Recall Alert: 2010-2014 Ram 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500


Vehicles Affected: Nearly 315,000 model-year 2010-14 Ram 2500, 3500, 4500 and 5500 pickup trucks manufactured between March 27, 2009, and Sept. 5, 2013

The Problem: The electrical connectors of the diesel fuel heater may overheat, which could cause the fuel heater to leak fuel, increasing the risk of a fire.

The Fix: Chrysler will begin notifying owners on Dec. 5, and dealers will replace the harness side connector with a silver-plated beryllium copper terminal service kit and inspect the fuel heater for leaks, replacing it as necessary; all work will be done for free.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can call Chrysler at 800-853-1403, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236 or go to for more info.

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Lucky for HemiV8 - he wants to buy a gasser ;)

@Lou_BC and Big Al
You don't like the trolls here? Well it all started with you guys. Look at Lou's comment meant to provoke a reaction from Hemi V8. You guys cry foul when some steps on your toes, but then turn around and do the same thing to other people.

Shame on you guys! If the trolls mess with you guys, I hate to say it but the both of you are deserving of that.

Lou_BC is a do as he says not as he does type of person.

@TrollBusters - and your real name doesn't work? care to edit a Ford or GM recall thread?

I see you are quick to strike back, very defensive indeed. Try reading a Ram recall thread. It's even worse. All the Ford guys go to town bashing Ram, then they wonder why Ram guys act out. If you have a problem with the level of blogging here, try leading by example. Don't colour everything according to your view in order to support your view.

A lot of these recalls seem to be minor but I think this one should be taken very seriously. As a firefighter and a father these types of recalls always perk my interest, they could easily lead to fatalities.

I, disagree


How come you didn't troll bust Big Horn for starting his crap in the last article without anybody saying anything? I think it is funny when you guys say "and you wonder why the Ram guys act out" when most of the time it is them who start the bashing crap in threads. Do you really want me to start linking all the articles where Big Horn, Hemi, Hemi V8, or the rest of them start their crap even though no one else has? So spare us this "we do it because you make us" crap.

wow that means these trucks could like a 2016 F350 prototype.............................

Ok that wasnt nice............... Lord i apologize to all the starving pygme's in new guinea.........

Wow, it took the 6th comment to actually comment on the STORY. Everything else is crap. I'm amazed that PUTC continues to allow this.

"Now that's a fire!"

ROTFLMAO!! I wonder if this is the handy work of the UAW? It helps explain why Fiat has the 4 most unreliable brands.

Plus the Fiats trolls would bring up ancient Ford fires in threads that had nothing to do with the topic at hand.

yawn........ another thread goes down in flames ;)

It is hard to respect any fan boy especially when they hide behind a fake name and bash other brands. The behavior of most fan boys is more juvenile in manner and it is hard to respect anyone who acts like a juvenile. If you want respect then act like an adult and don't hide behind fake names that promote your favorite brand. Grow up!

this site is going down hill fast.....

On the least they caught it

@Nitro, I don't see the problem with the media announcing recalls, it's one way to get the word out to the owners. Catching it is important, but so is getting the word out.

@nitro-Agree. I can't fault them catching the recall. It does seem like that every manufacture has had a lot of recalls, but it is much preferably to have numerous recalls than having none and the consumer suffer the consequences.

New Ford Fire recall.

All brands have recalls, I have said the past. I just love how the Ford and Chevy fan boys all point fingers at the Ram fans.

Lou_BC you are the one who drove this thread in the direct it ended up from you first post in this thread.


I don't know Hemi V8 takes every opportunity to bring up Ford and fires and I mean every opportunity. Maybe Lou BC shouldn't have done that but it would also be Hemi V8 being treated in the manner he treats others as he trolled the Ford guys with fire stories for so long.

It should be ruled that bringing up vehicle fires should be an inflammatory action because it is just too hot of a topic and should be extinguished.

what PUTC should do is have a member list and log in, no posting a guest. then the trolls would leave and we could actually talk about trucks again.

ther are reports of chryler quality ranking in the bottom 25% of all car makers right now google it. was reported by autonews.

I understand where you are coming from. I feel that it is already obvious who most of the trolls are. I could make a list. BAFO has already done that. His list includes virtually every name here besides him, Lou and Robert Ryan. My intention in posting here is to bring light to the fact that Lou and BAFO post immature things also.

Yes HEMI V8 posts a lot of useless garbage, that is a problem. But look at what Lou will post. He calls Ram Big Horn 1500 Ramadan Little Horn. That is both racist and meant to stir up anger. Point is, Lou and Big Al also have blood on their hands.

You never address the substance of what someone says. For example, you call me a troll, yet you don't adress one thing I said about you. If your going to bother responding to me, then respond to what I say. I claimed that you incite Hemi V8 and Ram Big Horn 1500. I also provided evidence to back up that claim. You never did say why you like to incite people.

You complain about the trolls yet you post personally attacks yourself, do you really believe PUTC will take your claims seriouly. If you want to complain about trolls, then be the one to set a good example. If not, then stop whining. Which will it be? It can't be both.

@ trollbusters. Go to the most recent news prior to this one. Transit connect. Look at the first 3 post and then read the 4th. You will then see who the true trolls are if you are concerned as in what the..... Is that post about.

"Federal safety regulators have opened an investigation of Chrysler Group's handling of two recalls for potential steering issues affecting nearly 1 million Dodge Ram pickup trucks in the United States."

2 Chrysler recalls involve more than 566,000 vehicles

Chrysler Group is recalling an estimated 381,876 Ram trucks equipped with 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engines globally to upgrade wiring harness terminals and replace their fuel-heater housings, if needed. Separately, it is recalling an estimated 184,186 2014 Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokees to update the vehicles' electronic stability control software.

Look like Ram will be using up their 7.4 percent increase in profit in the third quarter to fix all their recalled Ram trucks.

Chrysler will begin notifying owners on December 5th...december in more than a month away. Now I don't know the severity of the actual fault causing a leak, but this one is one I would be taking pretty seriously.

@Mark Williams, any news on actual occurrences thus far? This one would be enough for me to actually reduce use of my truck until I knew it was fixed, espcially with the kids in the truck.

take a chill pill! IF you are offended what people say here then you have a problem.
LouBC is just using a little humor, he is just trying to be funny, make us laugh.
Maybe YOU need to laugh once in a while it might do you good!

What I do find amazing are the comments whenever there is a recall article here at PUTC.

I do feel this is almost a community service by PUTC.

Awareness is what this is called. If you won one of these vehicles take it in a get it looked at by a mechanic.

So far it appears PUTC does publish all of the recalls by manufacturers. I do hope PUTC maintains this policy.

I really can't believe the comments in this article.

@Big Al
What you can't believe is that the illusion of who you are is rapidly fading. People are already starting to see your true colours. Don't get me wrong, I am not out to diminish your role here. I am just here to help people understand what's really going on here. Does your authoritarian demeanour help the situation? Is your esoteric style commentary meant to exclude those whom you don't like?

Recalls are a matter of business. No one is willing to pay 10 times the current truck cost to be guaranteed a "perfect" vehicle.
All of the companies do not report recalls directly but they do post a report of the cost of recalls and warranty on their annual financial statements.

I am glad either way that Chrysler knows about the issue and is taking care of the problem.

This is not a serious recall like many might think in here.

Chrysler Group is voluntarily recalling an estimated 381,876 model-year 2010-2014 Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups, and 4500 and 5500 chassis cabs equipped with 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engines.

The recall is to upgrade certain wiring-harness terminals and replace – if needed – the fuel-heater housing. It follows an investigation of two cases in which fuel-heater housings showed signs of overheating. Company engineers discovered a terminal connector near the fuel heater may be subject to friction-induced corrosion. This condition may lead to overheating and potential fuel leakage.

Chrysler Group is unaware of any incidents involving fire or any related injuries or accidents.

Service technicians will install new terminals made from upgraded material. Fuel-heater housings will be inspected and, if they show signs of leakage, they will be replaced.

RAM hits the mark on so many levels but ultimately I cannot trust them. They sell trucks at an attractive price but when I read the report this week from CR (take it for what you will) about Fiat/Chysler/Ram being so poor in quality they will likely never get me in one of their vehicles.

"Quality" is all relative and recalls are not necessarily indicative of quality. I feel that these articles attract so many stupid comments because people want to turn a recall into something it isn't, usually that being some statement about which brand is better.

My gauge for what makes a brand reliable is based on 1)My personal experience with that brand, 2)My friend's experiences with a brand 3)How that brand is being used in the real world.

#3 is of particular relevance to pickup trucks, because trucks make up fleets, are used for real work, and their owners depend on them to be reliable day in and day out.

What I mean by this is when I look at HD fleets, I see a lot of Ford and Ram. When I look at "1/2 ton" fleets, I see a lot of Ford and GM. That tells me what brands fleets prefer and being that fleet maintenance is an integral part of a business, you can bet that they take into account reliability and dependability.

I already knew about that recall. There's another site I read almost everyday that lists all recalls. I know better than to mention that here in PUTC, especially any Ram recalls!
I have learned guys are very touchy over any negative talk about their Ram Trucks so I keep my mouth shut.
To be fair and honest I only criticize the truck I own cause I know and experience the problems or the dislikes about it myself.
I don't believe anybody is qualified to criticize a pickup they don't own or drive.
My 2013 F-150 FX4- electric power steering- HATE IT,, its too touchy-too sensitive-not enough free play- like if you take your hand off the steering wheel for a 1/2 second to change the radio station its steering in the other lane. The 4x4 takes too long to engage. The ac-heater blower makes a chemical-burn smell when I first turn it on. The engine oil dipstick on my 5.0 is impossible to reach unless you're standing on top of the left front wheel or if you have a step ladder. The transmission has a mind of its own like if I'm racing a Ram Hemi from a stop light it shifts too quickly to a higher gear and the Ram Hemi wins the race! (I do have manual shift and can turn the traction control off but that's too complicated)
I own a newer truck to protect my image, peer pressure cause everybody else owns a late model pickup, to blend in, to look successful, to make me look good. I plan on being the first to own the 2015 F-150 NOT because I like it or want it but to impress everybody else, to show it off! I want a new model that nobody else owns so everybody will notice me. To stand out from the rest of the pack!

@Tom#3 I learned its easier to get the oil dip stick out if you reach through the bottom of the inner fender. It's still a pain to put it back in though, cause no one is going to want to put it back in from under the inner fender and rick putting dirt on the dip stick while putting it back in.

risk* Damn typo's LOL!

Could this mean their is a Chevy factory built Ford Raptor fighter on the way?

"General Motors has filed a new trademark application for the term “High Desert” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), GM Authority was first to discover."

Read more:

While probably still valid for a recall it seems like there may be a gap in the logic.

The recall is for diesel trucks, specifically diesel trucks leaking fuel and possibly catching fire. Has anyone tried to light diesel fuel on fire recently? It has a rather high flash point when compared to gas so generally a diesel leak is annoying not dangerous.

@tom#3 - I found the electronic power steering to be dead and heavy at centre and not touchy at all in the 2013 F150 I had for 9 days. It was okay off centre and never too sensitive. It did not have the same feel as a hydraulic power steering unit.
I have not had problems with engaging 4x4 in any of the Ford's I've driven. I had a few solenoids replaced on warranty on my truck due to sluggish disengagement but things do tend to get sluggish in -35C weather.
I've had zero issues with smell with the AC in my truck.
I've never had issues with how my transmission shifts when warm.
The only thing I hated with the 2013 I drove was the electronic locking diff. It does not work well with traction control and in harsh weather/road conditions the pre-programmed engagement and disengagement points are stupid for anyone who actually needs a locking diff. I checked other brands programming for engagement and disengagement as well as traction stability control and they all are similar. That makes me suspect that those features are government mandated.

It's because you tested electronic power steering I never heard of and Tom has electric one.

I have yet to try out my diff lock to see if it unlocks at 35mph?? like occurs to you.

What diff centre are you running? Mine is a 8.8" E locker.

A guy who blogged on this site (all one) once stated mine was a 28 spline axle. But I have since found out Eaton 8.8's only came out with 31 spline axles.

The disengagement of you diff would be controlled by your stability and traction control

zviera - please make a more coherent post. WTF are you talking about?

@BigAl - my personal truck has the larger diff as it is a supercrew but has a mechanical 3.55. The rental I had last year was an ecoboost with 3.73 electronic locking diff.

All of the research I've done shows stability control and traction control reactivates around 35 mph (when disabled). That is also the speed that an e-locker disengages unless the truck is in 4 lo.

Read your post again. There is not such a thing as electronic power steering.

This adds more grist to the mill for HEMI V8's flaming fire myth that I called out a couple months ago.

In August I reported the percentage of trucks with fire recalls since '04 (Ford new body style):

14k recall / 7.2 million F-series sold = 0.19% chance of a fire recall in a F-series since 2004.

108k recall / 3.3 million Ram trucks sold = 3.59% chance of a fire recall in a Ram truck since 2004.


Add another 315k onto the Ram total. = approx. 12-13% chance of a fire recall in a Ram truck since 2004.

In a F-Series = .1%

By the number of fire recalls:

GMC: 4 (3 Sierras and 1 Hummer fuel tank strap)
Chevy: 3 (Silverado)
Ram: 3 (one for 7k 1500s and one for 108k HDs and one for 315K HDs)
Ford: 2 (one for 8k 2011 F-series (F-150 and HD) and one for 24k 2010 Rangers)
Honda: 1 (76k Ridgelines)
Toyota: 2 (1 Tundra and 1 Taco)
Suzuki: 1
Subaru: 1

As you can see here, Ram has 3x's more recalls and 120 x's a greater chance of a fire recall percentage wise than Ford F-Series. But Ford sells 2x's the number of trucks!


Ford F-Series fire recalls since 2004 NBS to present:
8k 2011 F-150s. 1 recall. No other fire recalls.

Ram fire recalls since 2008 to present:
7k 1500s and 108k HDs, and 315k HDs total 430k Rams. 3 recalls.

I'm giving Ram a break on the dates and only going back to 08 on Ram and back to 04 on NBS F-series because it is too much work to go back and research all the Ram fire recalls from 2004-2008 Rams. But they are there if you want to find them.

Another myth BUSTED!

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