2015 Ford F-150 Towing Mirrors Get the Job Done

F-150 tow mirror 1 II

During our recent first drive of the 2015 Ford F-150 in San Antonio, we had the chance to do plenty of highway driving, off-roading and towing. We towed 9,000-pound enclosed trailers (with weight-distributing hitches, of course) with both the 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost twin-turbo engine (when properly equipped, it can tow up to 12,200 pounds) and the 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V-8. Both engines do a great job pulling hard, but the V-8 felt slightly more confident and stronger off the line, offering more rumble out the tailpipe at midlevel and higher rpms.

But what really caught our eye while towing are the new towing mirrors the F-150 now offers. They have a much larger "elephant ear" with a five-sided upper mirror and a rectangular wide-angle mirror below. The optional mirrors are manual or automatic; the latter uses a fully automatic one-touch setup that allows both side-view mirrors to be extended and retracted, as well as folded into the doors, with just a push of a buttons. They are similar to the Super Duty mirrors. The electric mirrors are a $165 option on upper-trim packages and worth every penny.

The newly styled windowsill window, door and mirror controls are sloped toward the driver, which makes resting your arm more comfortable and accessing the electric buttons much easier. Although we don't have the fully electric buttons shown in these photos, the extend-and-fold buttons sit in the exact spot where the single window-lock button is. Manual and electric tow mirrors pull out almost 3 inches, while the mirrors fold into the door and window with ease. The F-150 setup is even easier than the Super Duty system because the latter requires you to sequence two settings before you can extend or fold.

The optional towing mirror is quite a bit larger than the single-lens standard rearview mirrors and has the capability of incorporating an LED spotlight as well as housing side-view 360-degree cameras when equipped. In comparison, the 2015 Rams still use a manually pivoting, split-mirror rectangular unit but all 2015 models will now offer one-touch folding capability. GM's 2015 heavy-duty pickups offer new, larger towing mirrors for the lineup; they can be manually extended and have an optional power fold capability.

Cars.com photos by Mark Williams

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I don't like the shape of the new mirrors. I thought Ford already had the best tow mirrors in the area of looks and function on the previous F 150. I didn't know GM's new mirrors didn't have the functions which means they half did those mirrors.

@real men
Real men don't even need mirrors.

Even Tow Mater uses his mirrors, and he's a professional.

So it has now come down a set of mirrors rates a complete article. What next the tailgate release will get its own article?

Ram hae the best 2 in 1 tow mirrors

* has

Those mirrors could kill you when driving by your side walk in the city.

Ram flip out tow mirrors are the best and class leading!


Hey Mark Williams. GMs new mirrors DO electronically fold. If you're gonna run a "pickup" site, get your facts straight.

"Is that a moose or a Ram with its tow mirrors up?"

Mike, your own article here: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2014/04/new-gm-towing-mirrors-debut-on-silverado-high-country-hds-1.html says that the GM mirrors power fold. Might want to update that.

I *love* the mirrors on my '11 F150, not too crazy about how they've changed the spot mirror on the later models. I'll have no choice but to like the mirrors on this model, if you catch my drift! ;)

According to the link lray801 gave and the GM press release the up level tow mirrors with power fold are ONLY the Chevy High Country HD. So technically MW is right, GM did update the towing mirrors but not with power fold or extending.

And these towing mirrors do not power extend; the half-ton GM lineup still does not power fold or power extending towing mirrors. Correct me if I'm wrong.



How is your wife liking that TrailHawk. Have you taken it out in anything even slightly off road yet? What are the pros and cons of daily driving? Is it worth the extra for the Trailhawk version and all the extra goodies you get? My cousin was wanting to get a new Cherokee and I was telling her to look at the Trailhawk just on the bada-- looks factor alone.

I bought her Trailhawk, because she wanted Tango Mango color.
This color is on this version and probably just for Canada.
Interior is beautiful, black leather with black fabric, red stitching extra rear diferential lock, downhill assist. .. programs for sand , snow, rocks auto, larger tires , 1" higher chasi. , nicer rims, back up camera, larger screen.
She loves it and this is only what matters for me.
Pretty inexpensive compared to same quality, interior and technology car. Very good visibility from inside, higher than regular small SUV.
Transmission is great, engine very flexible and fast. I don't know, when it shifts. I don't feel nothing.
I am impressed. Even my friend with his Tiguan in black leather was speechless.
She will test it soon, when long winter comes. She might pull my quad . I will pull my trailer.
Selling numbers tell the whole story. Naysayers where shut down.
I remember their whining at allpar Jeep forum before launch. I told them it will be success. Look it up.

It's funny and satisfying to read those comments again.
I was right about everything. Specially, that it will sell like hotcakes.


2014 Jeep Cherokee

Finaly a new taste for the rest of the customers who doesn't like square ugly box of steel from WW2 called jeep, but still want to drive one, because of reputation and capabilities. Let me tell you hard core offroaders, you are a minority for companies to survive. You have 4 different options, if you don't like this design.

This will sell like hot cakes, because there is many customers who wants to drive a Jeep, but would be embarrassed to drive something very capable, but very ugly and uncomfortable.

Grand Cherokee is not option for everybody, because it's big, heavy and expensive. I like this design, I was waiting for something new to get for my wife and this will be a fresh looker at our street, because she doesn't like any square design and she is sick of Toyota, Honda, Kia, Huyndai, Mazda, Acura, Audi, Mercedes, BMW. All of them have predictable not excited boring design .

She is going to drive attractive safe confortable new technology car and it's going to be a Jeep. Win win situation for her and many other customers.

So stop ranting over and over again about nothing. The world doesn't end at your backyard.

- zviera

What about the sun visor mirror?
I need an extra large sun visor mirror to keep myself looking well groomed and presentable at all times!

You say their much larger, did you measure them? They look about the same or maybe a bit smaller with the top corner cut off. The current ones are gigantic.

the new mirrors are nice. My 2011 F250 mirrors I really like, and the power in/out and fold in is great! That makes all the difference when towing big fifth wheels, so in this case it will make all the difference when towing big jet skis

Zipity doo da. Look at my fancy towing mirrors that eletronically folw and extend. In my day we didn't have towing mirrors. We had one mirror for everything. The mirrors were manual. If you need to adjust them you got out and moved them with your bare hands! And that's the way it was and we liked it. We loved it! Real men use manual standard mirrors.


The new GM mirrors are an option on Chevy AND GMC upper trim levels. I test drove a GMC Sierra 2500HD All Terrain Pkg on Saturday and it had the new power fold mirrors.

It's amazing how much some people whine over truck news as if you were being forced into a product. If you don't want power folding mirrors then get the manual ones. You shouldn't fear choices, choose the one you want.

My old Ford didn't have power mirrors/locks/windows and it was just fine. My newer Chevy 2500 has power mirrors (not folding), windows, and locks. I'll never go without power locks/windows again. Adjusting the passenger mirror while sitting in the driver seat was nice but I've only had to do it once or twice so it's nothing special.

I'm trading the Chevy now that the Duramax hit 230k miles and will likely end up with a new Ford SD. For that I would prefer power folding mirrors because those big @ss mirrors can get in the way when parking next to another truck with tow mirrors. Manual won't kill me so it's still an option.

Best tow mirrors period!

I am a GM guy and have never been much of a Ford truck fan but this is one area where Ford has and continues to kick GMs butt. GM is just now coming out with mirrors on their HD trucks that I would say are in the same ballpark as what Ford has been offering for years on their SD trucks. My hat goes off to Ford's "truck mirror" design teams

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