Spied: 2016 Nissan Titan Crew Cab 'Long' Bed

Titan_cdauto_103014_1 II

Final engineering drives are on the calendar for the Nissan truck engineering team, and our spy shooters have caught a few of the coming full-size Nissans out in the wild. The newly restyled, larger cabs and new wheelbase offerings will give future Titan buyers more powertrain and capability options. Here's what we've heard from our spies.

"A full prototype for the 2016 Titan was spotted and looks to have its zebra costume all ready to go for Halloween. The next-generation Titan has been a long time coming and will feature the much-talked-about 5.0-liter V-8 Cummins turbo-diesel. That engine should have around 300 horsepower, 550 pounds-feet of torque and feature a two-stage turbocharger.

"This new diesel, some have speculated, will make the new Titan's capability somewhere between a light-duty half-ton and three-quarter-ton truck, and might even be called some kind of HD package. A gasoline 5.6-liter Endurance V-8 will continue to be available as well.

"We hear the 2016 Titan will be offered in crew-cab, extended-cab and regular-cab configurations. According to our images, up front, the grille opening on the new Titan looks quite a bit bigger than the current model and features three large ‘cheese grater’ cross bars. A pair of vertically stacked headlights are also easy to spot, along with some lightly redesigned chrome-capped, adjustable towing mirrors. From the looks of the tailpipe and the six-lug wheel configuration, this is likely the gas crew cab version with the 6.5-foot box.

"We're hearing the diesel Titan will launch right out of the gate, starting production in mid-September of 2015. The gasoline model will follow in January of 2016."

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WOW, those numbers are impressive, the Titan just became a sought after truck.

I am amazed Nissan is still in the Fullsize market. Poor quality, poor performance, terrible sales.

That tailpipe looks a little big for the 5.6. gasser and the rear pumpkin looks big too...perhaps that test mule has the Cummins 5.0.

Looks a hell of a lot better then the current truck already. Can't wait to see it with out the Camo wrap on.

Looks like aluminum, from the metal in the wheel well.

It seems that the standard bed classification went from an 8 ft box to a 6.5 box and then the 8 ft box was called the long box. Now it looks like a 6.5 ft box is being called a long box here, so what is an 8 ft box, a super stretch box?
I like it that you can tell people who use their trucks for work from the people who just want a toy, the work trucks have an 8 ft box and the toys have a 6.5 ft box.

Mr. Moose, an 8' box is a long bed on a regular cab or extended cab. A long box on a Crew is a 6'5" box since the regular box is 5'5". An eight foot box on a crew cab makes for a super long truck and hard to maneuver, that's why its reserved for HD trucks.

So then a long box is not a long box if its on a crewcab 1/2 ton but it is a long box if its on a 3/4 ton and up. In my books a 6.5 box is a short box on any truck because a sheet of plywood won't fit in the bed no matter what truck its on. I drive a full crew cab with an 8 ft box and it is a little tight in some parking lots but its more often the width than the length that is the problem.

Look like a clean Diesel tail pipe!!! Truck look similar to the old one, like the mirror. Will see in Detroit next Jan!!

Nissan needs to come up with a new name without "Nissan" similar to Dodge naming their truck "Ram".
The Nissan brand hurts this truck!
Anybody notice how popular Ram got after they stopped calling it a Dodge Pickup?.
Ram sounds tough! powerful!
Silverado sounds gay
F-150 sounds flat
Tundra sounds like it belongs in Alaska
Titan sounds big
Tacoma sounds like a city in Washington state
Frontier sounds like a covered wagon

COOL! i cant wait to see the cummins powered half ton! really exciting to see things finally come close to being out. I can imagine that nice chassis is stout as all hell! I can see max tow up to 15k easily being done with the engine. they just need a tranny, frame, and suspension to match. I would love to own a cummins powered truck in half ton. I hope i dont need to purchase a crew cab to get it. i just want some room behind the seats and a 6.5 bed. just like my f150 ecoscab

The problem with the V-8 Cummins will be fuel mileage. The feds have so choked Diesel engines that it is getting harder and harder to get good fuel economy out of them.

Ram did pretty good with the V-6 diesel but that engine should have done even better but for the feds and their crap.

My old 2005 inline Cummins in a 3500 quad cab DRW long bed would get 21 to 22 mpg in town and towing my 24 foot enclosed car hauler it would get 17 mpg.

I still think the horsepower and torque figures are conservative for the Cummins. I expect a significant increase in horses and Sir Isaac's.

The image of the Titan could be a little askew. Look at the wheels. What size are they? 15", 16".

The truck looks flatter, lower and wider than other pickup offerings as well.

It will be interesting to see how the diesel is marketed. Many HD's are the lighter ones and people buy the diesel for their fantastic work ability combined with fantastic FE.

The Titan will be a diesel HD replacement, with better FE. Good move.

Even if Titan only take 10% of the light HD sales away it will a great success.

Combine this with the up and coming Frontier which will hopefully come with the little ISF Cummins, Nissan looks placed to increase it's market share far greater than Ram has done. Fiat has done a good job with the Ram and Jeep brands in increasing their market share.

We have 8 full size pickups on our farm and not a single one has a long bed. About half the trucks have a tool box in the bed as well making the usable area of the bed even smaller. You don't always need a long bed in order to "use a truck for work." Almost every one of our trucks is used exclusively for work and we've never felt the need to buy a long bed. People that argue that are totally ignorant. You may need a long bed in some lines of work, but I load tools and equipment in the bed of my truck multiple times per day on average and have never felt the need for a bigger bed.

Too Big Nissan stop chasing the Big Three and be different. A Smaller truck, convertible bed and the Diesel would be awesome. last Gen truck looks better as well on exterior

I like the lines of the truck. The headlights remind me of 92-96 F series.
All of the rumours say a Cummins engine is a forgone conclusion.

Personally i think this truck will resemble a 2014 f150 but maybe be inches wider and longer? I really am interested to see what it will be! I want to put a cummins sticker in my rear window LOL!

The front bumper looks like it came right off a 2015 F-150 right down to the plastic air dam on the bottom.

360hp 620lbtq

Huh, doesn't appear to be much different than the current design.

The cab is the same, the front clip and bed are differant.

The Titan is not a serious contender in the payload, towing and fuel mileage battle of the big 3.
Can't wait! Bring it on when I get my new 2015 F-150 that Titan will look like its out of the stone age next to my new F-150.
I will finally get the respect I deserve when I take delivery of my new F-150.
To be successful you must look good! Its not what you know or how skilled you are! My new F-150 will help me look good and successful. Instead of spending $150K on a college degree spend $42K on a new truck that makes you look good.
Owning a top of the line pickup inspires confidence in yourself, its not about the pleasure of driving it its all about the image it perceives. I would be just as happy driving a 1983 rusted out truck but I have a image to keep up and forces me or transforms me into a higher lifestyle.
Someday you guys will get that!

Then after he tells us he "bought" the new F-150, he'll tell us that it has all of these problems and he should have bought a Ram. We get it. You work for a Ram marketing team that Roger Hegbloom created that pays you $1 to $10 per post to make fun of F-150's because he and anyone from Ram doesn't have the balls to post here himself.

cab looks to much like the old one..too steep of a rake and windshield not high enough to the top of the cab...like a chevy, won't win any awards on how it looks for sure.

I wanted to see the small details such as pictures under the fenders how the body panels are attached, the sheet metal lower control arm, how the wiring harness and brake lines are routed on the outside of the frame, if the side glass is laminated or tempered, the design of the door sill, how the door sounds as you slam it shut.
Little things mean a lot.
I understand PUTC has to be nice and friendly to Ford cause they allowed them to drive one so they have to write up a good review or if they give a bad review everybody will blacklist PUTC.
PUTC is being held hostage and can't say what they really want to say.

They turned the F-150 into a sissy-girly truck, maybe Ford did market research and did find out most men are sissy boys with feelings that are not afraid to cry, maybe real tough guys like me are fading away. I don't know?

In some way I agree with you but for me I need to own a truck that also makes me look good.
I am a handsome, good looking man with a perfect body, I got ahead in life based on my good looks and charm, I stand out cause I don't look and act like a hillbilly like most men in my area. I dress up in designer clothes, I admit I even use makeup sometimes.
It would ruin my image being seen driving around in an old pickup.

I want a pickup that makes me look good, a truck that fits me like fine clothes, everybody in my work crew owns a Ram and I am a very good looking handsome man with broad shoulders , perfect body! I need a truck that also makes me look good and my F-150 doesn't do that, I have an image to keep.
The pearl white Ram 1500 will make me look good. The King always traveled in the best looking carriage with white horses.

Gas is down to $2.89 so the need of a lighter, fuel efficient pickup isn't needed anymore.

For some of us the only enjoyment we get out of life is owning and driving our heavy duty pickup. The truck we own means a lot to some of us, I can understand that.
Sitting in the drivers seat is our own private space, our safe zone, its part of our living space, it keeps us warm, cool and dry. Its an extension of our home.
When we know, have evidence we have the best truck we are proud.
Its a nice feeling driving the best and highest rated truck.
When you bought a Ford you were innocent thinking you were buying the best cause you were a victim caught up in selective advertising and marketing from Ford.
I fell for it too
The only way you can come to peace in your inner soul is to admit the Ram is better than the Ford you own, accept defeat and you'll be free!

The last 5 posts with my name is an imposter, someone who is obsessed with me, I take that as a compliment cause they wish they were as wonderful as I am, they are jealous!
Who-ever you are ( I think its LouBC ) you'll never have my good looks and charming personality.
I was giving a teachable moment on how symbolism over substance can make you more successful than what you really are. How driving a new top of the line new truck can actually force you to change your culture and lifestyle. As a simple example anybody can understand you go out and buy a truck and you don't know if you could afford the monthly payment so you force yourself to achieve more, to get a higher paying job so you can afford it.
I climbed the ladder of success with my charm and good looks and when I'm already there I can't be seen driving around in an old inferior pickup, I must continue as the great deceiver !

The last reason that I would ever own a truck would be that it makes me look good. I can think of several cars that would be much more impressive image wise than a truck. I own a truck because I use it not to impress others or myself. Tom#3 needs professional help if he has that much concern about his image.

Tom, Ram sounds like it needs a push. GMC, Greatest Machine Created!

I am a fan of the current f150 design and lines. when i look at my own i feel like it is the best looking JMO. If this looks like that f150 I personbally think it will be a huge seller! many people i talk to think the new design isnt that appealing. i feel the same. Only reason i like the 15 f150 is because of the materials its made from. The titan has alot to look forward to. If it has the power and the capability it will be a hit!

Tom #3 $2.89 a gallon for gas is still expensive, gas was under $2.00 a gallon when Obama took office.

Tom#3 should write for this site! Funniest stuff ever!
Glad I own a Ram.

I think RAM has made a big mistake on not offering this motor in their 3/4 tonne truck. A few grand more than the 6.4 hemi but most likely a few grand less that the 6.7 diesel. I hope this nissan has good payload #'s (around 2K) and get good numbers on FE (if they can do this I think it will be a winner. The Ram 1500 Diesel just doesn't have the payload #'s to be a contender in my opinion.

Wow. I really want to see that thing unwrapped, but I guess I'll have to wait for a bit.

Finally SOMETHING/ANYTHING about the new coming Titan that isnt ENTIRELY about the Cummins 5.0.

Thank God.

How about the millions of other things that matter especially to those that arent going to shell out the huge $$$ for the Cummins engine...

Has the 5.6 been reworked into less of a gas hog?
Aluminum body?
Frame Improvements?
Rear Suspension?
A relevant V6 option?

There NEEDS to be more to the Titan story than its bigger, gets a new interior and you can get a cummins in it for it to be competitive and successful.

Where is the rest of the story?

I am a fan of the current f150 design and lines.

Posted by: brandon d | Nov 1, 2014 8:10:59 AM

F150 doesn't have any design or lines IMO. It's just one box with Ford sign on the front. The ecoboost bumper opening for cooling is very ugly and unprofessional IMO.
RAM has much better design and has some real lines IMO.


Couldn't agree more, Clint!

I wish new Titan all well, but this engine is going to be out of reach even more then Ecodiesel. Timing is very bad as well, because gasoline is going down right now.
Nissan will not undercut 6.7 Cummins from RAM. I think that V8 is even more expensive to build than I6 ,so I would suggest to everyone who thinks about this new engine to prepare for a big pricing shock.
I could be mistaken though. I just know, that Nissan is not in this truck game for volume, but to keep presence and make some extra money from someone who really wants to drive Nissan truck.

@Greg you should look at gas prices a before Obama took office. The markets were in a free fall.

I'm not an Obama fan just saying..

yes! you're correct there are hot cars out there that will make you look better than a pickup truck.
BUT! you left out something important- you have to have the good looks to match it !
If you are fat and ugly (not saying you are) no hot car would save you.

For those of you sayin the current Titan doesn't have much payload. I have a Titan amd the payload is apprx 2100lbs. Thats more than the Silverado, Ram 1500, and the Tundra. I have jad 3 Nissan trucks...not ONE problem with any of them. They are very reliable, despite what other writers say. In this country, Asian trucks get frowned upon by the "buy 'Merican" Rednecks. If you strip all the half tons down and see their materials and how they're built, the Titan exceeds the domestics by far.

Looks like it has potential. Nissan is puposely bringing the diesel first, to almost force people to buy it over a gas. I would love to drive a reg. cab 4x4 with the cummins 8 ft bed. Cant wait !!! As for people worring about not enough mpg, look at how much after market support there is for exhaust that are dpf back. Any after market parts- intake,exhaust, programmer, will help this truck out too. If its rated at 23mpg, with the cummins, opening it up should giet u to 25-26mpg conservatively. Not bad for over 550 lbs of torque. BRING IT !!

I would Not touch this truck for a least a year or two to get the bugs worked out!

I see vortex generators on the tail lights too, just like the tundra. Look like we will be seeing it on all vehicles soon.

That sucks. It used to be a 7' box on what looks like a smaller truck then.
I would not consider this truck now. Getting too big and grandpa-like for me.

Love my 2013 Titan and have never owned a truck I like as much as it and I have had all brands except a Toyota.
New Titan looks like a winner to me.
My neighbors new F 150 has had nothing but problems since he bought it and my buddy who was a long devoted GMC guy has experienced nothing but electrical problems with his 2012 so he too may be looking at the new Titan.
So far. Good job Nissan! Lets see how she is priced first.

It hit 4 dollars before, but it didn't stay up there too long when Bush was in there. It was under $2 or $2 and change most of the time. But it was around 1.90 when Bush left office.

Prices are coming down again now but under Obama it has been OVER $3 dollars a gallon for almost the entire 6 years he has been in office.

People are also are smart enough to know that Obama has done NOTHING to increase oil and gas production. I remember in an interview he said it would be alright to hit 5 dollars a gallon.

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