Analyst Sees Strong Fourth-Quarter Sales

14F150-XLT_06_HR II

As the newly upgraded Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan gets ready to start shipping all-new 2015 Ford F-150 crew-cab pickups to dealerships throughout the country — said to start in significant numbers by November's end — some analysts are predicting a strong end-of-year sales push for Ford and other full-size pickup truckmakers.

Chief analyst for, Jesse Toprak, explained to us that the new F-150 will likely pull early adopters into showrooms near year's end and motivate other truckmakers to get more aggressive with their incentives. Additionally, Toprak is seeing more economic confidence coming from the small business and housing sectors, both of which can heavily influence full-size truck sales. "The good news," Toprak said, "is that we've started to see a measurable bounce-back of the small business demand since August, and I expect to see the pickup demand to be very strong in the fourth quarter and beyond."

This is likely to be good news for those small-business buyers and personal consumers just looking for a good deal as Ford dealerships, in particular, will be trying to clear out 2014 F-150 stock to make way for the 2015 models. Likewise, you can bet both GM and Ram will be offering great deals to tempt in-market buyers as well.

During our unscientific research of truckmakers' websites, it looks like Ford has some of the most attractive deals going. Depending on what type of vehicle you might be trading in, what trim level or cab configuration you'd like, what type of financing you might want and what type of regional and national incentives are available, you can easily stack deal upon deal for a discount in the neighborhood of $10,000 … and then you can start the negotiation process.

"This is probably the best time for someone to come in and just make me an offer that I can ever remember,” a dealer-general manager said. "This isn't going to last very long because at some point Ford is going to need recoup the costs of this big push to aluminum. … Unless you have to have the latest and greatest, you can get a value-packed 2014 F-150 for a price we've never sold these trucks before."

For more information, check out the different 2014 discount packages available from each truckmaker by clicking the links here: Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, GMC Sierra 1500 and Ram 1500.

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Tell me again how Ford is holding onto their 2014 inventory?

Ford has pulled all the stops trying to move their 2014 trucks.

Just looked at the incentives and Ford is in the 8,000 dollar range, Chevy is in the 8,000 dollar range, Ram has 2 models that will get you 4,000 dollars with the rest of the line up at 2,000 dollars and GMC has the lowest incentives at 1,500 dollars.

So it looks like GMC and RAM are trailing both Ford and Chevy in the incentive game with Ford and Chevy spending right at three times as much as Ram and just over three times as much as GMC.

Looks like Ford has boxed themselves in with a heap load of poop. Gov Motors is still in a pretend world of making fake trucks. That leaves only Ram and Tundra as viable alternatives in the half ton market.

either way looks like Ford will be laughing its way to the bank

Just drove the new 2015 F-150 Lariat 3.5 EcoBoost. The EcoBoost is a rocket. The Lariat had noise cancellation with sound enhancement which was a nice touch and made it much nicer to drive. I can see the other makers following this soon.

The 2.7L I drove was also a rocket and you could not tell it was a V6. Both engines would blow the doors off of my 5.4 V8. The ride quality and braking was top notch. Fuel economy numbers will be out in 2 weeks says the marketing team. Overall an amazing truck.

Sound enhancement, make it sound like a v-8 in the cab so the driver will jump on the throttle and then everyone else outside the truck is wondering what that god awful sound is that they hear. LOL.

Ford survives on its fleet sales of the F series trucks. Take away their low price fleet sales and the F series will lost almost half of its sales over night.

Not sure where you guys are located, but in my western NC zip code there are 3 separate offers with the max being $4000 when financing through ford. The other two are less cash but better rates..... I don't think that any of those combine ...

GM/Chevy is offering $12,000 off MSRP in Texas right now

Deal from the Ford link the article above for Florida:

2014 Ford F-150 XLT

SuperCab or SuperCrew
w/Leather & Luxury Pkg.

0% APR for 60 mos.

Ford Credit Financing


Trade Assist

OR up to

in Total Savings

Learn how to read the fine print on offers you read online.

First, it says *UP TO* $82500 off F-150 and this is misleading because they are including things like option package discounts that have always been there and are part of the MSRP (ie. add a lux pkg for $6500 and will drop the price to $4500 for a $2k savings). These are NOT incentives. It is MSRP.

Incentives are discounts off MSRP.

The only true discount off MSRP on that Ford in Florida is:
$1500 cash back. + $1500 customer cash. Total: $3000. *Only on XLT. If you buy a Lariat, it's back to $1500.

In my area the XLT discount is only $500. So it would be $1500 + $500. Total: $2000. on XLT. $1500 on Lariat.

Trade in assist: Only if you have a trade in.
GM $1500
Ford $1500

Credit cash?
GM $1500
Ford $1500.
Ram $500
*Only for those who qualify for GM/Ford/Ram credit.

If you want to compare incentives just do Invoice - incentives. Ram and Ford truck forums say you should shoot for invoice - incentives.

2014 Ford F-150 Lariat:
Invoice - $1500.

2014 Ram Laramie:
Invoice - $1500.

2014 Chevy Siverado LTZ:
Invoice - $3000.

In conclusion, Fords are unsually low considering they are the outgoing model. I won't include financing or trade ins because that will just complicate the deals.

Some people on this site act like they get paid to talk bad about other car companies! Attacking everything about every other brand that is not their favorite. The article clearly says "some analysts are predicting a strong end-of-year sales push for Ford and other full-size pickup truckmakers." But for some reason it turns into a Ford bashing fest. Damn shame!

"This is probably the best time for someone to come in and just make me an offer that I can ever remember"

Of course a dealer would say that.

When I bought my truck several years ago it was a better time to buy. Prices were lower and there were no preconditions. It was a straight up $10k off. Family/Employee Pricing.

I did not have a trade in and did not finance. The deals now make you hae to trade in and fiance with the dealer.

We are not seeing those deals on 2014 F-150s yet like we saw years ago. What does PUTC think is so special about Invoice minus $1500? I'm sure there will be deals on the 2014s when the 2015s arrive but they aren't there yet.

Take that headline with a grain of salt.

Yes, interest rates are still low, but significant economic metrics are falling. Autumn is usually a tough time for the economy.'s analyst seems like a smart and hardworking guy--you don't get a Stanford education unless you are!

That said, you don't work long at a place like by bumming out the advertisers either. Early next year we'll know if this made sense.

That's a bunch of garbage! 2014 ford trucks are priced higher than ever. Try getting 7 grand of a Platinuim or Lariat.

In three months Ford will be selling every 2015 they can make at sticker or higher. If you aren't going to be in the Ford market why not wait a few months because the rest will be dumping money on the hoods to keep sales.

Consumers win with the new Ford, regardless of what truck you want to buy.

Haters are gonna hate and the F-Series will continue to be #1, that's just the way it is. Regardless of how much you hate Ford, it will stay the same.
All the reviews of this truck are coming in as positive. You couldn't say the same about the GM twins when they launched last year.

I came on this site 7 months ago and was cool to all.
Then TROLLS like Lou, Frank, cory, Keith started in with their Ford truck bull after there precious ford got whipped by the Ram Runner. I could car less what you think of Ram or Dodge. I had a P.O.S Ford once it burned from a faulty switch and I lost thousands.

P.S. I can post what ever I want on here so kiss my @$$!

All Guts

All Glory

All best in class Ram!

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Oct 10, 2012 11:02:00 PM

I go by percentage when I buy a truck. I ordered a new truck and with dest. the msrp was $37,895. With incentives and the Chrysler employee discount (my brother works for them) I paid $28,477. That's 24.8 % off sticker and I admit that I didn't think I would get that good of price. They must have been hurting at the time. This was in 2011 and on a ordered truck.

JUST THE FACTS: Not everyone can say they're the fastest truck brand in America.




Get more facts at

JUST THE FACTS: Not everyone can say they're the fastest truck brand at going BROKE!

"Fiat profits fall 55% as Chrysler incentives, launches hurt bottom line"

Full size trucks are overpriced, so they can be heavily discounted at sale time, which make folks think they are getting a bargain. When the discounts are not applied, the Automakers are making huge profits on each vehicle.

Sales are up while profits are down? Here's why.
Ram pickups are Chrysler's best-selling product in the U.S., and Ram sales have been great: up 20% in the first half of 2014, versus a 1.1% gain for General Motors' (NYSE: GM ) Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra twins, and a 0.5% decline for Ford's F-Series line.

But profits haven't been great, because Chrysler has been winning those sales (and others) with big incentives. According to data from TrueCar, Chrysler's average incentive payout has risen past those of its Detroit rivals over the last few months. (The three Detroit automakers tend to pay higher average incentives than other manufacturers because of their big sales of full-size pickups. Big payouts are typical in that market segment, where the average payment often exceeds $4,000 -- but despite the payouts, pickups are among Detroit's most profitable products.)

@johnny joe
It's Ram not Dodge you dumba$$

Posted by: Mary Lou_BC | Oct 22, 2014 2:10:27 PM

I never said Dodge, the part of the I copy and pasted from the link said Dodge. DUMBA$$ read the story in the link and you would of knew that DUHHH DURRRRR!

This is for the story above some how I put there opps.

ok, correct me if I'm wrong but the way I understand it Ford says they will discount the early 2015 F-150's that they will take a loss on the price then the later F-150's will increase in price?
So the first ones will be offered as a bargain price to kick off the sales?

I agree with johnny doe and chris. There are no bargains out there.

The only bargains are on the Ram lease deals which are 130% of all Ram sales. Ram isn't even selling their trucks. They get leased to subprime borrowers.

Then the buyer gets their truck reposessed because they start missing payments. Just wow! If you wonder why Ram sales are increasing, this is why. Leasing....

* 30%

The reasons why the F-150 sales are down , dealers are not offering any discounts they are holding their 2014 stock well into 2015. Next- The consumer finding out the eco-boost is a flop, not getting the gas mileage everybody expected.
The Silverado and Ram V8's are getting BETTER gas mileage.
Next years contender is the Colorado-Canyon, its made to directly compete with the F-150 with a V6 getting good gas mileage and limited interior room ( if you are a big fat guy the Ram's interior fits you better)
The Colorado-Canyon won't butt into the Ram sales numbers BUT it will take away sales numbers from the F-150 and Silverado.
Next year when we read the monthly sales numbers Ram will be on top and the Colorado will be #2, the F-150 and Silverado will be fighting for 3rd place.


I wouldn't take an Ecoboost over a Chevrolet Smallblock and I don't think most people would. IF they knew the Silverado still had a Chevrolet Smallblock of high tech under the hood. Problem is, Chevrolet can't market their fantastic history of this engine because GMCorporate ripped them off and won't allow it. Dodge can continue to market the Hemi with great success.

As for the trucks themselves, give me the F-150 any day. Or the Dodge. Better quality interiors, better looking exterior designs, wheel opening moldings for protection, higher quality interiors, floor shifters, SFA HD's etc. And Still built Ford Tough. Not like the once mighty Chevrolet who's out 'finding new roads' now lol... You can't get a Great Chevrolet like Ford and Dodge. You gotta buy the GMCorporate truck if you want to come close. Even those home improvement episodes like This Old House are GMCorporate Sierra sponsored because at least they're still Professional Grade. Chevrolet is the toilet water of trucks any longer.

I do hope that the USA economy continues to strengthen. Predicting the future is an ability economists, analysts, and psychics all claim they can do but none of them have become filthy rich from their alleged powers.

@johnny doe

Why Chrysler's Ram Is Winning the Pickup War
John Rosevear
Oct 11th 2014 6:00AM

The hottest pickup truck in America has lately been Fiat Chrysler's (FIATY) Ram. Sales of the Ram have been on an absolute tear. A 30 percent year-over-year jump in September puts the Ram up 22 percent for the year -- and that's on top of a very strong (up 21 percent) 2013.

Meanwhile, General Motors' (GM) Chevy Silverado is up just 5.9 percent in 2014 -- and Ford's (F) vaunted F-Series is down 0.4 percent this year.

Predicting the future is an ability economists, analysts, and psychics all claim they can do but none of them have become filthy rich from their alleged powers.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Oct 22, 2014 4:08:25 PM

Next year when we read the monthly sales numbers Ram will be on top and the Colorado will be #2, the F-150 and Silverado will be fighting for 3rd place.


HEMI POWER WAGON Yeah sure Ram is selling well, but they aint making any money. They are offing great deals to customers but its not great for them, as they are hardly making a profit. That equals failure in my book and the links above prove it.

Never seen a spam runner. Ain't spam a dodge to start with?? I've seen a lot of Raptors cause they are factory built and not put together from a jc whitney catalog. I guess if I ever do see a spam runner it will have a jc whitney sticker in the back window. I'll know its one then.

If Ford has much inventory, it's not the desirable trucks. The rest have sold out.

At my local dealer there are enough F-150's, 80 in total.

But 80% of them are cheap STX's.

There are 3 Lariats: 1 with an ugly Tuscany Tonka pkg, 1 supercab/extended cab, and just one crewcab in black. \\

Only 3 FX4 left: and of the 3 one is a RC Tremor, 1 is an extended cab, and just 1 crewcab FX4.

11 XLTs: and 8 of them are RC or extended cabs, 3 are crewcabs but 2 of the 3 are red and the other is a 5.0 So if you wanted a particular color and a EcoBoost you're not going to get it.

So recap out of 80 trucks:

only 2 XLT EB crewcabs both red

only 1 FX4 CC black

only 1 Lariat CC black

only 1 King Ranch - white

The rest crap STXs.

Inventory is a joke and that's a good thing because once the new trucks come in they will sell fast.


That is pretty much with all manufactures the 2014 order line is closed and the 2015 is either open or fixing to open but all of them will be low on certain trucks this time of year. This is not anything new.

Now at the next dealer.

45 F-150s.

FX4 - sold out, 2 on dealer order

King Ranch - sold out, one on dealer order

Lariat - sold out, one on dealer order

Platinum - 1 in stock, but its red.

STX - lower trim level, supposedly 21, but only 1 is in stock, the other 20 are dealer order or available by extended inventory

XLT - supposedly 19, but only 4 in stock, the rest are dealer order or extended inventory. Of the 4 in stock 1 is extended cab and the 3 are 5.0.

XLT EcoBoost - sold out.

I don't know where anyone is seeing these huge F-150 inventories. My dealers have nothing left I would want or it's red or a 5.0 which I wouldn't want.

You can have any truck as long as its red or a 5.0

Ram Horn,

The main Ford factory has been down for a month and they have an all new model coming so so it's not the same with the other makers. Next the other factory is going down. Inventory levels and mix won't return to normal until the middle of 2015.

My local Ram dealer has 115 2014 Rams and 2015s in transit.
The mix is a lot better and there is nothing to wait for as the 2015s are basically the same.

What is going on elsewhere is not even close to being the same situation as F-150 at all.

The meaning of “Aluminum Wranglers”
by David Zatz • Posted on October 22, 2014

Respected automotive engineer Bob Sheaves has looked into Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne’s statements that the 2017 Jeep Wrangler would likely be the first Jeep to use aluminum extensively.

While Chrysler produced the aluminum-bodied Plymouth Prowler in the 1990s, both to learn about working with the metal and to establish a new Plymouth look, most of the people on that project (including its leader) were hired away by Ford shortly after the Daimler takeover.

In his analysis, Mr. Sheaves considers advantages and disadvantages of aluminum, including the difficulty of converting factories to produce it, and looks at which parts of the Wrangler might move from steel. In future segments, he will consider the question of independent suspensions, where Wrangler will be built, other ways to increase fuel economy, and related future-Wrangler topics.

Will Cheap Gas Hurt Sales of Ford’s New Pickup?

Pricier F-150 Designed for Era of Expensive Fuel Faces Unexpected Hurdle

JUST THE FACTS: Not everyone can say they're the fastest truck brand at going BROKE!

"Fiat profits fall 55% as Chrysler incentives, launches hurt bottom line"

Posted by: johnny doe | Oct 22, 2014 1:48:22 PM


1. Chevy will canabalize Silverado sales with Colorado which makes 75% less profit!

2. Ford makes ZERO profit on more expensive aluminum 2015 F150s.

3. Ram is making THE BIGGEST PROFITS since 2013.

Ford is in the best position to revolutionize the truck market like they are doing with the 2015 f150 as well as the new superduty. GM can keep up but is behind the curve. Fiat/chrysler doesn't have the profit margin yearly to bear the expense of following. Any profits chysler/ram makes is going overseas to prop up the mother company. Over the next decade they are going to get left behind and they will just have to discount farther to try to keep sales up taking capital away from investing in a future product. They have a dismal profit margin compared to ford or GM.
Chrysler's profits were $2.8 billion in 2013, or 3.9 percent of revenues, lagging the domestic competition. Almost all of Chrysler's revenues and business came from North America where GM's profit margin was 7.8 percent last year and Ford's was 9.9 percent.

best ram incentive in my area....

Get up to $9,200 Total Value on the 2014 RAM 1500 BIG HORN CREW CAB 4X4 6'4" BOX.
Offer expires on 11-03-2014. View DisclosureBuild this Model

There sure seem to be a lot finance experts in here maybe they should put in the applications to become the CEO of FCA.

Where are these ford incentives? At my local dealers today there is a whopping $1500 up to $5,000 incentive on 2014 f-150.

Where I live ford stock is completely opposite. I want an stx, but my dealer has only 2 of them in stock. Almost all the trucks on the lot are lariat and up. 0 xl and only a few xlt. They only have 3 supercabs and 0 regular cabs. There isn't a shortage of pickups on the lot as there are at least 30 crewcabs. My local dealers always do this. They only want to sell the upper trims and so they never have a good selection of bare-bones trucks. All I want is an stx supercab 4x4 40-20-40 with a rearview camera and cloth interior and paint that isn't white, but I have to check with dealers 200 miles away to find it.

Any profits chysler/ram makes is going overseas to prop up the mother company
Posted by: scott | Oct 22, 2014 8:07:41 PM


The 2003-2008 Ram 1500 is included on that recall for the air bags where the air bags go off and shards of metal come out and stab you.
Go get them replaced TODAY!

Aluminum hood dents with pictures


Google it. You will have tons of sources.

With out chrysler, fiat would currently need a bailout. But her is one article on it. Chrysler/fiat headquarters is over seas in the same country so they have less headaches bouncing money from one to the other.

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