NHTSA Investigates Ram Recall Response

2010 Ram 2500 2

Safety regulators with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have started an investigation into Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' response to two 2013 Ram recalls. Although no accusations of wrongdoing have been made, the government is questioning the company’s slow response times.

According to Automotive News and related NHTSA documents, replacement parts for two related recalls were delayed for several months due to a backlog.

If Ram is found guilty of executing the recall repairs too slowly and communicating to customers improperly, FCA could be subject to financial penalties.

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Our Jeep Grand Cherokee has 2 recalls from this summer and dealer says they are waiting on parts. we are on the list though.....

Eric, Don't you think it is time to grow up a little?

not surprised at this, once GM got away with knowingly having an issue that caused deaths, now everyone will be under a microscope

I can't agree about the Ram being the best truck on the road. I've had three of them so I should have a bit of credibility. Need to be a bit careful when sipping that Ram Kool-aid.

Ram might pay a big fine to the federal government but the owners of the pickups won't see any of that money or the parts coming faster.
I worry more about the airbag recall that also effects the 2003-2008 Ram Pickups, to me that's frightening the reports of metal shrapnel flying out and stabbing you when the airbag goes off.
The airbag may save you but the metal shrapnel might kill you!
Same recall on the Ford Ranger, Honda Ridgeline and both the Toyota Tacoma and Tundra, they all use the same make of airbags.


I have owned 7 Rams since 1996 with only three minor issues all resolved under warranty by the dealer.

So in my experience that makes three trucks with one minor issue resolved in one service department visit each and four trucks problem free.

Pretty good reliability if you ask me.

Can't be that reliable if you gone through seven in such a short period of time. Heck I've owned less computers since 1996 than you have owned trucks and my current truck was built in 1996. But I have plans to replace it in the 2020's; or at least the tires.

If people have read this article;

1. It has nothing to do with Ram reliability,

2. It is all about how FCA, also Ram respond to the recalls.

This article states the FCA and/or Ram have a poor track record responding to recalls.

Not how many recalls have been placed against Ram.

Wow! 7 trucks since 1996, that's a new truck every 2.5 years. Not a lot of time in a single truck to determine reliability for people that keep their trucks longer. Then again my friends new Ram Power Wagon just got a new engine with less than 1K miles in it.

I took my ram into the dealer because I was having problems with my ac. They told me it had been recalled a long time ago. Aren't they supposed to inform you when your vehicle has been recalled? I never got a notice. Bought the truck new and have had the same address forever.

Don't you just love people who think they know how you use your trucks?

Funny how the Ram haters opinion has been formed about the 7 Ram's I have owned yet not a single one of the Ram haters knows me or has the first clue about any of the trucks.

The 2008 Ram which was completely trouble free was in the stable for 6 years before I let that one go. We are a multi vehicle family who actually uses their vehicles unlike the majority on this forum who owns a single truck.

I don't dislike Ram. Having friends that own them with multiple issues early steers me away from owning one even though I like them. I just don't want to deal with the hassle with warranty work. No doubt they are nice trucks. I wish they have a better track record for reliability.

Its great to see NHTSA taking a proactive stance towards the automotive companies regarding our safety. We all benefit.

@ Tom#3.. the bad thing currently with the airbag recall across several mfg's is agencies recalls only focused on vehicle from the southern US as Japan mfg's testing data shows highest probably failure is in wet humid climates. Hence not enough parts to even cover rest of US.

Well with the NHTSA all over Chrysler/Ram, gonna be tough for them to make truck of the year next year.

@ Big Al, I guess it depends "what articles" people read in regards to quality & reliability. Ram not currently liked based on public feedback reports, you decide, just reporting.
others but don't have links handy. A quote:
Last November, Chrysler announced three recalls affecting 1.2 million light- and heavy-duty Ram Pickup trucks to check for a potential chassis defect that could cause steering problems. It said then that steering tie rods, which might have been misaligned during assembly or service and could fracture, needed to be replaced.
Also on Monday, five Fiat Chrysler brands including Ram pickups received low ratings in the annual quality survey by Consumer Reports, taking five of the seven bottom places among the 28 brands included in the results. Those brands are Ram, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler and Fiat.
So yes most mfg's do have recalls, Chrysler/Ram's quality also taking a hit. A separate issue from recalls. Based on data NOT me!

I just want to know when they are going to add the name Fiat to the Ram. Maybe they will start making them in Italy like the next Jeep Wrangler.

This is not at all surprising--Fiat is all superficial flash and slogans and amount to shoddy vehicles and suspect practices.

The same thing happened with the Jeep recall--initially, they told the NHTSA that they weren't going to do anything at all. Then, they said there would, but are lethargic in actually getting moving.

I wish ram was a truck i could consider buying. I love the fact it has an 8 speed transmission. I like the eco diesel. The fact that they are reluctant to issue recalls and reluctant to build quality trucks is a testament to who they are! If you want to take a chance on fca then take a chance on them but untill they rework the company structure and idea of how automobile manufacturing should be conducted, I dont think they are a good brand to invest in. The ideas and appeal is excellent. they really came through with the eco diesel. If ford did the same i would have bought one. I couldnt bring myself to take a chance on the ram. i dont want to use the waranty! I want to drive it for 5 years and trade it in. Thats all i care to do. Fill the bed, unload the bed, and go to BED! no reason trucks should have a problem with the premium prices they charge for them. Quality should be job 1 and it isnt with any manufacturer. I say everyone with a wallet and a mind should think about there purchase really hard. Forget about buying a truck and make yourself be heard! no more junk! no more recalls! They shouldnt exist! 50k is avg sticker price for half tons. that is a lots of money for something that could have been manufactured WRONG, FAULTY, and UNTRUSTWORTHY. I feel as if the manufacturer is getting away with more than murder, when they advertise greatness and then sell garbage! The united states should ban manufacturers from being able to sell the vehicles untill proven to be extreme quality. Crash test arent good enough! EPA ratings arent good enough. Quality is what it is and it doesnt exist in this truck market we live in now. Even a plain jane superduty has those stupid TPS monitors that eventually go bad within 5 years. Yeah it might be from the dope that changed your tires but it shouldnt exist! it shouldnt be a issue. Problem is that the economy is built off these things that go bad regularly now. and people wouldnt be able to work or have a job if things didnt break at the rapid rate they do now. I guess we need population controll LOL!

I think there are more complete reliability stats than what CR regurgitates every year. Not making excuses for Ram or any truck for that matter. My guess is only the manufacturers know exactly what the fail rate is for any particular part. Something tells me they aren't interested in sharing that data.

As complicated as modern trucks have become, I'm amazed at the level of reliability in general.

I did mention this particular article, not other articles.

I do think the very fanboi's who attack myself, Lou and other for off topic discussion should be able to comprehend what this article is in relation too. Just a thought.

But, I wouldn't do that. Because I can see how reliability is in relation to how RELIABLE a company is in managing RELIABILITY.

If a company can't reliably manage a reliable recall system regarding reliability then can they succeed?


My 03 Dodge Ram 4x4 with 100,000 miles is running great. Won't even consider any other brand right now.

Just watched a video of the all Aluminum 15 F 150. The fender flexes just like my Bud Light can. lol Also stated Ram has better ride, better MPG, better interior.

This Recall does not even cover my new Power Wagon I will soon be purchasing. So has no effect on my buying decision.

Haters gone a hate. lol


Here Here Brandon D. that is why i bought a tundra. 60K and not one issue. i had two rams, last one in 2007 it was a 2500 cummins. great truck, interior left a lot to be desired and power seat went out in less than a year and i hardly ever used it. previously had a 2003 1500 ram that i loved until the mfg defect worm trail tunnel in head started leaking and my local dealer said it was bad plugs, drove i over the weekend when it ran worse an almost out of water that i put in over 3 gallons and dealer then says i went over my mileage. I raised holy hell and they refunded my about $300 in service visits but wouldnt come off the $3K to replace one head gasket. i took it somewhere else and got it done for $1K and traded it in on the diesel. wasnt happy at all for the garbage service at dealer here in tempe az and how my truck ran worse after they worked on it then tell me to bring it back on monday and then i was over warranty miles by like 10 miles and they tell me tough luck. i was tempted to do something stupid. but am a responsible adult and have better things to do with my time. but i test drive so many trucks there for fun most know me now. trying to pay back that crap stealership. gets me worked up just telling the story. Bought a tundra, and ZERO Drama or issues.

Many recalls are minor problems but this recall is a very serious safety issue where the truck is considered unsafe to drive until the problem is corrected. I wouldn't want to be driving 70 MPH and lose my steering from a cracked tie-rod.
If it was up to me I would red tag those trucks and give the owners a loaner truck or I would visit the local auto parts store and buy and replace those tie-rods myself to have peace of mind. If all the tie rods are sold out I would hunt in the auto salvage yards for a used ones.
That Ram truck could crash into me, or crash into a school bus from a sudden loss of steering.
You know and I know Ram can order a automotive parts factory to quickly produce 700,000 tie rods in a week but they make excuses they don't have enough new parts to go around, you know they are using that as an excuse and dragging their feet cause they don't want to pay for it.
Recalls also effect the resale value of that truck, its not fair to the owner he's loses trade-in value, Ram should pay the owner that difference.

Maybe you Ram Owners should direct your anger to Ram Corporate instead of getting mad at the messenger !

Hemi V8
Your dashboard is cracked on your 03 Ram.
What kind of dash cover do you have to cover up those cracks?

You like Taylor Swift? She's talented but she can't dance.

What a brilliant piece of work!

I do think you should become an investigative journalist!

So your first sentence states "this recall".

What is this recall?

I don't trust consumer reports reliability ratings for any make or model.

I know people who have bought based off the consumer reports reliability rating and ended up with nothing but trouble from the same car and hating the car.

Consumer reports is also to heavily biased towards imports.

Consumer reports is the last place I would look for vehicle buying advice and even then I would take what Consumer reports prints with a grain of salt.

Ford pays maximum fine of 17.4 million dollars for delayed Escape recall.

What are the guidelines? Is there a set amount of time to comply with or does the government just decide that by a case by case basis in which point no manufacture knows what is timely and what is not.

You can find this same thing for all manufactures. This sounds more like a government trying to sound like it is relevant than anything to do with safety. If they were really concerned with safety there would be hard fast number for dates to comply with not some gee we think you took to long on this one crap.


These Fiat guys refuse to look at hard data--but blindly follow, "we'll my cousin had one and so did Jim Bob's towing down the road and that's good enough for me."

I can do anecdotal too. My dad, my brother, and I all bought new pickups at about the same time. A Fiat 2500, a Fiat 1500, and a Tundra. The 2500 has been a joke. It was almost lemon law filed due to constant DPF problems. It has also lost a head gasket, a turbo, heater blend door, broke a tie rod, and the seat is falling apart. The 1500 was/is puddling front diff fluid due to leaking, the rear window leaked--took 3 tries to fix, the wipers quit working, the tranny shifts like there is something f'd up, and these are just the stuff that I know about. In the same time, the radio display on my Tundra would sometimes fade in and out... that is it. BTW, my brother is looking at buying his wife a new SUV/wagon. He is looking at Subarus and Toyotas--I asked him, why no Fiats... Z

"The NHTSA is questioning the company’s slow response times"

Too them long enough. Several of us on PUTC have been ahead of the curve and have been reporting Ram's lack of parts/response for recalls for a couple years now.


Also on Monday, five Fiat Chrysler brands including Ram pickups received low ratings in the annual quality survey by Consumer Reports, taking five of the seven bottom places among the 28 brands included in the results. Those brands are Ram, Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler and Fiat.

Jake Fisher, director of automotive testing at Consumer Reports, said that the U-Connect infotainment system in Chrysler Group models has improved but that system and the company's powertrains are still ranked poorly by the magazine's readers.

@Dav: Toyota Tundra's would have problems too, if they would ever try to update them. But when the company makes the same vehicle for like eight or nine years.....

By the way, you think we're naïve enough to believe that there's no problems with Tundras? No they didn't have any camshaft problems, none at all. No gas pedal issues, nor do they even have any problems with wearing out front brake pads....

Keep dreaming there buddy.

@T4 Tom
I am not some mindless one brand bot like some on here--I know that all brands have issues from times to time.

But as the last 2 stories have shown and reliability ratings show as well, Fiat is at the absolute bottom of the barrel and does not take swift action to fix their problems.

Actually last year Consumer Reports showed a 1500 Ram ( A truck that had just had a lot of upgrades) have less issues in your Tundra, Who knows what Hemi LOL did at his dealership, whether he took all the consumer reports magazine's and lost them for that year?

And if I am not right, did I not see Toyota get fined a lot of money because they didn't want to take care of issues? Withholding known safety issues?

You go there Toyota boy!

All the Chrysler products we have owned over the years have all been great vehicles with only a hand full of minor issues that were taken care of under warranty.

JD Power is about as reliable as Consumer Reports is and that is not very reliable at all.

Right, guys with things like "hemi," "TRX4," and "Ram," in their name are much more objective and reliable...

Sorry to upset you Dav, but I speak from real ownership experience of Chrysler products not what someone has read from a magazine.

Funny I have never received anything from JD Power for any vehicle I have ever owned. I bet 99.9% of the rest on this board never has either

Consumer Reports is pretty much dominated by import owners and I doubt any of the Consumer Reports data is even close to correct.

@The Ram Spams,
Guys, how hard is it to understand data and information.

It's odd now you guys are using anecdotal evidence of your personal experiences with Fiats.

Show me other than your anecdotal evidence proof of the Rams reliability.

You are making the claims now provide links to back up your argument. Because I bet we can find a bucket load stating and supporting this article.

Plus, this article is regarding the poorer service that Fiat is offering it's customers, not how many times a Ram breaks down.

But if the Ram breaks down more often than another brand, then you have trouble effecting a repair, is the ownership of the Ram going to be a pleasant experience.

This is what this information is about. What kind of experience you will receive from Fiat when the "wheels fall off of the cart".

Not the number of recalls.

Your anecdotal evidence is of little value in this debate as the data is stating otherwise. You might have personally had a good experience with Ram, but there are more unhappy people (proportionally) with a Ram than other pickup owners.

This is fact. So why argue?

Anecdotal evidence is just that. I talked to a guy at a gas station and he had a Ram. He said his previous Ram truck was a POS and the current one was good. I've heard a huge variation of stories with Ram owners. I know a guy who works as a bridge building supervisor. He had 2 Rams in a row that were POS. He went with a tundra and said it was the best truck he ever owned. He needed a 3/4 ton and now has a Chevy.

My experience with Ram/Dodge trucks are similar. You have polar extremes - ones that last well and ones that are POS with little in between.
I've talked to guys with Ford's and Chevy's and they tend to be more "even" with problems. Most don't have extremes of really good to really bad, just decent. I don't know anyone with a bad thing to say about any Toyota product.

Their is TRX-4 Tom and Tundra. He is like the congressman who hates gay people and promotes that every chance he gets but secretly has a boyfriend.

won't happen

Still can't get them to recall my 2000 grand cherokee for the fuel tank rupturing problem when rear ended that they told the govt. and everyone else a year and a half ago that they would fix by adding trailer hitches to the back as protection..dealers have no parts or info on that..just blew a bunch of smoke up everyone's tail to pacify them...so good luck getting your rams fixed

I read that the slow response from Fiat is because they do not have a fix for the problem. It is a problem that has been an issue for a couple years. Something like their problem with manifold bolts breaking and keep breaking and keep breaking and keep breaking forever.

" I couldnt bring myself to take a chance on the ram."

Posted by: brandon d | Oct 30, 2014 10:23:21 PM

Go ahead take your chances with the all new Ford. Since it finished so much higher on the reliability study. lol

Here are the facts.

Ram dragged down by tech?


"Anecdotal evidence is just that. I talked to a guy at a gas station and he had a Ram. He said his previous Ram truck was a POS and the current one was good. I've heard a huge variation of stories with Ram owners."

Posted by: Lou_BC | Oct 31, 2014 5:28:33 PM

LOL, Here are some Ford owners testifying to their Ford experience.

September 27th, 2014 my 2001 F150 started on fire. I was having dinner when I heard the neighbor screaming FIRE! I ran out to a blaze shooting out of a melted-open hole in the hood of the truck just in front of the drivers seat. I was able to contain it even before the fire dept arrived. I had not driven it in over 24 hours. After reading my "Full Coverage" auto policy and discovering that its NOT covered, I thought, I wonder if this bizarre thing has happened to anyone else.....WTF Really? This many!!!



I dont know how the infotainment system has so much to do with reliability.

The downgrade was also for powertrains.

Infotainment affects reliability because it controls more than entertainment, it controls and operates the whole vehicle. Audio system, voice commands, phone, controls (climate and seat controls, radio), nav, camera, wifi, XM, etc

I had the screen go blank on mine and it was a big deal not having the radio. Luckily I could adjust the climate with the hard buttons but what am I paying $1000 for the screen and voice controls and camera if its not going to work?

CR also called out the 9 speed trannies and ecodiesel in GC (now in the Ram).

Live by technology, die by technology.

Ya, let me run out and get the Scion to tow my trailer. GET REAL! Video also states to stay away from first year products. Which truck is all new. Drum roll please. FORD F 150. LOL

"The Ford brand scored 23rd out of 28 brands, despite good results for the Fusion midsize sedan."

"Chevrolet and GMC's ratings suffered from what CR calls "teething pains" for the brands' Silverado and Sierra full-size pickups both of which debuted last fall."


Come on FCA, light my fire
Come on RAM, light my fire

Come on baby, light my fire
Come on baby, light my fire


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