Recall Alert: 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma


Vehicles Affected: Approximately 690,000 model-year 2005-11 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 midsize pickups and 4x2 PreRunner models.

The Problem: The rear suspension leaf springs can possibly crack due to corrosion and fatigue and break free of the spring pack. If a broken leaf comes loose, it can potentially make contact with surrounding parts or the fuel tank. In the presence of an ignition source, a fire could result. Toyota is unaware of any of any fires, crashes or injuries related to this condition.

The Fix: Owners will be notified by mail and can take their vehicle to a local dealer for an inspection and repair at no cost.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can call Toyota at 800-331-4331 or visit for more information.

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We have been through this before. Evening including the replacement of the frames for the Toys.

Wait until the recalls start rolling in for the new GM midsize trucks.

When it happens on a Toyota, the Toyota fans all say Toyota didn't build it.

If it's on any other brand, it's completely the that manufacturers fault, or so they say.

Because Toyota is perfect. Uh huh.

Yeah I am waiting for some lame excuse from the Toyota fans. Don't let us down "Hemi lol"

This was reported elsewhere 2 days ago.

PERFECT TIMING...for GM, that is!

I'm not a Toyota fan or any other truck brand fan even though I have owned at least one of every make but Ford. I drove my Taco 200,000 miles before the frame rusted in two. Now my brother is driving it with a new frame for the last 100,000 miles.

Oh Alex............................

Actually just an FYI. Toyota has a dept now aiming to MAKE SURE Toyota has THE MOST recalls, yes thats right the most. The want more people to know that they will ALWAYS stand behind their product.

Dana Manufacturing built frames for many other manufacturers than Toyota..... cant tell you how many swiss cheese ranger frames i've seen....... Think good ole' ford is gonna help you out??? LOL not a chance, No they would say its how you treated it........ Or ....... Your truck is 10 years old....... Toyota on the other hand is spending 10,000 to 14,000 PER UNIT to replace the frames......... The difference is how your treated when something happens.... OH, and yes problems are much less likely on a Toyota.... All the warranty companies out there know that as they use raw data compiled to decide how to class a vehicle for warranty cost. Toyotas and hondas are always the lowest.

The area of ride quality vs load capacity is becoming more and more of a challenge in these light commercials.

It doesn't matter the manufacturer.

It seems ride quality is over riding commonsense with many consumers. They want SUVs and not trucks.

You will see more of these suspension issues into the future.

I do believe coil springs for your average pickup will work acceptably and have less chance of a failure than the leaf spring setup.

Also, some manufacturers are using composite springs on the back of light commercials. To reduce weight.

@Hemi lol, thanks for not letting me down with your lame excuse. I expected nothing more and nothing less.

So just to be clear, before, Toyota was great because it had the fewest recalls (when they just swept the problem under the rug), but now they have the most recalls, that's now a good thing! Just like the Tundra's flimsy frame is a good thing? Thanks for the laugh!

Toyota isn't doing this out of the kindness of their hearts, they're doing it because they potentially face hugely expensive lawsuits and fines if the situation isn't remedied. No doubt, they have been aware of the problem for awhile and rather than face the wrath of NHTSA again as well as a backlash from consumers, possibly resulting in a loss of profits and marketshare, they decided to act.
Great news for consumers in any event.

This is not a new issue, Toyota has know about it for years-perhaps its time for another NHTSA fine? Check out article by Benjamin Hunting dated march 14,2014.

This is unacceptable Toyota as one would think after the frames recall you would make sure nothing like this happens again and it happens again. I had been waiting on this article for so me days now PUTC.

What you say is true,Dana made the frames for them as well as other oem's.The difference here is Dana makes them to spec.If you have them make you something,you,the oem passes on the specs and they what they are paid to do,nothing more,nothing less.This applies to most,if not all suppliers.The old computer addage fits this well,"garbage in-garbage out".

You are 100% correct.

We have similar situations in aviation. Just because an aircraft is called a Boeing or an Airbus doesn't mean common contractors aren't utilised.

If we have any issues with a component from a contractor we then must submit 'paperwork' outlining the deficiency.

If we don't then the contractor obviously is meeting all standards.

If Toyota do know the contractor is supplying substandard chassis's then Toyota is at fault. But that is highly unlikely.

isn't it funny how it includes 2011 models? that means a 3 year old truck is already rusting out, they also have rust issues on the chrome bumpers and alloy wheels, issues with rear axle seals and bearing failures cause of the stupid location of the vent, also front bearings on the 4x4 wear out, cracked plastic bed floors, heater blower motors cause water enters into the heating box from the outside vents , shall I go on?
you gotta be an air head for wanting a Tacoma

Part failures are addressed by the the company/OEM who happens to be responsible for the recall. In this case it is Toyota...
BUT component suppliers are responsible to the prime manufacturer and in some cases have to carry part or all of the cost related to a recall. Ford's litigation and subsequent divorce from International is the most high profile example.,d.cGE

@ Big Al:Agreed.Either the specs that toyota gave to Dana were correct,and Dana made them with not to spec materials,or Dana made them correctly and the specs from toyota were wrong.

Hey Johhny, still waiting for GM to recall those sidesaddle gas tank trucks that they "engineered" that are still being hit and exploding.

Sometimes they are engineering issues, sometimes supply issues.

If a rear axle is ordered and the specs to build it say to use loctite, and that supplier fails to do that, they are at fault.

If Toyota orders a frame, and it is the grade steel requested, and coated or sealed is required, but they don't coat it with a chemical, it's their fault. If built to spec and it rusts, then that's on the company or ding it.

It's not like it's a computer that needs a re flash or the truck will burn (about 300K) 2014 GM 1500s.

I can go on and on about current and 10-12 year old GM products, but I will not waste space (on your empty head)

Must be a reason why my girlfriends sister (owner of a Traverse and Cobalt) doesn't want any more GMs. She asked me to look for a non GM car.

Of course, I delivered her Cobalt to the dealer so the computer could be replaced. Then after she complained the Traverse key was hard to remove from the ignition after shut down, they (a GM dealership named Reliable) replaced it with a lock that you can remove the key running. They fixed that, and they messed up the speedo! Great maintenance! GM new their ignition lock issues, but swept it under the carpet! Atleast Dodge recalled their supply issue rear axles.

I cannot understand why toyota hasn't addressed the rust issues better. My 05 Tundra and 07 4runner had a significant amount of rust for a Florida truck. My 11 titan and pathfinder have none despite several trips to boat ramps. Seriously Toyota you have more money than GM and Ford combined; stop the rust.

Awe look at dim bulb tommy boy go. I busted him/Ram nut job fanbois for doing the same thing he says Toyota people are doing. He thinks tell me something bad bout GM is going to hurt my feelings or make me mad LOL! Nice try tommy boy nice try, heres a dime to spend from you're hard work, go spend it boy.

@ Jonny doe I gotta say it's a little wierd seeing my own words being quoted nearly a year later.


I know you love your Taco - with this recall are you still fond of your Taco?

I want everyone to remember Ram Big Horn 1500's comments the next time there is a recall on a Ram. I do remember last year in Dallas during the Texas State Fair the combustible Ram. Ram's are far from perfect. Ram Little Horn needs to remember that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. In today's World every manufacturer has recalls including Rams.

I recently purchased a 2006 Toyota Tacoma I knew the frame had surface rust but when I took it into the Toyota dealer for a spiral cable recall I figured I would have them do a Pa state inspection ... A hour later a woman from service department informs me the truck failed inspection due to a rotted out frame... I was in disbelief so the tech put it up on lift and showed me...l I called Toyota was told nothing they can do ... 7.5 year old well maintained truck just sits... I'm discussed

Yes , went through this with Toyota about 6 months ago when my 2005 Tacoma Prerunner's leaf springs had cracks and flopped around . My truck had only 66k miles !
Toyota knew about this and in a typical greedy way ignored my complaint . I ordered Skyjacker leaf springs and am happy with them , much better than the Chinese garbage Toyota used .
From new my Tacoma bottomed out with rear passengers , they knew about this too .. Tons of complaints from Taco' owners ... I love the truck but the way Toyota handled this was pathetic.....

Oh my, those "dependable" toyota tonka toys. HA HA HA HA

I just broke my leave spring in my 08 taco i called my local yota dealer n they said bring it in. So this morn i drove up they inspected my leafs ordered me both new 4 leaf without a ?

I have a 2005 Tacoma that has a huge hole rusted thru the frame, I know Toyota will replace it and I don't think they are doing it just to cover there butts. That's the kind of company they run over there. I had a 1981 Toyota corolla bought new back when drivetrain warrantees were only 36K on Japanese cars but only 12 K on domestic. the Automatic trans crapped out at 50K. They replaced it for free and I didn't even ask them or bitch much at all about it failing so soon. I just asked the dealer if they could cut me some slack because it only had 50K they called me back and said "Toyota" said they will cover total cost. I have owned Toyotas ever since, Put 240K on a 1982 Toyota pick up, I currently have an 1989 with 170K on it. I have 270K on my 2005 Tacoma and spent less than $800.00 on non maintenance repairs I was actually at the dealer to start negotiating the Purchase of 2015 Tacoma the day before I got the recall notice and am planning to keep the 2005 for work only truck cause I want to see just how many miles I can put on the motor and trans before it just quits. We also have a 2007 Prius with 170K and have spent Zero $$$$$ on non maintenance related repairs. Toyota is the best car company in the World and Always will be. They Get it were so many others don't. Build the best product you can and sell for a reasonable or good profit were America builds the biggest crap they can and sells for the most they can sucker you into paying for he Shiny things they hang on it. Toyota for life.

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