Analyst Sees Strong Fourth-Quarter Sales

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As the newly upgraded Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan gets ready to start shipping all-new 2015 Ford F-150 crew-cab pickups to dealerships throughout the country — said to start in significant numbers by November's end — some analysts are predicting a strong end-of-year sales push for Ford and other full-size pickup truckmakers.

Chief analyst for, Jesse Toprak, explained to us that the new F-150 will likely pull early adopters into showrooms near year's end and motivate other truckmakers to get more aggressive with their incentives. Additionally, Toprak is seeing more economic confidence coming from the small business and housing sectors, both of which can heavily influence full-size truck sales. "The good news," Toprak said, "is that we've started to see a measurable bounce-back of the small business demand since August, and I expect to see the pickup demand to be very strong in the fourth quarter and beyond."

This is likely to be good news for those small-business buyers and personal consumers just looking for a good deal as Ford dealerships, in particular, will be trying to clear out 2014 F-150 stock to make way for the 2015 models. Likewise, you can bet both GM and Ram will be offering great deals to tempt in-market buyers as well.

During our unscientific research of truckmakers' websites, it looks like Ford has some of the most attractive deals going. Depending on what type of vehicle you might be trading in, what trim level or cab configuration you'd like, what type of financing you might want and what type of regional and national incentives are available, you can easily stack deal upon deal for a discount in the neighborhood of $10,000 … and then you can start the negotiation process.

"This is probably the best time for someone to come in and just make me an offer that I can ever remember,” a dealer-general manager said. "This isn't going to last very long because at some point Ford is going to need recoup the costs of this big push to aluminum. … Unless you have to have the latest and greatest, you can get a value-packed 2014 F-150 for a price we've never sold these trucks before."

For more information, check out the different 2014 discount packages available from each truckmaker by clicking the links here: Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, GMC Sierra 1500 and Ram 1500.

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RAM doesn't have any problems. New aluminium F150 must be success, otherwise Ford is next for bailout, because investors steps at brake.


Posted by: Chris | Oct 25, 2014 6:09:20 AM

This topic you posted is from January and just prediction.
Chrysler and Jeep brakes every production record.
Stop posting 10 month old predictions.

You wanna have some prediction? Here is one from 2 sources and doesn't look to rosy for Ford , but great for FCA.

Feel free to post any other predictions.

So much for Ford honest NA job. They asked our government and taxpayers for incentives and when not pleased, build 1.5 B engine factory in Mexico.

Chris Taylor, president of Unifor Local 200, said Friday.

“At this point we are not being sourced any new product; the product is not going to be awarded to Windsor,” said a disheartened Taylor. “It’s very, very devastating news for our members and our community.”

At least Lou is happy, we didn't give Ford this factory for fire sale.
Who cares we lost 1000 jobs.

Chrysler today announced that it has re-paid its loans to the U.S. and Canadian governments in full. With the help of an equity option by Fiat, as well as some new loans, the company was able to re-pay the loans six years ahead of schedule. Some may remember a similar scenario from the 1980s in which Chrysler re-paid its government loans authorized in 1979 ahead of schedule as well.

Read more:

"The real outrage arising from the 2009 Chrysler bailout is not that its parent company, Fiat, is planning to build plants in China."

Where does G.M. Ford have plants?

Compared to G.M. and Ford Chrysler is less global and more North American. Google where they manufacture cars.


zviera - typical one sided spin from the FCA Cabal.

FCA has been doing the same thing in Canada.

The car companies have turned into welfare parasites and will set up shop where a country will give them the most handouts.

Canadians spent 13.7 billion on bailing out Chrysler and GMC. GM can start pulling out of Canada after 2016 as there was a "stay in Canada" clause in bailout. Chrysler now FCA has no such agreement. FCA has threatened to close its plants in Windsor and move to Mexico if it does not get government cash.
Ford was not part of that bailout so does not "owe" anything to Canada.


@zviera - try an internet search engine.

Knowledge is common but effective use of knowledge is uncommon................

Once again you prove that point.

So you have no source as usually.
Thank you for clarification.


Ford was not part of that bailout so does not "owe" anything to Canada.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Oct 27, 2014 1:28:13 PM

No they took a grant. Must be why you won't be able to get an engine bigger than a 3 liter. lol

Ford only borrowed 5 billion in 2009 from uncle sam.

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