2014 SEMA Show Preview: Plan Now

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The all-things-automotive lovefest known as the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association's Show will be happening, once again, during the first week of November in Las Vegas and we'll be there to cover it all.

This is the biggest automotive trade show in the world, but we love it because all sorts of parts and pickup truckmakers build wild, crazy project trucks to cover ever possible desire: global campers, hi-po street machines, lifted monster trucks and much more. We'll also be on the lookout for new products for your driveway pickup. Sometimes it takes a creative genius to come up with just the right problem-solving product to make our lives just a little easier, and sometimes it's just a guy who finds a better fix.

You can bet Ford, Chevrolet, Ram and Toyota will have quite a few custom-built trucks strategically placed around the massive indoor show floor, as well as spread out over outdoor asphalt.

This year, SEMA will be doing something a little different, called "SEMA Ignite." It'll be moving many of the indoor display vehicles, typically only seen by industry insiders, to the Linq Hotel, 3545 S. Las Vegas Blvd., for the public to see for free. If you happen to be in Las Vegas on Friday, Nov. 7 between 4 and 10 p.m., you'll see hundreds of SEMA cars and trucks as they parade from the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Linq Hotel High Roller parking lot (right behind the Ferris wheel). If you want to know more, click here.

For now, the only SEMA vehicles we've seen are from Ford (see below) and Chevy, but we expect to hear about more soon.



F-150 Brian Deegan 38 Special SEMA Truck[8] II

Off-road racer Brian Deegan is hoping to create the ultimate all-aluminum off-roader with the Deegan 38 project vehicle that's taken an all-new 2015 F-150 and outfitted it for extreme desert running, day or night.



F-150 Vaughn Gittin Jr. SEMA Truck[8] II

Formula Drift superstar Vaughn Gittin Jr. built this 2015 F-150 for speed and adrenaline with a custom air-ride suspension, offering 12 inches of height range and five Recaro-brand seats.

Manufacturer images


SEMA Exterior II



+1 on the Gitten street truck

The deegan kinda looks frail to me

Well, don't they look lovely?

Well, Ford will bring it hard as usual. SFA trucks with tucked high frames, long travel IFS trucks IE:Raptor, luxury trucks, cowboy trucks, works trucks.. I expect Dodge to go after Ford here and even Nissan to follow suit. Chevrolet on the other hand, not so much. They're unfortunately tied to GM/GMC. GM prioritizes all things of their GMC. Chevrolet is a joke by their hand. Racing aside.

Pontiac guys will always Hate Oldsmobile guys. Buick guys will always Hate Pontiac guys. Oldsmobile guys will always have a soft spot for Chevrolet guys but Hate Cadillac guys. Cadillac guys will almost always hate them all but occasionally Chevrolet. Every last one of them but for Pontiac guys hates GMC. Look, GM used to be a holding name for the stock market. It wasn't a real company in and of itself. Olds/Chevy/Caddy etc were the real deal. Now it's all just generic GMC with Denali trims like the Denali itself and Escalade. You Chevy guys need to gets used to it. Chevrolet IS NOT real. It's a fake brand like Ram. You don't even have your own SBC any longer. It too is GMC. Losers.

I need a Heavy duty Ram like the one in the pic above for these busy L.A. freeways. lol

@Mark Williams, can you take lots of photos please and post some for us mortals who can't get in the show. Think MOPAR.

What is SEMA really?

It is a show where everyone shows their wish list of things that will never go into production.

Trucks have reached a tipping point. There is really nothing new to offer.

What does my truck do most of the time? It just hauls air except for when I have my fishing gear.

I do believe that vans will be the way forward.

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