2015 Ford Transit Wins Van Comparison

15FordTransit II

Our friends to the North that run the Canadian Truck King Challenge have just finished their first full-size euro-style commercial van test, and the Ford Transit, powered by the turbo-diesel 3.2-liter PowerStroke inline-five-cylinder engine, beat both the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ram ProMaster in a tightly held contest.

The test was conducted over two days with six experienced journalists driving more than 2,000 kilometers, including several maneuverability road tests, payload hauling and even making a few real-world deliveries. They also conducted a midsize category challenge, which included the Nissan NV200 and Ford Transit Connect. Unfortunately, the Chevrolet City Express and Ram ProMaster City were not available at the time of their test. The Nissan just squeaked past the Ford.

For more information about the 2015 Canadian Truck King Challenge Winner-Commercial Van division, click here.

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2014 Transit 3.2L PSD II



"But fullsize vans can tow anything you throw at them. Like towing cars, travel trailers, yachts, you name it. Why wouldn't they? They're trucks, Goofy..."

Goofy is right, as they are not good at the first two, hard to imagine doing the third

@Robert Ryan,
It appears the guys debating us are taking original argument out of context.

The debated actually started by some who perceive a FWD drive van inferior. I've actually had an indepth discussion regarding this same issue with the primary person involved in this debate. Goofy or inane isn't it Robert;)

The two guys who have entered into this debate are attempting to hijack the debate to create a non-debate.

Why? Are both Ford fanboi's and/or Ford marketing types?

The original debate was regarding traction. Now we have one guy who I'll call "deja vu" or (not) "not one", and the other Winnepeg Joan.

We have deja vu now attempting to enter into the debate by stating he's seen FWD prime movers or something along those lines or he wouldn't make the suggestion regarding FWD prime movers. Or he's attempting to pass on some trolling comments as he used to do along with the "other one". Goofy and inane is this debate, what do you think Robert?

Now, if the moderators on PUTC read this thread they should closely look at how the debate is being moved and taken out of context by the above two people.

All we need is these two to actually provide evidence of what they state and not use anecdotal experience.

I can state all I see at work are Hiluxes, so everyone in Australia drives Hiluxes. This must be true! How else can it be.

This video is actually done where I live.

You can see why these would have less traction than a FWD Ram Ducato van thing.

Many of the prime movers up here are American companies that build the trucks here. But there are a number of EU trucks coming out with enough power to move the trailers.

When overtaking one at 100kph, by the time you get past you can be going up to 160kph+. The guys who drive these are pretty good drivers.


@Robert Ryan, BAFO - I don't know what else to tell you guys. FWD trucks and RVs are OK up to a certain point then they lose to RWD trucks and RVs. Just the laws of physics.

RWD trucks and RVs don't have any FWD kind of drawbacks or limitations out on the road, off road, towing, or in all kinds of weather/elements.

That said, it doesn't mean I work for Mercedes or a radical Sprinter fanboy if I choose the Sprinter over the Ducato/Promaster. Just a preference, relax. But these are fullsize vans last I checked. Midsize would be the Connect and NV200.

@BAFO - It's still unclear why you keep bringing up "road trains". They not FWDs. They're the exact same as normal tractor-trailer setups, but with added trailers. They're OK for mostly flat and open country, but have obvious physical limitations, the more trailers and weight you add.



I am dying to see a FWD road train.

I see original style American vans pulling all different types of equipment including RV trailers.

Chevy and GM still sell their original style vans and they can even come with the 6.6 de rated Dmax diesel.

Ford still makes and sells it's Van cutaway. You can also still build the e passenger vans on their website.

Again you have highlighted what you are about.

It isn't about winning or losing an argument. That's how you see it. You will want to win even when you are incorrect and looking for a rise.

I'm about getting as accurate information as I possibly can, hence I continually place links supporting my stance.

You don't provide links and most links you have provided have never supported your arguments.

Like I stated DiM. The truth is of little relevance to you. You stated so above yourself.

@BAFO - You jumped into a conversation, arguing something about "road trains" being FWD and that FWDs actually offer more advantages.

If you weren't trying to win the argument, why did you persist?

At some point, you realized you were wrong and promptly went on a rant of whatever else.

For you, it's about winning at all costs. Even it loses you respect around here and TTAC.

You lose on all counts. As always.

I had a extremely similar interaction with Alex ;) the other day. Even the tone and flow of language from him was exceptionally similar to your style. Hmmm.......

Again, a trolling comment with the FWD prime mover.

The reality is DiM you will not get me to introduce an aggressive let alone assertive reaction. Not fun now is it?

This is your game. Like I stated read the link. You are sinking lower.

"But these are fullsize vans last I checked. Midsize would be the Connect and NV200."
No they are not a Full size US Vans, which you claimed tow Yachts.. Love to see you get a photo of that. I am all eyes, so just post a photo

@Robert Ryan - What is it with you? You couldn't believe a horse trailer, I showed you several. Now you can't believe a yacht?





So what's the difference? It's all heavy weight. It's form doesn't matter, does it?
I know you're trolling at this point. Same as your compatriot.

If you can't use Google, use your imagination.

I said a Yacht, not a procession of small boats and dinghy's . A yacht is much larger

Let's get on the page, Yachts similar to the ones this Company transports http://petervanleur.at/en/gallery.php

@Robert Ryan - A yacht can be anything your heart desires. No limits, no minimum. But notice the tow vehicles in your link. All were RWD. Without exception.

FWD is good for passenger cars, as most of the weight is up front anyways. It gets a little sketchy with trucks though, especially when most of the weight is on the dummy axle. Towing is out of the question, for anything bigger than a dinghy, dingy.

A Yacht has a substantial keel and is normally a min 25ft. The gas E350/E450's are faily poor tow vehicles, with very limited towing capacities. Most towing larger loads in the US from my observation, use 3/4 or 1 ton Pickups with Diesel engines, vastly more effective

@Den Mike
That company had a Renault, basically their version of the Ducato, towing similar loads.
Ducato's towing cars or double trailers in Europe common

@Robert Ryan - The topic was towing heavy loads with RWD vans vs FWD vans, not the exact definition of yachts. And these were only 1/2 ton vans, mind you. You can bet E-250 and E-350 van can tow tons more.

Still, they're "vans". Pickups with 5th wheel attachments will obviously tow a whole lot more.

So to play your game, show me one Ducato or similar FWD van towing a "yacht". Or any similarly heavy load.

While you're at it, search FWD towing trailer fails. Good for a laugh!

@BAFO - It wasn't I that introduced the FWD van and towing topic. And if you're not talking towing heavy loads, why waste the bandwidth talking jet skis and such?

If you can't see the physical limitations of FWD trucks, towing or not, in less than ideal conditions, I can't help you. I know you do, but can't help yourself from tolling up every article.

If you weren't the one who introduced the comment regarding the FWD, then how can you state what the discussion is regarding?

What you are doing is called trolling.

No one stated that the vehicles must be overloaded. You did this the last time you debated this.

As I stated I will not become aggressive.

You are a very sad person. Read the link regarding trolling that I submitted in this article.

You have not shown an E350, towing more than a moderate load, that the Ducato can tow easily
The European Company has a Renaut FWD,in its fleet that tows similar loads.
I would like a photo of an E350 towing 25ft Yacht. I say such a photo does not exist, as the E350 is not configured to tow such big loads

"You can bet E-250 and E-350 van can tow tons more."
They appear to be very limited to what they can tow,on par with Ducato, Tons more? Struggling with limited loading, see my post above

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