2014 L.A. Auto Show May Have Some Surprises

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Although it's likely the first big auto show of the season — the Los Angeles Auto Show running Nov. 21-30 — will emphasize small, economical vehicles, and possibly hybrid cars, we're guessing each of the truckmakers will want to show off their best half-ton and heavy-duty pickup trucks. Southern California is beginning to see more businesses and industries show improvement, so many fleet and private buyers may be looking to upgrade their aging fleets and personal rides.

Still, we've not heard of any huge pickup truck surprises planned for the show, with the exception of a few possible concept trucks making an appearance. For now, the biggest news items on the rumor mill have to do with Detroit's North American International Auto Show in January, where the next Nissan Titan, maybe a new Ram and possibly a next-generation Tacoma could make appearances. Meanwhile, if we find anything of interest in Los Angeles, we'll post it as soon as we can.

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@ michigan bob... isn't Dearborn in Michigan??? hmmm
F150 has been BEST selling truck for 30 something years, and as you say a "girly truck", then what's that say about som many people buying them and all the people around you? If being number one girly truck is what it takes, Guess F150 stays number 1 with all your friends around you in your state.

The Colodao announcement is just an off-road package.


I'm gay, and I drive an F150 but I have a more manly side.

Ford will finally announce fuel economy figures for the 2015 f-150 at the show. That's my prediction. Ford has been saying they'd release numbers in November. I'm going to guess it will be rated up to 19 city/27 highway.


Wardsauto got 21.3 mpg combined in their test of a supercrew f-150. They said they drove "fairly aggressive."

The most impressive news will be from Ford in relation to the GT350 Mustang. It will have a 5.2 litre V8, flat plane crank reported to rev to 8,000 rpm and have over 500 hp. The car is supposed to be a track day weapon.

27 highway for an F-150? Is that a regular cab with 16" tires, minus the spare tire, radio, console?

I think they would be lying to us, after all, Ford has been lying to us for many years.

It reminds me of a large mouth bass.

They're 4x4 Crew Cabs.

The F-150 tour is going on through December....


@trx tom
A regular cab short box 2wd with few options should definitely do 27 highway based on what people who have actually driven the truck are saying. You can get 25 mpg easily with a 2014 in that configuration. One thing is for sure though: It will get better fuel economy than any toyota pickup.

Funny, there is no news about the Tundra baja 1000 Production class win--the same one that the "secret" 2015 aluminum Ecoboost F150 did last year, but DNF'd.

The return of a proper Bronco

@ K-1500, now that would be cool news! I can't believe that some manufacturer doesn't want to eat the Heep Wrangler's lunch.

@Chris - "The Colodao announcement is just an off-road package."

They already have an "offroad" package for the Colorado/Canyon.

Teaser pictures would indicate a more hardcore package like the Raptor, Toyota Baja or Power Wagon.

I'd love to see a hardcore package with a diesel.

The Colorado-Canyon will be Motor Trends 2015 Truck Of The Year

"They already have an "offroad" package for the Colorado"

Lou, Good point.

@Chris - the Colorado would be a perfect truck for a Raptor like package. Longer A-arms make the truck wider but widening a small truck isn't as detrimental to maneuverability as widening a full sized truck.

I would love to see a Raptor like package on the Colorado as long as cargo capacity isn't adversely affected. Add a diesel and if the Colorado gets good durability ratings it would rate high on my list of "must have" vehicles when it comes time to replace my truck.

I was on trails this summer that scratched up my F150, a Raptor would of had body damage. A widened Colorado would of gone unscathed.

Flashback: Top GM Execs Want a More Capable Colorado

November 26, 2013

It looks like the Z71 Off-Road Package that debuted on the all-new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado will be getting a redesign.


Nobody mentioned the words "Raptor-fighter," but if Chevy wants to make the little truck more capable that would likely mean doing more than adding extra stickers and larger wheel and tire options. Both top GM execs have said a dedicated, rugged package is being discussed; in fact, dealers have been asking for it.

Some will remember that earlier versions of the Chevrolet S-10 and GMC Sonoma offered a dedicated ZR2 off-road package with unique suspension components, heavier-duty axles and gearing, and a greater capability than anything offered by the competition. Some have criticized GM for not making its Z71 trims more capable, but if something like a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor can work in the full-size segment, it seems possible that a downsized version could work well as long as it's at a much lower price.

I wouldn't want it in a diesel. You're just paying more for fuel and the engine is pricey. And I'd still rather have the off-road pkg in a full-size.

GM has to be careful here. The are two reasons why other manufacturers let go of the segment entirely: 1. Customers could pay a little more to get A LOT more truck by choosing a half ton. 2.The big difference in fuel economy wasn’t there, so why buy small ( for example, MT gets 22 mpg in 4x4 2015 F-150 Lariat and gets 23 mpg in a Colorado 4x2 WT).

Colorado’s EPA 24 mpg isn’t anything to write home about, either, the gap will have to be bigger to sell the mid sizers.

@Chris - GM did have a Colorado Rally concept a few years back. That truck would make a good foundation for a hardcore off-roader. It was a lifted truck with a built in winch.


@Chris - you raise some valid points and I took those into consideration when i purchased my F150. The Colorado has a 1500 lb payload which is comparable to what I have now.

@Chris - you raise some valid points and I took those into consideration when i purchased my F150. The Colorado has a 1500 lb payload which is comparable to what I have now.

The most impressive news will be from Ford in relation to the GT350 Mustang. It will have a 5.2 litre V8, flat plane crank reported to rev to 8,000 rpm and have over 500 hp. The car is supposed to be a track day weapon.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Nov 18, 2014 1:05:23 PM

That's more like it. ;--)

Put 1500 lbs on the colorado and put 1500 lbs on a F150. Which one will ride with their azz dragging on the ground. Bragging rights only look good on paper.

Ward's also approached 24 mpg on another test for the Ram Ecodiesel. If we put both numbers (21.3 and 24) into a fuel calculator, at my local prices here ($2.59 gas and $3.19 for gas + $.05 for DEF) you save $200 a year driving the F-150 15k miles.


Posted by: CT | Nov 18, 2014 1:07:03 PM

This does not account for how long a Diesel engine will last over it's gas counter part. Also if you will be towing frequently you may want to consider a small Diesel since they out performs gas while towing do to lower RPM. That also a factor how come it lasts longer.

@Lou-BC, I am going to the LA auto show. Do you want me to find out any info?

Love the models at the LA auto show. Some great looking women. One trick vehicle i saw there one year was a jeep Hurricane with two Hemi engines in it.


I don't know about where you all live, but here, gas prices have dropped like a rock, but diesel is a nearly a full buck more a gallon!

I actually interested in the GT350, but am almost sure it will be priced at close to the Z28--$75K.

I will be in the market for my "I made it" car in the next 2 years. For that kind of coin, I'd buy a Corvette.

@HEMI V8 - thanks for the offer. Anything muscle car or truck related. Have fun. the wife might complain about the eye candy so best to leave her at home LOL.

I will also be attending the LA auto show. While it would be nice to see a a truck related "surprise", I don't think there will be anything mind-blowing. Rather, there will more than likely be some cool ideas that could translate into future trucks.

Sometimes it's the simple ideas that can actually turn into something that us truck buyers would want in a truck.

I also plan to take a good look at the 2015 F150, since it will be my first opportunity to see one it person. I have no intention of buying one, but I like to see what the competition has to offer.

Diesel will get slightly better MPG. However, if you throw fuel cost and maintenance into the mix, the costs will be more for the diesel.

The gas engines are still a better value for light duty customers than diesels. Gassers don't carry the large price premium of a diesel engine and regular unleaded gasoline costs about $.65 per gallon less than diesel fuel + DEF.

Light-duty trucks also tend to run unloaded/empty compared to a commercial HD truck duty cycle so tow frequantly doesn't come into play.

Peformance? If you want performance small diesels will have less pep because they have less HP.

Wow, all of a sudden FE is the most significant argument on PUTC. When we talk of the Eco Diesel from Fiat Ram, it's the cost of a vehicle.

So what is the ideal pickup? It seems everyone one here talks sh!t. One day it all about V8 muscle, then the next it's about FE.

I really think some on this site really should wake up to themselves.

1. There are already over 40 000 of these pre-ordered. zvirus made a statement on how poorly these will sell. Hmmm, I do think he's already incorrect.

2. There is mention regarding the 1mpg difference between this and the Pentastar Ram. So, since you guys like talking about speed and performance, which one will be the fastest? What is the weight difference between this and the Fiat Pentastar Ram. Compare like vehicle configurations.

3. These things are a damn sight cheaper than a comparative full size equivalent. So, the $8 000 - $10 000 price difference will buy a lot of gas, remember the vehicle is already 1 mpg in front.


Beebe, the Colorado will meet the needs of proababy 85% of pickup buyers, heck it has a higher payload and tow rating then full size trucks from 10-12 years ago and it actually has a higher rating then some full size trucks now.

I agree most people could get by with the colorado, but it would still feel like a big sacrifice to most people only to save a relatively small amount of money. The way I option my truck it would only save about $6,000 at msrp probably 3,000 or less after rebates. And it would be a much smaller less powerful less comfortable, less safe truck with cramped seating and would hardly get better fuel economy maybe even worse. A regular cab f-150 could meet my needs (and wants) better than a 4 door colorado, and have a LOWER msrp with better rebates on top of that.

Most people could get by with an xl f-150 regular cab and the base engine, but most are willing to pay $5200 more just to move up to an xlt, $4,000 to $7,000 for a supercab or supercrew and one or two thousand for a better engine. Many people are willing to pay $5,000 to 15,000 more on top of that for additional options. The upgrade from a colorado to an f-150 for a few thousand is a no-brainer to most.

@beebe - you make a valid point and that is partially why we've seen a contracture in the small truck market. People do not want to "get by" with a smaller truck. For most people the smaller size is a seen as a liability. As long as that perception exists the small truck market will not grow much.

Another issue with the small truck market is the fact that companies have neglected it. That also falls into the "get by" aspect of your post. Why buy a new small truck that is an old design when car companies upgrade full sized pickups much more frequently?

Fuel economy - again why "get by" with a marginal improvement in mpg for less power and less towing.

TTAC had posted some very interesting statistics. The full sized car market is shrinking but the CUV/SUV market is booming. Some have commented that "lifting" a station wagon, adding 4x4 and calling it a CUV have been a boon to sales. The sports car market is 1/2 of what it was pre-2008 and pickups are slowly heading back to pre-2008 levels.

It is all about the perception of utility and "getting by". People view CUV's and SUV's as more roomy and practical than large and midsized cars. The same can be said for trucks. We still prefer "bigger" and anything smaller is still viewed as "getting by".

Since Ford killed the Ranger and no one is making a regular cab small truck, that lends credence to the "getting by" argument. People do not want to "get by" with a regular cab truck or the smallest truck available. Economy 4 banger high mpg small trucks are a small fraction of sales and car companies no longer want to service that portion of the market.

People do not want to "get by". Those who buy small trucks do it more for the fact that they see the smaller size as an asset. They do not want to "get by" with a larger truck.

The simplest way to view a purchase is to buy what you think you want or need at that time. I've owned all sizes of trucks and buy based on that criteria along with price and durability data. If size becomes an issue I'll downsize but if I decide I need a 3/4 or 1 ton I'll upgrade.

HEMI V8, HEMI MONSTER and HEMI MAN are all going to the LA auto show. They'll have a gay old time in the Ram booth!

I'm also going to the LA auto show. I will check out the 2015 Chrysler 300 that debuts and the HELL CAT which will be my next cars.


Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Won’t Get a Manual ‘Box

As both the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and Charger SRT Hellcat are powered by an identical 6.2-litre supercharged V8 delivering 707 hp, one may assume that the Charger is essentially a four-door variant of the Challenger. There is one key aspect of the Charger SRT Hellcat which is different to the Challenger however.

That is the fact that it is not available with a manual transmission and instead only comes equipped with the eight-speed automatic transmission. While many pundits have pointed out that by adding a longer propshaft to the six-speed manual of the Challenger, it could work with the Charger SRT Hellcat. However, that’s not the case.

While speaking with Jalopnik, an insider said, “The MTX (manual gearbox) is a significant tear up to the floor pan (body) of the Charger. To do an MTX in the Charger would require a full impact and crash safety certification effort for the program. This is big bucks, and the product strategy folks pin the take rate for a Charger MTX in the low single digits.”

To put it in laymen’s terms, the Charger was never designed with a manual gearbox in mind.

@Lou BC--For me it is not a matter of getting by with a midsize truck, it is more like I don't want the bigger size. It is like when you are going to Sam's Club and you get the large containers of ketchup, mustard, pickles, and etc which might be cheaper per ounce but they take up a lot of space in the fridge and they go bad before I can use them up. Someone that has a large family or crowd to feed the large size would be better. I do not want something that requires a ladder for me to get into and I do want something that is easier to park and drive. Yes I can afford a large truck but I don't want one. I also don't want to drive something that is too small as well. I have bought things in the past that were bigger than I needed and then not used them. I am close to retirement and I plan on downsizing. I don't really care if anyone is impressed with what I drive--if I were I would drive something more stylish than a truck. The size of the new Colorado is a good size for me and it comes fairly well equipped.

Wow.... they make all those in die cast??

Looks like someone is making fun of HemiV8

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