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Dig My Rig 2 II

It's not often we hear about an opportunity to do two of our favorite things at the same time: eat snack foods and look at big rigs. In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Sept. 14-20, the good people at Rudolph's Foods Co. (makers of all kinds of pork rinds and other delights) are sponsoring a two-week-long voting extravaganza to determine which big-rig owner-operator should be crowned champion.

The 30 competitors include men and women owners, cross-country long-haulers, military mine sweepers, monster-truck cabovers and more. Vote daily during the two-week period and qualify for $100 gift cards and cases of snacks. Good luck.

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Dig My Rig II



Speaking for myself I find it insulting to be associated with big semi truck drivers just because I drive a full size pickup.
I am an extreme professional with a college degree that makes well over $100K and a semi truck driver is unskilled labor that anybody could do plus I don't eat pork rinds!


You clearly don't know a lot about driving a semi.

I never went to college and I have earned over 100,000 a year. I retired at the age of 49 with a nice retirement income that grows by 3% every year.

Today our household income is well over 100,000 dollars a year before taxes.

I also know plenty of college educated idiots who do not have a lick of common sense.

The link here was the first link I ever presented to PUTC.

Our prime movers from US companies are actually made in Australia. They are different to the US prime movers. I think the allowable load they can tow is just under a couple of hundred tons, or around 440 000lbs, a little more than the Ram 3 500s ;)

More and more Euro prime movers I'm seeing up here in the bush. So, they must have some competition to offer.

When one of these take off at the only set of lights in town they have gone through at least half a dozen gears by the time they move 30ft. Awesone to see how much the cab and prime mover lurches with the massive amounts of torque driving through the wheels.

Since I came up here 4 years ago (for the second time) I have noticed more and more tri axle drives and all axles on all trailers. The only single axle is the steer wheels up front.

I think it has a lot to do with traction on dirt roads and load limits.

I've been behind one once doing 130kph. That was a sight, a 3 trailer truck doing over 80mph. But they generally are speed limited now to 100kph or 62mph.

I haven't seen any Asian prime movers up here. They are mainly hauling containers around the major cities down south and not doing much interstate hauling.

Truckies have a hard life, actually up here in the Outback the road train drivers start on around $90 000 a year, but it's hard work and you don't get money for nothing.

I have immense respect for these guys and their skills. The Outback wouldn't be what it is today without them.

I really love these things.


What is this Semis.com now? I have to deal with trucks and truck drivers at work and don't want to have to do it in my leisure time.

I agree Tom#3. Just another thoughtlessly lame PUTC article.

It seems many on PUTC talk of towing and how significant it is.

What's wrong? Don't you call your pickup a truck?

All trucks are good from Kei to those megalithic ore trucks in the mines that are completely autonomous.

Here, read this and expand you mind a little.

CAT is running with it.



Even the trains, soon mining will not require many people!

Check out the size of the trains.


Tom3, I have an MBA with a much higher than average GPA - does that mean I am not allowed to like big rigs? Seriously, what does having a degree have to do with liking trucks? If it makes you feel any better, the engineers and designers for big rigs have degrees. Here are the facts:
1. A degree doesn't determine if you should like trucks.
2. A degree doesn't determine how much money you are making.
3. A degree doesn't determine how much intelligence a person has. Plenty of really smart people out there don't have a degree.

If you don't like the articles go away. There's a pattern of regular posters who pretty much complain about the site/blog.

Just leave. It'll be the best thing for everyone. Is it really a big stretch to think that pickup fans might like looking at cool Kenworth?

A troll is a troll even when you try to be intelligent with your trolling.

Big Al, just because both are considered trucks, doesn't mean they have to like both. That's like saying "I really like the Porsche 918, which is a car. I like watching videos and reading articles about it. Also, the Fiat 500 is a car, therefore, as I like cars, I have to like the Fiat 500 and want to read about it." Not questioning your like for semis, just your logic.


That is a very ignorant and inconsiderate statement to make. Get off your high horse in thinking a degree or how much money you make a year makes a person or makes you a professional. No wonder you think a truck gains you respect with this kind of thinking. You should learn to respect all workers because even a trash collector has important roll in your daily life. You are a prime example that just because one has a degree doesn't mean they know anything. I would rather hang out with a down to Earth truck driver than someone like you who thinks you are above other people.

Did I state that? I you read what I wrote I attempt to make an inference to what appeals to me.

In actual fact I would state that most who blog on this site do like all things mechanical.

You can see this from the responses when the vehicles from 'antiquity' are presented.

So, I do think this response might be by the guys who do cause this site some grief. The names may change, but are the people behind them the same. We don't know.

Also, if they don't like 'big' trucks why did they even waste time opening the article. No one forced them too.

Does it matter what articles are posted on PUTC? As I stated you do have the option of not reading something you find uninteresting.

I do think increasing the number of article on PUTC will also reduce the trolling. I do feel the frequency of releasing articles on PUTC is what is also contributing to the hooliganism similar to why soccer has issues.

You're a shrink, why don't you do a study on this and how it relates to the European 'futbol' situation.

"Tom3, I have an MBA with a much higher than average GPA"

@Alex Stelling,

What? You got this from online correspondence schools like the University of Phoenix and Western Governors University, not a real university.


To get into the University of Phoenix, an online correspondence school, you just need a high school diploma or GED. That is where Big Al from Oz says you become a shrink.

For your MBA you "went to" Western Governors University which is online and does not require any entrance exams and has a 100% acceptance rate, 33% retention rate and 39% graduation rate. This is very worrysome. These schools are set up to make money and are more like advance high school degrees.

You think you're a shrink with a BA and a MBA with a high GPA, but try getting one at a real university, not an online papermill situation.

"I have an MBA with a much higher than average GPA"

Not so. No GPA exists at WGU.

You got your BS online degree from Uuniversity of Phoenix, that is your 3.99 GPA, which is also questionable. But on your MBA from WGU, they are online and only do pass or fail, no letter grades and no GPA's.

I heard of one lady whose employer would not reimburse her tuition expense because they do not recognize WGU as a legimate source of education. If you chose to get your BS from University of Phoenix and then go to another university for your MSN chances are good it will not be excepted at any place but WGU, and then if you go to a real university for your PHD, chances are none of this will be accepted. Also not all instructors at WGU are degreed educators, some are attending WGU themselves - this is why they are called mentors. If it sounds to good to be true sometimes it is.

Bsically what I'm telling you here is there is no GPA associated with WGU degrees. Sure WGU states when you pass the courses you have obtained the equivalent of a 3.0 GPA but this is meaningless as WGU will not offer a letter to anyone stating this fact. As far as support the mentors previous jobs are jobs like a used car salesman and every time you have a question about course content he has no answers and quickly changes the subject. I am not going to go on and be negative about WGU because that's simply not my way however it is what it is, you will not be getting a better career nor will you be accepted into a DBA or PHD program with this degree having said that you make up your own mind.

I don't care what GPA you think you have or where you went to school, but a little more honesty is all I'm asking for.

Lastly, as far as the online "University" of Phoenix goes, the undergraduate degree that Big Al from Oz says you got from there was for becoming a shrink before you switched to healthcare. If you truly take your coursework seriously you would not have been enrolled in the University of Phoenix. It is not well received in the job market, nor is it considered academically sound by most standards.

There have been widespread reports of students hiring impostors to take online courses for them. As a result, any online program is considered questionable.

Regardless of what your grade is, it is from a "university" who has been charged by the U.S. Dept. of Education for bad practices. At the very least the school is considered to be deceptive in recruiting practices.

You might also want to check out their reviews on ripoffreport.com . I'm not saying these things to be cruel. I speak out of compassion for those who may be suckered into enrolling in U. of Phoenix because of some commercials on TV. I just want you to realize that you if go you here you are not on a wise path. I don't want to see you waste your time or money.

I came here to deliberately start an argument. The minesweeper is the best and the others are generic, and that monster truck cabover is a gimmick.

Actually Robert, nobody (that's relevent) in business cares about DBAs, unless it's Doing Business As... $50,000 for an AACSB-accredited program that doesn't produce a higher salary (unless I became a professor). You talk about useless degrees... Funny you mention UoPX and WGU having no credibility. The Whitehouse just recently recognized WGU. I used to work for an HCA hospital, the biggest private hospital company in America. They recommend WGU for MBA-HCM and nursing management degrees. But hey, what would they know? I now work for a non-profit hospital, guess where one of my senior directors got her MBA from? University of Phoenix. Yeah and making 6 figures, go figure. Not bad for a diploma mill! A degree is just the entry way through HR. It's not the be all and end all. It's just one of those filters/minimum requirements. What they really care about is how competent you are at doing the job. That comes with experience. Tell me though, what's all this got to do with trucks?

University of Phoenix Fraud! Huge Scam!


They enroll anyone and everyone meaning if you can't get accepted at any 2 year or 4 year college, they will accept you, even if you failed your S.A.T. exam.

Same thing with WGU - they take anyone!

Top 5 Worst online "universities"
Looks like Alex went to the top 2 worst!
The measure of a university’s worth is how much weight a degree from there carries with prospective employers. A degree from the University of Phoenix carries the weight of a feather. This is because this university has earned a reputation for ridiculously easy coursework, allowing them to pass out diplomas like napkins.

The University of Phoenix has classes with “learning teams”, essentially groups of students working together to finish assignments. This makes it all too easy for some students to breeze their way through coursework, relying on the work of others. This is added on to an accelerated education process where a class is crammed into a short amount of time. Even professors have complained that they are unable to teach everything they should in the amount of time they are given with a class. The University of Phoenix is not the place for somebody looking for an academic challenge.


University of Phoenix is a joke. Plagiarism is the norm, teachers don’t teach, they facilitate the start and finish of the class and the curriculum is a joke ( I am about to graduate with a worthless degree from U of P). - one of the most common comments about U of P. 3.99 GPA LMAO! WGU doesn't give GPA.

Is that why Alex decided not to become a shrink and switch to healthcare administration?

It really depends what you want to get into. I/O psych, business are widely accepted online. Either way, you can make a lot more money doing your own thing, which you don't even need a degree for, something which I hope to pursue next. HCA does a lot of hiring from WGU. Plagiarism is a problem at every school.

That truck competition is a little bit like the Scania worldwide program. It appears both have the objective of attracting and producing better Big Rig Truck Drivers

Scania Young Australian Truck Driver competition. Part of a worldwide completion , to promote heavy and commercial Truck Drivers

@Tom: I guess they forgot to teach you anything practical and anything about common etiquette in the process of getting your college degree (if you actually have one). Think about the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and the business you seem to think you are making good money on....guaranteed it all relies on a transport truck and a trucker or two along its journey to you. Why don't you think things over and then appreciate what truckers are willing to sacrifice to make our world go around. I am not a trucker either, but I have respect for the service they provide to the world. Next time: think before you post, and try not to stereotype people. You will find people will respect you more for being considerate and conscientious of others.

Astroturf Tom#3 strikes again with is passive aggressive posting style.

Instead of bashing a brand he says he owns particular brand then says and acts like a complete MORON to discredit that brand.

That is a more positive scenario for Tommy boy than actually believing in the crap he posts.

@Tom#3--Knows a semi will out tow and out haul his truck therefore he doesn't like semis. A truck is a truck regardless of size. They could put a bed on one of these semis and call it a class leader in hauling and towing. Take one of these and put monster wheels on it for a monster truck event--I bet it would crush the other enrties.

I like Keegan the timber jinker.

@Tom#3 As a professional truck driver I find it insulting that u think we are unskilled. If it so easy everyone would be doing it.

Some how you have the impression that if a person drives a truck they must be dumb. You would be surprised how many college graduates I work with.

I make 137k and never have to worry about having a job.
Oh and the reason PUTC post articles like this is cause most of us so called unskilled laborers as you call us drive pickup trucks.

I know a lot of people with college degrees, most of them are so stupid they can't hang a picture. What a dumbass remark.

Trucking is one of those professions where it is possible to make as much money or sometimes more than someone with a college degree.

On the other hand, many truckers make far less.

Some people who have a college degree feels that they are "entitled" to make more money than those without. That seems to be a driving force behind the debate today.

I have a college degree, yet my view is that the degree is just my ticket to a good job. I don't feel the need to "prove" myself by putting down those from professions that don't require a college education.

I am happy for anyone who doesn't have a college education and has managed to land a decent job. The comments here that state otherwise are in bad taste.

People need to learn to have a mutual respect for one another.

This article may not be 100% pickup truck related, but is completely relevant as they are trucks, they haul weight everyday, just the things that are discussed here. But this is not the point it's to appreciate the guys who make north america run, the guys who are burning themselves out making timings. Not anybody can do it tom3, lots of people can't drive cars always in accidents. And you think an 80 ft vehicle would be easier, i know guys who can't blindside in after a couple years of driving somehow. You are the offensive one.


Exactly. There's a lot of ignorance here.

An Alberta trucker can easily make a 6 figure income and they're doing some scary stuff with expensive equipment and cargo.

Those who can't fathom this are living in a depressed economy and not aware of the world outside of their limits.

Trucking is not a high paying job but neither are typical trades but go to the right economy and all of these "dummies" are making executive money and are far more useful than a supposed educated person in a non-thriving economy.

Ironically, this is the large part of a demographic that's buying expensive pickups and toys to pull behind them.

A bunch on initials after someone's name is no guarantee of employment just like it is no guarantee of a good pay cheque.

A good work ethic is finds you a job and what keeps your job. It also is a prime determinant of how much money you will make.

Truckers are the backbone of western economies. Almost everything we have was delivered by a truck.

I like all trucks,big small and large,,still I'm partial to these Czech Tatra machines,as nothing else can come close especially in off road conditions

Czech Tatra

Tatra Dakar rally

I think it would be awesome to do at least one trip around America in a big rig. I don't care what the ignorant think, they depend on truck drivers more than they realize. Farmers too. It's amazing how many city liberals think they are so much higher up than farmers. Umm right there, that's the top of our food supply chain. Plus farmers tend to have an amazing skillset in a variety of applications.

most semi trucks today have automatic transmissions or regular 6 speeds, the 13 speed road ranger, split shifting are the things of the past.
ANYBODY can drive a semi truck-trailer with a few hours practice.
In my business we get truck drivers everyday!
They are all stupid morons that can't follow simple directions, they can't even read the numbers on what dock door they have to go, they don't know their left from right.
Also truck drivers are dirty and thieves, they always have crapped or pissed pants, they mess up our restrooms so bad that we have to lock them and if something is not nailed down they rob it.

And Tom#3 is a big Fiat fan... shocking.


So you dislike truck drivers, fine. Your business sounds like theres no control. A commenting section for an article to appreciate truckers is not the right place to complain about them. It's actually the opposite, smarten up.

How about some more pickup truck articles. I would like to see some reviews on accessories for pickups, how about a tonneau cover reviews?

I really wish PUTC would implement a real commenting and moderation system to reduce the constant flame wars about anything and everything.

Astroturf Tom#3 revealed - A troll.

Tom#3, I have a Bachelor's Degree, I own two tractor trailers, and a tri-axle dump truck, along with a pickup. I run my own business. You're ashamed to be associated with guys like me? Guess what fella; pickup trucks were initially built for GUYS LIKE ME. Not sniveling white collar preppies like yourself. While I agree with you that some truckers poorly represent the industry, I think it's wrong of you to put us all under the same umbrella. Unskilled labor? Let's see you drive a 100K lb. tractor trailer with an 18 speed transmission, dumping asphalt into a paver box without tipping over or rolling out! I've got a degree too, and I consider myself to be a HIGHLY SKILLED PROFESSIONAL. You'd be scared to death trying to do what I do for a living. You better check your backside too, because the sun ain't shinin' on it!

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