2014 L.A. Auto Show: Notes From the Floor

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Walking the floor during the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show can be interesting in so many different ways (don't get us started about journalist hygiene). The trick is to avoid the press conferences (not a huge problem since so few pickup trucks get introduced here) so that crowds at new vehicle booths are at their lowest. Here are a few highlights from our first round of L.A. Auto Show exploration:


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  • The Motor Press Guild (a professional organization of auto writers and public relation folks) awarded its Innovation of the Year trophy to the 2015 Ford F-150 pickup.


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  • From a distance this Kia Soul looked like a pickup truck, so we got excited; then as we got closer we noticed it was actually an SUV converted into the ultimate craft beer dispenser — and we got really excited.


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  • So far the unofficial winner of the Most-Pickups-in-Its-Booth Award is Chrysler. It crammed in light-duty and heavy-duty pickups, Power Wagons and a pair of ProMaster vans.


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  • There's nothing like a shiny International LoneStar big rig waiting to swallow four custom cars on a warm, sunny day.


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  • We found some humor in the Nissan booth. Sticking out of the support walls was this gooseneck trailer hitch with a clever hashtag. Does this foreshadow some of the coming Titan changes?


Cars.com photos by Mark Williams


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Aerodynamic Efficiency? yea right!
That half, cut off horizontal piece of plastic that covers half the headlights on the F-150 looks hideous !
The Chevy Silverado invented aerodynamics with the squared off design of the front grill, hood and squared fenders!

So, where is the new Chevrolet Colorado ZR2/GMC Canyon Highrider, that was supposed to be unveiled today??

The new F-150 is one beautiful looking truck. If it's true that the 150 and 250 Super Duty will share the same bodies going forward, that's fantastic for us SD owners. Provided they keep the beam axle up front. We'll replace my wife's 150 Platinum with a new one when they hit dealer lots. That's 2 new Ford purchases next year. It's been awhile! I sincerely hope Chevrolet up's it's game. I still have a bit of old Chevy blood in me that never quite filtered out. I wish them both luck. The next Nissan should be quite interesting as well.

@Tom#3, surely you're not serious? Square bodies were a cool 70's/80's design. I still think in 4x4 trim, it's one of the better looking trucks of the 1900's. Still, we haven't been far enough removed from the 80's to go back to those designs. Chevy should have gone the 67-72 route.

@whereisit, a ZR2 Colorado/S-10 would really be something. I always liked those trucks. I'm not sure how it would look without the round wheel openings like the original ZR2 had though. The new Colorado dropped the ball there I think.

@where is it??

It'll be unveiled 4:10pm west coast time or 7:10 east coast time.

Next year I will get new light and heavy duty Ram trucksr, Power Wagons and a pair of Hellcats for my wife and I. I will also get a 2016 Grand Cherokee Limited for the vacation home in Aspen.

I will also get a 2015 Ram Ecodiesel for towing.

RAM trucks mark not Chrysler. RAM

I am also getting a pair of ProMaster vans for a new business venture.

I will get a 2016 Power Wagon for my wife to pick up the grandkids at soccer practice also.

Dang you Nissan. Show the new Titan already!

Yes what hemi is getting is Matchboxes & die cast cars & trucks.

That's my opinion!
The 2015 F-150 has a cheap-toy like-generic look, like some of the truck is missing.
Ford tries to hide the look by installing an oversize grill thinking the grill makes the truck look bigger.
Ram does it right where they make their truck look like a big semi truck. The Ram looks beefy!
Chevy Silverado has that square-boxed look with a high hood and its also a good looking truck.

The 2015 F-150 sort of lost the similar carry on look of the F-150, BUT under all that ugly its still the BEST 1/2 ton pickup out there.
I hate black pickups, I have no idea why you guys choose black for! Any all black truck is ugly!
You don't get noticed with black, black hides the look, black makes the truck invisible , other drivers don't see you and pull out in front of you cause they can't see your truck! Black is hard to keep clean, black doesn't shine in the sun, when you wax it the parts you missed stick out more.

HEMI has a right to his opinion !
If you other guys don't have any substance to say but only use these posts as personal attacks then don't waste your time posting anything!

Personally I can't wait to see the Titan Cummins!

The image above is probably the best view of the nose of an F-150 I've seen and I have to admit it has adopted much of the same aerodynamic form as their cars. Unfortunately, it's still hideous as it is far too much grill highlighted by 3x the amount of chrome that might actually make it look good. If about 2/3rds of that grill were body-colored, it would be far less 'in-your-face' and would actually highlight the shapes and headlight assemblies much more cleanly.

@Greg - red is supposed to attract the most attention both good and bad. It is more likely to get stolen and get speeding tickets.

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