2014 State Fair of Texas: One Stop Shopping

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We've collected all the 2014 State Fair of Texas stories and videos that we produced and put them in one place where you can read and view them from a single landing page. Although there wasn't much truck news to be had, each of the truckmakers had a unique story to tell and information to reveal.



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I live in a different part of the country and I am not impressed in the different culture and type of pickup trucks people from Texas likes.
In Texas they don't get snow and salt on the roads, they don't have steep mountains to climb, they don't heat their homes with coal.
Texas like their trucks clean and pretty all the time.
In my area we only wash our trucks once a year in the spring, 4x4 is a necessary, we always have something in the bed, we choose trucks w/o chrome cause chrome makes no sense, just gets dirty. We install 10 ply winter tires on our 1/2 ton truck so the tires don't go flat when we haul overloaded and to get around thru the deep snow.
We don't buy a truck to look pretty and shinny, we own it for heavy duty use, to get around.
We laugh when other parts of the country gets a major snowstorm how everything shuts down, here life goes on as normal when we get a snowstorm, its no big deal.

I want a pickup that makes me look good, a truck that fits me like fine clothes, everybody in my work crew owns a Ram and I am a very good looking handsome man with broad shoulders , perfect body! I need a truck that also makes me look good and my F-150 doesn't do that, I have an image to keep.
The pearl white Ram 1500 will make me look good. The King always traveled in the best looking carriage with white horses.

That's a good one.

Where I live I see a lot of heavy duty trucks driven by heavy duty humans. My thought are that most people that buy these heavy duty trucks just buy them because they think they need them and it inflates there ego. I wonder if the beds are ever used. I like the trucks without crome for a couple of reasons it's cheaper and generally IMO looks a lot better.

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