Recall Alert: 2014 Ram ProMaster

2014 Ram ProMaster recall

Vehicles Affected: Nearly 19,000 model-year 2014 Ram ProMaster full-size vans

The Problem: The vehicles were assembled with head restraints that may exceed the allowable gap between an occupant's head and the restraint, Chrysler said of the voluntary recall. The automaker said it is unaware of any injuries, accidents or complaints related to the issue.

The Fix: Chrysler said it expects to begin notifying owners next month to advise them on when they can schedule service, and dealers will replace the head restraints for free.

What Owners Should Do: Owners can call Chrysler at 800-853-1403 for more info.

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FCA should issue a recall just to fix that snout. It's unsafe because it's so hideous that traffic stops, people look away, or pass out.

Or, maybe an optional Lipstick kit would work... ?

4th recall for the Ram Prom Master.

Fix it again Tony!


Maybe you should design their product.
I bet you are pure genius.

Vans are the future of pickup trucks. Based on current usage statistics of trucks, most people could move to a van.

I can fit all of my fishing gear in my truck, but what does it do most of the time? It just hauls air.

In a van all my belongings are secured unlike a pickup truck.

I also don't have to worry about anyone stealing my beer. My favorite brand of beer is natural light, mainly because it's cheap

I look at the extreme cab forward design where the driver sits high and forward with no protection in front of him where a head-on crash looks dangerous.
The 3.6 V6 mated with a heavy haul vehicle is a bad choice getting only 11 MPG.
yea! I know its front wheel drive and you can't fit a 5.7 V8 Hemi in it sideways!
Its just a poor design where low production costs went overboard.
The Ram Truck owner should be ashamed that this monstrosity shares the most highly respected Ram nameplate !

I really don't think this is a big one.

It's good that FCA has recalled the vehicle.

Who cares about these recalls, they all have them and unless you drive the vehicle recalled its completely a waste. You get a letter in the mail letting you know, doesn't need to be front page news.

More like the allowable gap between the brain lobes of consumers was too wide.

Criticizing the looks of the Pro Master front end is out of line.For one, it shows this blogger is not a perspective customer. Rarely does anyone criticize any toyotas or nissans no matter how bad they look...I hate to use the word bully with regards to this blogger, but his remarks fell on deaf ears...Ive had over 90 new Chrysler Fiat vehicles and every one of them had great styling or I just would not have bought them....Bishop Tom

on the positive side, I will be looking for the 3 liter 4 cylinder diesel in a Pro Master stakebed truck. I have asked Chrysler Fiat to drop the 6 speed automatic in favor of the new high efficiency 8 speed found in the high mileage Rams...With the right gas/ diesel mileage and the increased load/cargo capacity, this should be a great business vehicle with tons of room and little spent at the gas station...Bishop Tom

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