300 is reg cab with max cargo package."

Conversely the Silverado max payload on is 1,980 with a reg cab and Ram is 1,704.

I've done some calculations and the 2015 payloads will be like every F-150 has the Max Tow package.

The truck I'm looking at will have a 2000 lb minimum and around 2250 with Max Tow and HD Payload if I added it 2650+. These are all 4x4's Supercabs with the 8' long bed the heaviest F-150's. So it is looking good so far.

NHTSA officials said today that they will review a late August petition from the Center for Auto Safety that asked for an investigation into nearly 5 million Chrysler vehicles from 2007 to 2012. NHTSA could grant or deny their request for an investigation.

The watchdog group cites 70 complaints supposedly related to power module failures and notes that a class action lawsuit has also been filed over the issue. NHTSA's own database lists 122 complaints over the part, and a recent New York Times investigation counted 240.


Ford Raptors where I live in South Florida are stickered at over 60,000 dollars, if you got one for 37,000 you go a deal.

Back in the day, Chevrolet would have built something to stomp this thing and the Power Wagon, Super Duty SFA trucks into the ground. Of course, that all ended in the latter part of the 80's. Some say the early 70's. Hell, it all ended for good in 1998 as far as Chevy goes.

The Raptor is not a truck that Ford can afford to drop long term, and I don't think that Ford has any intention of doing so.

The initial excitement of the '15 F150 will eclipse interest in the Raptor for at least a good part of the next year, so Ford has plenty of time to start building a new one.

I believe that with the current Raptor, Ford has found a "sweet spot" with what the consumer will be willing to pay a premium for.

For the next iteration of the Raptor to succeed, Ford needs to carefully study what made the current Raptor a success. Powertrain options come to mind here. Is the engine that Ford management will want to use(ecoboost) the same as what consumers want to buy(6.2l)?

I know that this topic has come up before and while I don't think that there is necessarily a "right" engine to put in the Raptor, I do think that Raptor buyers will want a V8 and are not overly concerned with FE. That is why I say, Ford really needs to think this one out. Things are not always as they seem.

The Raptor is going to get Lincolns version of the new 3.5 Ecoboost, 380hp but 460 lb/ft of torque. That motor has already put the smack down on GM's 6.2

Wouldn't surprise me if the Raptor came back with the DI version of the 6.2.

There's a lot of untapped potential in the 6.2 that Ford needs for the F250 - F650.

Ford is reporting to be in financial troubles. Earnings are down related to poor global sales and recalls/poor quality. No doubt new aluminum F150 manufacturing will be a boat anchor. Low quantity production will have to be cut. That could be the issue with the Raptor. We can't forget Ford didn't take a gov handout and still is hugely in debt. Ford debt to shareholder equity is 435%! Ford probably won't be offering many incentives...

@Ram Big Horn 1500, I know that i got a great deal and very lucky on my truck when i went looking to upgrade to a 2013 and the local dear said that they had none in stock and they charged 18k over MSRP for one $55k +$18k = $73k, and i had a co worker do just that. His truck is not twice the truck mine is an extra 12 in rear leg room torson front diff, and front camera and 6.2 v8 dont justiffy trading my truck in and still having to pay double what the trade was for it. I went to anouth dealer with two in stock that said they wanted MSRP. but even spending 20k more for the same vehicel seemed silly to me.


Ford Raptors where I live in South Florida are stickered at over 60,000 dollars, if you got one for 37,000 you go a deal.

Posted by: Ram Big Horn 1500 | Sep 29, 2014 7:27:09 PM"

@Ram Big Horn 1500: He DID say that he bought it used with 10,000 miles on it. So that's a near 40% depreciation in a mere 10,000 miles.

Get ready for aluminum body panels and a big increase in the sticker price.

@Road whale, mine was a 2010 and the MSRP was only $42k including destination so only 11% depreciation. I bought it from a celeberty private party, 3.5 years and 70,000 miles later KBB says private party Good is $32,900 Retail $37,465 which is essentially what I paid.

Keep making the 2015 ford f-150 raptors!

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