Hino Powertrains Could Motivate Toyota Tundra


Hino Trucks, a Toyota Group Co., is celebrating 30 years in the medium-duty truck business here in the U.S. It now has more than 200 dealers across the country. Hino Trucks has offered commercial trucks from Class 4 to Class 7 products, the most popular being the Class 5 COE (cab over engine) regular and double-cab models; they even come in regular diesel and diesel hybrid configurations.

The COE trucks have been in PickupTrucks.com news for several years because of their 5.0-liter inline-four-cylinder hybrid powertrain technology that some predicted would be made available in the redesigned 2014 Tundra. A Hino 8.0-liter inline-six-cylinder powertrain was under the hood of the popular pickup truck concept, the Tundra Dually Diesel CrewMax, from 2007 and garnered a boat-load of attention at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show. Unfortunately, the big concept truck's timing could not have been worse as pickup sales (and the economy) over the next few years went from bad to worse.

Although no confirmation has come from Toyota, rumors are flying about the truckmaker possibly using the same Cummins turbo-diesel 5.0-liter V-8 that will show up in the coming 2016 Nissan Titan. "Borrowing" the Cummins does seem slightly odd given the variety of Hino diesel engines the full-size pickup could use, which makes us think other drivability issues may be biggest problem, namely finding a six- or eight-speed automatic transmission strong and smooth enough to deal with the torque-growing payload and towing requirements. Either way, it will be interesting to see if Tundra (or Tacoma) decide to leverage some of the Hino powertrain credibility (hybrid or not) to meet the more aggressive upcoming EPA fuel-economy targets.

To read the full Hino press release, click here.

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Yeah, and have had really unreliable "American" vehicles too. But your and my experience is anecdotal.

This link, however, is based on millions of input--and Toyota makes the most reliable vehicles with the Tundra being the most reliable pickup:


I do think your correct. We don't seem to have the recalls in the quantities you guys have. Not yet anyway and our market is mainly imported stuff.

But our recalls also don't hit the headlines unless they are a safety issue. When a low risk problem arises we get a letter in the mail asking you to drop into the service department of whatever vehicle is affected.

@ big al

thats because your media isnt just a bunch of snakes trying to dig dirt............. over here the media is a frickin joke

@hemi lol - think "squirrel"........ The mass media in North America knows that people have the attention spans of goldfish therefore any sound bite that attracts attention gets coverage.

We get the media coverage we deserve.

If you build it i will buy it! I am tired of the gm and my current super duty junk!!

Downunder her in Aus', Toyota already has a 4.5l V8 Turbo Diesel. Not owning one or having driven one I can't say how good or bad it is just that they have a motor that would easily fit into a Tundra as it is larger than the vehicles the motors are in now.


Toyota please put that Hino engine in your new dual rear wheel pickup truck and call me. I want the first one off the line. You make great trucks.

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