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We thought you might want to see more photos of the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 concept that's debuting at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, so we're giving you every angle we could imagine. Chevy is gauging interest on this truck at the show, and it also will be reading your comments here.

Not that we've ever had to emphasize this, but don't hold anything back. The more detailed and specific about you are about what you like and don't like, the better able Chevy will be to bring to market the truck it knows consumers want. And of course, please be respectful. images by Evan Sears


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Will there be a crew cab version?

How about some interior pics? Heard there is a incline / decline gauge and buttons for winch and differentials .

I for one would like to see a Corvette derived dash cam and PDR so one could have video of off road excursions, and a way to "see" obstacles with a camera mounted in bumpers, along with tailgate / behind rear view mirror switchable between all of them...

So this is a 2016? I thought it was a concept

Will there be RUST issues on the frame (e-coat)? seriously looking at a Colorado, but there are 6 in my family. If I want to take the family camping, boating, etc., I am SOL. Problem is, It's usually myself with up to 3 others in my car 95% of the time. Wife is really pushing for that 6th seat. Why couldn't they do what the old Dakota did with the small folding 6th seat/arm rest ... just in case

GM puts coils in the back of this thing I read of leafs then were taking interesting off road concept

I think the Duramax is an excellent choice in this truck, but for those wanting to have a gas engine the 4.3 Ecotec3 seems like a good choice with good low end torque. It also seems like it would be lighter than the 3.6. I could be wrong though.

What is there? About 2" of rear jounce travel in the rear suspension judging by the exposed shock rod length?

What's up with that front bumper facia? The wheel well liners hanging down below where the bumper stops? That looks REAL attractive. Not a fan of the faux skid plate encompassing the shock reservoir either. At first glance this morning it looked to me like someone bubba'd it in their garage. Like someone did a hack job with a sawzall or something.

Look at the engine photo. It kinda looked like it had 3 dueces on it. My eyes like to play tricks on me sometimes. Anyone else thinks it looks like carbs?

1. Wheels are too fancy for an off-roader. Make them rugged and a simple design. That reduces the risk of damage and makes them easier to clean.

2. Give the truck "Raptor like" traction control and e-locker mapping.
2.a. Current e-lockers do not stay engaged long enough i.e. will disengage at too low a speed for offroad work IIRC most disengage around 35mph. There are instances where you need a locked diff up to and above 60 mph. (Sand and deep snow are 2 examples).
2.b It also is necessary to be able to kill traction/stability control. Again - most systems (all systems) reactivate at 35 mph.
4lo disables traction/stability control and allows for longer engagement of e-lockers but a program map for 4lo up to 60-65 mph is stupid. I use 4lo for crawlin' not haulin' azz.
I'd prefer limited slip especially in the front. E-lockers are better for slower stuff anyway.
3. A snorkel air intake option for guys who run in deep water and mud.
4. All diff vents and any assorted vents should be plumbed to sit as high up as possible.
5. crewcab option with long box.
6. If spare tire is to be in bed have it standing up along box side like old school trucks that pre-date under body tire carriers. A swivel rack outboard of tailgate could be an option.
7. Off-road lights or an option for them.
8. Pushbar/bull bar option
9. Large fuel tank - put the biggest tank possible in the truck. Fuel range is an issue for most offroaders.
10. This isn't related specifically to the offroad truck - why no tow mirrors as an option on these trucks?
11. retain max cargo settings and tow ratings
12. Interior mounting location for CB radio or VHF radio (like police EMS).
13. Dual batteries and increased alternator capacity for winch and extra electronics
14. AC or DC outlet's' in box for coolers, air compressor etc.

GM, I am a longtime owner of s10 pickups. I have the 2003 zr2. I will buy this zr2. I would like to see a manual trans, and a set of pre runner style tube bumpers like on the 1991 s10 baja I own. perhaps you could use the cargo system to mount the spare tire on the second tier so it frees up some bed space? also how about some bed storage boxes like the hummer h3t? maybe tube bumpers, a winch, and aux lighting could be optional on the zr2? I really like what you guys have done with this concept! it is a functional off road package instead of a fake one. I for one can promise you i'm SOLD.

Price point will be huge. Can it be built for less starting with a regular production truck? Price would likely have to be in low 40's unless they offer a stripper version with the upgrades.

Tell me there's a crew cab version and take my money... NOW!

Make it in a more normal looking truck normal bumpers, get rid of the bed mounted spare give us a more useful wheel.
Model ZR2
Allow with all engines and 2 or 4 wheel drive (think Toyota prerunner)

Make a Baja version very similar to this prototype with a more realistic off road wheel.
Model ZR2 Baja

Get rid of the winch altogether, Keep the suspension on both models

I like those bumpers, I especially like how the rear bumper raps around to the back wheel. The sheet between the back bumper and rear wheel is a vulnerable spot on pickups in a parking lot people cut it to close and end up pushing your rear quarter panel in.. I have had it happen twice now.

Do not use large diameter wheels with low profile tires on a truck purpose equipped for off-road!!!

Guys, well done with the suggestions and I can tell you the designers and engineers have been monitoring the comments closely for the last two days. They hugely appreciate your input.

It needs a bull bar to drive over small trees and bushes.

The suspension looks okay, but I'm not familiar with the brand. Is it a good and reliable suspension setup?

In my BT50 the anti skid cable runs along the axle. The tiny cable tie that secures it broke leaving the anti skid cable dangling a little.

Looking at the photo's of the underneath of the vehicle all of the manufacturers should look at how they route cabling/plumbing.

What is the wading depth of the truck? I do know my BT50 with the 2" of lift I gave it has around 33" of wading depth. Now that I've added the snorkel it should float before it stops.

Many of these developing nation pickups are now coming out with a decent wading depth. It wouldn't surprise me if these also have a reasonable wading depth of over 2 feet.

One of the reasons many Aussie pickups have a snorkel is because they are diesel. Water ingestion by a diesel is usually catastrophic for the engine, which means very expensive.

The alternator also sits at the top of the engine. This is another good feature.

Looking at the photo is exactly how my pickup sits in height and stance. I really like this, but it needs a bulbar for driving over and pushing stuff around.

I have NEVER been a fan of the ZR2 - Until NOW! This IS THE TRUCK that MUST be built! I agree that is has to come in a Crew Cab Version. A Manual is also a MUST with this engine. Put a 6.6' bed on the thing and you will sell many THOUSANDS of these things.

*The truck needs a roof rack to keep the spare tire and gear. Make the underseat storage for emergency gear and tools. LED lighting in the bed is a must. LED Off Road lights would be nice on the roof rack I already mentioned.


I do think the rims will more than suffice for any off road situation.

The do look like a nightmare to clean. A simpler design just for the maintenance of them would be nice.

But this is a concept to entice and look pretty. The red look terrible.

The only critisism I have is that the approach angle and departure angles still don't look that great. Some aftermarket bumpers might fix that but it just seems like the nose is so long. I blame the goverment for that not chevrolet.

One thing I would like to see GM do on this ZR-2 and that is an AWD version of the AISIN TL-80SN 8 Speed Automatic Transmission with the 2.8 Duramax Diesel.

GM already bolt the 2WD version of the TL-80SN to the LFX & LF3 3.6 V6's found in the Cadillac CTS. The Colorado also uses the LFX V6. The LFX and LF3 V6's have the same bell housing mounting configuration as the 2.8 Duramax Turbo Diesel Engine with Auto Transmission. Bit of a no-brainer really!!

This would give even better MPG and awesome towing power.

Stick shift is a must and make spare tire rack adjustable so the the wheel can be lock flat against the bed.
On the outside the truck looks fantastic. Build it please and sell it overseas as well.

Add 8 speed auto transmission, just forget bout the old 6 speed auto. Add a manual transmission option also. Offer this ZR2 package in every trim level you can. Fix the rear bumper it just looks blah and plane. Make sure there is a gas engine and diesel engine option.

I love to read the Ford and Ram boy's comments! But in the back of their minds they are suffering from envy, no doubt about it.

And keep the winch and locking front and rear differentials

I would like to see more normal hood and bumpers. I like the winch. I like that the air dam is gone. I would rather have the tire under the bed instead of in the bed. Please keep the functionality of the gear on equipment with this truck. The stance might be a bit wide. Definitely get different rims. Everyone who does off roading knows that smaller rims with bigger tires are better. I want one in white as a short box crew cab. Thanks!

So here's my comments. The mechanicals look spot on, but you still don't quite understand the market. Ford made the same misstep when they initially introduced their Raptor. It's real simple. This needs to be a crew cab and you need to upgrade the interior to the pinnacle. These are halo vehicles. These type of trucks are bought by oilfield hands and ranchers that have no better place to put their cash than in their truck. It doesn't matter what you price the truck at. It will sale. A lot of these oilfield guys get a couple of grand each month as a vehicle allowance to buy and maintain whatever they want. Make the interior High Country quality and use the crew cab. Each year, add a few bells and whistles, and boom, you win. Don't do the fabric/suede type of nonsense on your seats. Use leather. Headrest badging is silly. A passenger side dash badge is the way to go. This isn't hard.

They FINALLY got the memo about approach and departure angles! I understand the importance of air dams for fuel economy, but an offroad package is borderline worthless if the air dam is below the centerline of the front tire and/or not easily removable. Now just wondering what a production version would look like - as it sits on this concept, I'm sure the MPG's suffer greatly. I'm really hoping there is a middle ground with a quick release air dam, etc. Thanks to GM for not forgetting the lessons learned on the H3T - front and rear lockers and real recovery points. Now just be sure to keep the winch ready bumper and bead locks, but be sure to give us a lower gear ratio transfer case option and add real rocker protection - leave the worthless nerf bar side steps for the poser luxo trucks.

Sweet truck!! I'm a life-long Ford man, but build this and I will come knocking!
As far as suggestions, I agree with what a lot of others have said:
-it needs a crew-cab version
-offer this with the gas option too
-LED lighting in the bed would be a huge help when using this truck for camping
-what happened to the steps in the rear bumper? Seems like they would be especially useful on a lifted truck. Bring those back!
-Love the new hood design.
-Put in some pre-wired toggle switches in the dash (ala Ford Raptor) to make installing after-market lighting/accessories easier
-Finally, PLEASE make this green color available on the other trim levels of this truck.

Death to Torsion Bars!!! Looking forward to the Blazer version.

Don't you mean a GM or GM'C' Colorado? Chevrolet isn't a real company anymore you know. It's just a bogus lower rung marketing arm of GMC now. Even the people in charge of the Cadillac (brand still) have tried to distance themselves from GM-GMC.

It's not a Chevrolet Colorado. It's a GM and or GMCompany Colorado. Chevrolet is a figment of your imagination. It doesn't exist nor is it real any longer.

Is that the DEF tank where the spare is usually located? If it is why can't that tank be located on the passenger side of the bed in the same area the filler neck is on the drivers side and have it mounted to the frame? a rear differential skid plate would be good, can't see the other skid plates from the pictures. I agree with the others that would like to manually lock the differentials. Definitely smaller rims and more sidewall for the wheel/tire combo. Very good looking truck though overall.

I know that it probably would get watered down a bit for production but I know a 5.3 liter V8 would fit in there and that is what it needs and it would kill the raptor sales in half

Crew Cab, 5.3l V-8, off road mode to disable nannies and I would buy one.

I REALLY like the clean straight line look of the bed from the side. Don't like the rear bumber- a little too plain. Don't like the black plastic piece on the bottom of the back bed- keep it the same color as the truck. Don't care for the front bumper that much either- looks too much like an off-road baja racer. The front bumper also has a hint of the new inverted Toyota car front bumpers (looking straight at it) which is a BAD thing. I think you will sell more of these if you keep all of the good off-road mechanics, extra ground clearance, larger tires, etc. you have in it, but don't make it too baja race looking. I know a lot of the hard core off road folks will like that look, but I think you will sell more if you keep it agressive but not too aggressive. A lot of people will be looking for more off-road capability in their truck than what the Z71 offers, and the ZR2 would give them that option. But most older folks (who have the money to spend on such a truck) would feel kind of childish driving in a real aggressive looking baja racing truck. Overall though, I really like the truck a lot.

It looks about perfect, but what it needs is some sort of roof rack system for a roof top tent or other miscellaneous items to keep the bed free for, bikes, saddles, hunting trophies ect also it would negate the need for a long bed which will hinder off road use. And I agree with big al some type of bulbar and snokel would be nice

I have been looking for a cool looking smaller truck with lots of plush extras. This could be it. Need the specks and would like to order now have some one call me and take my order.

Take my order now

This truck looks awesome. Only complaint. It needs power. Power to climb steep off road hills whether covered in dirt or sand. Power to get through snow and mud. Power is your friend off road. Also needs low gearing for larger tires and for the above mention. Make it happen G.M.

Not only 5.3 will fit in there but 6.2 will as well. Reuss said it himself. This truck is very well designed for future mods.

Just build it under 30K

Love the styling, the "power" bump. the winch Keep it all just build it under 30 K

Second the comment on CB, how a bout a Roll bar?

ready to buy, check in hand.

I would echo all of LouBC's comments plus 1 more, and it does not only apply to this GM truck: The square wheel wells as designed totally preclude the installation of even ONE size larger tires. I live in the Mississippi River Delta. Very flat. Very muddy. Approach and departure angles mean very little to people around here. Tire size and aggressiveness is key. If I can't get some bigger mud tires on in the winter then I can't reach my combine, or go get in my deer stand or duck pit without an ATV. It may sound silly, but there's plenty of folks I know that will not buy a GM for this sole reason. Get to know your customers, GM.

Otherwise thank you GM for the very light duty diesel. I'm on the buyer list despite the square wheel wells. I look forward to driving what looks to be a very handy truck.

Yes yes yes! I love the idea of the colorado being the powerpack (More than double the torque of the 3.6 v6) of the midsize truck line up. I was interested in purchasing the colorado and adding a few inches of lift bigger tires maybe a light bar, but if in the near future the colorado zr2 is confirmed, i will definitely hold out and buy it. I really like the exposed shock reservoirs I think that's a good look. I would only buy a 4 door but im sure that will be offered. In conclusion I'm very excited and interested in the Colorado zr2 and am looking forward to seeing it in My drive way!

I'm a GM fan and it pains me to say this but we all know what will be the result of this. By the time the lawyers and bean counters at GM get through with it, this ZR2 will be an overpriced sticker package. I have been waiting to get excited about a Chevy truck for some time now and have been left flat after every reveal. The Chevy car dept has figured it out, especially with the Vettes and Camaros coming out lately. Excitement sells. Plain and boring results in flat sales and loss of market share. Stickers and badges worked for a while but now buyers expect more for their money, especially on the premium vehicles like this ZR2. Come on Chevy, give us something to get excited about and watch them sell.

Build this truck already!!!! Bring back the ZR2! These trucks still turn heads till this day!! I Own a 2000 GMC high rider and I have been waiting patiently for this to come out in the diesel.. Following the web closely for Updates.. BUILD The ZR2 again!! You almost lost me to the Raptor.

I'm trying to stay strong... 15 years and 160,000+ miles on mine, I can't wait much longer. Still loyal to my GM roots.

Please GM put this into production.

I like the truck a lot, but this is my 2 cents on what GM needs to do with this platform.

Start around 30K for the base ZR2 platform before the options of:
- diesel (v6 is default)
- 4x4 (default is a 4x2 model)
- e-lockers are a option (limited slip dif is default)
- transmission. (A MANUAL is a MUST)
- winch

It needs a smaller rim. 17" would probably be about right with a 32x11.5" BFG AT KO set of tires.

I have purchased (3) new ZR2's back in the day and still have my '02 5spd in the garage. Would love to be able to buy a 4th ZR2.

MAKE this TRUCK GM, and make it with a MANUAL option.

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