GM Knows How to Push Pickups

Truck Guys II

At a time when the automotive industry seems quite taken with the idea of making full-size pickup trucks out of a lightweight metal like aluminum the way the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 does, it seems that the other players in the field might have trouble getting attention. But that doesn't seem to be the case for GM right now.

Whether it was intentionally planned or GM simply took advantage of an awkward television moment, the company is doing whatever it can to get its truck message to the masses, and it seems to be doing pretty well.

Maybe you saw Game 7 of the 2014 World Series during which Kansas City Chevrolet dealership owner Rikk Wilde presented the Most Valuable Player trophy and prize — a brand-new midsize 2015 Chevy Colorado pickup — to the San Francisco Giants' monstrously good (and dominating) pitcher Madison Bumgarner.

The world watched Wilde stumble through his presentation during the ceremony (in a press release he noted he was still pretty upset about how close his Kansas City Royals came to winning), and now he's an internet sensation. GM is helping this "promotion" by putting "technology and stuff" front and center in its most recent press release, which promotes the idea — with three humorous videos — that it has the right-sized pickup for anyone.

We thought the grouping of these tongue-in-cheek videos was pretty funny and worth a look.

Manufacturer's image


You Know You Want a Truck #1


You Know You Want a Truck #2


You Know You Want a Truck #3


Are you kidding me, these ads are just plain stupid

Rikk Wilde is not a Kansas City Chevy dealership owner. He's the General Motors/Chevrolet zone manager for the Kansas City region. Every news story on his "technology an stuff" moment noted his job title - that would have taken 30 seconds of research to get right.

That's a problem more and more these days, nobody wants to verify the information for facts.

I wonder if gets some $$$ for every watched vid here? This just seems like a weird article:)

The Chevy armpit Deodorant video was very bad and embarassing. What is GM thinking?

Anything but an EcoBust
Ford lied about the gas mileage.
Both the Chevy V8 and Ram V8 gets better MPG than the V6 Eco-Boost.
Its sickening when the Ram 5.7 Hemi gets 19 MPG and the Eco-Boost gets 16 MPG.
So when Ford says 27 MPG on the new 2.7 Eco-Boost I won't believe it !
I get my gas mileage numbers from

As well, anyone who OWNS a GM truck knows how to push them, too....

SORRY! Couldn't resist.... It's a joke, don't get your undies in a twist.

Though I'm not into mid-sized trucks, I still found these scripted commercials hilarious.

How desperate are they? GM is admitting their target is someone who wasn't looking for a truck. They are trying to talk soccer moms and whimpy guys into buying their first truck. How about marketing the truck itself? Fail.

Where can I buy the truck guy deodorant?

I actually do think all of the commercials are quite original and good. The humour in them is targeting people over 30 with a young family or just a family.

So I would expect the 'kids' who comment on PUTC to not like it.

I do think the Colorado is a nice truck. It appears to be better than our global Colorado. All they need to do with it is make a "HD" version to carry a few thousand pounds when the diesel comes out.

And offer them as cab-chassis as well.

The Colorado looks like a very nice truck. Good on Chev.

Some of you guys are way too uptight. I thought the commercials were genius! Far more entertaining than the same old worn out truck commercials were used to seeing.

I believe that GM has always done a decent job advertising. Throughout the better half of the last century, they had a loyal customer base who would by their cars no matter what.

When quality started declining and they needed a way to keep selling cars, advertising became more important.

Even with the outgoing GM 900 trucks, they were able to find ways to sell them despite not being very competitive. I feel that the advertising relied on people's positive feelings towards GM that existed in the past.

I like the second one best. I think their all original though, how many truck commercials have we scene of trucks splashing through the mud at contruction sites already? AKA Ford Commercials.

Push a cliff?

Push the lot?

When you want to pretend you have a truck get a little one.

When you NEED a truck get a real full size truck.

I love it. Hilarious commercials. I chose a 2014 Ram 1500, but still..... We are who we are gentleman. You can take a truck from a truck guy, but you can't take the truck guy from the truck. I was without for a year and you don't realize how much freedom to do what you want and need to do until you have to go rent a pickup to accomplish your projects.

The deodorant itself would be a heck of a novelty gift :)

The ads were very well executed and it's the gospel truth about trucks and the lifestyle that goes along with.

But they weren't that Colorado specific. More about trucks in general.

I had to laugh when that kid said the crack about the bird pet.

These are more a U.S. thing. Most here would find the irrelavance to actual dynamics of the vehicles annoying.. Concept seems very silly indeed

Looks like GM has been reading my posts here on PUTC

They should of let this guy do the 2015 Chevy Coloraydo ads.

I would be happy to share my ideas as a marketing consultant with a generous constipation package.
I am a good judge how the target the consumer with the age group you want. You have to be very careful not to insult another age group at the same time. I fully understand that.
The Colorado-Canyon will already attract the SUV customer but at the same time you can't scare away the rough-tough truck customer.
Using attractive younger people in your ads can work both ways where the older people will see or wish they were young again making them think if they owned that truck it would make them young again, and at the same time you attract the younger buyer having it both ways.
I have some extreme ideas by trashing the competition by showing fat and ugly men driving those trucks such as showing a fat guy getting out of a Ram and showing the mess of candy wrappers and soft drink containers left behind as a big mess. That may be too extreme but it would work.
I would work well with your existing marketing people where I offer good looks with a charming personality.

johnny doe
this is a S-10 going against a Ram 1500 and the S-10 is 2 wheel drive where the Ram is a 4x4, very impressive!

I agree with Frank Martin once you have had a truck it is hard to do without one. You don't need a full size truck just a truck with a decent sized bed. I guess if your manhood is threatened then you might need a bigger truck or for those who really use a truck for what it is intended for and not for ego purposes. Few actually use a truck for what it is intended for--it has become more of performance vehicle and less for utility.

The most important part of advertising is making people aware that a product exists and to generate interest in the product. Nissan should do a little more advertising for their Frontier and Titan.

GM does know how to push trucks, I hear they're going to offer a heated tailgate to help keep their hands warm while pushing.
Sorry GM guys just kidding!

GM really knows how to push the Coloraydo!

Howie Long is back!


Head to Head with Howie Long: 2015 Silverado 2500HD vs. Ford F-250 | Chevrolet


"I'm confused. Some companies claim to own work but if the back of your truck doesn't open how are you going to get any work done?" - Howie Long

@Lou BC, Seems simple to me that when you're out on a job site to be able to get the bed of the truck open. That's why I would stick with the family of truck that is the most dependable and longest lasting trucks on the road.

Only stupid people would consider these ads stupid!

It would really help GM to "push" their trucks on the public if they had a decent product to push. I just saw where Consumer Reports says the Silverado is the least reliable of all the trucks out there. So much for those GM reliability claims.

I guess if the product can't sell itself, then the manufacturer has to try to push them on the unsuspecting public.

Chrysler VP of quality leaves after poor survey results

Doug Betts, Chrysler's vice president of quality, has left the company one day after Consumer Reports released a study showing the reliability of each Chrysler brand has declined.

Betts was appointed as Chrysler's top quality chief in June 2009, part of the leadership team that CEO Sergio Marchionne put in place when Fiat became the company's controlling shareholder after Chrysler emerged from bankruptcy.

He also served on Fiat Chrysler Automobiles powerful Group Executive Council and was in charge of quality for Fiat. Betts joined Chrysler in 2007 after working for Nissan and Chrysler in various quality positions for 21 years.


Consumer Reports: Buick soars, other Detroit brands stumble

On Tuesday, Chrysler said only that Betts left to pursue other interests.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles named Mark Chernoby as the new head of quality. Chernoby will also continue to serve as chief operating officer of product development.

Betts' departure comes a day after Fiat and Chrysler performed poorly on Consumer Reports' closely watched reliability survey.

All of Chrysler's brands fell in this year's rankings with Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Fiat as the four lowest-ranked brands. Jake Fisher, director of automotive testing for Consumer Reports, said Monday that the Fiat 500L was the lowest-ranked car or truck in the entire survey.

"The performance of their vehicles has clearly improved," Fisher said. "But the reliability was really disappointing. And when you look at the reliability of Fiat, which absolutely was the worst, it almost makes you think that it would be have been better to have a partner with better reliability."

In response to the results, Chrysler officials noted: "Many of the issues identified in the survey coincided with new product and technology introductions and have already been addressed with vehicles currently in production."

The Consumer Reports results may have come at a particularly sensitive time. On Sunday, the company launched the second phase of a national marketing campaign for the new 2015 Chrysler 200 that touts the performance and reliability of the car and the brands.

"Reliability is now an American thing," a narrator proclaims in a new commercial for the Chrysler 200.

Chrysler has struggled in a number of recent quality and dependability surveys.

In June, Jeep and Fiat were the two lowest-ranked brands in J.D. Power's Initial Quality Study and Chrysler was below average. That study measures problems experienced by owners in the first 90 days of ownership.

Chrysler ranked below average in J.D. Power's most recent Vehicle Dependability Study, which measures problems experienced by consumers over a three-year period.

Chrysler said Matthew Liddane, 52, will replace Betts as head of quality in North America. Previously, Liddane served as vice president of systems and components for Chrysler.

The appointments are effective immediately.

Chrysler Delivers Wrong Message With 'America's Import' Campaign, Auto Critic Says
November 2nd, 2014, 7:23 AM

Some may think Chrysler's campaign "America's import" sounds pretty cool.

Don't count auto critic Mark Phelan of the Detroit Free Press among them.

He writes:

The phrase "America's import," with its suggestion that "import" equals "better," feels terribly dated, a relic of the 1980s. It's the rhetorical equivalent of hanging a pastel-hued "Miami Vice" poster on your office wall.

The Detroit Three were on their knees then, devastated by global economic upheaval. Between oil leaks and transmission failures, they struggled for years to build even marginally reliable vehicles. Any of the Detroit Three would have benefited from confusion with any foreign brand.

That was then. This is now. From Corvettes to Cadillacs, from the Ford Fusion to F-150, they build plenty of world-class vehicles.

He also notes that some of Chrysler's cars aren't even made in the U.S.

Still, it takes an impressive lack of self-awareness for Chrysler to boast of being "America's import" when two of the brand's three vehicles — the 300 and Town & Country minivan — are built in Canada, and Chrysler is part of a multinational company based in the Netherlands that keeps a U.K. address to avoid paying U.S. taxes. A cynic might argue the inaccurate word is "America's," not "import."

So, You're the guy that reads Consumer Reports, I wondered who it was.

I hate that for Chrysler. Love the old Mopars because they were bad! That was then and this is now. I've pushed a few chevy's myself. That why I haven't owned one since the late 70's. I hate pushing a car or a truck.

The four least reliable brands are Dodge, Ram, Jeep, and Fiat, all owned by Chrysler.

Posted by: FCA RAM JUNK | Nov 2, 2014 5:18:44 PM

Only in NA, because customers are challenged by touch screen controls .
In Europe, Fiat is in the first third and you have to wait in the line for Jeep to buy.
CR is full of it. Let's all buy Lexus to go offroad. LOL.
I can't wait for October numbers losers.

To the people that think these are scripted. Are you sure your watching the right commercial? It sounds like you watched a life alert commercial or something and not these.

"The Ford brand scored 23rd out of 28 brands, despite good results for the Fusion midsize sedan."

"Chevrolet and GMC's ratings suffered from what CR calls "teething pains" for the brands' Silverado and Sierra full-size pickups both of which debuted last fall."

The majority of the people that read and subscribe to Consumer Reports are in the metro area between Boston and NYC and they don't sell many pickup trucks in that area.
Whatever CR says about any pickup truck doesn't hold water with me!
The true experts about pickups are here on PUTC !
Honda lives and dies what Consumer Reports says about them.
If Honda made a pickup made from rusted metal and had lawn chairs as seats Consumer Reports would still rate it as #1.
Consumer Reports will never understand its all about image and brand name more than how good or bad a vehicle is, and half of it is local, local meaning the reputation of the local car dealer and what your friends and co-workers drive!

What does GM have to do with anything? Isn't this a Chevy? Why can't Chevrolet sell their own trucks? GM has their own truck they need to be pushing with their GMC. It's the tougher looking 'truck guy' truck anyway. Way nicer interior too.

@CT - your post proves nothing. GM has filed suit against a dealer chain for falsifying sales and fraudulently claiming customer rebates.

The Ram cabal still trying to shoot down Consumer Reports. JD Power durability results backs what CR claims.

@Lou BC--There is very little intelligent, worthwhile, and meaningful discussion on this site. Fan boys seem to be the norm and not the exception. The Ram boys do more harm to their brand than good. Eventually this site will become more like its parent,, which has ended open forums because of the childish behavior on this site and because it is too difficult to monitor. Fan boys have basically finished this site off and it is just a matter of time till there are no open forums on this site.

CT's post was a news story. It doesn't have to prove anything. The takeaway from CT's post is that sales #'s and customer satisfaction survey's can be manipulated by dealers. This is just one dealer. Multiply it by thousands. Buy with caution!

@Chris - the automotive retail side of the business is not controlled by the manufacturers. Dealerships do play games to increase profits. The principle of the local Chrysler dealer was canned for multiple cases of false advertising over the last 10 years. That isn't FCA's fault.

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