Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Concept Video

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In this video we take a closer look at the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 concept pickup truck that was the Vehicle of Show for the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. Chevy is calling this a "concept" so it can gauge interest, but clearly this package could make it into production as early as 2017 — at least that's what we hope. We've also inlcuded the video Chevy showed the media while they introduced the truck; it gives you a pretty good idea how much fun a truck like this would be if you could go romping through the local mountain trails. 

Feel free to ask questions or offer observations in the comments section below because the folks at GM will be watching this site closely, knowing how much firepower PUTC readers bring to the table. Enjoy. photo by Evan Sears









That's very nice, if I didn't like my Silverado so much I would be waiting for this to arrive.

It would be awesome and whatnot, but how many concept off road trucks have we seen from GM? Silverados, Sierras. Meanwhile 100,000+ Raptors have been sold. And at well over a Billion dollars in pre tax profits!

Stupid GM will build the ZR2 as a sticker package.

A blind man can figure out the Colorado is the most loved, excited about pickup from the people in charge of PUTC.
I totally agree with them.
I say the Colorado would be the perfect truck for you wanta-bees , or guys that never owned a pickup before.
I mean no offence but it would be a waste of a good truck if you wanta-bees owned a full size truck not using it to its full potential such as hauling and towing heavy loads.

leave the full size pickups to real tough guys like me

I wondered why the Colorado was shown at the LA show instead of Detroit until I read on Detroit News that the Greater LA Area has more midsize trucks registered than the 48 US states. That is a lot of midsize trucks and California has been known for setting the trend for the rest of the US for years.

That is one impressive truck! It is well packaged, looks great and can be had with a 4 cylinder diesel and along with front and rear lockers! That truck is going to be a hit! And wicked expensive. I'm impressed GM!

@Jake D - It's a fact. California is the only place the Tacoma outsells the F-150. And California was the epicenter for the Mini-Truck Craze and the custom truck scene that followed.

They need to make the ZR2 even if the sales are not as great. The halo effect from this truck will bring customers in just to look at the Colorado which will help the sales of the Colorado and other Chevy products. I think they would sell enough of these anyway but it would be a real draw for Chevrolet. And as others have stated if they make this offer it in both extended and crew cab.


This is a nice concept truck. However, Where's the story of the Tundra Pro Winning the Baja 1000 stock truck class!

@Ridefoxone -- It's coming. And it's a pretty cool story.

This ZR2 truck would get me to look at chevys ! The ZR2 S-10s were good trucks in the 80s and early 90s ! Cmon Chevy, bring this to market, sell us a truck that gets 30+real world mpg on hwy !!!

I hope they make and we get to see what it does against a TRD Pro Tacoma.

I also read that the Tundra Pro finished the Baja 1000 race more than 2 hours faster than the Ford Raptor on the same race.

make it!

Do a way with the stuff n the bed and the extra shock reservoirs with a prerunner bar for lights and I will buy it. I would have thought the after market guys would have had several of these at the SEMA show a couple weeks ago with all their stuff on it.

Hey Mark - any confirmation on which transmission the Baby Dmax is hooked up to? I've heard both the six speed and the eight speed. Did Chevy confirm either way at the show? (Hopefully it's the eight...)

The future looks good for the Colorado. I'm not even a Colorado fan.

That would have to be the best looking pickup truck at the moment. Make it as it would sell in huge numbers.

GM has taken what started out as a global Colorado and have made a fantastic life style vehicle.

The now need to offer it as a twin/crew cab, in the short wheelbase of course.

This is not a concept, this is the real thing. It will make it to the market.

I hope Toyota and Nissan have some cool stuff on the plate as well with their new midsize pickups.

I hope they make it. The colorado is basically a failure without it (that may change when the diesel becomes available). I would never buy it though. It's probably going to be pretty expensive and pretty slow with that little diesel. I'd rather see a silverado zr2, even if it is a blatant copy of the raptor. Will be interesting to see how good the mpg will be with the little diesel and what the price premium will be.

I guarantee 99% of the people here saying "build it", are not in the market and will not be buying one so take their comments with a giant grain of salt.

I disagree. 99% of people here are truck guys and at some point they will be in the market looking for a truck. This truck will bring them to a Chevy dealer at very least to take a look at it. You're not going to sell one to every single person that walks thru the door but if you sell one to 1 in 5 that's a success. Another 1 in 5 will buy some other Chevy vehicle. With how loyal truck guys are a lot of them will be customers for life.

@BAFO - it's a "concept". If it was "pre production", they would have called it that instead. I hope they build it, but it's GM we're talking about. But a 2-seater is better than nothing. The Raptor was only offered as a super cab at 1st. And the lighter and smaller, the better it'll perform.

You didn't disagree. You are making a different claim about sales and you have that right to your own opinion. I am questioning a lot of the suggestions coming from people who are not in the market for this truck, not just a truck. I'd like to see more feedback from likely buyers. Just like how many people made stupid comments about Raptors on this site and only actually one person bought one.

Even if they're not in the market they're still entitled to voice their opinion. They know trucks. They have experience with other truck manufactures and Chevy wants everyone opinion. Buying or not, opinions are valuable and like I said, they might not be buying now, but they will be buying later.

@beebe . "It's probably going to be pretty expensive and pretty slow with that little diesel."

Well not far away is the Dakar Rally and those little diesels have been winning that event on a regular basis

@Robert Ryan,
The Colorado here in Australia has a higher top speed than the F-150 Tremor.

I do think this will be a very capable off roader. Even though our Colorado didn't receive good reviews due to the low quality interior and poor ride and handling it did get a great write up for it's off road ability.

This truck will eat a Raptor for breakfast in most off road situations. It will go places that will stump the Raptor due to the Raptor's size.

Off road a V8 doesn't give you much of an advantage. A diesel puts down the equivalent torque as the V8 using a poofteenth the fuel.

Saw one in real life today at the L.A. auto show. Really nice. I hope G.M. makes this truck. I do not think it will hurt Jeep sales but I am sure it will have a large following. This truck looks great.

Off road a V8 doesn't give you much of an advantage. A diesel puts down the equivalent torque as the V8 using a poofteenth the fuel.

Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Nov 22, 2014 7:01:02 PM

Big Al from Oz, I test drove a 3.0L Eco diesel today in a fully loaded Ram. I was pleasantly surprised at how much power It had. Very quite. Ram box, air suspension, adjustable pedals, Alpine, rode very smooth over the down town L.A. roads. An amazing truck with very impressive MPG and towing capability.

@BAFO - The ZR2 Concept is a desert runner, like the Raptor.

But "most off road situations" wouldn't always favour the ZR2 Concept. It's smaller, but at speed, you'd want the Raptor's longer wheelbase. And its lower center of gravity. And its greater wheel travel. And its greater power. And its lax "traction nanny" off road programs/algorithms, etc. The list goes on...

Abandoned Dodges sitting in an Alabama lot and slowly rusting into nothing

Just like every other concept "off road" vehicle GM has made... they will ignore the public and let the idea rot... just like the hd version they had a concept of in 2008 I think... and just like the 4.5l Duramax they scrapped a several years back... This ZR2 would be a sweet vehicle no doubt... but we'll never see it... and if we do it will be in the form of a ZR2 sticker....

Should've been done yesterday!

If you would look at the Colorado-Canyon in person you'll be surprised it looks much bigger than the pictures posted everywhere. From a distance it looks like a full size pickup, only when you get close to it you can tell better the size.
It much bigger than the Tacoma, Its more of a Dodge Dakota size but with higher sides to the bed. The side of the bed looks beefy.
You guys would be better off choosing this truck over the new F-150, no twin turbo to break down, nice simple engine design.
I understand most guys are about looks over substance and this truck looks good plus its much less expensive than the F-150.
Motor Trend is going to make the Colorado-Canyon the truck of the year for 2015 and you'll have the pride of owning one with that award.
PUTC loves it.
If GM wants to better market this truck they need a tougher name added to it like Dodge calls their trucks "Ram" that sounds better than Dodge Truck. Colorado-Canyon sounds sissy.
Ram has that tough guy name "Ram" sounds strong!
I have the perfect name for the Colorado-Canyon but not going to give out my perfect idea of a name out for free, if GM wants to contact me I would be happy to give them the name for a nominal fee. ( They keep the Colorado-Canyon name the name I have is added to the current name )
Plus if GM wants to use a really handsome and skinny man like me to advertise their truck we can talk about that too.
Not only do I have the brains for marketing I have the good looks that go with it.

You guys want the Colorado-Canyon!
The Colorado-Canyon V6 gets the same gas mileage than the 2015 F-150 with the 2.7 V6 Eco-Boost 18/26.
The Colorado-Canyon V6 is no slouch either, it's ONLY 55 lb/ft torque less than the full size Silverado 5.3 V8, -PLUS- its 1000 lbs lighter !
You can still tow 7000 lbs with the Colorado-Canyon that beats the Tacoma and Frontier !
Its $10K less than a full size pickup.
It's a simple engine design, no twin turbo to break down or it won't cut out engine power driving in the rain.
You want the Colorado-Canyon!
If I was you I would get to the dealer NOW cause they are going to be so popular that everybody will want one and there won't be any left for you. GM won't be able to keep up with demand.

I wonder if GM will aim for a DAKAR RALLY attempt. Pickups like the Raptor are dead slow, best finish 41st. Other full size Pickups a lot worse finishes, in the Rally
I do not know who has entered for this years race, but it should be interesting.

Rob Ryan, The GM is a concept so there will be no Dakar attempt this year. It was built for show. The Raptor is not a trophy truck. It finished first in its class and 40th overall.

I have to cross a river without a bridge with my stock F-150, that's why I picked the NON-TURBO 5.0 V8 cause those turbo's are like a Hoover vacuum cleaner that would suck the water into the engine.
Sometimes the river is high with a strong current and sometimes its a small creek that's spit.
Even if you guys had the top of the line jacked up, monster tire off-road truck you would weenie out and cry for ur momma!

I have to laugh when someone owns a Raptor but never takes it off-road, ha ha ha ha ha Then watching those short fat guys having a hard time getting in and out of those trucks,,,, ha ha ha that's really funny ! ha ha ha ha

My old tbi 4.3 with 165hp is a slug (reliable-but a slug) in a 3400lb truck. This truck will need 20-40hp more to make it fun to drive. I also have an old diesel with a lot of torque that tows 12-13,000lb occasionally, but it's not quick or "fun". I like the diesel idea, but they need to get more out of the 2.8 to get a gas motor guy to do more than take one test drive. The Ram Ecodiesel has far more power per cubic in., and most people are not impressed with the acceleration

@Tom#3 - 1st owners of any specialty cars/trucks, tend not to use them anywhere near their "special" abilities.

That could be BMW M3s or Boss 302s rarely seen at the track. Or Corvettes. Or Miatas. Or Wrangler Rubicons rarely seen on the trail or hardcore off road.

That's if they're not bought strictly for image. That's OK by me. I'm glad they're built, and eventually hit the used car market.

It the usually the 2nd, 3rd (or beyond) owners that use them for their intended purposes.

It's too big an investment to put at risk, for many. Insurance may not cover damage or a total loss. The warranty may not cover broken drivetrain parts or a hydro-locked engine.

Most Raptors are still with their 1st owners, so be patient. If they do love off roading, they probably have an older 4X4 to beat on.

@Road Whale--Whatever happened to the 94 Ranger with low mileage that you were going to get a relative? I don't usually agree with Denver Mike but it is unlikely that a new compact truck will be available in the near future and some times you have to choose the next closest size. The Colorado/Canyon are a little bigger than my current S-10 but they are a lot closer than the current half ton full size trucks. At least with the Colorado/Canyon, Tacoma, and Frontier there is some choice which is better than no choice. It appears you are going to keep your current truck which is probably all you need but if you do decide to buy a newer truck you should at least consider the current midsize trucks. It is your choice but you may never find a new truck that totally meets your requirements.

@HEMI V8, slightly tuned versions of the 3 litre diesels get into the top ten at Dakar. The "Mini's" were highly modified 3 litre Diesel BMW SUV's with Mini bodies.
The Raptor won its class at Dakar, finishing 40th, but dead stock SUV's and 2WD Pickups were a whole lot faster, finishing best ranked 13th.
Carlos Souza in his modified stock HAVAl Chinese Pickup finished 6th.
Last year, you had one Raptor, two Tundras, a Dodge and a Silverado entered. Only the Dodge finished , 52nd
This year the fast people are in Mini's, the new Peugeots, a couple of Dakar Style big block Chevy Buggies, Robby Gordon in his Baja style big block "Hummer" bodied Baja style Buggy, 5 litre V8 Toyota Hilux's, plus two modified stock Haval Chinese Pickups(Team that entered Mini's, looks after the Chinese Pickups)

I'll make this short and sweet.

GM has found a good market to pursue. One that they could do well with. That is an excellent foundation to start with. With a couple of tweaks, it could go really far.

People like to modify their vehicles. GM has made this hard to accomplish. The grill/bumper assembly is a nightmare to put a full replacement bumper like an ARB or TJM on. The side profile of the cab/bed look like they have plastic flares. This doesn't look bad but most true off-roaders are going to put a set of sliders on their rigs. That plastic makes it somewhat difficult to accomplish.

I'm personally a fan of IFS for my adventure travel.

Basically - GM is putting this out there for posers to buy and drive around looking 'adventurous'. Like most lifted vehicles. For this I think they hit the nail on the head. Give it to me or anyone who will truly use it and I think it needs less gadgetry and more simplicity. Give us ~25-30 gallons of fuel capacity, FR/RR lockers, a 'spartan' interior and a simple instrument cluster with the ability to actually put some armor around it and I'll give it a try.

I do think the fuel tank will be around 80 litres or 25 gallons.

With the diesel this will give you over a 600 mile range on the highway.

This vehicle does illustrate that for several thousand dollars you could modify your own stock Colorado like I did with my BT50.

I more or less had done a similar thing in the suspension department with ARB's Old Man Emu kit. One this I did add was a snorkel. If you are planning any river crossings especially with a diesel these are a necessity.

This truck setup as it is will leave any full size for dead in most any off road situation. I did read one comment regarding high speed desert driving. This will be more than adequate in the desert. How many do drive in the way this person described anyway?

Size is a big hindrance off road. This with the diesel and it's 1/2 ton full size payload will make it a very useful off road tool.

Off road with my 3.2 diesel I'm getting around 24mpg. The diesel just idles around using it's great torque.

Even an EcoBoost in this situation will chew up lots of fuel in comparison. For off road performance diesel is now as competitive or even more competitive. It's has the torque in the right places.

I like it I would consider if i was looking for a small truck

@Beast I think he was converting it to US MPG. It is Litres/100km here

I like where this concept is going for the sport of Overlanding. The size and specs seem ideally suited and the design is no less than awesome. This could really give the mid-size class a kick in the pants.

That is just so beautiful. I don't know when was the last time I was this interested in a concept... maybe the Ford Atlas or the Jeep Truck, but this one excites me more.

Please provide the manual transmission option!

I have been wanting to get a mid size truck I just found the one I would love to get that is if they build it.

I hope G.M. Builds this truck would love to get one.

"@Road Whale--Whatever happened to the 94 Ranger with low mileage that you were going to get a relative?"

Responded on the other thread. Let's just say I'm still waiting for it.

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